Level 43 skills!!!!!!

burn baby burn!

Ok so the next season site has 4 sections for updates and section 1 has been updated with the new level 43 skills!  That only means 1 thing = you have to either pick your level 38 skill or the level 43 one. I had planned to give Cromodo gravitation but it looks like his level 43 skill will be based off magic which is stronger than spiritual in my case. So yea gonna have to just skip the 38 one and jump right to 43. My Soma is left with only 1 skill point and the cap will be raised to only level 44 which means unless they sell skill reset items again, I definitely won’t be able to get either the 38 or the 43 skill. 😦 Anyway you can see more screenshots of the skills at 4gamer.

I’ll post more updates as they become available.


2 thoughts on “Level 43 skills!!!!!!”

  1. Cromodo’s is so awesome. I’m gonna have to pass on the lv 38 one to get the lv 43 one instead! *saves my skill points

  2. Ruko, Shubalman, Cromodo and Aerlot skills are very impressive xD ! the others are ok

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