Pangya USA Season 4 Trailer leaked!

Reasons why I think this is real:

  • The uploader’s account name is “Pangya” and their only 2 videos are S3 and S4 trailers. The descriptions are also kinda cut & dry rather than “YAY LUCIA <3333” or some other crap like that.
  • The original Korean trailer at the end only had Arin dancing in a piano dress, the Japanese trailer had all 5 girls with Lucia in her wedding dress. This one has the 5 girls, but the names are the Korean/US names at the beginning so this isn’t the JP trailer for sure.
  • At the very end is the obvious Pangya US logo! All other trailers had the word Pangya in Korean or Japanese but this is our English Pangya logo!!
  • The post author just confirmed that that account is the official Pangya US account. If they were lying Ntreev would probably go after them for impersonation or something me thinks.

Ntreev Viral Marketing: Success. 8)

30 thoughts on “Pangya USA Season 4 Trailer leaked!”

  1. OMG! I can´t wait T______T
    I want Lucia so bad! She has PINK hair!
    You know: PINK!!!
    I so pray that S4 truly shows up next month.
    Shes going to be the character with the most clothes on my account. (besides Kooh XD) *needs to save money*

  2. you know its funny but I like Lucia with brown hair 😆 *buys brown hair dye

    I still think Kooh will remain the most popular character simply because a) Brazil loves her b) those who don’t want to spend cash but want full control will use her.

    Lucia’s wardrobe is 95% cash items. The only way anyone will be able to outfit her is either via people’s self designs or wearing the 1 pang outfit that she has.

  3. ahh do want!! `u`
    I need to save up for a Lucia and points for some self design stuff yeey

  4. The self designed stuff will be really cool.
    I really want to design a dress if thats possible.

    Me wants a black gothic lolita dress for Arin! (with a lot of frills and lace) (\^.^/) yay!

    I guessed Lucia will only have cash items, but Iam personaly fine with it. With Kaz it was the same.
    But………she has pink hair ❤
    Iam courios about her other buyable hairstyle.
    But there are many other improvements S4 will bring us. Such as the personaly designable room.
    (and hopefully the personal stores again)

  5. I need more moneyz to buy Lucia, but with Lost Seaway it won’t be a problem. 🙂 My personal fav is Lucia with red hair (my Korean Lucia has that dye). Besides she’s got more pang outfits that just one, even in Korea there is that white-blue sort of cheerleader dress and the new school uniform, very expensive BTW ;_;.

    PS. Brazil = Official Pedobear Country. 😀

  6. i think the my room feature in s4 is the most useless piece of crap ever invented. they should have increased the pangya bar scaling or something instead of adding that dumb feature. it’s buggy as hell and you can’t “freely” move around like you can in a lounge btw. The camera goes all out of wack.

    I remember on Pangya JP i wasted all this panga for the stupid furniture but now I’m not spending a single one on anything.

    No pangya tomas/spikes, card system, lost seaway, approach missionm, self design, ghost mode and lucia are probably my favorite s4 features.

  7. oMG i’m jumping in joy! i miss my lucia and i can’t go back to KR. D:
    but now i can buy stuff for her on this server. the only down side is the whole if you miss pangya you still make a toma or spike or cobra cuz that really does screw up the show more than a regular miss lol
    Oh this made my day 😀

  8. FuchsPrinz> nope, card system is the way to upgrade your stats by buying/winning special cards that can be inserted to slots on clothes and accessories. You can raise your power/control/accu/spin/curve as well as decrease wind by 1M, get a wider pangya bar, fill powershot bas faster or get more pangs/exp for certain amount of time. Great feature indeed ^^.

  9. Chiyu> The spike will definitely screw you over but I can’t even count how many times I’m glad that even though I missed Pangya my toma still went lol

    Prinz> card system is not scratchy card. its like cards that give you stats such as control +1, increase pangya bar by 1 pixel that you insert into your clothing permanently to add “extra stats” to it.

