Sneak peak for Thursday

I already raved about this in game and on my twitter but be sure to change your passwords if you haven’t yet. MK’s systems got hacked. Also make sure you have a security card on, otherwise if your stuff is stolen you will not be getting it back. The chances are higher than you may think.

On a brighter note, the new challenge is coming this Thursday. It will require you to be level 48 to do. I just hit 47 last night so maybe by the weekend I can try it out. With the challenge will be level 48 weapons (and armor?)

As I had predicted, the NPC avatars will be coming Thursday as well:

I’m disappointed in Cromodo’s really. The avatars will not be like the usual 30 day stuff you buy. It will actually be permanent because it will be a lottery for 300 yen a pop. How are the chances? We’ll have to see. Will there be any additional bonuses? Who knows. The lottery win will give you the weapon and clothing avatar but the accessories such as the mask, earring, angelina feather, etc. I believe will be the rental stuff that expires. I was trying to find more images of volume 4 but I don’t think they’re up yet! That or they block access. Guess we’ll see on Thursday morning~

Game Diary: So now that I’m 47, I guess I’ll just do what I did in Delio and just grind with everyone until they reach 47, and by then I’d just give my quest exp to my sub characters? I won Ruko’s C box weapon (lv 40) from the clover event (which ends this Thursday) so she’s definitely now on my 2nd in command list after Cromodo. Pinko recently hit 37, and Ruko is about 30% away from 35. It’s kinda sad because I really wanted to use her fatigue potions up before she hit 35 (wtf am I gonna do with them now??? lol) I’ve sort of abandoned Soma. He’s just too difficult to level, and I’ve pretty much left him as either quest fodder or “buddy” fodder to level up with anyone who needs a leveling buddy at a low level.

I’ve kinda given up on Nagi too actually. I originally leveled her to be a backup since only 1 other person in the guild had a Nagi. Now that this is no longer necessary, I left her pretty much at level 40. I mean Soma I can at least take soloing with me, but I can’t take Nagi soloing anywhere unless it’s like 6-7 levels below her, and even so, it’s just annoying to only have 1-2 really active attacks. I’ve been thinking about leveling up my Aerlot instead actually. Once I get Pinko and Ruko to 40, it will be something to think about. At least he can heal in addition to actually doing more than 2 attacks. The same goes for Soma. I hate leveling him up in high areas, but he can still be a decent quest getter in lower places.

At this point it feels like Pinko and Ruko (and Cromodo) are the only characters I really enjoy playing with. Probably because they don’t get their asses badly beaten fighting monsters their own level – and they can even fight monsters a few levels above them. I also picked up Elphinto’s Tesbell weapon, but the fact that any of her equipment is so rare these days I don’t know if I want to bother at this point honestly. Anyway I hope Thursday brings us some new hair! I’ve been dying to get pigtails for Ruko for like 3 months now!


5 thoughts on “Sneak peak for Thursday”

  1. hum yeah, grinding in group is so much faster. Especially starting like 30-35.

  2. well if you actually logged on more than once a month, we’d help you level up…. ^^; Nyasu started way after you and she’s already caught up to our level.

    And you grind in pangya, yet you don’t grind in tartaros ?_? I’m confused lol. At least grinding in tartaros gives you perks…lol

  3. I love Nagi’s dress. *-* Holy crap that makes me want to play more Tartaros. RRRRG T_T;;
    I just hate that you have to grind so much.

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