aisp@ce digest.

I’ve been meaning to make an aisp@ce movie for a while. It’s nothing special since most of my friends quit already (and well I don’t blame them….what the hell is there to do on there besides dress up your characters and charadolls? 😆 ) Anyway check it out to see what it’s basically about. I pretty much ran through Akihabara, the event hall, my room, Clannad island town center and Clannad school. I didn’t bother going to Da Capo or Shuffle islands since they all look the same except for the school areas and NPCs. I don’t have an aisp@ce screenshot album because I don’t know if anyone would be interested in seeing them lol. I do have a bunch of screenshots in my screenshot folder though.


7 thoughts on “aisp@ce digest.”

  1. Ummm. Why is Tokyo so deserted? It should be crowded with people! xD And where are all the outfits? I thought that was what its all about? But most of all, where are the dangos???? xD

  2. didn’t you see the mass of blue dangos at the end?? lol. it wasnt crowded because i went into less crowded channels to avoid lag. i didnt change my outfit though too lazy haha

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