Party Castle Clothing Log

Party Castle’s been awesome. It’s gotten me back to using my tablet and actually creating some decent stuff. I’ve made 3 new outfits this week. First up is Erika’s musical note outfit from Pangya:

erika01Since in order to make a new “character body” you actually gotta pay 4000pp to buy a new model I figured I could re-use my Erika model for something else.

And so I created Miku’s “World is Mine” outfit:

wimThe hair & pose were created by someone else. What’s cool is how you can borrow other people’s accesories/poses to “complete” an outfit so you don’t have to waste time making it all yourself! We get a ton of money in the closed beta so I always have enough to buy others’ stuff as well as blanks for my own. The models are still a bit defective as you can tell in the pic above – Miku’s shoes look like she ripped them on some asphalt or something xD; You can also make custom backgrounds when you take photos – like how I made the world is mine background in the photo above. Usually I’m lazy and I just use whatever stock photo came with the program xD.

aliciaUp next is my greatest masterpiece Alicia from Valkyria Chronicles. It took me 2 days to get all the pieces done (save for the gun which I bought from someone cause no way in hell I’m making a gun xD;) I wanted to make her red bandana but the hat I bought ended up not working out the way I had hoped so I just canned it. Maybe if they ever have bandanas as models I’ll make one ^^. I also played around with the scene editor which is pretty damn awesome. It’s like you can make your own music video or story. You can change poses, faces, characters, music and location. I definitely wanna learn more about it and play around with it. Maybe make a vocaloid PV since there’s a ton of vocaloid outfits available on the market to use . For now I purchased someone else’s motion and made this:

Personally I’d rather use Fraps to record but Fraps absolutely hates Partycastle. It lags like shit when I try to record so the only way to record is using PTC’s built in video recording system which unfortunately relies on whatever codecs I have in my system. Maybe I should download an old DIVX codec (like 3.0 or something or 5.0) cause Cinepak sucks and everything else gets bloated or uneditable later on. Anyway this is definitely something to play around with in the future – when I get all the “clothing designing” out of my system xD;; If you guys wanna see more details of my outfits and more photos (as well as 3D views) check out my PTC page.

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  1. That was Awesome! As always you knocked it out of the park. The V.C. outfit is stellar!! And I actually wear the “World is mine” outfit. Seriously. Sew it for me. I’m a 3/4 ish. 🙂

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