How Bright Shadow experience division works

I decided to check out the Japanese BS wiki in regards to the whole experience dividing since over the weekend partying with someone 14 levels above me gave me 0 exp. See the table below:

Level Difference Exp % Notes
0 100% Based on the highest level person, if everyone is within 3 levels of each other the exp earned doesn’t change
4 90% Basically 5 level difference is the most you can go before it starts to get crappy.
6 80%
7 70%
8 60% It’s possible to be within 8 levels and still be more efficient than soloing
9 50% This is the absolute limit, after that don’t bother partying.
10 40%
11 30%
12 20%
13 10%
14 1 If you’re more than 14 levels apart, the highest person will get 1 exp and everyone else will get 0

So as you can see, ideally it’s good to be within 5 levels of each other. Anymore and it’s just a waste of time. I’m currently level 27 so any of you that are 22 and below or 33 and above are gonna have to either level up or wait for me to level up. 😕 At this point there’s a few people in the guild who are within my range and I’m sorry I haven’t been playing much. I’m trying to finish the otome game in the corner tonight as well as doing all the Pangya events. I was told that Bright Shadow is going to end open beta today and then officially reopen on the 11th. Hopefully that means no more level cap and new classes so at least it will motivate me to play more ^^;


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  1. I’m at level 25 so I can still party with you, right? I have to catch up with everyone else in the guild, though! I still have 15 levels to go until the current level cap. Want to spam some new quests again once the game is fully released? The Open Beta closes today, and it’ll be released in two days so I hope they’ll introduce 2nd class and increase the cap – to get me motivated to play and a lot of other people to go back. 😀

  2. I’m still insisting that gamepot jumped the boat by releasing so early, it’s unfair for the people who are lvl 40 already because they pretty much have nothing else to do in the game, except maybe farm and it makes the rest less motivated towards lvling up, seeing how lvl 40 is the highest you can go.

    I do want to lvl up but right now my priorities are University > work > beating my honey at some video games > start studying Japanese for real > BS, if they lift the lvl 40 cap then I’ll try to log on more, otherwise the game will remain at the bottom. =/

  3. oh okay XD I’ll add you on Wednesday I guess. Yea I ground seal tower yesterday to get to 27. didn’t take long we just spammed the same quest over & over 8 times.

  4. man, I’m very close to lvl 23 (grinded this morning) and I was planning to grind more but with open beta ending in about 20 minutes there’s no hope for me. I would have grinded more but my first priority is school. `~`

    I do hope they expand the level cap and added the other classes. I’d so be a Evil Hunter.

    Oh, sent a guild request also. xD

  5. hmmm, sounds like there’s a reference to me hidden in the text several times. it sounds so familiar.
    i really hope that people in the guild will lvl up now that the game will launch officially and enjoy the game as much as i do already. i really want to do some more party quests with other people from the PANGYA guild.

    i say it will be a 99,9% chance that the 2nd class + lvl cap increase will be added. a lot of people are lvl 40 already and most of them have quit the game already. they need to do something to get them back.

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