What the…Bright Shadow coming in English!

Didn't see that one coming!
Didn't see that one coming!

I only discovered this because I got the URL of the official site as a blog hit. That’s right it turns out that Bright Shadow is coming in English and licensed by no other than….GamepotUSA! 😯  It’s pretty weird since Gamania Japan has the license to the Japanese one, but Gamepot USA is picking up the English one o_O. Hmm haha I don’t know what to think. I’ve not really kept up with the Japanese bright shadow much but from what I saw basically their only updates were lottery items and the lottery in BS is really terrible – you only get 1 piece of an outfit and you have the chance of getting a piece of an outfit that only lasts for 7 days so it’s not even permanent! @_@ In addition to the terrible TERRIBLE physics and clipping, as well as pretty much no places to save so you gotta keep running back & forth and the lack of WASD…make this a pretty crappy game hahaha. But maybe they improved it recently? I doubt it though to be honest. Oh well I suppose this will attract some kind of an audience, maybe I’ll sign up for a closed beta for shits & giggles and compare the two or something.

Isn’t it funny how all these MMOs that I tried in Japan are suddenly getting licensed? Are game developers reading my blog? 😆

Edit: The Game Features page lists “eye dye” and “Gender free armor” wut? I’m 100% sure that I’ve gotten male pants dropped from a monster before and I have to give them to JP and vice versa. Did they implement a ton of new shit in the last 3 months or something? Guess we’ll have to see!

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  1. I may try this out. I’ve been itching for a monster-slashing mmo for a while. I hope the requirements will be fine with my shitty computer lmao.

  2. I’ve been playing the Japanese version for about 3 2+ years now, and I like this game better than any other I have tried.

    The lottery system may seem bad, but when I was playing enough people bought things through the lottery that I could buy anything I wanted from others with regular gold.

    I am glad to see that it is coming out in English.

  3. Oh, and just to add one more thing. Not everything is only a 7 day limit. Most all my stuff is unlimited time limit. I have more outfits than I can carry in two character’s storage. Gold in the game is not hard to get once you get to a fairly decent level.

  4. I thought I would post once more to answer your question about gender free outfits.

    They have recently been giving out gender free outfits in the GASH store. I do not think that that is what they are actually talking about though. All the armor in Bright Shadow JP is gender free. The thing that you picked up was a actual outfit peice. Some quests have monsters that drop these kinds of things, so getting some of those outfits from the GASH lottery system is not the only way.

  5. I can’t wait for English version though I don’t know if I could actually play it because I’m from EU.. any clues?
    And is Bright Light better than Lucent Heart??(or it’s exactly opposite?)
    PS: I hope they already fixed the problems u r talked about on “Why I Am Quitting Bright Shadow.” topic.. but it’s probably only my dreams.
    I hope u will back to the game or introduce as a better game ,that’s a thought

  6. oh and if u change your mind about quitting BS you are welcome to contact me via myanimelist_net_/_profile_/_Alefi for example 🙂
    that way we will be in touch and be able to meet in the game someday..in ob(i’ve heard that ob will come in this year, 2009! =D)or even in cb if I’ll manage to get in..

  7. Winter> I do plan to at least try it out, just because I want to see if there’s anything I missed from the JP version because I couldn’t read the kanji (like the whole crafting thing pretty much flew over my head.) I did sign up for the closed beta. I dunno how long I’ll last though since even the JP version only entertained me for 2 weeks and us servers tend to be inferior to JP ones (and it’s only a matter of time before hackers/botters/brazilian script kiddies invade it..)

  8. us servers inferior? how come? higher lags? more slacking GMs than in jp version? xD
    about hackers/botters/brazilian.. if GMs will do their jobs right it should be playable.. or maybe ther’s so munch hack stuff out there that GMs don’t have munch chance..(?) ;p
    idk if i’ll be able to play in cb..i haven’t gained the key yet.. ;( but I definitely be in ob, especially if it comes in current year.. BUT I’m from eu and I still know nothing about ip-block. I hope it’s not implemented ;p
    ps: did u gained the cb key?

  9. nope I never got an email – so I guess I never got a closed beta key after all. Oh well *shrug* I’ll just have to try out the open beta whenever that is (if I still care by then lol)

    And yes everything you mentioned pretty much answers your question. I don’t expect a euro block unless they have Bright Shadow Europe which I have not heard of.

  10. uff I hope it’ll not be that bad..
    My heart is a little more at rest when u said that there won’t be ip block.. 🙂
    And I’ve just read on official us web site(brightshadow.gamepotusa.com) that rest of the ppl will get cb keys at 9th October so we still have a chance to get it! ;D I hope that u will give me your IGN when u get in(whether it’ll be cb or ob) ;p
    anyway if ob won’t come at 2009 I still have some alternatives like Emil Chronicle or something else..did u plaid Emil? and if u plaid it can u tell it’s a good game or.. ?

  11. nah I didn’t play it yet…it uses gameguard which is notorious for being crap so uh I decide to pass for now. I’d rather just play pangya & otome games ^^;

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