Organized Vending & Weekly Tourney Information.

yukkuri shitete ite ne~
Hi guys, so I read on the forum that people have actually attempted to do organized vending rooms without me, which makes me really happy. I’ve therefore been inspired to run yet another organized vending room. Here are the details:

Day: Saturday, May 2nd
Time: Begins at 10AM EST, 7AM PST
Server: Black Papel Free 3
Room Title: Organized Vending 1
Notes: If you get to the room where there’s at least 15 people vending, please start “Organized Vending 2” on the same server. It would be great if we could start spreading out on multiple rooms.

I’m actually going to be out that day, going to a cherry blossom festival so I will be idling and will not be able to control the morons who refuse to vend on the side. If you’re around feel free to yell and make fun of the idiots who don’t follow 😈

Weekly Tourney:
So I’m finally organizing a weekly tourney. The tourney will be called “Yukkuri Taikai”. Just as the name says, the point is that you can take your time, relax, chat while you play and not worry about the stupid time limit, or be forced to waste your time boosters. Current Weekly Tourney Plan:

Day: Every Tuesday evening
Server: Tiki Free 2
Tourney Time: 50 minutes
Room Name: Yukkuri (star) Taikai
Password: yukune (UPDATED!!)
Course: Set to Random
Limit: 30 people. Sorry guys that’s the max that we can do at this time. I doubt we’ll get all 30 people filled up but first come first serve applies regadless.
Notes: ENGLISH ONLY. If you come in spamming in a foreign language you will not only be kicked but be permanently blacklisted from this tourney. In addition if you come in spamming “hurry, time, 30 min,” same thing applies. This is a no bullshit zone, be forewarned. 😡

Thank you all who participate in either event! 😀

Pang Hackers Invade Japan!( ̄▽ ̄;)

"You're not leaving alive..."
"You're not leaving alive..."

I translated the update from here:

This is concerning the recent unfair players. We have discovered that some unfair players have used a 3rd party program to obtain a very large amount of pang. We have identified these users and permanently banned their accounts.  This is also in addition to the users which they have done shop transactions with. (Aka money transfers via vending.) We will continue investigating these acts, which are in violation of our Terms of Use, and perform proper action in the future.

So there you have it guys. Even Japan is not immune from pang hacks 😛 I guess I’ll stick to the US server I mean, if both have hackers, at least I know I’m legally allowed to play on the US server 😆 In other news, I’ve updated my video card drivers and now Pangya crashes less in 640…but could have been that I just haven’t played long enough for a crash to occur yet (nor have I tried tourneys.)  I guess we’ll have to just wait & see!

Taking a break from Pangya (again).

takingabreakI’m really disappointed on the few events that have happened in the last few days of Pangya US. While I thought our vending was a success, I attempted to start a thread about it on the forum, but the problem is a lot of people don’t read the forum so only a few showed their support, while the rest continue to act like ignoramuses in game and crowding in a mob when they form shops. In addition, I’ve had the same idiot 2 days in a row whisper me “I buy ur mask for 1kk” (I want to stab him in the eye.) I’ve already reported him for possible pang hacking, because assuming 1kk = 1 million, who the fuck has 1 million pang in a week? Uh no. Hackers are destroying the economy once again. Feathers are going from 30k to a ridiculous 150k now. It’s only a matter of time when 500,000 pang is considered a bargain. Continue reading “Taking a break from Pangya (again).”