Otome Game Review: Asaki, Yumemishi

I finally got to play Asaki, Yumemishi, which is an all-ages Otome Game. That means no horrible porn or numerous rape scenes that otome games are infamous for. -_-;; The game works in a point pattern where by going to an area with the guy you’re aiming for, you’ll earn points and then therefore get his “route”. This is actually a really easy way to make a visual novel without having to worry about trying to tie characters stories together while you read it as a “novel”. Something to consider if you ever want to make your own VN ^^. Anyway this post is really long and contains MAJOR spoilers so please read at your own risk.

The village that Saya works at for the summer is a village where ayakashi(spirits of some sort) and humans live together. The village is like a safe haven for all the ayakashi who have nowhere to go and just want to live peacefully. She was hired to help exorcise the village of  oni who feed on humans and ayakashi. Saya has blood running through her of a very powerful family which helps her do this as well as healing wounds & stuff. Due to this she feels like if anyone knows this they will think it’s disgusting and hate her so she tries keeping it a secret. Unfortunately for her most people already know about the Iori clan’s blood so it’s really only Chihaya who was unaware of it. When her parents died, she was adopted by her not-blood related cousin Shuuichiro and his sister Akira. She spent her life among him, Kokuu as well as Shinonome Rin.

chiha01Chihaya – Chihaya is the one in charge of the village that Saya stays at during the summer of this game, despite being only 18 years old. The reason is his mother asked him to do this when she was on her deathbed. His father and sister moved away and left the village to him. He’s a pretty friendly guy but he’s got a small oranyan thing going for him and gets all embarrassed around Saya. He tells her that he feels nostalgic when he meets her but that’s because he and Saya are reincarnations of 2 lovers from the past, Saku and Nao. It’s sort of a Romeo & Juliet thing where they are actually enemies but they do not know it so they fall in love and he knocks her up, then they find out oh shat the dude’s mom is trying to kill the village the girl is protecting oh noes! Saku tried to stop his mom, who is an ayakashi. In the end Saku gets killed by villagers thinking that he will betray them and then Nao uses her powers that eat up her life to place a barrier against the demons on the village.

chiha02Saya sees all this in her dreams and is very depressed about it. She doesn’t want to end up sacrificing herself, and well after falling in love with Chihaya, he doesn’t want that happening either. The two of them decide to “free the spirit” of Saku’s mother and combine their powers so that they do not have to die. After the summer ends, Saya ends up going back to her hometown but is very sad that she has not kept in touch with Chihaya. However one day on her way to school she runs into Chihaya who has transferred to her school because he got left back one year. He tells her that after they graduate, he’s taking her back to the village 😉 I was kinda disappointed that there was no actual kiss CG. There was a kiss scene but it just shows their heads close together, meh I hate having to “imagine” stuff ya know, let’s see the smooching damnit!

chiha03Now I tried to get the missing CG and I followed this guide, but instead I got the ending where Yasutsuna (butlerman) killed Saya in order to “make the barrier stronger” then he killed himself and the two of them were uh reunited in heaven?? Geezus I didn’t want that kind of an ending so I gave up getting that CG for fear of more horrible things to come Q_Q; When going into the omake section, I went into the “scenes” and I found this one new scene of Chihaya that I never went through in the game, where the 2 of them played videogames together. 😯 It seems like it’s a bonus you get for completing the character’s route, like a “special” ending. I also did some kind of omake route and earned a “CTM” from the cat girls as well as the missing CG for Chihaya’s route. Overall I expected Chihaya’s route to be more…special I guess? But it was obvious from the start (even the op movie) that he was her “destined guy” or w/e so I felt like I got jipped on that factor lol.

tora01Takatora – Takatora was taken in by everyone at Chihaya’s house because he was wounded during a battle with one of the evil oni’s, Miku and Ichito. Thanks to Saya’s blood powers, she was able to kill the oni poison that was flowing within his blood. Due to this he feels like he owes his life to her, in addition to falling for her at first sight 😉 He tells her that the oni who did that to him was actually posessing the body of his brother. Unfortunately his brother is dead and he just wanted to get the body back to give him a proper burial and stuff. The rest of his family was killed by Ichito and only he remains, to take revenge on the oni who massacrted his family. Saya feels so sorry for him and wants to help him out, and of course he doesn’t mind when she shoves his head right into her boobies. 😆

tora02He really idolizes Shuiichiro and looks up to him for advice. Since he is only 15, he’s younger than Saya so he often refers to her as his senpai because they go to the same school apparently. Unfortunately he’s been skipping school a lot but once he finds out Saya is in the same one, he says he’ll try attending it more often. The entire time he tries to make his feelings known, but he’s often known for being a sarcastic joker so she never takes him seriously. The sad part is when he is being serious and trying to convey his feelings to her, she thinks he’s just teasing her again. This also causes Shuuichiro to get pissed at him for always hitting on his “cute little cousin” 😆 The fact that he’s voiced by 谷山紀章 makes him extra hot though. (I swear he’s been in like 4 of the Otome Games I’ve played!!) I feel like a big cougar saying that too 😆

