Otome Game Review: Collar x Malice ~Unlimited~

This is the review for the Collar x Malice fandisk which contains after stories for the main cast, side stories for some of the side characters, and an alternative story that takes place after one of the bad endings of the game.

Okazaki Kei – In Kei’s story it feels like it’s mostly about them crossing paths on their feelings. For example Kei is jealous when Ichika goes drinking with Yuzuru, or how they watch a scary movie together that Kei thinks isn’t scary but it gives Ichika flashbacks of how Kei was easily willing to die.  Ichika is begged by her coworker to sub in for a wedding matching party and Kei is kinda upset yet again. In the meantime his boss forces the whole team to go to this party too because they get news there might be an attack. Kei then runs into ichika there too and is in awe at her dress but then has to stop the criminal who attacks the place. Ichika makes him a dinner for his birthday and they eat at her place. he ends up getting drunk and lying down in her lap (´`ิิ艸`ิิ )ウヒッ when Ichika asks him to marry her he just stares at her blankly and says he never thought about it 😂😰. The next day ichika tells the others at the izakaya and they’re all like wtf is wrong with him. Meanwhile Kei just wangsts for no reason about the marriage thing until Yoshinari literally slaps some sense into him 😂😂😂. Aiji also tells him to stop being a beta and he then cooks dinner for Ichika and they make up. He also then of course accepts her marriage proposal after grumbling he wanted to say it first 😏. Honestly the whole thing just felt like a constant slew of misunderstandings, bad timing and Kei just being an airhead as usual so I was a bit disappointed in that sense. All the Cgs were really beautiful though so maybe Kei fans can forgive this bit lol.

Enomoto Mineo – Mineo was the star of the game honestly as far as funny dialogue goes. In my screenshots I took 99% of the funny dialogues involved him being in the scene. A new case of incidents similar to Adonis pops up. This makes Ichika stressed from all the angry phone calls she gets, so Mineo tries to cheer her up with cooking. Apparently some girl got wrongfully bullied in school so she staged as if Adonis punished her – so that her “wrongful crime” would be forgiven. Because this caused news and was a false crime, she’s arrested – which is kind of annoying because her bullies are running around scoff free. Anyway after she’s arrested and case is closed Ichika and Mineo go on a date to the zoo. A few days later she comes to spend the night at Mineo’s new apartment since he finally moved out to live alone. Unfortunately they get cockblocked and he’s called into work. On April 17 ichika comes over his place to make him dinner for his birthday. There’s a silly misunderstanding about a phone call from his sister cause Ichika thought it was another woman  Once that’s resolved they finally get into bed and get down to business. (*´_`*)♡ The next morning he gives her a scarf to hide all the hickeys and then apologizes on his hands and knees 🤣🤣🤣. So then because a co-worker overhears this Ichika gets angry at Mineo for opening his big mouth and runs away. They end up avoiding each other for a while due to also being busy with work. Mineo also comes to Ichika with a bouquet of roses to apologize and asks her to marry him. 😆 He then realizes he proposed to her in the middle of the red light district 😂😂😂. In the epilogue they visit his hometown and end up falling into the water after Ichika upstages him in all the ikemen lines. Mineo was definitely one of the better routes in the FD, I think anyone who’s a fan will be very pleased.

