Pangya 4koma #35

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9 thoughts on “Pangya 4koma #35”

  1. actually I don’t really know who you are 😐
    its more of like, I’m sick of some idiots copying/pasting my posts, stealing information so I make some posts private between friends/those who will not do such things. not saying you will but I really don’t know who you are, you’re not a regular commenter at this blog so…

  2. its for news regarding Japanese Pangya. I give password to friends/those I trust. Any KR news can be found on Rich’s blog (SLGaming).

  3. Hmm I think Max (if ever) want Arin to take care of his shaft, and not him as a shaft. I’m just guessing though cause I saw some Max pictures with Kooh on his lap or something, damn pedobear. XD

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