Game Review: Clannad

This is my rehash Clannad review. I saw both anime series and I have to say it was a pretty poor adaptation in comparison to Air and Kanon. It’s too bad by the time they animated Clannad KyoAni was all about moefodder shit to actually care to animate it properly. I did cry in after story but the 2nd half of the first series and 1st half of the 2nd series was complete and utter shit. The game however was brilliant and I cried through an entire tissue box.

clannad01THE EPIC 1 MONTH GAME IS OVAR! Anyway the story, like with Kanon, focuses on 5 girls but it’s possible to get “endings” of some of the sub characters as well (although this is mostly for the CG collecting types.) The first girl I played was actually Nagisa, but because her story acually ties in with the rest of the girls…I will mention her last. Unlike some of the otome games I played this is like a “visual novel” type (like most of Key’s work) so you just keep going and pick choices in the story…rather than “on this day I will go to the 2nd year classroom” etc. Oh and with the whole “sad girls in X”, this seems to follow the “Sad girls in rain” theme. The theme of this game is “family” so every story deals with either parents or siblings or just starting “your own” family. This post ended up being epic, so major spoilers ahead and lotsa pics and text! Click at your own risk.

Throughout the story you also see this “illusion world” where there’s just a little girl and a doll made out of thrown out parts or something. The main hero, you, is Okazaki Tomoya…the voice patch I used also had the girls mentioning his name. I don’t think that it woulda been any different if you had “changed” his name at the game option screen. The other noteable thing is once you pick a girl’s path…you seem to interact only with her and maybe 1 other girl but you don’t see the rest period. Makes me wonder how KyoAni is gonna intertwine all this.

clannad02You have a friend, who is probably your only friend by the name of Sunahara Yohei. Depending on which girl you are with, his attitude changes. He’s probably the one you spend MOST of the game with, bad for males, but great for me because he cracks me up..and his rap music is addictive lmao. XD He’s often a cockblocker, but he truly fears Tomoyo and a bit less so Kyou. In Fuuko’s story he’s always trying to confess to Nagisa but she keeps telling him that he should find someome better than her. ^^; There’s more of him and Tomoya interaction with Yukine’s story and generally other side character stories.

clannad03Anyway the 2nd girl’s story I played was Kyou/Ryou. Actually when you play their stories they are pretty much the same up to a certain day…and most of the time you spend with Kyou rather than Ryou. You barely ever have any interaction with Ryou and most of the time it’s usually when Kyou is around. The major interaction starts when Kyou tries to set the two of you up, confusing the hell out of you. When you two get together Kyou is even there on your first date…which makes the whole thing feel even more forced. I guess one of Ryou’s “moe” points is that she sucks at cooking and is good at cleaning. She’s also the quiet shy one and is the class president of Tomoya’s class. At one point she picks a piece of rice off Tomoya’s face when they’re eating lunch, but gets so embarrassed that afterwards she runs off blushing and crying and every time she sees him she blushes and turns away. Oh lawd. She also loves fortune telling and horoscopes. Near the end of her story I started skipping crap cause her “shy demeanor” was making me fall asleep and I could read Japanese faster than her voice patch. Also her kiss scene was the lame “we see her face in front of us and she closes her eyes” or whatever. LAMME lmao I hate those.

clannad04I personally found Kyou to be more interesting which is why I guess Ryou is just a sub character whose extra CGs you can get. As far as Kyou goes, she’s pretty tsundere but she’s fun and she has her own motorcycle! She also reminds me of Haruhi (hey she even pulled Tomoya out of the classroom by his necktie!) She’s also very loving of her pet baby warthog, Button so very often if she finds Tomoya abusing it or not taking care of it when she asks he gets a beat down. Actually very often she’s beating both Tomoya and Sunahara and she’s one of the few girls who isn’t afraid to talk to Tomoya, when other students are afraid of him because of the rumor that he’s a “delinquent.” Her story really cracked me up because there were so many perverted jokes 😀 She’s also very caring of her sister and if she feels someone made her cry, she’ll beat the crap out of them. Also it appears Sunahara isn’t too happy with Tomoyo picking her as his girlfriend. When you do her story, it’s basically still in “You’re dating Ryou” mode but then you realize you have the hots for her twin sister (since the Ryou thing was forced anyway) and instead that’s how you get the Kyou ending. Oh and Kyou tries to deny her love for you by trying to get with Sunahara but Sunahara makes her stop being Tsundere and go for Tomoya. I did feel kinda bad for Ryo, because it seems she wanted to be like Kyou to win Tomoya’s heart but she couldn’t be a replacement for Kyou.

