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gamblingTopic: “How much money have you spent on Pangya?”

I think I’ve spent just under $1000 on OGP, and $200 on Ntreev, spread over 3 accounts.

Total expenditure at this point over nearly 3 years is $3000 dollars.

At least $500 between the two servers,

I’m up to $620 on Ntreev now.

$800 total

about 2-3 grand and ill spend more cause mainly because i like pangya.

Oh god, OGP well over $4k, collections cost money 🙂 and as for ntreev prolly around $100 – $150.

This is what one calls a gambling addiction. You don’t need to go to a Las Vegas casino to have this. You can do this right from your own computer. Please seek help immediately 😯 I dunno I think it’s kinda sad. I think it’s sad that some people really fall into Ntreev’s trap.  Despite multiple problems plaguing the server and multiple complaint threads people continue to spend money. I’m making this post because I see some of my friends blowing tons of money into this game and not getting the service and experience they deserve. It’s not just spending money to buy like a new set of clubs or a new outfit. It’s like shelling off $200 instantly. Come on guys $200 in a matter of seconds?? Where do you get all this money from? $4000 isn’t even how much it costs for me & my husband to go to Japan for 10 days next year!!$4000 is like a 20 year subscription to World of Warcraft.

What I can’t understand is why do people  flame Ntreev, then go and spend a ton of money. Doesn’t that make your argument kinda worthless? If you’re gonna go and give Ntreev your money, then don’t complain cause they’re not gonna do anything. They’re probably swimming in your cash laughing at how they got gambling addicts sucking up their pathetic “events.” I guess I just find it kinda disturbing. On OGP I spent about $60 and on Ntreev I spent $40. On Pangya Japan I spent about $70. That’s not even how much some people already blew in this “event” of theirs. This is all over a period of 2 years playing Pangya. I dunno I just don’ t understand it. I’m an adult with a job, and apartment and bills to pay – blowing this much on some virtual items seems so ridiculous. I can’t seem to grasp the mindset of people who can blow so much money, only to receive mostly a slap in the face.

If anyone would like to share why they are addicted and blow money so easily on this, I’m seriously interested to listen. I’m not asking for flames or rage that I don’t understand your feelings, because well I don’t. I’m interested though! Please explain to me, what brings you to spend so much money on virtual items, especially on a server where hackers are using scripts to create these items in their inventories for free? Please feel free to share your thoughts. Trolling/Spam will be deleted so don’t bother lol.


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  1. It’s not a scam. There’s no scheme. You’re not “clever” for figuring it out.

    It’s pretty obvious what they’re doing. But for every person that complains, there’s 10-20 other people who love it. It was the same way on Trickster and Grand Chase.

    Sorry hinano, but there’s nothing new or exciting about this post.

  2. HAHAHA I was the first person to post in this thread that I didn’t spend a penny :’D

    These people seriously have problems LOL Stupid people deserved to lose their money.

  3. Ham> that’s scary. You need to seek help!! GOA’s scratchy as as bad as the US one lol but yea GOA’s cookies are slightly more expensive.

  4. For gaming, I will try to hold every single cent until the end of the year… let’s hope Pangya JP release bad items only. 😀

  5. I know it’s a trap, and I still fall into the trap.

    Why? In my case it’s not gambling addiction… it’s that I lost control in spending money sometimes. Like for example, I have breakfast and lunch outside everyday. Sometimes I leave home a bit late and catch the taxi to office. Last week I bought about 40EUR of food and ate them in a day… the worst is still GOA’s scratchy…

    My salary is actually very low and I should keep an eye on my spending. Maybe I should make a monthly spending report…

  6. I think the initial gacha was working like the Japanese one. Just that JP is like 20% drop rate and US was like 12%. They may have made gacha drop rate so low that they don’t mind to give away gacha coins for recharge–

    The virtual items cost nothing to reproduce. They make it rare, so people have to pay much more and may not be able to get their item. This is called business moral, man.

