Brief Pangya Japan update

Sigh :(
Sigh 😦

So if Arin as Luka wasn’t enough, this week Japan is bringing back Miku, Rin & Len outfits for sale once more for those who missed them. This way you can collect them all. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t play on JP anymore or I’d probably be completely broke ^^;. Actually I haven’t really been playing Pangya recently because of the following reasons:

  • Papel shop rates are still low with nothing in sight of them being changed or any bugs being fixed.
  • We’re still in beta without any updates since May 22nd
  • Apparently Rookie server has turned into Ronaldo-aff land, but don’t quote me because I can’t get in there anyway.
  • Hackers are still at large, albeit they are sneakier now so they fall under the radar 90% of the time now
  • Personal shops are still disabled with no ETA on when they will come back (if ever at this rate)
  • Apparently people with stolen accounts still have not gotten them back.

So since Ntreev hasn’t done shit in almost 3 weeks (I doubt there will be an update this week either) I’ve just been playing Otome games. I’ve got one I’m playing and 4 on the waiting list so that will keep my mind off Pangya for a few weeks. (-ω-。)

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  1. Hmm the Papel Shop rates in Japan dropped recently too. I didn’t get a single rare in way more that 200 tries lately. No new rares is also a bother, I already have tails and headsets for all my characters, I’m only trying to get some rares for the sole purpose of selling them on PSquare.

  2. Wow you’re really fast. I offten know japan updates here before I even open my mails to see the newsletter ah ah !

    Anyway you’re so right for the broken part…I don’t know what I should get or not (maybe nothing at all) since everything is sooo expensive…

  3. Main> yea its so tempting, I love Kagamine Rin for Erika the most (its my fav one) but kinda glad I dont play JP anymore..i really might have bought it (and Luka for Arin lol)

    Abi> really? well regarding devil tails I read on a few blogs that a lot of Japanese had trouble getting them but i thought it was because a lot of players are trying to get the item. in other words the more players are trying to get the item the less chance you have to get it – on US server the chance is at random per person, other people do not influence the rate.

  4. Hinano> Majority of my recently won rares were devil tails actually 🙂 . I only got one headset from the lottery but it was the most expensive one – for Lucia. Devil tails are rather cheap right now, it cost me about 90k to buy one for Shota-kun – I use wooden swords, so his accuracy is really poor…

  5. Dang it. I managed to draft two friends of mine into playing Pangya, and since they JUST started a couple of days ago (as in, they’re no higher than Rookie C right now) I told them if they wanted to level up faster, they could play on the Tiki server because of the double experience thing they have going on there. But if it really is SWARMING with BRs, then, I kinda feel guilty since that might drive them off the game if they’re rude and annoying. @__@ I have to teach them about how to spot a hacker…

  6. aff =p
    cant play as well T_T

    im currently into the never-ending drama of end of semester. everyday just studying sucks =/

  7. Hmm after looking your post I immediately logged onto pangya jp but it seems the patch isn’t out yet D: I’m definitely buying Len ><" Yeah…just for collection in one day…I hope VPN would not be working like hell ._.

  8. Symphonist> oh yea the update is Thursday…I assume you knew that lol ^^; I don’t bother with VPN anymore, flaky games suck heh

    berz> nah haven’t found one i really like yet. i’m pretty picky lol

  9. hmmm I’m currently taking my mind out of pangyaUS [yeah, the aff-ers are here to raid again >_>] *definitely not pointing fingers to the kind, legal ones too* by playing Fiesta online. I’m back to the old days…grinding and grinding.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed in hoping a better future for pangyaUS…or is there really a better future?

    *Can’t wait for the vocaloid set ><* Just wondering…will the leek club be released again?

  10. I didn’t see anything mentioned about the negi club set so I don’t think so. Pangya US’s lack of updates and shitty papel rates are what bother me a lot more than affers and hackers right now ^^;

    I’m done with MMORPGs for now…sick of constantly running into all sorts of problems with them. I’m gonna be playing otome games for the next couple of weeks.

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