clannad05The next story I played was for Fuuko. If you wanna know the basic plot think Tsukimiya Ayu from Kanon. The girl has been in a hospital for 2 (not 7) years and her ghost is wandering around the school. However this time she’s not waiting for a Yuuichi, she’s carving wooden stars starfish to give to people so that they all come to her sister’s wedding. Her sister was once an art teacher at the school but she left 3 years ago and so at this point nobody knows her. When Tomoya speaks with the sensei, Koko, she tells him that her younger sister Fuuko got hit by a car on her first day of high school (after the ceremony) and has been in a coma for 2 years. Eventually Fuuko starts to disappear from people’s sights and minds…including Tomoya’s. However he is able to recall her on the day of her sister’s “fake wedding” that they promised for her to have at school so that Fuuko would be able to see her sister happy. During the ceremony, Fuuko gives her sister a wooden starfish and her sister is able to see her spirit just for a brief moment. This scene made me cry despite me actually not liking Fuuko all too much. (Even JP called her Puuko.) She would always space out and make funny faces, followed by Tomoya sticking juice box straws up her nose and walking her into the male bathroom. In the end it appears Fuuko wakes up and then gives Tomoya a starfish asking him to go out with her. Also throughout this story Nagisa was present and supported the relationship between Tomoya & Fuuko.

clannad06Next girl I played was Ichinose Kotomi. This story screamed Kanon/Ayu to me near the end. Hell even one of the CG’s looked like one of Ayu’s! This girl spends all her time in the library/bookstores cutting up books. Tomoya of course has to rid her of such habits but he often cuts class to eat lunch with her in the library. She’s very strange and acts like a little kid (much like Ayu) but Tomoya is determined to get her to socialize, make friends and even learn how to do Tsukkomi. One time when they mistaken and think that Ryo gets into a bus accident, Kotomi snaps. She runs into her house and doesn’t come out for a few days. When Tomoya goes to visit her, he realizes that this is the house he used to hang out at when he was little…and that Kotomi and him were childhood friends. He also finds out that Kotomi’s parents died in a plane crash and she’s felt guilty because the last thing she said before they left is that she “hates” them for not being around on her birthday. She also burned down the patio chairs/table that she and her parents often used to play at. She also didn’t attend school much because she read “adult” books and even in school normally she didn’t have to “attend” class because she was in the top 10 educational ranks in the country. Eventually Tomoya explains to her that she isn’t alone and they both realize they love each other and that he said he doesn’t guarantee that he won’t “disappear” but he promises to try his best to protect her. In the epilogue, her parents’ coworker said a suitcase dropped by her parents was found. It had a teddy bear and a letter that said “if you find this suitcase please give it to my daughter.” There was also a note from her mother telling her to have a happy birthday and to live her life like she wants. Kotomi read this and was in tears saying “welcome home” to her “parents’ spirit” saying how she’s made friends, and grew up etc. Also at the end, everyone give Kotomi a belated birthday present violin, (that even though she sucks at playing, she says she will try to get better at it.) Generally I found Kotomi to be more annoying than Fuuko but the ending did give me a bit of a lump in my throat.

clannad07The next person I went through Miyazawa Yukine. For extra irony her seiyuu also voices “Miyazawa Yukino” from KareKano har har. She’s a “secondary” character but you have to play through her story to get the “Bead of Light” in order to get the after story. Basically you meet her by first refusing Kotomi’s advances, and then you spend most of your time drinking coffee and trying out goofy magic spells with Sunohara in the reference room. She also has her “friends” who are delinquins from other schools climb in through the window to chat with her. Apparently they are all friends/aquaintances of her deceased brother and she especially takes a liking to Tomoya because he reminds her of her brother the most. In the end you attend a “death” anniversary with her at the cemetary along with the rest of the guys who knew him and I guess give her a “kiss” which I think is that embarrassing “spell” that she referred to earlier. I generally liked Yukine but being a side character, there was a lot of talking and often got so boring/repetitive I just had to scroll through it. The Sunohara parts were pretty funny (especially when he and Tomoya got locked together in the gym equipment shed XD).

