Otome Game Review: The Residents of Clover Library

Aikawa Chihiro’s parents died when she was young so she was taken in by some relatives. After graduating high school she felt out of place living with them so she decided to apply for a job as a librarian. She’s easily accepted by the residents there but for some reason she can only see them at night. Soon she discovers that her fellow library mans are actually books by day and take human shape by night.

shoe01Shu – Shu’s a classic Japanese literature book and also a tsundere. He’s got this hangup about the previous librarian granny and thinks no one could ever take her place. The big plot in this route is these 2 baby book spirits come to the library but then some random dude steals them. Of course there’s absolutely no explanation how he could steal a book spirit but anyway Chihiro runs after him to save them. Instead she gets drugged, kidnapped and locked in some shack in the woods (wtf?) So then somehow magically Shu is able to LEAVE the library (even though I thought he couldn’t) and then he goes & saves her by beating the guy down with a stick. In fact he beat him down so hard the other book dudes had to hold him back before he became a murdering literature 😆

shoe02Good End: After winning some book contest (this was like some 2 sentence thing so idk), he says that it’s not just books that change people but he as a book was changed by Chihiro. He then confesses that he doesn’t see her as his “owner” because he loves her. They smooch in the storage room and then everyone shows up and says they’re doing it wrong \( ^o^)/ And uh they live happily ever after or something. Bad End: Shu gets all pissed off that the library is changing because of Chihiro and rages that he cannot control his FEEELLLLSS for her. After this they get into a fight and he avoids her for a while…until one night he really turns into 50 shades of gray and starts strangling her in bed saying it would be better if she never came to this library. ヽ(。_゜)ノ He then snaps out of it and is like OH GOD WHAT AM I DOING. So then he tells her to pack her bags and GTFO so she’s like oh…ok. Before she leaves, he hugs her going SORRY BABY ITS NOT YOU ITS ME. Chihiro leaves regretting not telling Shu her feelings.

aoi01Aoi – Aoi is a best selling romance novel (like Twilight or something) so needless to say a lot of ladies read him and handle him ROUGHLY. He’s lewd as hell but he hates cats and is terrified of the library cat Kuu.  After being convinced to come to the library he gets all bummed out because oh noes he will lose his best seller popularity and then become just another old book on the shelf! The thick of the plot here is, he’s still popular and a lot of ladies wanna borrow him. In fact one lady who borrows him returns him all perfumy because apparently she bathes in perfume before bed and ended up leaving the book on her pillow. This makes Chihiro extremely jealous to the point that she gets into a stupid fight with him. Then the next day while she’s not looking someone grabs him and walks out of the library so she runs to look for him. Turns out that he was at the library the whole time so then he goes off to look for her in the rain lol. He finds her and hugs her in the rain and she’s like wtf dude get out of the rain before you become a soggy book! After hugging her they return back to her room to dry off.

aoi02Good End: She’s all like y u angry bro and he’s like cause I love you babe! And then she keeps asking him over and over to confirm everything like some kind of california law. And then they make out and live happily ever after. Bad End: Chihiro gets more and more jealous of Aoi’s popularity between all the ladies :roll:. She gets so jealous that she even writes her name inside the book. He’s so happy that she wants him all to herself and says he doesn’t even mind if he was only hers…but she can’t handle the lewd so she kicks him out of her room. From then on he doesn’t look at her and continues to be borrowed by other ladies~. She gets further and further jealous and writes her name all over the pages inside his book. He’s happy that she’s basically gone yandere for him but it gets to the point that she ignores all her library duties…and just spends all day hugging him as a book or as a human at night. Aoi doesn’t mind though cause he loves her but the other dudes like damn, gotta find a replacement now lol. I did not expect a yandere heroine end, so with that, I can say the bad end was oddly more enjoyable LOL.

itsu01Itsuki – Ok I seriously bought this game for this guy and by the time the route ended I sat there wondering…what actually happened? Itsuki is like a school textbook or something and all I remember from his route was mice, Chihiro falling down some hole and then Itsuki magically leaving the library to save her because it was during a solar eclipse!? Seriously did no one even do a quality control of the writing in this game??? Feels like most of Itsuki’s route was Chihiro (;´Д`)ハァハァing over how cute he is, and him blushing at all her blatant statements about him. Good End: One day while Chihiro’s working on some stuff she says she’s a bit tired so Itsuki kisses her to wake her up. He then tells her that he loves her and since the feeling is mutual they smooch and live happily ever after !? Wtf feels like the route just started then it ended.

itsu02Bad End: Itsuki is upset that he’s so useless compared to the other guys like not being able to buy medicine for her when she’s sick since he can’t leave the library. Seeing others doing stuff outside the library makes him feel like he’s being left behind. He pushes her down on the bed telling her how much he loves her then realizes what he’s done and is like OMG IM SORRY. He tries to run off but Chihiro stops him and i’s like it’s ok bebe pls continue! So then she finds out that if she puts that clover library seal on herself she’ll never be able to leave the library again…so she can prove to Itsuki that she’ll be with him forever. She asks him to put the seal on her, and after he does they’re like kyah it’s like we’re engaged! And so she becomes all yandere again and spends all day hugging the book next to her until she can be glued to him at night lol. And so they live happily (?) ever after in the library basement surrounded by their yandere love for each other. Needless to say, once again, the bad end felt like they actually put some effort into writing it.

