Gamepot’s listened to my request…?

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The GamepotUSA release of Bright Shadow is meant for an English regional audience. Please note that the use of languages other than English can result in disciplinary actions. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

GamepotUSA Staff

So yea next time you see annoying brazilians (or other foreign countries 😛 ) spamming everyone and AHUEAHUEAHAUEHEing everywhere, I recommend reporting them to the helpdesk as it appears they are actually listening. Of course if it gets as bad as PangyaBR not only would I stop reporting I’d just quit playing period. Let’s hope it never gets this bad – I hear the trend these days is to generate cash items and spread them like the plague 😆

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  1. ガメポはユーザーの声は積極的に聞くぴょんよ@@



  2. I’m glad to know that they are willing to do something against those BR bastards. i hope they will continue doing this for a very long time and not after 1 week. go on with foreign language spamming in general chat. that’s probably 1 problem solved. the other problem which annoys me as well is the fact that besides Hinano and jpmeyer, not a single person responds in the guild chat. why do people join a guild and after that just ignore every single person beside Hinano. that’s not what a guild is about. i hope i made my point clear.

  3. Asu> maybe they’re idle? have you at least tried introducing yourself to others? 😮 Most people who join the guild join because they know me directly so it’s not like I let random people I don’t know into the guild ^^; I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding.

    The other problem is the chat box is so freaking annoying and tiny I often miss guild chat lines when I’m in the middle of fighting stuff and all I see is “you have done 25 damage to monster x, you have picked up item y, you have earned 30 exp from monster x”.


    Ham> that’s what NtreevBR does. 😆

  4. … Oh wow. Seriously?
    I wonder if Gamepot will murderkill every country that doesn’t speak english with an IP ban o_o For example, Australia and England would still be able to register, but anywhere else, like Brazil and Spain wouldn’t be able to play: Ip block.
    Orrr they can be like PangyaUS and pathetically attempt to ban every foreigner.

  5. i doubt they’d ban every country like gamepot japan did with Pangya, but I hope they at least do something about the countries that are causing problems. I’ve randomly visited the noob town yesterday and I don’t even know what language was being spoken. Maybe tagalog – wasn’t portugese. I mean in BS it’s not as much of an issue since most people keep in their own guilds/parties but I can imagine if a GM decides to run around town and no one’s speaking English, they may get annoyed lol

  6. >Hinano it’s true that I’ve never introduced myself. but when i ask if there are any any people who would like to do a seal tower quest or that i want to know if someone has a particular item that i need via guild chat then I’ll get not a single response. how hard can it be to just say yes or no. in any game that I’ve played with a guild system, you’ll get replies from people who you usually won’t see or speak at most times. i like to do some things as a group, but atm they only want to respond if you’re the one who’s asking it. and that really needs to change. if you ask me something, I’ll always reply.

  7. i’m not sure what you mean since I’m hardly ever on anyway…. ^^;

    first of all you’re like level 33 so you’re way higher than most of the guild already. that could be one reason. additionally because people are way lower than you, they may not have the item you need. if i had asked “does anyone have any extra blah blah’s” and no one said anything I’d just assume no one has any. I think you’re making a big deal out of nothing honestly ^^;

    most people join the guild because they know ME, I know 2 new people who joined Chako & Zange both know me via twitter/pangya and I’m pretty sure they were playing together just to collect cards so they were doing their thing anyway. jp’s always doing his quests, I’m not sure what Dan & Scheris do – last night JP told me he and Scheris were doing a boss quest or something.

    I’ve been busy with otome games and since BS is limited to first job class and only level 40 I haven’t even bothered to do any quests or level up. I just login to get my daily piece of crap lottery item. I’d be happy to do some seal tower quests with you in the future but right now BS is kinda boring me (especially since I played it on Japan and I never got past level 31 there and here I’m limited again). When there’s more events I’ll try to organize something. The problem with these MMOs is often people get ahead of others and sometimes being different levels makes a difference. Sometimes in BS if your levels are too far apart the lower level person will not get any exp.

    The guild is essentially so that friends can chat/keep in touch. I don’t require anyone anything more. If they don’t wanna do quests with me all the time that’s fine ^^; Like I said don’t take it so seriously…and in 2 days Pangya will have it 5th anniversary event anyway so you might wanna give BS a break.

    Additionally if you want a bigger/more active BS guild, I wouldn’t be upset or hurt if you want to join one of the bigger guilds out there 🙂 The guild is pretty laid back at this time since the game isn’t fully complete so we’re not gonna be all that active, at least I’m not.

    Btw – Chako just told me on twitter he tried to talk to you on guild chat and didn’t get a response back. I can only imagine it’s either a misunderstanding or there’s a guild bug. I do recall a few days ago I was chatting to Dan and then suddenly he goes “hello?” as if I didn’t respond to him at all. Could be a bug.. 😐

  8. >Asunaru I guess I’m one of the people who don’t respond but that’s mainly because sometimes I’m not paying attention to the chat thingy because I’m playing around with my music playlist or something or because the damn thing is too small and whatever someone says gets replaced by “you damaged, you dropped, you gain, etc.”
    And what Hinano said about a possible bug is true as well, because that’s also happened to me a couple of times with whisper or a party member.
    But I understand that it’s pretty annoying not to say rude that nobody answers, so from now on I’m gonna make sure to pay attention to the chat. X3

    >Hinano Let’s hope it is actually enforced and not just an empty threat. Though I still haven’t seen people talk in something other that English.

  9. At least they listen unlike PangyaUS :/
    Man I need to find the time to hop on BS so I can join your guild. I’ve been busy this week. >:

  10. Woopity, pretty standard response. I’ve seen those on most KMMO games.

    The problem with working as an American publisher of a Korean or Chinese game is that sometimes the developers really just don’t care. Or they don’t understand the American way of doing business and costumer support. So you get publishers desperately trying to appear an American crowd, while their Korean developer says “Working as intended.”

    It sucks for players, it sucks for publishers.

  11. It`d definitely improve the in-game general chat experience if they`re actually gonna enforce this xD

    Not that I care rlly much `bout Pangya US/BR much, but for the sake of everyone who has to play there, let`s hope nTreev `ll pick this example up one day…

    I still sometimes play there, but only in closed games with trusted friends… (usually communicating through Skype instead of in-game chat xD saves you the trouble of having to type everything you wanna say…)

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