  10. i do wonder when we will get scratchy card? perhaps they are waiting till season 4. I hope just like in korea we can get scratchy cards dropped from the treasure system. it sadly never happened in japan

  11. Hmm about the scratchy cards in Korea, I’m not sure is it a good idea. Drop rare of cards is not so great, the fastest way to get a lot of them is to buy cookies and get them as sort of a bonus. Drop rate of rares is not so great either and amount of “normal” cookie items that you get from the lottery is way lower than that of Japan…

  12. yea but Korea allows the trading/selling of gacha outfits in the lounges. I recall a GM saying they did not plan to do this so they were going to possibly “increase” the rates. I assure you that if they do not a lot more people will complain than just those complaining about the papelshop 😈

  13. Its true, but on the other hand, the prices of rares are quite high. A normal player like me could never afford a single piece, I never had like 1 million pangs to spare for a SINGLE piece from a male set not to mention a 4-6 millions to get female dress or something. Raising the rates is a good idea, I hope NTreev will do that.
    My concern are cards, are they going to allow to trade them or not. I hope they do, cause there is nothing funny about ending with a lot of cards that you don’t really want and not getting that one that you are really craving on, right Mainlless? 😉

  14. Iunno, most of that seems like it could pieced together from the JP/KR trailers. Hana showed up in the JP trailer, and a good enough photoshop could change Erika –> Hana effectively, and same with the logo. Sort of difficult, but not impossible.

    I have to say the only real factor is the account it’s posted from. But that’s still not something I’d rely on.

  15. Umm I can’t photoshop that Pangya logo with the “delight” animation at the end? Can you? Professionally like that?

    Sure it was shopped…by the staff at Ntreev 😆

  16. Abi-kun & Hinano> thank you, that sounds really interesting! Does these cards cost pang or cookies?
    If cookies it would be somewhat unfair.

    I so hope it comes at the beginning of the month. Iam so excited!

  17. I think in Korea they drop from the treasure point system but you can also get them by buying them with cash in the shop. From what I understand the chances of getting GOOD cards (such as those that increase pangya zone) is only really possible by purchasing the card packs.

  18. I want to say something but I don’t know exactly what. Whatever.

    This isn’t a fake for sure =p
    As for me well, I have a lot of things on japan and all so I’m not that excited but still, I’m happy. I have a lot of friend there so I’ll probably just get the rare I don’t own for Lucia yet or something. And of course will play some games with uuu~

  19. Pangya
    Joined: 17 February 2006
    Last Sign In: 19 hours ago
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    Subscribers: 2
    Channel Views: 267

    hm i dont think ntreev was going for pangya 2006 :S

  20. hmh, I thought so. It´s sometimes really all about making money. So those who really have money are the good players and buy many cards/equipment/scratchy rares ect.

    BUUUUUTTT I wait for the prices and think about it.
    This is the first mmorpg I really love so it´ll be fine I think.

  21. Cards drop from Treasure System in Japan too, but it’s true what Hinano said, the really good and rare ones can be found only in cookie boosters. Vast majority of cards dropped from Treasure System are one star common ones…

  22. myray> could it possibly be a gm that owned that account since the A18 days and now works for Ntreev? I heard a few OGP gms now work for Pangya US on ntreev 😆

    in addition if it was a fake account why would they post it now? they could have posted this back in May when Ntreev release the press release about “season 4 coming before summer” or whatnot. But now we’re getting that whole “season 4 in july” press release so it seems like a timely upload don’t you think? 😛

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed until next Thursday ^^

  23. dont know i just think that acc is really suspect
    wo process an acc for 3 years and dont post or watch any video
    i just think the acc made someone for posting pangya videos from himself he just delatet all his pangya videos and uploadet this two

    who knows
    and why would a gamingsinde post news about a game but not the publisher
    i believe it when a gm confirme it not sooner or later

  24. who knows
    and why would a gamingsinde post news about a game but not the publisher
    i believe it when a gm confirme it not sooner or later

    Umm because that’s how press releases work? 😕

  25. i know it that the publisher release the news first and not any other side
    why would they given out such a important information and keep it themself
    but the other side is the news where postet in the ntreev forum many times and the gms never sayd a word about it that its not truth
    i dont see a logic behind this

    s4 comes -> player happy but why do they say nothing officialy
    s4 dont come -> player are mad and stop perhaps playing
    just now its for me a methode to sell cookie/points atm because the player thing something very good will happen and they keep preparing for it

  26. press releases aside I’ve had at least 4 people tell me that they spoke with a GM directly telling them “Season 4 is coming very soon”

    If it wasn’t coming they would never dare say such a thing because someone could go and sue them for spreading false rumors. So far most of their press releases have been pretty timely (save for the whole before summer thing) so I think you should have a little more faith 😛 Let’s just see what happens next Thursday =)

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