Yanagi Aiji – Aiji’s chain-smoking gets bad because of work stress so Ichika helps him distress in bed if u know what I mean. (๑>؂•̀๑)✌ Unfortunately the happy times are interrupted when Aiji’s older brother Yuuji shows up and demands Aiji quit his detective job and instead work in the police department. Aiji catches Yuuji’s company doing some bad shit and forces him to make a deal and offers to help keep this a secret with the condition that Yuuji leaves him and Ichika alone regarding the career change… and to also to spend some time with him as his family. A few days later Yuuji meets with Ichika to learn more about Aiji and asks if Ichika is ok with their age gap. Ichika then realizes Yuuji is a tsundere oniisan and tells him to tell his otoutokun how much he cares about him. 😂😂 When Aiji gets to the restaurant he’s freaking out until Ichika explains oniichan just called him to apologize 🤣🤣. Ichika gets tired of Aiji holding out on her and asks him to marry get already. 😂 He tells her that he’s been preparing in the background without telling her but is glad the feeling is mutual. Aiji then has a man convo with Kazuki about this as well and instead they end up having an exciting conversation about motorcycles 😂😂. A few days later Aiji brings Ichika to the comatose body of the guy who attacked then 12 years ago. Apparently he’s been in a vegetable state all this time and it’s like why is he still even  there and why is Aiji apologizing to a literal pedophile is honestly beyond me. Anyway after this everyone kinda throws this congrats on the engagement party and Aiji also gets a letter from Kageyuki and he cries reading it, wishing he could have been just normal friends with him. The letter thanks Aiji for treating Kageyuki as a human and not an experiment subject. After a date one day it rains, and Ichika and Aiji get soaked, go to his house, she tempts him with the ~wearing the man’s white button down shirt~ thing and they bang lol. In the epilogue they get married and well obviously Aiji is the only one that gets the wedding CG. Poster boy priorities!!!!

Shiraishi Kageyuki – I was actually really disappointed because compared to the rest of the guys I feel like Kageyuki really gets shafted. This route was also weird because half of it was spent on flashbacks with some new CGs or with Ichika doing her own thing.  The game even let you make choices for something that technically happened in the last game! 😞 Eventually we get back to the present where some guy claiming to be Adonis commits a murder and says he’s after Ichika once more so to help find the criminal they ask for Kageyuki’s help. Turns out the guy behind the new incidents is that Kurose guy from the prologue who I had completely forgotten about. He straps an explosive bracelet on Ichika and claims it’s her fault she made Kageyuki learn what fear is. So then because Kageyuki’s clearly associated to this fool, they have Ichika live in the prison room with Kageyuki temporarily… though at least his from just looks like a stuio than some cold cement prison cell.😰 In a flashback it’s obvious Kurose was jealous of Kageyuki as he was #13 but Kageyuki was 14. They end up going to the amusement park to lure Kurose in. Instead they have fun and even kiss on the ferris wheel 😆. Eventually they solve Kurose’s trap and he shows up via TV monitor getting all mad that Kageyuki betrayed Mikuni, and that he doesn’t give a crap about Zero. The truth behind everything though is Kurose just wanted Mikuni senpai to notice him. 😂 After Kageyuki beats him up, he’s arrested and Minegishi tells Ichika that since Kageyuki helped with this case they allow Ichika to spend whatever time she wants in his prison suite lol. They figure if she keeps an eye on him he’s unlikely to cause any trouble.After Ichika and Kageyuki make rice balls for each other they realize the final gift Mikuni left for Kageyuki before he died, a pair of shoes, was missing in action. Turns out Aiji had the shoes the whole time and the message card said that  to give to Kageyuki when the time comes. Kageyuki tells Aiji to hang on to them a bit longer and he ends up crying on Ichika saying he never really understood what Mikuni wanted from him until it was too late. In the epilogue several years have passed and although not all if his crimes have been pardoned he doesn’t need to be in his prison suite and can go out with Ichika. He’s also been volunteering with Ichika at an institution for all the abandoned children from Adonis. He then asks Ichika to marry him and her answer is a kiss. 😘 Kageyuki fans might be ok with this ending but I feel like too much was spent on Kageyuki’s past that became “unresolved” because of this new character, but I guess they just added a throw-away character to give a reason to get him out of prison.

Sasazuka Takeru – I saved the best (for me xD) for last! Takeru and Ichika get really busy with work and don’t get to see each other for a while. After they finally go on a date he ends up being sick due to working late non stop. Ichika takes him back home and takes care of him while he’s in bed with a fever. He admits he hid his cold otherwise Ichika would cancel their date but doesn’t tell her he overworked himself just to get a day off to spend with her. 😟😭 A few weeks later Ichika moves in with Takeru for 2 weeks as a test to see how well they can get along. She teaches him how to properly cook so he stops living off cup noodles and donuts. He ends up banging her every night and making her tired in the morning though 😂😂😂. They get into an argument cause Ichika acts like Kazuki’s overprotective mom. When Ichika sees Kazuki after 2 weeks at his concert, Kazuki tells her he asked Takeru to allow him to prove to Ichika that he can live fine without her constantly hovering over him especially now that he was 18 and entering his first year of college. Ichika realizes she was wrong and Kazuki tells her to make up with Takeru. While on her way from work to Takeru’s place she finds an abandoned puppy in the pouring rain, and feeling sorry for it, Ichika takes it back to Takeru’s place since his apartment allows pets. Takeru gets home late after a long night of hacking work to locate some terror group so Ichika makes him his favorite food and even some home made donuts 😘😊. They apologize to each other and just then the wanko Ichika brought home starts barking and takes Takeru by surprise. Turns out he loves wankos and suddenly starts treating it like his own son 😂😂. He admits to being a dog person, saying he likes them more than cats or people apparently??😱

