Travel back in time with Poupee Girl

holy shit that’s a lot of cake

Wow yea lots of updates today. On Poupee girl is the “travel back in time” event. You can either go to a “western” or to the “middle ages”. Western seems kinda tacky so I went with the middle ages. That means big poofy dresses ranging from 400-600 ribbons each.  I know it seems like a ton of money but the fact is I’ve had 1600 ribbons saved up from not using them on anything since Katherine’s only been releasing jewel crap lately. I bought the dress and the hat. In addition to change your background you need to buy a “book” so I got the middle ages one. If you buy the western one you get:

westernA stinky ranch with a stinky horse. 😆 (This isn’t my poupee, just one of my friends who bought the western book.) Anyway there’s a couple new hair styles too and there’s a hair discount campaign (50 ribbons now instead of 100) so I decided to change my hair. It’s not one of the new styles but a style I’ve wanted to get for some time. I still got 1000 ribbons left despite my “splurging” lol. I guess that’s what I get for being a thrifty shit and only buying a couple things during events XD