    GG, Ntreev.

  7. Ham> I’m under the impression the server has “account” bugs when some people are winning the entire set while others are getting jack shit. The US server is buggy and fucked up, so even if it didn’t have hackers & portugese spam, I still wouldn’t play it because most of the game looks like swiss cheese – big gaping holes cut out where features were supposed to be.

  8. By the way, they moved the thread from general forum to Q/A, then move it to suggestion forum. I think they don’t want the thread to be seen.

  9. But I learn it too late for me already. Thannks Hinano for remind me again. I am the type who may actually get 500 scratch cards just for showing the low drop rate.


    There is a report in forum about gacha rate drop after the 15SEP maintenance. Maybe they try to make it up with the gambling special offer? Or are they lowering the drop rate several times so they can offer free coin in promotion?

    I won’t spend more money in US server… If they want my money, first they have to show me that they are not some a bunch of thieves…

  10. I’ve only spent about $100 on pangya and I don’t intend to spend any more than 50 or so more over the next 6 or so months. I spend little bits over time, not really bombing $50 in 5 minutes.
    I try not to be frivilous with my money, I’m a 15 year old with no job, still going to school, and get social security because of my father. I get money from my parents, I don’t really have much to spend it on but food and pangya, since it’s my current game-obsession. I’m getting a PSP, so that’ll probably drain me for a while from Pangya or anything else I might waste money on, but as I said before. This is my current game obsession because it’s the only game I can play alone and still be entertained. Single player games are boring, and most MMO’s I play, none of my friends are ever on. So Pangya is pretty much all I have to do.
    It’s not that I’m addicted, it’s that I do want to support the game…. Just at a steady pace. I’m hoping that with time, we’ll get better service and such…

  11. I’ve spent about $150 on Ntreev. And doubled on GOA. Probably $80-$90 on Japan server. My conclusion is a over priced server has the potential to draw the most out of my pocket. But I may not use more on US/EU server from now on…

    US: I got the best items there. I could have saved about $70 with similar items. In any case, I love and hate this server. In order to keep the sanity, I try not to play there.

    EU: The items here are more expensive. I started here so I spent some money on the wrong items, and now I got almost all cookies items that I wanted. I could have saved $200. Still need pangya zone item…

    Although Japan server has the most gambling item, the price/rate made it the cheapest. I have the best gaming experience there. Nothing is really wasted, even for the gay swimming suit.

    I still many scratch cards left for pangya zone items.

    I think
    1) multiple accounts are bad
    2) think twice, buy only useful items and use scratch card as bonus. Never try scratch card intentionally, specially GOA’s.
    3) Be very careful with Ngreed’s gacha

  12. I’m playing/played on three different servers, and spent only 23$ (I planned to spent 0$ but someone had to help Rich to get his lunch money back, ok I’m kidding, it was just a great occasion and I had some extra cash). I just don’t want to loose REAL money on VIRTUAL stuff, not to mention some elusive lottery loot with poor chance to win anything worthy. I try to keep the idea of “free to play” games as real as possible. This and the fact that I’m a stingy bastard keeps me from claws of hazard that is called Pangya. XD

  13. Thanks for all the replies guys xD

    I never got any money from the free offers…they always asked for like a REAL address and they always put me into a spiral of spam ads lol so I gave up. Any money I spent on the game was from my own wallet.

    lilboy> I also took psychology major in college haha so maybe that’s why I can see through their little scheme xDDD

    Cheryl> not like you can socialize much in pangyaUS unless you already have friends there, otherwise have fun learning portugese 😆

    G> Omg I Know right??? The same people who are like NEVER WASTING MONEY AGAIN..oops just spent $200 lol! Yea I don’t get it either.