To make up for lost time they decide to go on a trip together … to NYC *furiously welcomes my husbando 😍😘😘*. They go touring (though mostly only Ichika is excited lol) and then they visit Takeru’s mothers grave. They also discuss the difference in gun laws between America and Japan and conclude they prefer Japan’s gun restrictions. Takeru also tells Ichika that his mother’s killer was just killed in some gang war. He thanks Ichika for helping him keep his sanity and not get involved in seeking revenge. He also calls his dad in Texas and is like oh yeah btw I’m getting married. 😂😂😂 When Ichika comes back to Japan, Aiji and Mineo have taught the puppy she found some ninja tricks 🤣🤣🤣. Meanwhile Takeru hacks into the computers of the criminals who have been illegally selling guns, and they’re caught and arrested and he’s praised for a job well done. At the end they find a new permanent home for Pochi, and Ichika admits that she’s lonely af not living with him anymore. They start making out on his bed until he gets a work phone call and gets salty about the cockblock. 😂 In the Normal end epilogue Ichika is learning English on her own while Takeru is following some case in America. In the best end though they have nabe at Ichika’s house on Takeru’s 25th birthday where he asks Kazuki for Ichika’s hand in marriage 😂. Kazuki says sure since he knows that Takeru will take care of his sister. Kazuki also says he planned to move to out to a more soundproof apartment so he could practice more with Ishiki since Ishiki got a major debut. Takeru tells him to git gud so he can perform at their future wedding. After Kazuki leaves Ichika gives Takeru a watch while Takeru gives her a necklace saying he wants to pick their rings out together. My only disappointment is how Ichika’s face looked really weird in the final cg!! Was a total mood killer lol. Otherwise I’m pretty satisfied with this route!

Yoshinari Hideaki – One of the side stories features Yoshinari kinda falling in love with Ichika and confessing to her. A side story opens up from Yoshinari’s POV and how he became good friends with Ichika’s bro Kazuki because the 2 of them had metal bands (named after old Otomate games) in common lol. They also go on a “date” to watch Kazuki’s concert where Yoshinari saves her from getting shot by some raging dude. We also get a bonus CG of Ichika hugging her otoutokun being glad that he’s okay (*´ω`). At the end he confesses his feelings to Ichika on Christmas Eve then proceeds to get cockblocked by everyone 🤣. I think he finally got to truly confess to her in the little short story in the omake section where Ichika thanked him and said she was happy to hear it.

Minegishi Seiji – Ichika gives Minegishi some Valentine’s day chocolate after he starts making moves on her. 😋 There was sadly too much police stuff involved and it took a while before we saw any of the cute scenes. In the 2nd half did Minegishi even ask Takeru and Kei about Ichika because he was romantically interested in her. He takes her to dinner for white day as a thanks for the chocolates. After he drives her home he warns her about Kageyuki and tells her to rely on him more. When they reach her house he thanks her for the date and says he’d like to do this again. (ฅ¯ω¯ฅ ) I’ve seen a few Japanese fanartists shipping them but I’m not sure I’m really feeling it? That whole “adult template persona” they put on him is even heavier than on Aiji even though he’s not that much older than Kageyuki. Not gonna write much about the other side story featuring Kazuki and his band since I didn’t really have much interest in it and was mostly flashbacks of Kazuki and his time spent with Akito before the arrest.

