AiSp@ce White Day

aiwhiteday01Umm so yea White Day event on Aispace. You go to your town (can be any town I think – but this is at Clannad island) and you talk to a girl to buy some ingredients. Then you go to the pastry chef girl who will make the white day creation for you. Unfortunately I guess you have to be Japanese or something to know wtf this entails and I ended up with two of these:

aiwhiteday02Basically a failed creation. It’s so terrible that they had to censor it. 😆 I’m not sure what exactly you’re supposed to do with this if you succeed but whatever. I really need to find something new to do so I can stop with this. Part of me is curious what events/new stuff they add, but everything lately is all about their stupid nicopoint lottery. Hmm come to think of it this sounds like another game I’m currently playing…. 😕


4 thoughts on “AiSp@ce White Day

  1. Aww, I was hoping you would know what to do with the foods…

    I think you have to get a recipe before anything turns out right. You get those by playing jan-ken-pon with Hotaru. Luckily you don’t have to actually pay her…

    But yeah, I made me a juicebox! I think you’re supposed to give stuff to the characters who have appeared in the school areas of each island, but Fuuko won’t take her goddamn juicebox, and I don’t think Nagisa would lie to me.
    So, uh, I probably think wrong. Arrgh.

  2. oh is that what you have to do? 😆
    Oh geez soo not interested in doing that.
    I think I need to admit to myself that despite liking cute games, this is just not targetted towards me – but towards moe-loving otaku 😆

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