    Symphonist> I realize fairy wings give you a competitive edge but wedding dresses & SSAFs do not lol. I don’t see teh point of blowing money on that :S

    Main & Michi> In Pangya JP it’s different though. The money someone on US spends to get 1 rare, you can probably get the entire set on JP lol. In addition JP is run better so you’re getting your money’s worth.

    Susanne> I guess when you have that mentality it’s good. I tried to but eh didnt work for me especially when the damn messenger kept crashing when I tried to msg my friends ^^;

  14. I agree completely.
    I see people posting that they have spent $500 and wont spend a cent more until ntreev fixes their problems, but i check their post history and they made the same empty threat a month ago, at which point they had spent only $100 lol.

    I spent $30 when season 4 started for a lucia outfit and some other accessories and none since.
    As much as i’d love some wings, ntreev wont get my bucks whilst hackers run rampant!

    If people think the wings are an exceptional item, and have to spend on them before they dissapear, but what if the next item is too? It’s a downward spiral once you start on that path.

    Maybe the spenders are even doing the game a diservice. If their profits arent affected there is no incentive to make any change

  15. “What I can’t understand is why do people flame Ntreev, then go and spend a ton of money.”

    Well, I do hate Ntreev, and I do hate that the plaguing problems is still there, but as like what Susanne said, it all comes down to the “competitive edge”, that caused me to spend money on Fairy Wings.

    Another reason why I would dump money into Ntreev:

    There is no more server I could play in! I can’t connect to Pangya JP anymore with my current VPN. What I wouldn’t give just to play in Pangya JP!

    If I did managed to play in pangyaJP, I wouldn’t spend that much because I know that server is unstable for me, who knows which day I would get banned just because I’m a foreigner. ):

  16. >What I can’t understand is why do people flame Ntreev, then go and spend a ton of money.

    This! Just because I’m happily playing with friends doesn’t mean I turn a blind eye to Ntreev’s problems, so I haven’t spent a single dime ever since. It’s sad that people just keep tossing money into that server. =/

  17. >___>;; Yeah, this “stunt” is one of those Ntreev money pulling traps. I hear a lot of people going, “Let’s Gacha and use Scratchy Cards right after!”. However, as you stated in another source (I forgot where), what’s the point of spending money on a server that is poorly managed? Also, I am going to make a prediction that the next Gacha rare will be another trap and feature the darker version of the fairy wings. Honestly, the amount of money being spent on the gambling systems is ridiculous. It can even pay for the three week trip to Japan with my Japanese teacher and classmates in my Japanese class (And for the case of the 4,000 dollars spent, it would be enough to go 2-3 times, depending on the economy’s effect on flight cost). I can understand how people want to have that “competitive” edge, but competing against hackers (Who are really just leeches that are downloading them off of someone else) isn’t the type of competition I think people can compete. Though I must admit, it was tempting to pour money at first because it was a “bargin” at first glance before thinking about the situation. Actually, another possibility is psychology. From a behavioral approach of analyzing the situation, players are pretty much being “rewarded” to gamble by getting double the amount of chances in Scratchy Cards. Then again, I still don’t find it worth it. According to the data I got from Kanashimi’s attempts, one would expect 40-114 attempts on OGP to get a rare (And Ntreev can be lying about not changing the rates for all I know. Papel Shop speaks for itself). That would mean that even with that event, one would expect to spend 20 to 57 dollars to win a rare that they might not even want. >___>;; And this may sound even more nerdy, but from a psychoanalytic approach, these people plain old developed gambling personalities and/or desire of Gacha/Scratchy Card rares. But really, even if there are some explanations for the behavior with psychology, I’m surprised that people are spending money to Ntreev, who has greed WAY exceeds Kathrine’s level of greed (And Kathrine’s greed knows no bounds). As of now, I’m just trying to rack up as many points as possible before the event ends with free survey so I can take advantage of the event without spending a dime.