clannad08Next person was Misae. She’s the lady who takes care of all the guys in the dormitory that Sunohara lives in. The only thing Sunohara associates her is with big boobs but Tomoya seems to fall for her after being with her for some time. She tells him to give up because a long time ago she says she was rejected by a boy she liked and her “love clock” has stopped ever since. We then see her past (as Tomoya’s “dream”) when she got rejected by the guy she liked because she found out he had a girlfriend. At that time she had a boy named Shima-kun who kept hanging around her telling her he’ll make a wish of hers come true, because a while back she talked to him in the hospital and encouraged him to get better. I think one of Misae’s old high school friends is voiced by the lady who voiced Momoko in Sumo^6 and Shima voiced by Paku Romi which only adds to the massive cast of this game. So then it turns out that Shima wasn’t Shima…but rather his cat…or the spirit of his cat that looked human, who he asked to go to Misae and make her wishes come true. (This is like the Makoto story from Kanon.) And so this is the cat that’s always been with her up till now. For some reason this story really made me cry 😦 Probably because it has to do with cats.

clannad09The next girl I played was Tomoyo. She’s the last “main girl” of the game. Actually this story didn’t make me cry at all just because it was more funny than anything and the actual “ending” was more a generic ending that I had probably seen in some other game or anime before. Tomoyo is basically a transfer student and although she is 1 year below Tomoya and Sunohara, she beats the crap outa Sunoppi and totally talks obnoxiously to Tomoya (calling him a big perv on many occasions. I wonder if this was the inspiration to make Tomoyo After?) She’s basically trying to run for student council because she wants to be able to help people and make a difference because of her family troubles. It appears her parents always argued and wanted to divorce but her younger brother didn’t want the family to fall apart (despite her parents both having lovers), so he jumped in front of a car to hurt himself…which actually did bring the family closer together. Anyway eventually Tomoya and Tomoyo start dating, and for some reason in this story Tomoya’s a kiss devil and while there are multiple times that he kisses Tomoyo we only get 1 measly CG. In fact that lack of CG’s at the proper scenes is probably what disappointed me the most. I wonder if that’s because there’s some sort of after story to this? Beats me. What happens is they break up because Tomoya’s a delinquent which “gets in the way” of Tomoyo’s ambition to be a student council president, but then like 8 months later she says she can’t live without him so when he graduates, they get back together. Meh while the story didn’t impress me, the jokes and the Sunohara stuff made my day.

clannad10The last few stories were minor characters I had to play in order to get the Hikari no Dama to proceed to the after story. Anyway next one was Sunohara Mei, as you can guess she is Sunohara’s loli sister (I dunno if you count 13 as being loli but let’s roll with it.) She really cares about her brother and wants him to care about her. Back when they were little he’d always come to her rescue and now she tries to get his attention by going as far as pretending to date Tomoya. She even tries to convince the soccer team to let him back in the club, but all they do is use and abuse her, until Sunohara finally snaps out of it and comes to her rescue. The whole time he was too busy hanging out with Sanae (Yes Nagisa’s milfy mom) because she volunteered to pretend to be his girlfriend in order to show his sister that he wasn’t just wasting his life. In the end everyone makes up and Mei realizes that the reason she won’t force Sunohara to go back home to where she is, is because he’s got such a good friend like Tomoya. They even have a flash back to how they first met. (This made me bawl for some reason. Damn orgel music T_T) So then when Sunohara finally goes to confess his love for Sanae, he discovers she’s married and gets beat up by Akio. (The whole time he was convinced she was Nagisa’s “oneesan” lol.)

