I have no words.

Anyone who spent money on PangyaBR’s scratchy card should be crying tears of blood right now. You paid $100 to get Kooh’s Magical Girl outfit? Well this guy just bought it for 10,000 pang with his hack. I saw Rich’s post and while I agree that those who love the game should keep playing. Playing the game is fine. But spending money, TONS OF MONEY with this kind of thing happening? You really need to rethink your financial decisions if you have that much money to blow on such a poorly run company. This wasn’t even that bad during OGPlanet days.

I’m sure this video will be deleted sooner rather than later.

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  1. that looks weird lol, i mean, how it works.. with the purchasing window being dragged to the left and right, lol.

    And i honestly don’t care much about hackers hacking items, i buy items cause i have money, i’m not some poor hacker guy that doesn’t have money to get rares legally 😛

    so there’s no need for me to cry tears of blood over hacked rares

    **actually i’m more pissed at some traders that are pricing cards/scratchy rares at the same level as papel rares**

    yes, i’m insane lolcell

  2. lol indeed. its not really a matter of being poor or rich its more of like walking into walmart and buying a $1000 plasma LCD TV made by general electric which will break down in less than a year…vs going to like newegg.com and buying the same TV For $400 and having it last for 5 years instead.

    oh also those who say “well if we don’t spend money the game will shut down.” if hackers continue to generate free items the game won’t make money and will shut down anyway and everyone who spend money will have lost it all…just like when Albatross18 shut down. The same idiots who claimed that “it would never happen” were crying and bawwing at how evil OGPlanet was when all the signs were there. Oh well, not my money, not my problem. This post was more of a “I can’t believe the game really sunk this low” reaction.

  3. Well the thing is.. you can’t compare that with LCD TVs..

    It’s more like this:

    I buy a 1000$ LCD from somewhere, that has good brand & quality
    The guy STEALS a 1000$ LCD from somewhere, same brand & quality

    guy doesn’t have money, steal things instead 😀

  4. yea I guess you could put it that way too. I was thinking more that instead of blowing money on NtreevBR, other servers like GOA (or even other games) is a better alternative.

  5. yeah =( I’d play on KR again if i understand the freaking language lol. GOA’s not an option, no-calc policy.. i’ll be banned in a day =.=;

    I’m trying to find other games to play too, BS looks good, i might play that….if gamepotUS doesn’t pull a gamepotJP and ban other countries other than USA 😀

  6. A friend of my husband spent 750$ to get Kooh’s magical girl outfit. He originally spent 600$ and then right after he used all the scratchies Ntreev started the 2x rate event.. so instead of counting his losses (and terrible luck), he spent ANOTHER 150$ to get it.. after 5 Hana SSAF’s, 3 Kaz SSAF’s, and 7 Hana elven ears.
    (me, on the other hand, used 20 leftover scratchies and got Kooh’s magical girl set, Kaz’s SSAF, and Hana’s elf ears)

  7. Yeah i’ve been hearing about this flying around. I’ve also heard there was a way to hack Cadie’s couldron, but hopefully since the last update it has been blocked.

    (at least i hope so)

  8. Mm, I hope now NtreevUSA will take action. Stuff like these are why I never spent any money at PangYa US. I wish that YouTube video isn’t deleted until I’m home since I’m curious about it and YouTube is blocked at my school. 😀

    This is one of the reasons I really want to play PangYa JP. I’m willing to pay to be able to enjoy myself (since that’s why games are created in the first place, right?) and I don’t want my fun to be ruined by a bunch of BRs. When I played PangYa US for a few days (to test it out) I always ended up playing a game with some people speaking a language I can’t understand. And I thought that game was English-only. A Japanese-only game would be better than a game full of “aff”s. 😦

    The only online game I’m playing now is Bright Shadow anyways. I wish GamepotUSA won’t block other countries like what GamepotJP did with PangYa JP, and I wish they’d release the second class (with the level 40 cap gone), more quests, events and bring back the Beta Cats (though I really doubt that it would happen). Anyways, I’m starting to talk off-topic things, so I’ll stop my comment here. 🙂

  9. Couldn’t agree more. I can’t just walk away from this game, even with school. But yeah, I don’t think I’ll spend anymore money on PangYa. I can’t understand how people can afford it =.=

  10. The items showing up in the shop for pang is a hack, but the way they buy them insn’t xD. that is an actual bug >_<. Ir's only temporary and it will be lost if you remove the item, but the fact that it actually works without having to completely hack the game is bullshit! this better get fixed, seriously.

