Game Review: Kimi no Mirai to, Subete no Uta ni

mikugameSo today I finished the brief Hatsune Miku doujin game. I listed it under eroge because it’s really meant for a male audience even though there’s technically no actual “ero-scenes” in it. The story is pretty much the vocaloid version of Chobits. “You” are a dude who plays in a band and one day after your live you find Miku wrapped up in bandages near the garbage. You take her home because she’s one of those “androids that have come out recently”. You boot her up and spend 10 days with her, making songs and making out. Unfortunately after 10 days I guess her demo expires and so she shuts down, so now it’s up to you to spend money and buy the full program so you can be with Miku forever and ever and ever! Also at the end of the game she learns to cook. It was kinda weird since you never saw the male because the male was supposed to be “you” and it was hard to umm feel like a male since I’m a girl rofl so I couldn’t really get all emotional when Miku was “dying”. The art quality was really nice though and it’s a pretty short game that’s worth checking out (assuming you can read Japanese since there’s no voices at all.)


3 thoughts on “Game Review: Kimi no Mirai to, Subete no Uta ni”

  1. yea I actually saw a popular “kaitemita” on niconico for one of the CGs of Miku singing a while before too lol

  2. Oh, I remember seeing this a while back, but didn’t know the details. I’ll get it now and play it in between titles if it’s not that long. If I recall correctly, the art was quite nice.

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