clannad11The final hikari no dama story I played was for Hiiragi Kappei. The biggest difference is that in this story, the “main” character is a trap guy. Sunohara thinks he’s a girl and despite him constantly saying he’s a guy, Sunohara still falls in love with him all the way till the end. Kappei’s been traveling from town to town trying to find “manly” work to do to be able to live while he stays in the town. It seems he ran into Ryo who helped him when Kyo hit him with her bike. It was love at first sight and when Kappei met Ryo again, they both talked and seems like they were a good match so they started dating. Kappei also then finally found a job working in a rehab center. However, Tomoya later discovered (along with Ryo) that Kappei actually has Osteosarcoma and he’s been taking Codeine pills for it. His cancer gets worse and he has to have surgery or he will die. He says he refuses because his legs are his life. He used to be really good at running, because that’s what proved him to a reason for living, since originally he was abandoned as a baby by his parents. He felt that he “died” when he couldn’t run anymore and he was just waiting for his physical death to come. Ryo and Tomoya eventually convince him because Ryo first lies that she’s pregnant, but then says that if he doesn’t get surgery done, she will sneak at night and sexxor him up and have his babies. XDXDXD She says she wants to marry him and have a family with him, well that convinces him and he agrees to have some kind of surgery where he won’t have to loose his legs (but this requires him to transfer to another hospital.) Five years later, Tomoya meets Ryo at a hospital and she has become a nurse. She says that she and Kappei got married and had a baby 3 years ago, and now Kappei is finally back from all the difficult surgeries. Tomoya walks into the room and gets a “Long time no see”. I actually really enjoyed this story. It didn’t make me cry but it had a happy ending so for once it wasn’t like “bittersweet” or “sad” but a truly happy ending (unless something flew by me with all the medical terminology.)

You have to play Komura-sensei’s story to lose one hikari no dama, and then gain it back. I found it pointless so I just scrolled through it. I really couldn’t care less what that story was about. Probably about him being a good old jiji teacher. *shrug* I tried to go back and see what it was but I screwed up something along the way and I didn’t wanna scroll through a 3rd time. Anyway once you get this last one you get the after story which I will now go into following Nagisa.

clannad12Anyway I saved the best for last. Clearly Nagisa is the “lead role” of this game because the “After Story” is pretty much dedicated to her. Nagisa’s story is that you meet her randomly and she says how she loves this school. Later as Tomoya hangs out more with he finds out she wants to start an acting club. (Engeki-bu) He also then discovers that she is really his senpai because she got held back a year due to being out sick for a long time. Him and Sunohara join her club “unofficially” and help her out with it but she’s unable to get any other members. Nagisa also has this thing for Dango Daikazoku which she constantly talks about. She then finds out her club will be removed if she doesn’t get a teacher to support it. However the only available teacher, Komura-sensei, is also helping out another club. The owner of that club asks Nagisa not to have them take away the teacher because one of the girls in the club it was her dream to be a singer (?? I think that’s what it was, I played this like a month ago so my brain’s foggy.) Anyway Nagisa feels awful and cries and then Tomoya just asks her to be his girlfriend for the hell of it. Eventually they get closer and Tomoya hangs out at her house more often. She also finds out about the bad relationship Tomoya has with his father and how his father treats him like a stranger rather than a son. Eventually Sunohara convinces them to join a basketball tournament to prove to everyone that the acting club is worth something. They get Kyo on their team and they win the match. Komura sensei then agrees to sponsor both clubs and they would have meetings every other day. Unfortunately not too soon after, Nagisa gets sick again and due to this is unable to graduate together with Tomoya. Tomoya cries but says that he will wait for her.

In the after story Tomoya ends up working at Nagisa’s house in their bread shop. A year passes, Tomoya is now 18 and Nagisa is probably 19. She has to start her school year all over again as a 3 year student. She tries once again to create the acting club, but her classmates make fun of her and do cruel things. None of the teachers will sponsor it and Komura-sensei had retired after Tomoya graduated. Her club eventually had to get disbanded again because she didn’t get enough members. She never managed to make any friends at school and eventually stopped talking to Tomoya about her school life alltogether. Tomoya then decides he can’t just mooch off Nagisa’s family so he asks Yusuke to take him on as an assistant Electrician so he can work and get his own apartment. He asks Nagisa to go with him because he wants to make her happy with his own powers, rather than relying on somebody else. Nagisa agrees and with the approval of her parents, he moves in with her into a small apartment on May 5. They live together as Nagisa attends school and he goes to work. On the weekends they visit Nagisa’s parents (and Akio tries to get Tomoya to knock up his daughter XD) Tomoya eventually had problems with his job due to his shoulder problem that his father caused, but he tried his best anyway.

