Pangya 4koma #77

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14 thoughts on “Pangya 4koma #77”

  1. Magical clubset is only good for curve freaks, rest of the stats is either average or shitty, come on Ceci, you have plenty of curve already. XD
    I love all the strips with Ceci, the one with Ken’s flying skateboard was absolutely hilarious. 😀

  2. Speaking of which, since the orbs are expensive, I try I could get it from scratch card and you know what I got finally…

  3. ahh the picopico hammer set, well that was like korea’s what 3rd or 2nd rare set right? of course it’s expected to be crappy just like the animal suits were a crap set because it came out like 3 years ago (nevermind the fact that Albacrap18 got it in fall 2008)

  4. Who doens’t love that magical girl clubset? xD The pangya logo changes to such…glittery and magical logo…

  5. LOL @ the last panel! Maybe if I go in with that mindset I’ll come out with something too hahaha…Azer’s is totally believable with the Pang Mastery tho O-O I don’t know anyone who’s gotten that on PangyaUS yet, but JP is prob better with that…

  6. the question is – why would anyone want replay tapes? JP server doesn’t even have the replay feature of S4 enabled…so they’re useless crap.

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