Does this make Piyo-kun my caddy?
Does this make Piyo-kun my caddy?

LOL so Poupee Girl’s latest event is…a golf event! How ironic since Pangya USA is still in limbo. 😆 Oh well I guess I’ll have to suffice with this until A18 is reborn. Most of the shop items are pretty generic and I didn’t buy anything except the hat, ball and club. Katherine shop items are getting so expensive these days I’m really picky with what I purchase. I always say to myself “do I have a similar item that I can use in its place?” And chances are I usually do. 🙄

3 thoughts on “Pang….Poupee!

  1. Pure irony this is… oh well, at least you don’t have to win those items in a lottery ^_- . I wonder if Piyo-kun gives +1 control or accuracy 😀 .

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