Part of the after story is stuff regarding Nagisa’s parents. One of the things is how Sanae’s home school is gonna end because an actual cram school was getting built nearby. Haha what’s gross is one of the options you have to pick that you “like” Sanae and then she’s like “I like you too!” but obviously not in THAT way. (haha eww milf love!) The students also say the reason they think it’s better for them to go to the school is that she seems very tired lately. Anyway eventually she gives up and let’s them go but in the end she pleads saying she wants to continue teaching her students. With this they all return to her as students.

clannad14The next part deals with Yoshino Yusuke and how he used to be a singer. He talks about how everyone made fun of him saying that he’s just a music loser, until he met Koko (Fuuko’s sister) who thought what he was doing was great. Eventually he got famous and stuff but then lost his ability to sing. Then he felt that he had to continue for all his fans and he went out of his mind. He resorted to drugs and ended up in the hospital…and when he was out, nobody wanted him. He had no parents and no more music so he didn’t know where to go. He then went back to his hometown and ran into Koko again. He thought that everyone had abandoned him but she said “Are you still doing music? Keep at it!” He then broke down in tears. Yusuke then said that him and Koko are still together to this day. Tomoya tells Nagisa about this and she says she knows Koko-sensei. They go see her and afterwards decide they want to try to get Yusuke back into releasing an album again. He agrees and decides he will try to release one on his own.

clannad13The next part deals with Nagisa wanting to visit Tomoya’s house. As usual he gets in an argument with his father regarding one of his “dealer” friends who stops by. Tomoya demands him to leave and yells at his father saying that he’s “his family” no matter what he makes it out to be. One day at work Tomoya’s offered to become a director at another company which will give him a better opportunity and more money. Him and Nagisa celebrate, and then summer hits. By then Yusuke has released a CD and gives a free copy to Nagisa & Tomoya. One summer day Tomoya gets a phone call that his father got caught by the police. Because of this, Tomoya loses the promotion he was supposed to get from work, and has to end up staying at his current job. Tomoya goes to visit him in prison, but his father says nothing. Angry, Tomoya leaves the prison and starts punching a wall until his hand is bloody. That is, until Nagisa stops him and tells him that she’s there for him. After Tomoya calms down, he asks Nagisa to marry him. After getting her parents’ approval they decide to do it when Nagisa graduates.

clannad15Winter hits and Nagisa turns 20. After the New Year’s break, Nagisa got sick again…for 2 months. Sanae then says she spoke to the teachers at school and they said even if Nagisa is sick until graduation, she will still be able to graduate because she attended most of the school year and had good grades. Unfortunately she never ended up getting well so she graduated without being able to finish the year or attend the ceremony. Eventually Nagisa got well and Tomoya wished that he could go back to the days with him, Nagisa and Sunohara ( who returned to his hometown). When Tomoya called his house, his mother told him that Sunohara is now staying at a dorm…from his work place. When he finally speaks to him he begs Sunohara to come down for just a day to do a “fake” graduation ceremony for Nagisa. Sunohara agrees after some persuasion and then Tomoya lies to Nagisa about going on a date and asks her to wear her school uniform. The next day when they get to school, Sunohara, Kyo, Ryo and Komura-sensei are all there to celebrate her graduation. Nagisa then gives a speech about her year with Tomoya and the gang. After that speech we see that Koko, Nagisa’s parents and Misae are there as well.

clannad16After that, Tomoya goes to visit his father again telling him that he’s going to marry Nagisa. After this they get married (just officially no ceremony yet) and she becomes Okazaki Nagisa. (They still don’t do it wtf XD) Anyway Nagisa then says she wants to try hard too and help Tomoya…so she decides to get a job as a waitress at a new family restaurant opening nearby. After this Tomoya starts to realize how his memorable town is changing. He and Akio go there to see her in her waitress uniform and then get in a fight with a bunch of guys who try to hit on her. Later on, Tomoya hears that they will be destroying part of the school to rebuild a new building. He’s angry because that part had the room where Nagisa had her acting club. Nagisa is shocked that he is so angry but deep inside it pisses him off that everyone but himself is changing. Anyway 2 months later…it turns out Nagisa is pregnant. (Whaaaat?) She then admits that she and Tomoya had sex (lol.)