  11. Sigh, just when you think the hacks can’t get any worse. That is absolutely crazy. ( =_=);

    I’m guilty of spending a little bit of money on Pangya this month, but yeah ugh the lack of self control with some people is mind boggling. I’ve spent a lot over time on my various games, but I just don’t understand how people can let go of hundreds in one go like that, especially towards a game in such a state.

  12. There’s another video on the item hack spree but in KR this time! :l
    I am appalled by this. They need to open their eyes and fix this ASAP (Like they EVER will).

    Glad I didn’t waste any of my real money on Ntreev. :/

  13. Hmm, saw that video. Yeah Ntreev USA should hurry up and fix that if they still want to make money. Anyways, what I found really interesting is that if you look at the “Statistics and Data” section in YouTube, you’ll see that it’s a popular video in Brazil. So yeah, you can see many Brazilians are interested in this sort of thing, so why don’t they just block that country? >_>;

  14. This hack or bug is totally useless. Looks like it creates items which will be lost when the player change the server/log off…

  15. Sailor moon: Wait! Fuckin’ SAKAGE!!!
     Sailor moon will not forgive such a terrible SAKAGE!
     In name of the moon, I’ll punish you!

  16. Gooey> Yea just saw the forums…well since it’s in Korea maybe korea will actually patch it…although I have this funny feeling that the patch will somehow not reach the US server. I can’t understand hacking Korea though, I mean how do they even make accounts? Do they bypass the kSSN system somehow too ?_?

    I still can’t understand why Pangya is so badly hacked. This is the most hacked game I’ve ever played.

  17. ^probably because it’s easy enough for any 10 year old to do..

    And most of the hacks aren’t even ‘hacks’.. they’re just bugs/glitches that can be abused with some hex and a cheat engine, lol

  18. while we’re still talking about hacking in Pangya, i found this crap some time ago on ebay: *removing link so it’s not caught by google*
    now everyone can cheat and join the destruction of Pangya.

  19. I removed the link so some idiot doesn’t come here on google. I know about that and I’m sure some people on Japan or wherever use it. Waste of money in my opinion but anyway.

    I don’t care about that kind of cheating mainly because even if you can hit pangya that doesn’t guarantee you getting a HIO or a chipin. It’s different than being able to have access to EVERY SINGLE CASH SHOP ITEM AT ANY TIME which is a lot more destructive to the company.

  20. thx for deleting the link. i completely forgot about google.
    but yeah, it’s a waste of money. play with your own skill, not with some very lame cheat-device because you’re a big failure.

    about the other hack, it takes some time to get 10.000 pang for an item every time. just say it’s like 3x 18h on LS playing WITHOUT cheating or a pang increaser. but with some help from a pang hack, you can just do this kind of thing over and over again without worrying about how much pang you have left for next the next time you’ll need to do this. i hope they’ll fix this soon, just to piss off those br bastards. nonetheless i really don’t care about Pangya USBR anymore. Pangya JP rules.

  21. it probably doesn’t take time for a hacker to make a 1 minute tourney and earn 99,000 pang with their bonus pang hack. so no it takes them no time to earn the pang they need to get any cash shop item.

    while what ham said is true, maybe after they take it off, logout or whatever it disappears but what does it cost them to log bakc in and get a new outfit? they basically have it like with the PSP they can put on and take off any outfit at any time. that’s enough to stop anyone from buying any cash items because they can equip them for as many games as long as they are logged in.

    i just hope this hack doesn’t reach Japan but if it does, I know Gamepot will actually give a shit enough to patch it quickly.

  22. There are plenty of USA VPN`s out there, many of `em in beta and / or free, so I wouldn`t worry too much about a USA only block… it`s the JP VPN`s that are hard to get…

    Also, if you don`t care `bout a bit of payment, I`ve seen USA VPN`s for under $4 a month…

  23. As you said, Hinano, even if it reaches JP, their GMs are competent enough to remove it real quickly.
    Unlike US, they actually work to make it right. LOL
    Also, it’s a lost case, to try and convince people that the server is shit right now. xD

    There will always people thinking like Joz and there’s people with a much worse way of thinking.
    Some people were saying that they are actually SATISFIED by Ntreev’s management.

    i really can’t understand how someone would be happy seeing bugs, glitches, hacks, spams, use of foreign language, and now that damn ProjectG error that keeps disconnecting me wherever i’m playing well, or talking to someone.

