PangyaUN Update: Cards and…Feathers? +_+…

Epic Fail (hat)!

Hi, if you are angry that I called this server Pangya UN – well it’s my blog and frankly I don’t give a fuck? Feathers, again? We had them at the end of S3A18, we had them in the S3 beta and now….again!? Wait, maybe this is a good thing since I have a feather for every female char except Lucia and well I don’t care about Lucia since she’s just another money bag for Ntreev. I think Lucia’s is in the shop now but…lol what a waste of money it would be to bother with this crap.

That's right keep blowing your hard earned money on this game.
That's right keep blowing your hard earned money on this game.

In case you didn’t know what else to waste all that money you have around on, here’s a good chance! The cards are $1.80, and despite the fact that Ntreev doesn’t deserve this money people are still buying multiple packs! That’s right get that “competitive edge” on a server where all the pros have quit to play PangyaKR because the items such as autocalipers are overpriced and having a “competitive edge” is a waste of money. Oh what is the point of being competitive on a server full of hackers anyway? Even if you get the best cards, some retard will come by with his 0 wind and 400y drive anyway! 😆 Whatever they “fixed” in their “fixes” is all bullshit anyway. Oh did I mention the cards don’t drop from treasure system like they should? The messenger is still broken (a month and still going *clap*)

What a joke this update was. No new clothing items for anyone, even Lucia who desperately needs an update. No new events at all. The next update is August 26th. LOL, they want us to spend the next 2 weeks blowing money on cards? 😆 I had sent in a suggestion about Mochi Ice and Watermelon comets additions to the shop since…HI SUMMERS ALMOST OVER…but we don’t even get THAT. How pathetic. Oh well, this is a good thing. Now I can really stop playing and just focus on Jingi Naki Otome. (・`ε・´●) Oh and thanks to me not blowing anymore money on this game, I bought myself a new cell phone and digital camera!

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  1. I almost bursted like a soap-bubble with anger! Nevertheless, I going to continue to play PangyaU$A. Nnow my goal is the improvement of my records on all courses. Thats all…

  2. I don´t know what you did with your messanger, but mine and a friends one works good lately. It shows the name on and offline correctly and even the requests.

    I thought we get the motionitems, cards and apporach mode. The maintance would have been long enough for. It´s disappointing we just got ONE thing.
    I bought a booster from the left points I had. Only 3 cards is a bit low for 1.80$.

    The thing with the feathers is awesome for me. I do not have ANY rare and I play for over one year now. I do not really care about that. I rather spend my pang on arins black dress but I really wanted the feathers for one of my characters so now I have the chance again. And Iam not the only person who did not get the feathers at all until now.

    The update is too small to satisfy.

  3. I have all feathers for all characters. And this is I won a long time ago in A18.
    My messanger is also broken.

    And the dark side take me up.

  4. Prinz> Well at least the feathers make you happy. For most of A18 veterans this update is a joke. The messenger still crashes my friends, I still don’t see everyone online. Just because it’s working for you, doesn’t mean it’s working for everyone else.

    Jorik> I’m not as angry mainly because I set my expectations extremely low.

  5. I know the messanger of others is still broken, but I don´t get why they just don´t fix it for all users and for others it works fine yet. Even 1:1 does not bring anything.
    There are so little things to fix and I don´t think it would be a lot of work to fix messanger and save ID. So why the hell don´t Ntreev just fix it?!
    Instead of bringing a new event next week they could fix some small things once a week.
    In other MMORPGs there are weekly maintance and in Flyff more then one a week.
    I don´t think Ntreev Korea said “You´re not allowed to fix this and that and don´t make a maintance a week”.

  6. Would you sell your feathers for Arin for points? (doesn´t matter rainbow or devil)
    But I guess since you stopped playing you´re not interested in some point-item, aren´t you?
    I don´t have any pang anymore now.

  7. its more like ntreev korea doesn’t CARE about fixing it. theres no staff in the USA to fix any bugs. none of the gms fix bugs. all they do is post smartass comments on the forum and run their half assed tee time events. also my arin feather, or any of my feathers are not for sale or trade sorry.

    funny enough though, there IS no event this week! the only “event” is “blow your money into the wind by buying cards” event 😆

  8. You´re right and that fact is sad.
    I wish Ntreev had more force (and will) to make anything better.

    (It´s ok you don´t sell and trade. So I have to play Papel and tourneys the month to win them and even if not it doesn´t matter that much.)

    yeah, two weeks to buy cards and then release the approach mode and two weeks more for the motionitems.
    That sucks so much!
    It´s a pain this is the only MMORPG I really love.

    I understand your quiting really well.

  9. The USA Server is a fucking joke.
    I just used up my last points, and I think I may as well quit. They aren’t getting my money anymore, for a while =_=

    Anyway, time to look for a new game . . .

  10. i got like 2,800 points left. i could waste it on a card pack but I really don’t care anymore ^^;

    I have 6 otome games to play through. maybe when i play through all of them I’ll consider actually playing Pangya again. at the rate this server is going, i probably won’t miss anything.

    in addition the gms completely and totally ignore all my forum posts. loki especially keep saying how “its incoherent babble” even though I made a freaking numbered list for him of issues with the game. oh well, not my problem. *shrug

  11. Hinano, the reason you’re ignored is because you’re just another player. They don’t care, because you don’t know the business end or even the development end of the game.

    You played A18? Big freaking deal. You have records? Big freaking deal.

  12. you’re right, I don’t know and obviously not having worked for Ntreev I never will. However I do know one thing: their customer service is poor. They claimed that they are customer service, and well personally me and others are dissatisfied customers. If they want their game to profit, they need to listen to their customers and actually do something. Even if the Gms themselves can’t do anything, then Ntreev Soft or whoever is in charge needs to listen via having the gms relay the messages to them.

    What does having played A18 and having records have to do with anything I wrote in this post? 😕

  13. Consider all those changes made in looks more like an downgrade (downdate ?) more than update. This is just so horribly wrong…

  14. I have some more irony:
    In the HTML last week the card section said “cards will be exchangeable via personal shops”. Now that the official card page is up, that little blurb has been removed. Obviously, shops are never coming back.

  15. What does PangyaUN stand for?

    Also, I just checked my Ntreev accounts and have 34400 points unspent. Ugh.

  16. Pangya Un-United Nations. I wanna play Japan again…on a stable VPN…maybe we should all pool our money and buy a VPN. This really blows lol.

  17. I want to say some “Constructive” criticism about this update, but dammit i just can’t. the only thing i really have to say is “No noble hair for Kaz. Ever. We just lost the game” since that’s the only rare i’ve been hoping they’d bring to USA.

    ps. 1800 points for 3 cards? (lol) oh, you silly people you…

  18. i think it means Virtual Private Networks. i think it’s used to get pass the IP ban on pangya japan. but since i’ve never tried using this, i’m not absolutely sure. ^-^’

  19. yea all the public vpns basically have been banned now. and if they work theyre so unstable you get kicked off more than you do playing on ntreev’s server 😆

    to get a stable one you gotta pay for it. i know a few friends who pooled together to get one. I dunno the process though. ^^;

  20. I would love to get ahold of this VPN Dx

    Oooh. Team Fortress 2 update. This’ll hold my attention for… a day or two.

  21. oh, did you see the “Lights,Camera,Action” event?

    it’s a screenshot contest. top 10 picked will be given…

    50 Bomber Comets
    50 Time Boosters
    5 card Packs

    ……… while i don’t want to complain about getting Free boosters, this is…. meh

    maybe i should save up for a new cell phone as well, seeing as i desperately need one 😀

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