Otome Game Review: Yume wa Mou Ichido (+ Koufuku no Kaze)

“Dream One More Time” is a boring game about Hitomi, boring carier woman and her boring life at the office where the most exciting thing is some bitchy co-worker or a drunk boss. Additionally she’s not been in love for a long time so until she suddenly gets the hots for the guys at her company (and around her house) so it’s a really weird transition. There’s obviously only 1 guy in this game who she’s had feelings for since her high school days making the rest of the cast pretty meaningless. Additionally there’s a guy in this game who’s 4 endings are all BAD ENDS and I didn’t wanna find out what those were (raep anyone?) so I decided to just skip him altogether. 😆  After playing 2 guys routes my friend told me that the fandisk was actually a “supplement” to the game rather than a separate thing (like with Under the Moon and Jingi Naki Otome) so I decided to install that and finish playing the game that way. This means this post will contain fandisk spoilers as well.

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How Bright Shadow experience division works

I decided to check out the Japanese BS wiki in regards to the whole experience dividing since over the weekend partying with someone 14 levels above me gave me 0 exp. See the table below:

Level Difference Exp % Notes
0 100% Based on the highest level person, if everyone is within 3 levels of each other the exp earned doesn’t change
4 90% Basically 5 level difference is the most you can go before it starts to get crappy.
6 80%
7 70%
8 60% It’s possible to be within 8 levels and still be more efficient than soloing
9 50% This is the absolute limit, after that don’t bother partying.
10 40%
11 30%
12 20%
13 10%
14 1 If you’re more than 14 levels apart, the highest person will get 1 exp and everyone else will get 0

So as you can see, ideally it’s good to be within 5 levels of each other. Anymore and it’s just a waste of time. I’m currently level 27 so any of you that are 22 and below or 33 and above are gonna have to either level up or wait for me to level up. 😕 At this point there’s a few people in the guild who are within my range and I’m sorry I haven’t been playing much. I’m trying to finish the otome game in the corner tonight as well as doing all the Pangya events. I was told that Bright Shadow is going to end open beta today and then officially reopen on the 11th. Hopefully that means no more level cap and new classes so at least it will motivate me to play more ^^;