kathshopbasI AM NOT PAYING 250-450 RIBBONS FOR A GRAB BAG WITH AN ITEM THAT I DON’T KNOW THE VISUAL APPEARANCE OF. Geezus man has she gone off the deep end? I realize that we “earn more ribbons” now but 250 ribbons for a grab bag?? I remember some of the grab bags during xmas were around 90-150 ribbons but 250 MINIMUM?? Yea no thanks. I was gonna maybe give in and buy one (since I got 500 ribbons stocked up) but I’d rather just save my money for and item that I KNOW what will look like on me. Sigh what a disappointment. 🙄


  1. I bought five Lucky Bags this time. Last time only 4 of them.
    And Iam so happy with them. Especially the cat bag was worth every single cent. It looks awesome!

    Iam wasn´t that happy about so MANY events on the same time, this was really too much!
    And the price….oh well next year: “600 Ribbons for one bag”?

  2. haha yuck. well I didn’t buy any and from what I saw they didn’t impress me that much. I mean some were cute but not 400ribbons cute so I’m glad I saved my money. I have like 900 ribbons now lmao

  3. Do you save the ribbons for something special?
    Some people save them for the beauty doctor.

  4. No I just save them in case Katherine unleashes a bunch of special events. I hardly go to the fleamarket unless I’m dressing up my poupee and I realize I don’t have a certain item to match like a bag or shoes xD

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