    … Oh jeez, I think I got too caught up in this topic and just looked up the section on addiction in my Psychology textbook… >_>;; Anywho, if players really do have a gambling addiction, the trap is promoting their psychological dependence (Whether it’s the need of the item or to simply gamble) on Gacha/Scratchy Cards. Then again, I might not be completely accurate because it isn’t a section my Psychology class went over, but based on the reading for that section, psychological dependence is probably the cause of the money being pissed away. Either way, I’m angry about the fact that people are actually spending huge amounts of money on the game because of the event when it could be spent for other things (Bills, vacations, food money, etc. (Maybe even pay for the Japan trip for me if they’re feeling generous? xD).

  18. Sometimes I’m regretting I had spend so much money on this game…and still spend. Sometimes no.
    I don’t think I played any game more than 6 months. It’s been 2 years with Pangya so…this money not going anywhere I guess.

  19. PangYa JP was the MMO I spent the most on. Those biweekly gachas with limited items and slightly better clubs/equips or sometimes even just strictly fashion reasons are really hard to resist. Of course, it’s only your own money that you’re spending. After taking a step back and thinking about it, I swore off gachas forever. >_>

    I guess it’s fine so long as you don’t go overboard.

  20. I guess that’s a difference in mentality. Sure it’s annoying when trophies are repetitively stolen by people who, in all fairness, have put next to no effort into the game whatsoever, but there’s also the satisfaction of competing against yourself.

    Improvement, in my opinion, is not only limited to how you measure up against those around you – improving my records and overall game makes it worthwhile for me.

    Ever since playing with wings, I haven’t even thought about going back LOL. They’re extra handy for when you’re playing with friends and can get that extra piece of mind where a record isn’t necessarily your primary concern, but just hitting pangya regularly makes for a smooth gaming experience. No damaged desks or keyboards or anything xD

    On the subject of PangYa on other platforms (wii, PSP), I have given it a go, and while fun at first it’s not as exciting as playing online with friends. Despite the language flooding problems at the moment, I still enjoy the social aspect of the game and more often than not it’s what keeps me coming back. xD

  21. haha well I agree with the competitive edge part (I suck balls but I know some people are serious about it.) The thing is though, when you see rookies stealing away trophies in every tourney, how does that make you feel competitive? Doesn’t it feel like all your effort and money spent to “improve” has been wasted?

    That’s the part I guess that I can’t understand. The wings are definitely a difference maker. I can tell you that when I Switch from a winged to a non winged character it takes me a few holes to get used to the old skinny pangya zone lol.

    When I played pangya wii during the A18 downtime though, I was like “wow I have all the wedding dresses and clothes I ever wanted in Pangya and I Only paid $30 for it all.” I guess that really gave me a different outlook on the online game.

  22. Well the way I see it, if you’re going to decide to put money into a game then that’s that. Either way it’s money lost, but whether it’s for the better or worse depends on whether you get your money’s worth of enjoyment out of it.

    I do think it’s ridiculous that people will spend large sums of money for just a few pixels on the screen (especially true for fairy wings, LOL), but I rationalise this for myself in a few reasons …
    a) it’s money I worked for (not my parents’ etc.)
    b) it’s money I would have spent on other luxuries (movies/console games etc.)
    c) COMPETITIVE EDGE in this game that I love so much

    I think that the 3rd point I listed is a big reason why so many people are ready to throw their money at the scratchy and gacha systems. I don’t think it’s the gambling that people are addicted to – I think it’s an addiction to competition or having “the edge”.

    Comparing this to the more common casino scenario, both will usually see you putting in more than you will ever get out. The key to both is knowing your limits and to be prepared for any outcome, since after all it’s all based on chance and luck.

    I guess it’s so easy to blow money here because there’s a dangerous difference between physically handing the notes/coins over a counter and the click of a button.

    Personally I’ve still not spent nearly as much as other people have, but I can see myself getting into the $200~300 range pretty soon.

    Oh well, what can I say? I just won’t get that PSP 😛

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