Prius Online hates foreigners =D

Bye bye Prius~
Bye bye Prius~

Looks like the comment someone made on my post a couple days ago was not a lie. Gameon is indeed against foreign players. It appears that multiple English speakers who formed an English speaking guild all got banned.  While there is currently no non-JP IP block (like Pangya), I saw their terms of service and found this:


So basically if you register an ID outside Japan and play this game outside Japan, you are breaking their TOS. It’s only a matter of time before GameOn does what Gamepot did with Pangya and just completely ban foreigners so we’re forced to play on a VPN. Of course playing this game without a VPN is laggy enough, but with a VPN it will be even more unplayable. I’ve been lagged to shit to the point of getting completely kicked off the server, and JP kept getting lag-killed. I have a funny feeling that they must have some kind of IP throttle in place so that JP IPs get top bandwidth while any other IPs get crap.

Because I never spoke in English publicly and never joined any English speaking guilds, (as well as having a JP nickname) I was not banned. However the game has become so laggy and unplayable that after all this new information, this is a good time for me to quit playing. While this game was enjoyable, and I do not regret trying it out, all good things have to come to an end.

Not sure what I’ll be doing now, Pangya? 😆

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  1. Too bad…that’s really annoying. People like you and me don’t even disturb japanese people. That makes me sick honestly.

  2. yea that’s probably why I didn’t get banned. the only time I played usually was with JP and we talk in real life 😆 When we chat with Alex it was in private party chat so no one knew we were foreigners.

    I’m guessing the English guild probably spat English out all over the place and some Japanese got pissed off (like they always do) and reported the whole guild.

  3. Aw man, it sucks. Dx; I haven’t even gotten my loli yet… I’ve had trouble working on my quests because of the text showing up as gibberish in my PC, so I could’t even reach level 10. ^^;

    Anyways, too bad we aren’t welcome in this game. It sucks getting the banhammer simply for being a foreign player. =S

  4. Taiyaki> i’m sure that we coulda played here longer had not the retarded foreigners made it really obvious they were japanese 😛

  5. Japan has a long history of banning foreigners, this one is not an exception. That’s what you get for living on an islands and being Asian -_-‘. I hope that the crisis plus another Godzilla attack on Tokyo Tower will soften their xenophobia… not. They are just selfish little bastards with no language skills :/.

  6. lov3hana@ Hinano is looking for a cute MMO game, Sword Of The New World is a good looking game but not cute at all 😛 .

  7. Man! DX… XD
    how about Steps, Audition, or R2 Beat? I think R2 Beat would be the most cutest casual game out of all of them^^

  8. You could all wasy go back to SMT. They have updated it with some new story or something like that.

  9. Actually most koreans games are area based (Also this is CJ, i they working with strict area operation, they sell licenses, firslty for Asians then for Rest of World). We just need wait for localised (for our region version, just 1 – 3 years to wait). I play to 10 lvl (has get my anima back).
    I think after this game i get some peace of xenofobia myself. Also GamOn doesnot hate foreigners, its just game provider for Japan only. Like Netmarble for Koreans.
    I think i gonna play Aion or other game from worldwide company.

  10. It’s really stupid because what if you are a Japanese person living in America and you want to play with your native language speakers? Honestly if they really didn’t want foreigners playing they could have done like and just put up an IP ban to all non JP IPs. The fact is they allowed anyone from anywhere to register & log on, there was no proxy on either registration or login page and it didn’t say anywhere in “english” for example that this game is for Japanese players only. A lot of foreigners who cannot read Japanese aren’t going to know this.

    So with that in mind, I could have continued playing, not talking or only speaking in Japanese because I can and they wouldn’t have thought twice about banning my account. However most likely the reason the English speaking guild got banned is because they probably were either rude or pissed off some foreigner hating Japanese, who then went and complained about them – conveniently allowing GameOn to be like “sorry we don’t allow foreigners kthx bye”.

  11. Damn, i used to have a japanese nickname (me and my anima).
    Now, for how long we will have to wait for a international version of the game?
    Want to play Prius now =.=!

  12. haha I slowly lost interest after quitting….even if the US ever gets this game it’ll probably have english voices which aren’t as cute to me as the japanese ones (at least in comparison with tamura yukari ^^)

  13. thats just plain racist because your amarican jeez big dael u dunt c us banning japanese people from xbox live or anything do you so what gives them the right to ban amaricans bc were a free country pfft *sighs*

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