Poupee’s going down the pooper…

poupeepooperPoupee Girl just keeps getting progressively worse. Last night Katherine instated a new rule that no more uploading of any sorts of dolls is allowed. The doll category would be removed and everyone who had anything in that category would have the item removed as well. I didn’t have a lot of things in there but I really liked my manekineko that I had posted in that category. 😦 I had some of my figures in there as well oh well…

The Halloween event was a disappointment, all the contests are targetted towards jewel item buyers, and most of the new events/items that are released are for jewel items only. If that wasn’t enough Katherine implemented a new “search” feature which will give you 10 ribbons for 3 searches per day – obviously searching adds additional ad revenue for the site. Who cares about getting more ribbons though when there’s hardly any ribbon items/events anyway? There are days that I almost forget to dress up my poupee so I just login, take a photo with the same outfit and do other stuff. I remember the days I looked forward to dressing up but now its kinda meh.

I’m trying to hang on I really am. I’ve been with Poupee for a year and a half and I have so much stuff that I’d hate to quit…but my interest in it is slowly falling… 😦

4 thoughts on “Poupee’s going down the pooper…

  1. The search feature is REALLY REALLY lame XD;;
    they could write “we love money”, it would be the same.

  2. i know right? 😐 poupee already earns like a shit ton of money per day just from ad revenue alone and now with the jewel system and the search feature… yea… you can tell where they are thinking ^^;

  3. Oh, that bug-eyed ‘ho is really getting on my nerves with her facking attempts to pocket more money, the problem is that people are so dumb that they start buying ribbons and jewels like it’s necessary. = =;
    I almost always forget to dress up so I just take a photo of the same outfit for like 4 days straight. But it sucks that she is getting rid of the doll category, since I had the bear honey gave me in there. ;_;

    When this was just a “game” in which you could upload your and look at other people’s crap and maybe make some friends, it was fun and quite nice, but once that shifty bitch got greedy it lost its appeal.

  4. hahah bug eyed ho 😆
    yea its true. it doesnt even matter what people upload to the site anymore. any good stuff is now jewel only so uploading is pretty pointless now anyway. i liked the site before it became so fucking massive. i found a news article that said poupee has 500,000+ registered members. geezus fuck man sooo fucking greedy. if things dont pick up by xmas I may quit poupee in 2010 lol

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