Nagisa then says she wants to have her baby at their apartment. (wrryy? Is also what Akio wanted to know.) Nagisa then decided to name the unborn kid “Ushio” and call “it” Shio-chan. Really this whole arc made me wanna hurl into a wall because I hate babies and all that has to do with pregnancy. Anyway one day Akio takes a walk with Tomoya to a construction site and tells him a story of how Nagisa almost died. How when he used to be an actor and Sanae was a teacher, they always left Nagisa alone. One day, she got a high fever, but she said she’d be fine and they went on with their usual life until one day they came home and found her passed out in front of the house door in the snow. They called a doctor but her fever wouldn’t go down and then she wouldn’t move or awaken. Akio grabbed her and ran outside begging for a miracle and then the next morning he saw her wake up. He then promised to never leave her side.

clannad17One day Nagisa gets a fever. She’s very sick and when the midwife comes she says that the baby is still going to be ok. A couple days later Sanae goes to the family-res with Tomoya, and there she tells him that Nagisa is too weak to have a baby properly…and that she is going to have to have an abortion. Nagisa of course says she wants to try to have the baby and doesn’t want a “life lost” because of her weak body. Tomoya is verry worried and scared that he might lose her but then eventually agrees to let her have the baby but tells her to be strong and not lose. The next day the doctor tells her that if she wants to have the abortion now is her last chance. He tells her that complications may arise after and the possibility of her dying is higher if her fever doesn’t go down. (This part was hard to understand for me cause I don’t know medical terminology) But still, Nagisa decided she will have the baby. Winter hits and then everyone comes to visit Nagisa, including Sunohara.

clannad18Time passes and Nagisa eventually gets weak to the point where she can only wake up and go to bed. When it was finally time, Nagisa seemed to have the baby safely and it turned out to be a girl. However after she had it, she fell asleep and never woke up. After that time passed and Tomoya started smoking and drinking. Ushio, his daughter was in the care of Akio and Sanae. One day Sanae suggests that Tomoya, herself, Akio and Ushio all go to a theme park together. Tomoya says that Ushio doesn’t care about seeing him since she was never around him in the first place, but Sanae says this is a chance to bring it all back. When Tomoya comes to meet them, they purposely leave him and to be alone with Ushio (aka they set him up.) He’s left alone with her but he couldn’t give 2 craps about her and is hoping Sanae & Akio come back soon. They don’t and the next day Tomoya gives in and offers to take Ushio on a trip, and she agrees. On the the trip, Ushio asks about her mother, Nagisa. Tomoya refuses and tells her to ask Sanae again.

clannad19During the trip Tomoya wonders why Sanae sent him to go to all these places…but he eventually runs into a lady….who happens to be his grandmother on his father’s side. She then tells him the story of his parents’ past. The story similar to his and Nagisa’s, of how Tomoya’s mother had him, then died in a car accident and how his father tried his best to raise him despite being fired from jobs all the time. Tomoya then realized that his position now is exactly the same as his father’s was that day. He then realized that it’s not his father’s fault and that he was a worse person. He went back to where Ushio was and she was upset because she couldn’t find her toy….a toy that was her “first” present that her “father” bought for her. Tomoya then offers to start all over and be with her and says she doesn’t have to hold back her tears or run to the bathroom to cry. On the way home, Tomoya offers to tell Ushio about Nagisa. (Cue me bawling here.) After that, Tomoya has Ushio (now 5 years old) move back into his apartment with him. Tomoya also then goes to see his father to tell him to come home to his mother who is waiting for him back in the countryside. His father realizes his “role” is over and decides to go home. (Cue me bawling again.)