    Even though i like the friends i made on my 4 years on USA server, i’m not really happy with the situation, and i’m not sure for how long i’ll be playing it.
    I dislike using VPNs, but i may start using them if that’s what it takes to play without being bothered by hackers. Be them from USA, Brazil or any other fucking part of the world.
    It’s really annoying and frustrating.
    I wish i could just stop being so addicted and quit this game altogether already. Damn it. xD

    Oh yea, thanks for making this post, i appreciate it.

  24. The problem is Ntreev USA’s GMs have absolutely nothing to do with this issue. From an outsider’s perspective, it’s easy to assume that Ntreev USA can fix all of this stuff with a magic wand, but when you work in the MMO industry, you quickly learn that’s really not true.

    This video looks like it’s using modified hack clients and I hope the Pangya devs can fix this, because I know it’s ruining my experience of the game.

    But seriously, raging at Ntreev USA? Misguided hatred. Rage at Ntreev like I do, they’re the ones that actually are responsible for this.

    If this makes it over to Japan, it will be just the same.

  25. @akaelle actually that’s where you’re wrong about me. it’s not because i’m satisfied about ntreev USA’s service, it’s because i still think they can fix it sooner or later. that’s why i stopped complaining, or never actually complained in the first place. And as i’ve said in my first post, i’m insane in a way, so you shouldn’t listen to anything i say then.

    rekrab is right, fixing bugs and all that stuff isn’t as easy as pressing a button, they have to actually locate the bug.
    example: messenger bug, what causes it to crash the game? why does it only crash on some PCs? why are some people immune to the bug?(aka not crashing at all) why is pangya US the only server that has it?

    And of course, having korean developers doesn’t help at all, because they probably use google translate to translate the english letters from ntreev USA 😀

    I know ntreev’s job is to provide the game, and please their customers with new content/bug fixes/hack fixes. and they’re not doing a very good job on it(both ntreev USA and Ntreev)
    But you have to realize it’s hard to do all these stuff.

    as for me, i play the game for the gameplay, all i care about in playing pangya is getting better at it, i learned to forget all these other stuff, and focus on what i have to do to get better at the game.
    If you’re playing a tourney with 90% BRs and they aff all the time, why not turn off chat? most of them are BR anyway, so you probably won’t talk to them anyway.. same goes for VS.

    On a side note, tried BS.. seems fun 😀 i might play this whenever i’m bored with pangya

  26. I might just try this, not cuz I wanna hack, but because it`d be really bad if you could actually do that by moving around that window, without any shitty hacking programs on the background… (I still think/hope there should be more to this “hack” then meets the eye…)

    That said, I kinda have a flu at the moment, and don`t really feel like trying it now. But part of me just wants to confirm with my own eyes that things actually got *THIS* bad….

    Geez, if true this isn`t even a hack, it`s a terribly big glitch that should never`ve been there in the first place…

  27. I saw the Korean version of this video but that one totally didn’t have any hacked items so I think it’s a lie that it also got on “pangyaKR”. The US video showed the guy having access to cookie and scratch items. The KR one just showed him putting on noob clothes.

  28. Joz, the thing is that i don’t think they’ll be able to fix the problems ever, that’s why i still complain. LOL

    @ Hinano: I always try other games, the problem is that none of them seem to make me quit PangYa. xD
    I might as well try Bright Shadow though.

    Rekrab, i didn’t mean to say that it would be easy to fi the bugs, but i really thought that after 7 months managing the server, Ntreev USA would’ve made SOME kind of progress, no matter how small.
    See, even the ProjectG errors and Messenger Crashes are still around. And that’s some of the biggest issues going on. I can’t believe that they tried to fix it without success so far.
    I don’t really think they gave it much priority.
    And i still think that their only concern is the income. They’re earning a lot with PangYa the way it is, so there’s no reason to bother with spending cash with silly, unnecessary things like Game Guard updates.
    When was the last time that game guard was updated? I can’t recall myself. But then again, maybe i’m wrong.