Adonis – So this is that AUish story they added in the FD. Ichika ends up joining Zero at the end of Aiji’s route and becomes his loyal employee. He asks her to make sure none of his top guys are going to betray him so she’s on a mission to scout/spy on all of them to make sure. The reason she joined Adonis is weird though since it was because Kazuki, Aiji, Kageyuki and Kei were killed and she was so sad she decided to join forces with the killer??😩 Even Takeru tried to stop her but she didn’t listen and went to Zero anyway. She was also in despair because Kazuki was killed trying to break up a fight between a bully and a victim… and the victim stabbed him accidentally instead of the bully. Soo after Ichika concludes there’s no traitors among them, then Zero comes to the conclusion that he’s infatuated with Ichika in that yandere romance way lol. He comes into her room one day and drags her on a date to the aquarium. If after the date you choose to kill Zero per good request, on X-Day #2, Ichika sets of explosives that she set up all over Adonis HQ, with Zero’s knowledge, and destroys everything. She also puts a gun to Zero’s head and he’s like woohoo my dream is finally coming true. 😍 After killing him she kills herself. Honestly I kinda get why they did this but I was hoping for a more original twist than Ichika dies with him… like why get to know all the Adonis people if you’re gonna just destroy it all anyway. If you choose not to do it kinda ends open endedly where she blindly continues to just coexist as his lackey. I’m honestly very conflicted on how to feel about Saeki after this game…I guess a lot of the fanarts painted this cute relationship between them but the game underlines heavily that 1) Saeki will never have a normal relationship with Ichika 2) Ichika will always be guilty and miserable by being with him 3) The Adonis people are mostly poor victims of circumstance and gives the opportunity could have actually been decent human beings if they weren’t slaves to Adonis waiting to meet their ultimate doom 4) the true “traitor” ended up being Ichika anyway probably just as keikaku-ed by Zero anyway. So honestly the whole thing doesn’t really bring anything new to the table but I guess kinda gives a perspective of the “other side” of the coin.

Don’t lie on that grass Ichika you don’t know how many dogs have pooped there!

Overall I’m pretty satisfied with the fandisk. A lot of beautiful CGs, cute and funny chibi Cgs, lots of stories, and sound omakes and basically covering a bit for every side character there, including those from Adonis. Honestly the only bad thing I could even say is “I wish this was for the PS4 so I could watch it on my big screen” but yea we know how that went for Otomate. 😂 Knowing them and CxM’s popularity, I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce a bundle release for Nintendo Switch in September at Otomate party though. Overall this is a must buy for collar x malice fans and if you’re curious about some of the dialogue I did a few translated screencaps over at my twitter moment.



22 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Collar x Malice ~Unlimited~

  1. Wow, I followed you on twitter with all the scenes. I was laughing so hard at some moments. I really like the original game (which I’ve watched on youtube). I only wished that they had an alternative story with Saeki before the whole Adonis stuff. Well, Saeki stays my favourite character despite him being a total broken psychopath or something like that. Thanks for the review. I hope they release the English version soon of the fandisk!

      1. Nope, uhhh….I’m that kind of person that doesn’t spend her money, because I’m a bit too young for buying many games. Otherwise I would’ve bought a lot. Probably when I’m an adult I will buy some games.

  2. Thank you for the review ٩(♡ε♡ )۶ I love all those screenshot you post on twitter. Glad this fandisk is good. I guess we can expect 2nd fd with all the left guys’s wedding CG like Code realize. Hope Otomate will announce it in their party next month ✧*。٩(´ヮ`*)و✧*。 Thank you (๑> ヮ ❛๑)♡

    1. I’m not sure if we’d get a 2nd FD since it feels like a lot of stuff has been resolved….it would be too much AU/original stuff/dejavu at this point (the 2nd CR FD really felt like it was retconing/repeating a lot of stuff even if I did enjoy it)

  3. I really want to play this game (and all other otomes) so I’m really happy that otomate is coming to switch 😁. It was good timing too since I was already looking to buy a psp before hearing the announcement. (my family has never bought ps or xbox so I was always stuck with Nintendo) Now I can just stick to switch 🙂

    1. the unfortunate part is you’d still have to import physical copies from Japan since I sadly discovered yesterday that Switch Japan eStore rejects foreign credit cards ~_~

  4. Thanks for the review!! I’m so tempted to buy the game right now.. well once it gets localized ;-; wait for me Okazaki…
    May I ask if the Japanese is difficult to understand? I’ve played a few games in jpn (e.g ninkoi, meikoi, norn9, mobage), so I was thinking if I should also get this FD in Japanese 😦 (if it’s not too tough that is…)

    1. I’m sorry I can’t really answer that question. Collar x Malice uses a lot of police/criminal terminology so in my eyes it’s not really a game for Japanese language beginners.