clannad20Eventually Tomoya sends Ushio to kindergarten, where Kyo is now a teacher. They also then run into Koko and she says she is finally marrying Yusuke. Fuuko is also there but since this is “nagisa’s” after story he doesn’t know who she is. They all squirm and giggle over Ushio. Koko says that Fuuko was in the hospital (just like in her story) and was doing rehabilitation, so she just recently was able to come out. Anyway at this point I got like 3 hikari no dama’s. I have noo idea why. lol. Fuuko comes over jokingly to “take Ushio away” but eventually after playing with her for a while she realizes that Tomoya is upset when they bring up Nagisa, and so she offers to come over and “play with Ushio” whenever Tomoya wants. One day Ushio gets a high fever and when the docto comes he says that it’s the same one that Nagisa had. Tomoya has to quit his job temporarily to take care of her. From then her fever only got worse as the winter hit. She still begged him to take her on a trip like he did that one time. He didn’t want to but wanted to do anything for her, so he agreed. However, while walking to the station, her fever got so bad that she passed out. From then the illusion world hits one more time and the person cannot take the “doll” with him because she is now “part” of that world. After that, is a title screen that says “Goodbye papa” and uh I guess Ushio died. Uh bad end anyone?

clannad21Not to worry there’s apparently more endings! So anyway I started the next “ending” of the after story which involved Nagisa’s father. As much as I wanted to fully play this, I’ve been playing this game for like a month and I gotta move in 2 weeks so I need to really get through this. So yea I ended up skipping through most of this. Based on the last story though basically Nagisa asked Tomoya to help out at the bakery because she wanted her dad to go meet some of his old acting friends. So anyway when he goes to see them, apparently there is reports of a bus accident…and it turns out Akio was on that bus. He helped a lot of people but got hurt himself. They go to visit him in the hospital but it turns out he escaped from the hospital with all his wounds. They find him outside on a bench smoking a cigarette. Sanae cries saying to never leave her and he says he’ll always be with her.

clannad22Well anyway I played the next “story” which was actually just running the fast forward option because the choices were the same as in the first run of the after story. After fastforwarding to the part where Nagisa has the baby and dies, there’s actually a new video footage of like “realistic outside imagery” of what I guess is maybe the reference images Key used for Clannad. Anyway after that is some text saying that the “journey with the lights (im assuming the hikari no dama) is over”. We’re back to the present and Nagisa wakes up (yay!) Thent they look outside and see a bunch of lights. In the epilogue they show Ushio running through a flower field and Nagisa and Tomoya watching from afar. After the credits roll is some stuff with Fuuko and Koko but I really dislike Fuuko lol so I scrolled. It was nothing important. Anyway after that, they show the title screen, and instead of the “hikari no dama” it looks like a teen version of Ushio lying by the tree.

clannad23Final Thoughts: Whoa I used a lot of tissues on this thing. My eyes are still puffy from all the crying. But on the other hand, damn that was long. JP was screaming “TSUMANNAI” behind me like 20 times (when he wasn’t falling asleep.) I admit sometimes some of the “non-serious” parts were rather lengthy and I really just couldn’t sit through them so I hit the magic CTRL button. That random video footage was SUPER long. I ended up forwarding through that and even that took like 2-3 minutes XD. But that aside, I really enjoyed this game. I can’t wait for KyoAni’s version because it will be excellent. The story is way better than Kanon and I really do wonder how they plan to tie in all the girls (and other characters’) stories together. Most likely since Nagisa has her after story here, she will be ultimately the one that they have Tomoya end up with in the end. Regardless I’m looking forward to it a lot. (Not so much the TOEI movie because the character designs are insanely ugly.) Hope you enjoyed this post, if you managed to make it through.


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  1. I’ve actually only played 1 route of the game (it’s a loooooong game and I got lazy~), which was the Kyou/Ryou route (I cried at the end), but the anime only made me cry once – it was during CLANNAD ~After Story~ when Ushio and Tomoya were on the train going home from that trip they took and Tomoya was telling Ushio about her mother for the first time. ;-; Other than that, I didn’t cry at all through the anime. :X Teared up at Fuko’s ending, but that’s about it.

    I need to finish this game, though. @__@

  2. Maybe I don’t remember but Hiiragi Kappei wasn’t in the anime AT ALL o_o” … !
    I’m shocked about that since I was thinking the adaptation was pretty damn perfect.

    At least, the anime version made me laugh and cry in the same time and that’s what I excpect from an anime. :3

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