tora03The thick of the plot is that Takatora belongs to the Yukarimon clan (or something) which is not supposed to be inside the village that Saya is at, because they all hate ayakashis. When it’s time for the battle against Ichito, we see a backstory on Ichito’s ally Miku. It turns out while she was on her deathbed as a loli Ichito showed up just as she said “everyone should just die”. He gave her a “new body” (by killing a random loli and transporting her soul into it) so she’s been dedicated to him ever since. Unfortunately she lost in the battle against Saya and her newly found oni friends and her soul left the body it was occupying.

tora04When Ichito is defeated he explains that his soul has been cursed to wander forever and never rest in peace so he wanders from body to body pretending to “live”. Saya helps him free his spirit and then the soul of Takatora’s real brother appears in the body. He is happy that Takatora has found a special person who will help and support him, and with that his brother dies. In the first good end, Takatora and Saya become a raburabu couple in school together who decide that someday the two of them will get married. It was so cute ;A;!! I did like a 2nd route which I thought was gonna be a good end but it turned out to be a bad end where Takatora died ugh =_=; The other alternative ending was that Takatora goes to study spirit cleansing in Hokkaido while the 3 onis hog Saya all to themselves 😆 (I’m not really sure why they all attended her school they’re like totally different ages! Lmao)

shu01Shuuichiro – Shuu-chan is Saya’s non blood related cousin. He’s taken care, along with Kokuu, of her since she was a 5 year old loli after her parents died. However 2 years prior to the present Shuu left the house without reason and finally Saya met up with him once more in this game. Unlike with other characters it took Saya some time to fall in love with the guy but she admitted to liking Shuu-chan since forever ^^;. It’s really obvious that Shuu likes her as well, but since he’s like 12 years older than her he and thinks that they’ve lived together for so long they’re only “siblings”. It’s pretty stereotypical but seeing him blush was kinda cute at some parts 😛

shu02Saya later finds out that she was adopted by the Iori household because of her blood. They thought if mixing her blood with their blood would produce a store lineage or some shit and Shuu was completely against it so he really hated his family. He didn’t want her to become a sacrifice to the Iori household and be forced to marry someone she didn’t love. Eventually Saya admits her feelings to him for real and he accepts it and then asks her to come live with him instead of at the Iori household. In his ending, they end up fighting the 3 oni rather than befriending them like in Takatora’s route. Shuu ends up killing all 3 of them which is kinda sad since they were good guys in another route 😦

shu03In the FINAL ending, Shuu ends up fighting against Aya and Tayu. Ichito kills Kagachi and Shuu kills Tayu. Aya is so heart broken that she turns into this ugly monster thing to take revenge for them. Shuu of course defeats her and helps put the barrier back up on the village. I dunno what happened to Ichito though lol. Maybe Takatora defeated him? Anyway the two of them end up getting married and living together. Meh it was a happy ending but I guess I wasn’t too fond of this route, especially the last few battle scenes got really lengthy and boring ^^;. In the alternative end, Shuu dies leaving Saya pregnant with his baby waiting for him to come back @@; I only did it to get the missing CG, sigh lol.

gio01Giou – I should have probably played Giou’s route 2nd, but to me he almost felt like the “main” character despite the fact that he was only Saya’s “guardian” ayakashi. There were so many ridiculously adorable moments between him and Saya I wanted to roll around kyaaing every 15 minutes 😆 The story is Giou was found by Rin locked up in an abandoned house by his previous human master. He just wanted to die because he spent his entire life being locked up and didn’t think he could survive living amongst other Ayakashi. Saya begged him to keep living and that she would take care of him.

gio02With this Giou became her guardian and would “protect” her from other Ayakashi. However he had as strong power within him that he could not control and so Kokuu sealed it. When Kagachi began attacking the two of them out of jealousy, Giou wanted more power and so Kokuu removed the seal. After this though Giou felt that he was a monster and that he might one day turn on Saya. He ended up not coming home for a day and made everyone worry about him. By then Saya had already realized she likes him a lot more than her “oniichan” or whoever else and to prove this she lays a smack right on the lips 😆

gio03I guess that’s all it took for Giou to realize that he’s loved despite being a “monster” or whatnot. xD Blushing Giou moeeee. Anyway it was obvious that Giou also liked her a lot a while back as well. Anyway at the end they defeat Aya, Ichito and Kagachi. Unfortunately Kagachi ends being this tragic hero who wished he had a “human that loved him.” And then he dies as well. After her job at the village is over she goes back home with Giou and I think they end up going to school together? XD She tells herself that she realizes they are human & ayakashi but she hopes they have a happy future together.