  5. wow, you’re fast.

    i didnt expect that they are going to include yoshinari and Minegishi Seiji. i was disappointed in saeki route. i was hoping they give him a happy route but damn. his route is really dark.

    im happy for Shiraishi Kageyuki that he gets happy time. but i think im going to agree with you when you say “they just added a throw-away character to give a reason to get him out of prison.”

    “Mineo was definitely one of the better routes in the FD,” im glad to hear that because his previous story didnt leave a good impression on me. it lacks something. im glad in this fan disk, they make him shine.

    “when Ichika asks him to marry her he just stares at her blankly and says he never thought about it” that was unexpected because i find kei so clingy on ichika.

    Yanagi Aiji – im not surprise about the wedding. ” Yuuji is a tsundere oniisan and tells him to tell his otoutokun how much he cares about him” i thought he’s going to be a third party in ichika and yanagi relationship.

    “They get into an argument cause Ichika acts like Kazuki’s overprotective mom” cant blame ichika because takeru is someone who cant take care of themselves. but im glad he is over in his past ” He thanks Ichika for helping him keep his sanity and not get involved in seeking revenge.”

    overall thank you breadmasterlee.com

    1. actually I was pretty slow with this cause I spent a lot of time playing FFXIV lmao. I think you misunderstood the part with Kazuki, it has nothing to do with Takeru….since Takeru can take care of himself , he just eats a poor diet lol. But it was Kazuki trying to prove to Ichika that he doesn’t need her constantly checking up on him.

  6. Thank you for this post!!!!!!!! I bought CxM when it came out in English because of your post a while back and because I saw Aiji promo CGs (the one where Aiji finds Ichika in the church after she gets collared), and absolutely loved the game (Aiji and Takeru ended up being my top faves). I was eagerly waiting for your writeup because I was so disappointed to hear that it wasn’t localized by Aksys T_T but a part of me wants to live in hope it might be in the future. But I’m glad your writeup is here because it makes me understand what I saw from people’s tweets and all the CGs I saw. Like before I only made sense of the fd through CGs but I’m glad to know the context behind them. Now because of this I’ll probably just decently like Kei’s and Shirayuki’s, and then really like Takeru, Aiji, and Mineo’s a lot, not sure who I’ll like the most, Aiji’s spicy CGs, Takeru’s actions, or Mineo’s antics…. But TBH, Adonis route was the one I was waiting for the most (I love Saeki a lot lmao) and these revelations……………… well, I should have probably expected it when I saw his route had a different looking Ichika.

    1. yea doesn’t appear like Saeki is ever destined to get a happy ending unless they do a completely weird AU thing in another game or something….they’re pretty determined to keep his psycho personality canonic all the way through.

  7. i didn’t like shiraishi as much as i liked takeru and kei but i still enjoyed his route a lot. when i finished it, i was literally screaming at how much he got screwed over. he rly deserved to be happy and otomate just said fuck you.

    i’m going to order the japanese limited ed version and then probably buy another copy in english if it gets released on switch in na. at least i can read your reviews in the mean time. (´;д;`)

    side question, i am trying to order the limited ed w the stellaworth bonus, the backorder link here just means that whenever they get it in stock again they’ll immediately ship it to me right? http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEODAI-42244

    do you have any shipping suggestions re: shipping from japan to na? there seem to be a lot of diff options but i’m at the very least paying for insurance on my package.

    1. I’m not sure what to tell you with CD Japan since that’s like them basically getting it for your from Stellaworth as a proxy. I typically just order directly from Stellaworth (check out my shopping guide at the top.)

  8. Do not you have a link to the walkthrough of this game? I can not get on the Takeru or Shiraishi trase … T_T

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