Nakajima Megumi guest voices in next scenario

The new update coming this Thursday will bring us Delio’s castle part 2, a level cap raised up to 48 and of course new scenario. The new scenario will feature a guest voice by Nakajima Megumi (kinda like how Egreed was voiced by Kishio Daisuke <3<3).

Sorry I'm biased 😉

The level 44 outfit images are up. They are like the korean ones I posted in the last post. The only difference is Nagi’s looks a lot less ugly. All the level 44 outfits will have a saijoukyuu option, which means that they won’t just be the crappy ones dropped from Gama Mura. That’s definitely something to look forward to!! (Maybe it means I won’t have to waste my time making the level 40 ones >_<;) There are also new level 44 weapons. Just to compare – the level 44 weapon for Cromodo is about the same attack power as my cash box level 40 weapon…I guess I’ll be using his weapon for some time then. XD

If you participated in the login event this weekend, you can go to the TA site, click the “support” menu option and then click on “Serial”. From there you will be able to enter in your serial and receive your items. Note: There is a hiragana/katakana captcha so if you have trouble reading it, poke me on google talk or twitter.

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