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Tartaros Season 4!

The gang is out to go catch some fish over at Port City Alberta Berto.  I’m gonna guess we’ll start seeing this update being implemented sometime in late June, early July. I dug around the Korean site and found a couple more things. Continue reading Tartaros Season 4!

Sneak peak for Thursday

I already raved about this in game and on my twitter but be sure to change your passwords if you haven’t yet. MK’s systems got hacked. Also make sure you have a security card on, otherwise if your stuff is stolen you will not be getting it back. The chances are higher than you may think.

On a brighter note, the new challenge is coming this Thursday. It will require you to be level 48 to do. I just hit 47 last night so maybe by the weekend I can try it out. With the challenge will be level 48 weapons (and armor?) Continue reading Sneak peak for Thursday

Nakajima Megumi guest voices in next scenario

The new update coming this Thursday will bring us Delio’s castle part 2, a level cap raised up to 48 and of course new scenario. The new scenario will feature a guest voice by Nakajima Megumi (kinda like how Egreed was voiced by Kishio Daisuke <3<3). Continue reading Nakajima Megumi guest voices in next scenario

Sweet Login Event

From now until midnight on 5/9 Japan time, if you login for 15 hours, you will receive a bunch of useful items plus angel band AND OR angel wings!! (it’s random apparently) The set gives you magic, spirit, physical attack +55, magic defense +55 and knowledge(??) +12.  The angel wings will not have any bonus stats on them like the ones my Soma has (which I made for him with the wing pieces.) However angel wings can be easily made from pieces in the auction if you want ones with stats. Otherwise its a decent wing set for your sub characters n_n! The best part of course is the angel band to complete the set so I hope you’re all logging in & idling like I am right now 😉 Continue reading Sweet Login Event