Irony at its finest.


So this morning I finally saw someone selling the +5 magic earring for 500,000 macca. I decided why not, its pretty rare that I see even anyone selling it so I blew all my remaining money on it. By evening we were grinding in Ichi silver and JP decided to do the 300AP lottery to try to get the 3x incense items.

…he won a Gabishi.
I tried it and won the incense! Yay, well I got some AP left why the hell not try again.

I won the +5 magic ring that I blew all my money on this morning. 🙄

Tried again….I won bunny ears.

OH THE IRONY! 😆 How funny when I don’t really want the “good” items, I finally get them lol. I did manage to sell the earring for the same price (almost instantly) though so it wasn’t a total loss. But from all the Megaten grinding today (gold, silver, bronze) my head feels like it’s going to explode. I think I’ll be taking a break tomorrow and concentrate on some wedding planning + art commissions instead xD.

AiSp@ce adds an event hall.


So looks like AiSpace added access to a dedicated event hall which you can access via the warp lady near the UDX screen in Akihabara. Unfortunately I have no idea what kind of events they hold here and I’d imagine that they’d all be Japan time when I miss them anyway. They need to have some repeats or replays or something, but since aispace caters to Japanese customers, they prolly don’t give a shit about us.

Some thoughts about the Megaten lottery…

As expected, I won absolutely nothing that I wanted.
As expected, I won absolutely nothing that I wanted.

Ever since Pangya I can assure you, I have shit luck when it comes to playing mmo lotteries. The luckiest I’ve ever gotten was getting Lucia’s feather on Pangya JP. This time around I somewhat liked the 7Sisters uniform so I decided to go for it. After 3 tries of getting random demon stuff I stopped. I then tried 3 times on the 300AP lottery in hopes of getting one of the rings or earrings, but instead got Adrianne’s Thread. When JP tried, he got the ring I needed (+5 magic) and then I decided to try again – only to get 3x incense of experience – twice. That prize isn’t bad, and Adrianne’s thread can come in handy when I am too lazy to float over to Souhouzan – however I can hardly ever see me using the demon items because my demon is already a pretty good tank for the places that I level in. Maybe on no death penalty days I can use it on him to help us tank a room full of demons way above our level. Continue reading Some thoughts about the Megaten lottery…

Megaten Game Diary: ぶちゅうううっ~!

Why hello there.
Why hello there.

I finally received my Valentine’s Day prizes… 😈 Continue reading Megaten Game Diary: ぶちゅうううっ~!