I have no words.

Anyone who spent money on PangyaBR’s scratchy card should be crying tears of blood right now. You paid $100 to get Kooh’s Magical Girl outfit? Well this guy just bought it for 10,000 pang with his hack. I saw Rich’s post and while I agree that those who love the game should keep playing. Playing the game is fine. But spending money, TONS OF MONEY with this kind of thing happening? You really need to rethink your financial decisions if you have that much money to blow on such a poorly run company. This wasn’t even that bad during OGPlanet days.

I’m sure this video will be deleted sooner rather than later.


Gamepot’s listened to my request…?

From here


The GamepotUSA release of Bright Shadow is meant for an English regional audience. Please note that the use of languages other than English can result in disciplinary actions. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

GamepotUSA Staff

So yea next time you see annoying brazilians (or other foreign countries 😛 ) spamming everyone and AHUEAHUEAHAUEHEing everywhere, I recommend reporting them to the helpdesk as it appears they are actually listening. Of course if it gets as bad as PangyaBR not only would I stop reporting I’d just quit playing period. Let’s hope it never gets this bad – I hear the trend these days is to generate cash items and spread them like the plague 😆