kaga01Kagachi – Thankfully Kagachi’s route was short so I was able to complete it in a couple of hours. Kagachi is a snake Ayakashi who in the other routes was the “bad” guy but we didn’t know why. Turns out like I said he’s this tragic shota trap whose family was killed by humans just for being “ayakashi” and he was saved by Tayu-sama. So he owes his life to Tayu-sama and Tayu-sama’s family was also killed by humans & ayakashi so they’re one big happy revenge family! Oh yea Aya’s there too because she has the hots for Tayu-sama too.

kaga02So like a couple times Saya goes to the nameless shrine at night and voila she runs into Kagachi and after only meeting him like 3-4 times she’s suddenly in love with him. Wow fast and awkward. I suppose that’s the downside of a quick route. Most of the time was spent on her going to like empty places where no one else was so it was kinda boring. I guess the funniest part was when Saya asked him if he was a dude and he’s liek “do you want me to strip so you can make sure?! Why the hell does everyone think that?!” I dunno maybe because you wear a really short kimono, and a side ponytail and well you look like a trap?

kaga03Anyway at the end Kagachi choise his love for Saya over Tayu-sama but he also convinced Tayu and Aya not to attack humans. Because Tayu found out that Aya is in love with him, he asked Saya to seal the two of them in the earth so that they would be “together eternally”. She did this and then went back home after the summer ended. 6 months later she came back to the village for a 1 week’s visit and Kagachi told her how much he missed her and how much he loved her. She said that once she graduated she would come back and live in the village. It’s funny cause in Giou’s story there was that whole “I am a monster and you are a human” thing but not so much here lol. Oh well it was cute but it was hard to get into cause….well it’s a trap 😆

ichiIchito – Despite being the bad guy in the whole game Ichito actually had KIND of a good end 😆 He basically called Saya out to battle at night. She was almost getting her ass kicked but then suddenly I guess her blood took over or something and she turned into this yandere xD She got all seme on Ichito and so she became his master. (Similarly to how she became master of the 3 onis in Takatora’s story.) So after this they sort of became this “combination” fighting evil by moonlight and she lost contact with everyone else (or they died or something.) However she gets all sad & lonely and makes Ichito tells her that he likes her haha. I dunno I think it was cute xDDD I kinda like Ichito’s personality, too bad they had to make him the bad guy! Also in this route I think Fuuki had a crush on Saya ^.^

rin01Rin – Rin’s route is definitely something you want to save for last, as it’s the best one. In this route Saya gets “further” than in any other guy’s ending, making it feel like Rin is like the main character or something xD:; Chihaya and Giou feel so minor in comparison XP That’s okay cause I loved Rin from the start so I was really impatient to play his route. However I read on the guide I followed that his route is to be played last. Anyway on to the spoilers. Rin is like a thrown out god. He was born with no “godly duties” therefore he was exiled on earth to roam for eternity. He decided to just act as a bystander instead.

rin02He’s been really hesitant on getting close to people because since he lives eternally, eventually humans will live their lives and leave him all alone again. In addition to this, he used to have feelings for Chikata, the same Chikata who was the master of the 3 onis. Unfortunately she died and was resurrected as an oni by Ichito. She ended up killing Ichito and in turn the onis as well and she began terrorizing and eating people at the village. In the meantime Saya grew a crush on Rin but he kept rejecting her telling he he cannot be with her because he cannot stand the loneliness. However eventually he came around when she accepted his true identity, and said he wanted to spend the rest of Saya’s life with her, and well she was like “Well if I have your babies you won’t be lonely! 😆 “(oh what would I do to replay that scene OTL)

rin03So once they got all raburabu it was time to defeat Chikata. In addition to this it turns out Aya is actually Rin’s sister! However she said she cannot live like Rin because she’s an evil god who must do as she is commanded by others, in her case Tayu-sama who from another arc we know she was in love with him. Unfortunately Chikata gets to him first and rips his heart out (literally) so he dies. Aya is sad and lonely so she asks Saya to exorcise her because she cannot stand living without Tayu-sama. In addition Chikata is defeated and of course on the brink of death wishes Rin happiness with Saya and realizes what a fool she was.

rin04Soo at the end of Rin’s story, they both decided they want to get married even though Saya is like right out of high school. They of course have to ask Shuu-chan’s permission since technically he’s her only family 😆 The way Rin’s route works though, he actually has 2 good ends! So basically you have to play his ending once, and then just play it from the final choice save point again and while nothing different happens storywise, the ending changes. Rather than asking permission to get married, Saya and Rin are married and have a daughter who they named Aya (probably after Rin’s sister.) Haha so cute!! xD Clearly this is the OTP of the game, Chiyaha is just a rickroll character there to attract an audience. Rin is the real deal!! xDDD (Or I’m just insanely biased because I love Rin and his megane~ <3)

