Bright Shadow: Introduction

Kawaii desu noobcake
Kawaii desu noobcake

So a while back I really wanted to try this out but I hesitated due to my shitty old laptop and instead played Pangya for like 2 years. Now that Megaten is boring me to tears and Pangya USA is still in limbo…I finally decided to give this game a chance. I’m really glad I did since I think this is what I’m going to be playing for the next few weeks. The best thing about the game is it requires REALLY LOW specs. I think this means even people with crappy computers (I’m looking at you Dan) can play it without their system crashing. I had a little bit video graphic trouble at first but once I set all my textures and stuff on real high everything went smoothly. When you start the game as always you can choose hair style, color, eye color, facial expression, and skin color as well as whether you want to be male or female. (Since this is a Japanese game just assume every female is a dude unless proven otherwise :lol:)

A couple of nooblets
A couple of nooblets

Once JP and I had added each other to our friends list and made a party (which thankfully there is no level limit to) we headed to town to talk to some NPCs about quests. What I really like is how if there’s a quest it will be “marked” on the map and above the NPC will be a ! or a ? No more “guessing” whether an NPC has a quest for you or not. (Or maybe I’m just comparing everything to the features Megaten drastically lacks 🙄 ) The quests are the usual “kill  x monster” or “talk to NPC Y and then bring NPC Z this bento”.

Everybody dance now!

Like all kawaii desu mmos, Bright Shadow has the emotion system. Not only can you type emoticons in chat itself, you can also act them out. They are all very cute and of course there’s a silly dance emoticon. 😆 The best part is equips drop from monsters like pouring rain. I’ve gotten multiple BETTER items without having to buy a something from any of the NPCs. The thing is eventually clothes start dropping for a certain “class” so you may get stuff for a class you may not want to be and sell them. Once you hit level 10 you’ll pick up a quest to change into either mage, fighter, cleric or shooter (all self explanatory).


We didn’t have time to start on the job change quest since we were doing a bunch of other quests this evening but perhaps tomorrow and later this week. For those playing Megaten I came up with a brief list of Pros and Cons to compare:


  • Equipment that’s decent drops often
  • Clothing is only linked to class, not gender
  • Low graphic requirement
  • During a “kill x monster” quest, it counts if someone else in your party kills the monster, doesn’t always have to be you.
  • Cute and bright graphics.
  • Bright Shadow system – when your BS gauge is full you can click and have your speed and attack be increased for a brief period of time.


  • Game is Japanese only. Well there’s Taiwan version available but I don’t know crap Chinese so JP it is for me.
  • I can’t seem to save screenshots. The wiki said Print Screen but it hasn’t been working for me.
  • No WASD, can only move via mouse clicking

There’s still a lot about this game I don’t know however the Japanese Wiki has been a great help, particularly for the quests. Like other Japanese MMOs, this is a free to play game, but it has a lottery/cash shop that you buy with your Gash account (needed in order to login to the game.) Due to my bad experience with buying items on a foreign server then getting banned, I think I will refrain from purchasing anything cash related. I think it’s a cute game and it has my support all the way, but I don’t trust Japanese xenophobic ways so who knows if one day they will ban us due to bad seeds coming over.

Fortunately since there’s a TW version and no English version, a lot of people don’t really understand how to play this game – which basically discourages a lot of idiots/ignoramuses from playing here. This is also why I will not be posting guides or providing any tech support on this blog, sorry. You need to at least be able to read Japanese to get through this game, especially if you are going to follow the wiki. It’s not that hard with quests since NPCs are marked but it may get more difficult later in the game.

Anyway I may eventually add event/item updates on this blog regarding Bright Shadow as well and for those who wish to join JP and I, my nickname in game is 猫カフェ as always 😉

11 thoughts on “Bright Shadow: Introduction

  1. I realllllllly don’t like the control system, but hopefully it won’t be a problem once we have to fight real enemies and not n00b ground guys.

  2. My IGN is Saburo. So far, this game reminds me too much of Lucent Heart. Quest system and interface look nearly the same. 😆 The character designs for this one seem a lot cuter though.

  3. Looks cute but I think I’ll pass, my Japanese reading skills are nonexistent. I’m playing Fire Emblem on DS right now, it’s not that cute (not even close) and it’s not online but at least it’s in English so I can play without dictionary 🙂 . Yeah and I’m still waiting for Ntreev USA to spill some solid news other than some GM’s babbling about nothing on Trickster forum ;( .

  4. Taiyaki> Yea at least we don’t have ghetto paper hands like in lucent. I think this one’s are cuter as well xD Also the clothes in Lucent are hideous 😆

    Abi> Yea all the GMs are like “it’ll come when it comes” umm whatever 🙄

    Naza> I don’t really get the deal with WASD. I mean it’s handy sometimes but this game has autofollow for one, when you fight you’re using your left hand to press fkeys to do your attacks and frankly my left hand can’t focus on movement and attack at the same time. While Megaten for example DOES have WASD I NEVER use it because I have to press the numbers and F keys to attack for me and my demon.

    WASD is seriously over rated.

  5. “No WASD, can only move via mouse clicking”
    In a 3D MMO Mouse > WASD. Unless you’re stuck in a weird spot, mouse clicking moves much faster (And you can usually ready an attack faster). The only times I like WASD or Arrow Keys is when I run in perfect circles lol.

    As for me, I’ll think on it, and decide prolly before the night’s over (or tomorrow morning). xD

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