Eroge Review: Nanatsuiro Drops

This is another rehash post guys. I really liked this game – it was illustrated by Ito Noiji so everything is forking adorable. It could almost be like an otome game with the gender reversal to be honest. The problem is liked Sumomo so much I couldn’t bear to see her honey with any other girl so I didn’t play the other girl’s routes xD;; Sorry!

game01Well I finally finished the game..but to be honest I only played through Sumomo’s story. The problem is this game is so adorable and she is clearly the “main girl” while the other 2 are just supports you can screw for the ero-loving fanboys. I didn’t wanna destroy my cannon with Sumomo x Tsuwabuki so I decided to just not play their stories. Please don’t pelt me with rocks, if you really wanna know what happens with Nona & Nako, play the game yourself or google up some Japanese blog that probably has 萌えええ €€written in large red fonts all over it.

game02So we have our heroine Akihime Sumomo. She’s in the gardening club with her best friend Yaeno Nadeshiko. One day she spills water on Tsuwabuki Masaharu…but this isn’t where she has love at first sight. During her first day at high school, Sumomo got lost and began to cry but Tsuwabuki came to her rescue and (while holding her hand) led her out of the “oh so confusing” path of Sakura trees. (Aren’t those things usually straight? How can one get lost?) So anyway one day Tsuwabuki runs into some guy who drinks his soda and after Tsuwabuki drinks it, he gets cursed to turn into a stuffed sheep every night. Oh and if he doesn’t fix this soon, he’ll be a stuffed sheep forever.

game03Lucky for him, his teacher Kisaragi-sensei (voiced by Taniyama xDDD) is from another world, the same one that turned Tsuwabuki into a sheep. He tells him a long story about separate worlds and about the chosen girl who will capture falling star drops for him. She has to collect 7 and then he will return back to his normal form. Ironically, Tsuwabuki is sent to Sumomo’s house and for some reason or another, she totally believes his story and says she will help him. So for the next few “episodes” (that’s how the game arcs are divided), Yuki-chan/Tsuwabuki-kun has nightly adventures with Sumomo and during the day all he sees is how nervous she is to talk to him.

game08One day Sumomo tells Yuki-chan about how she likes this guy at school and when he finds out that it’s his human self, he’s in awe/shock etc. By this time though, Tsuwabuki has the hots for Sumomo anyway and he figures “ah well she likes me so why not” and tells her that he likes her and asks her later to go out with him. Sumomo is of course ecstatic and nervous about first kisses etc. Btw all their “firsts” happen in the green house (including the main pr0n bent over a bench etc) So Sumomo & Tsuwabuki start going out and she begins to call him Haru-kun while he calls her Sumomo rather than Akihime.

game06Eventually a rival shows up by the name of Nona Yuuki who’s mahou shoujo name is Prima Asperas. Sumomo also finds out her name is Prima Plum. All that Nona wants to do is just beat Sumomo in a star catching battle. She couldn’t care less how many drops she has. This is a problem for Sumomo since she’s honestly collecting them to “Send Yuki-chan back to stuffed sheep land”. The only real CG of her at this time is when she accidentally drinks a love potion and falls into the pool and gropes Tsuwabuki. At one point Nona gets so pissed after losing a battle with Sumomo that she challenges her for a rematch which goes out of control. Tsuwabuki jumps in to help Sumomo and afterwards Sumomo discovers that Tsuwabuki = Yuki-chan.

game07But because this was discovered…Tsuwabuki turned into a plain stuffed sheep…one that can’t talk etc. Sumomo is devastated but Kisaragi sensei tells her that if she can catch the last drop in time, Tsuwabuki can be turned back to human and also the sheep curse would be lifted. However, there is a price to pay – he will lose all his memories right up to the beginning of this game. (So like imagine losing your save or something =P) Buut Sumomo is all like but I wanna save him so its ok and then she and Tsuwabuki make a promise that after the memory loss, he will come and fall in love with her all over again. Sumomo’s mom helps her catch the last one I think *brainfart*.

game04So after he’s back to his normal self, everyone tries to get him to be cheerful. Unfortunately Sumomo (who promised she wouldn’t cry) is devastated the whole time and doesn’t wanna shove her feelings on to him so fast. Tsuwabuki has memorable scenes and moments that he feels like he knows but doesn’t know why he knows them. Eventually he confronts Sumomo in the greenhouse and she kisses him and like he comes to the realization that she was probably someone very important to him. Needless to say, Sumomo is so happy that he just said “DAISUKI SUMOMO!” that she immediately puts out despite Tsuwabuki’s constant suggestion of “Maybe we should wait till I get all my memories back.”

game09Well after that never ending pr0n scene (btw in the first scenes he just groped her and poked her with his fingers. No cock poking until the green house pr0n scene #3.) After this they walk home while the credits roll. I couldn’t watch this cause all she kept doing is talking about…the whole game. Like yes I KNOW you went to summer camp and you got caught between naked girls’ boobs cause they thought you were a stuffed sheep. So I went to like eat soup while she babbled on and the credits (which I couldn’t skip through) rolled. After they got home that night, Sumomo was surprised to find out her mom has come home. Her mom’s all like milfy and flirty and is like “Maybe I should call him Haru-kun too kya!” Oh well it was silly and along with Natsume (Kisaragi sensei) they all ate dinner…and Sumomo & Tsuwabuki held hands under the table. The game ends with Sumomo saying “Daisuki”.

game05So overall it was a pretty adorable game. After playing it for like 3 months on and off I just couldn’t stand to crush my perfect ending and starting over with Nona (who’s majorly tsundere and annoying at the beginning) or Yaeno who’s the damn best friend. I mean I don’t wanna see Nako stealing Tsuwabuki away from Sumomo who’s had a crush on him since day one. Gahhh! Besides the anime will probably go the Sumomo route anyway so the other two don’t matter to me regardless. 😛 Also because it took me so long to play this game, I probably mixed up a detail or two, so feel free to post corrections.’


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  1. LOL @ the Nanatsuiro Drops DS game. It was like a VN but you didn’t do anything other than play the stupid minigames, and I remember the CGs were screencaps from the anime! ROFLMAO 😆 It was retarded as hell!

  2. I’ve never played the visual novel, but I greatly enjoyed the anime~ ❤ Enough to get the limited edition pajama!Sumomo Nendoroid-Petit that came bundled with a Nanatsuiro Drops Nintendo DS game. (…The game is rather pointless – it follows the anime, and to advance in the story, all you do is play mini-games, and that's it. It's just a game of mini-games. @__@)

  3. I WAS waiting for the sexx0r scene and was disappointed when she dropped her drops (hahaha baad pun) instead. Nevertheless, it was decent.

  4. Sumomo!!!!! ❤

    The manga and anime both followed Sumomo's route, which is the true route in my eyes. I'm with Hinano: Sumomo and Tsuwabuki are destined for one another!

  5. well yea it did, but i dunno if you remember instead of the ero scene they kissed in front of the merry go round 😛

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