    Oh yeah, and there is altered .pak files to run this hack on the video.
    .pak files are hackers speciallity.
    It started with some Indonesian players, and when they made websites providing info about it, most of Brazilians hackers learned them.
    Now it is widespread to the whole world.

    .pak files were the doom of SEA PangYa. I hope it doesn’t happen on this server as well.

    Also, whenever there IS this kind of hacks/bugs/glitches going on at KR or JP, they ARE able to fix it. Only NtreevUSA suck, IMHO.

  29. Downloaded Bright Shadow.
    Going to try it in the morning.
    I quite liked it, though.
    Did some research on YouTube and wow! Very nice graphics.

  30. i think loki mentioned about a GG update yesterday in the lobby, he said we got them around last week o_O i didn’t see GG updating though |:

    .pak files were originally made to do no harm, i should know, i was there on the indo server using naked ceci to play with, lol. Then it becomes exploitable, i don’t know how that happened, cause i quitted pangya right before hotgila does all those stuff.. then i came back 2 years later on OGP(which was around march last year).

    Actually not all bug fixes on KR were fixed immediately, there was this messenger bug, that didn’t show whether the player has gone offline or not, so we had to relog to see. sorta like USA’s season 3 messenger bug, fixed now though.. and KR still has the facked up spa chutes, and lost seaway’s hole 5/18 bridge. JP’s probably the only one with people good enough to fix some bugs..

    Bright shadow is nice lol, graphics are awesome, especially at high resolution ❤

    How do i join the pangya guild btw? -.-

  31. Yea, a friend told me that Loki mentioned GG updates.
    But i didn’t see any GG file on the last 2 months of updates.
    I know .pak files were born for the greater good, but it doesn’t mean that it IS hackable.
    And by now, KR and JP (i think) doesn’t use .pak files anymore.

    What i heard was that .pak files were less expensive for NtreevUSA to buy. So if that’s true, we have a serious problem with a Greedy Manager. LOL

    Yep, i liked BS graphics for real.

    Now i only need to get GC and TM Nations to busy myself whenever i want to play an online game, while waiting for the ProjectG error to be fixed.
    I can’t let my Quit Rate rise anymore. LOL

  32. nah every pangya still uses .pak

    I just won arin’s valk on gacha, so i probably won’t be spending too much this month.. already on the spending limit also because of the caliper and exp candy sale T^T

    I’ll just lvl on BS until i get bored or something, lol

    Also waiting for l4d2 to distract me from pangya for a while

    i’m gonna try that ‘hack’ on the video just for the lulz, i think it’s just a click error, cause you see the guy moves the small window to an item that he wants, and when he clicks it, he buys the stupid pang shirt, but the click also highlighted the shirt that’s under the confirmation window

  33. kashichan> I like that song, I like SMAP! 😀

    Joz> Go to the tavern in Meteor Pit and in one of the smaller rooms there’s a guild guy there. talk to him and apply and next time I log on I’ll approve you 😀

  34. I missed a “N’T” on “but doesn’t mean that it IS hackable.”

    Lucky you. I think i’ll have to buy some gachas. -_-;
    I liked that Val. outfit.
    There goes my non-spender policy. xD
    How many tries did it take you to win it, Joz?

    I’m going to try this hack on a pirate BR server.
    Maybe it’ll help me understand something i’ve been wondering for a while now. See ya.

  35. http://www.url2it.com/biii

    1 gacha

    the rates were so high right after the maintenance, lots of people were getting all 4 rares with 4 gachas, then GMs had to close gacha for a few minutes to make the rates lower..

    Stupidly, i only used 1 gacha when it had really high rates, i bet if i used 4 i’ll get all 4 rares lol

  36. haha nice.
    i heard some people used 11+ tickets and won nothing. oh well ntreev doesn’t deserve the money anyway.

    besides why pay? when you can hack that rare for 10,000 pang! 😆

  37. “besides why pay? when you can hack that rare for 10,000 pang! :lol:”

    Hahah. I forgot this option. LOL
    Might as well save my gacha coins to some worthy content though.
    I really think they’ll re-release things like Crimson Rings on gacha.
    And maybe i’ll get Rune Faerie Wings too.

    I don’t like Rainbow Wings. I know, I’m crazy, lol.

    @ Joz: Congratz. people keep saying that Gacha has awesome odds.

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