Final Thoughts: So in conclusion Rin, Takatora and Giou are the 3 best routes in that order. It’s surprising when a game obviously has a “theme” and the “hero” (or what appears to be the hero) is sort of cast of in such a generic role that it just becomes completely boring. Shuu was pretty yawn as well, and well trap-chan & S&M-kun are for those with those kind of preferences. Overall the game was wonderful. From the hilarious scenes with “Rintan” & “Torakun” to the really nice music selections. I haven’t LOVED the BGMs in a video game this much since…Clannad? The game also had a lot of great omakes, such as “bonus scenes” with the male chars once you finished their routes. It had a ton of bad ends but after going through a couple I decided to pass on them because in each one Saya got stabbed or sliced to death ^^;.The only beef I have with Asaki is the  WEAKSAUCE KISSING CGs. Not a single one with lips touching –  you have to leave that up to your imagination (or in my case some raunchy fanart huhuhu 😈 ).

Would I recommend this game? Absolutely. This is definitely something any otome game lover should put on their to play list \(^q^)/

omake01Bonus: Apparently there’s an omake! It’s called Gohan wo Tsukurou where all the guys make dinner for Saya. Of course Rin makes everything awesome by telling the guys to wear frilly aprons and for Shuu to wear the “hadaka apron” 😆 When they actually get to cooking…none of them can actually cook so they all fail miserably xD She was afraid they’d like poison her so she went out to eat with Rin-tan ^v^! The boys got upset that they worked so hard but the dinner they made was so horrible they had to censor it in the game 😆

omake02The 2nd omake was “Manatsu no Yoru no Yume” omake. They watch some scary horror movie with Kagachi and afterwards trick him into listening to scary stories xD Then they start talking about aliens and possibly Men in Black lol. Then of course Shuu gets randomly drunk and then everyone else wants to drink too lol. When everyone is drunk Kagachi tries to escape but Giotan catches him and forces him to listen to horror stories lol. Suddenly the lights go out so all the adults tease Kagachi lol. Afterwards they decide it’s really hot so they all go take a bath in the hot springs xD; It was really funny Shuu was drowning Rin for being a hentai and Chihaya for thinking he wanted to take a communal bath with Saya. At the end Saya wakes up and is like “wait you mean I have no role in this story what???”

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  1. yea I played Clannad back in 2006. I have to post a rehash review one of these days 🙂 LIttle Busters I once downloaded but never played. I need to download it again but I’m afraid the only version I’ll be able to find this late is the porn one lol

  2. Well, I’ll be more than happy if you do a review on LB since I wanted to try it but got bored because I’m not enough skilled in japanese to read a full story like that.
    In any case, I read one day that there’s only two porn route in LB ~Ecstasy~ and that doesn’t really change the scenario, just a bonus or something.

  3. This sounds awesome. I don’t know if my Japanese skills are up to the task, but I definitely want to give it a try ^_^ (Also, yay for no rape!)

  4. good luck, but just a warning they use really WEIRD japanese like they will say “aemashita” or “baka” but the kanji will be completely WEIRD, like kanji you never see used. Also Giou speaks with that old timey accent (washi wa kodomo janai ja!) so that makes him hard to understand sometimes too x_X

  5. Rin’s a pretty fun character, but I had a major problem with how he went “zomg we cannot be together angstangstangst” -> “but it’s okay if you’ll have my babies :D” all of a sudden… And Aya being his imouto sort of came out of nowhere. (I mean, gods come in families now?) Oh well, the bakappuru scenes were cute, so I let it slide 😀 (It also was sorta lulzy when Saya nearly decapitated herself for his sake and later said it was because “just wrists wouldn’t do it”)

    And I swear Taniyama is in like every second otome game I play… He appeared in this, Danzai no Maria, Ijiwaru My Master, Under the Moon and God knows what else.

  6. yea i got confused on why she sliced her neck, like wait…what..? For me Taniyama was in Love Drops, Nanatsuiro Drops, this and Under the Moon. He’s actually NOT in LoveRevo, I’m quite surprised lol.

  7. Taniyama @_@ I’d marry his freaking voice, you should hear some of his drama cds from some of the things he’s done. It’s so @_@ ahh~

    I really loved their BGM music as well as their opening/ending/love theme ><

    xD yeaaah for me and Rin, it was really pulled out from no where with him being the real OTP. I'm curious what MIO's next game is going to pull out!

  8. i wouldn’t mind if like the real OTP ended up being Takatora cause he was awesome too but I Dunno I just found Chihaya to be…boring xD

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