haremOther Ends: Goodbye Mysterious Library – Chihiro sucks at being a librarian so they boot her out. Tea Party End – everyone has a tea party or something to celebrate Chihiro being a good librarian and passing the “test”. Harem end – Chihiro overworks and gets sick so her book harem takes care of her.  They decide the best way for her to not get tired is to become one of them by having the library seal placed on her. The difference is, all 6 of them put 6 seals on her Σ(゚д゚lll)(7 if you include the thunder thigh cat). So she basically is stuck at the library forever & ever with them like some weird yandere harem ガ━━━━━━∑(゚д゚lll)━━━━━━ン Wtf worst harem end ever (ಠ_ಠ)…moreso because she’s like “I love being their doll (◞≼◎≽◟◞౪◟◞≼◎≽◟)”…ugh.


what the hell

I’m sitting here thinking….is this game unfinished? What is even the sense of the decisions made by the production team? Is this the same company who released Asaki, Yumemishi!? Mio, I am disappoint. Let’s start with the system. It’s pretty much straight VN but like the horrors of Ozmafia, there’s a TON OF CHOICES. The worst part of course – these choices DO NOT MATTER for who you end up with. Aside from maybe the harem end, all the other choices are completely arbitrary and it just feels like “hmm I think we should put a choice here, *insert option to pick between cookies or chocolate.” (←NGL, this was an actual choice in the game.) The choices only seem to really matter when you are alone with the guy and at the very end when you have more than just one scene with him in between a bunch of other 2 minute filler scenes. This kind of “waste time padding mentality” is such an “old” thing for otome games that I rarely see it anymore….and the last game I saw this in was Ozmafia – so I guess some makers haven’t gotten the memo that we don’t care about pointless time wasting padding scenes. Rather than having 50  1-minute scenes about nothing (like seriously there’s scenes of her dusting books and you deciding whether she uses a wet rag or a duster!?) I would have rather had 3-4 LONG 5-15 minute scenes with the guys I’m going after! When we finally get those kind of scenarios – THE GAME ENDS. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Other stuff that annoyed me was auto-mode was too fast or too slow. It only gave you the option to adjust it in 4 ways and it automatically adjusted text speed and auto-speed which by now I’m just like…really? In a PC game you couldn’t make a slider scale for speed of both? The scenes themselves had 0 transition. You know how usually before you see a CG in say an Otomate game, there’s kind of this “white flash” or a “fade in” to make it seem more natural? Here – NOPE. Just BAM suddenly CG and BAM suddenly scene ends then BAM suddenly we’re elsewhere. It was like some poorly sewed patchwork quilt and it completely broke any kind of flow of the story. (Not that it had one to begin with.)  Honestly the only positives were the OP song, and the limited edition came with the single so that was nice. The art was really cute and the guys had cute personalities and stuff…but I never got to interact with them long enough to care by the end. Chihiro had no consistent personality except well…the unexpected yandere in the bad ends 😆 I’m just gonna go ahead and label her as yandere heroine cause that seriously was the only interesting bit of her in the whole game :lol:.

Instead of giving us 3 stupid card minigames you shoulda QC'ed your god damn writing
Instead of giving us 3 stupid card minigames you shoulda QC’ed your god damn writing

All in all, I’m not really sure what Mio was trying to do here. I realize we’re dating books here, but I feel like even I could sit down one afternoon and come up with a better story. For example Mr. Romance Novel has that whole lewdness thing going on….why not work on that? Give him more scenes relating to the content of his book! Also the children’s book, the cook book and the art book guys had no routes and I feel like they would have been more interesting than Mr. Classic literature and Mr. Textbook. ( ´_ゝ`) The potential was there, but they didn’t put any effort into the system or the writing. I realize it was cheaper than most PC games, but hell even Starry Sky with its 3 routes per game was better and cheaper and actually had a well put together story. I feel like these makers who had hits back in the day, try to make a come back but they are completely out of touch with how otome games are nowdays. Anyway I know they just announced a new game and they’re riding on the fact that it’s the same team as Asaki, Yumemishi but……..after this game I honestly don’t feel like bothering with their releases anymore. Even their Asaki, Yumemishi sequel had terrible reviews so I no longer trust them to produce quality games.


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  1. “Instead of giving us 3 stupid card minigames you shoulda QC’ed your god damn writing” – I’d better keep that in mind! I’m making an otome game myself, and I’m getting plenty of corrections from my editors already! Btw, can we trade links? champignonkinoko.tumblr.com

  2. Maybe? but the game was bad as it is with the current set of guys so I would ignore it anyway
    Actually I’m pretty much ignoring all of Mio’s future games because it’s really obvious they’re behind the times and aren’t even trying anymore

  3. …Is it me or do I smell another possible future game with the other three guys in it? I mean the DLC bull rap has been popular lately

  4. This makes me question what the creators were thinking. ‘Oh yes let’s introduce six hot guys and only use three of them’ *slaps label on, the end*

  5. Wait, only three routes? Without the other guys? Wtf, and this was a great concept too! I am angry, this looked good, but now…*emo corner*

  6. I bought this game but now…I feel like I should just sweep it under my bed and pretend I never spent any money on it lol

  7. lol well Mio didn’t have too many games to begin with. Their only other games are the crappy Asaki sequel and Souten no Kanata which I have sittin around for years but I never got to it lol. I know it’s all “nostalgic” to be like “well I liked their game back in the day” but I really think a lot of these companies are totally out of touch. We all rag on Otomate for releasing crap, but Otomate also releases a lot of good stuff and sometimes even their “bad games” are better than something like this in comparison lol

  8. @_@ Didn’t even know this game existed until I read this review. I’m surprised it’s by Mio, too. I’ve always liked Mio’s art and general premise of their game story. But dating library books? Errmm…mkay. Too bad to hear they didn’t put that much effort on this one, though. Anyway, thanks for the review! ^^

  9. ( (≪●≫) )Д( (≪●≫) )
    i was right to not be interested in this game
    goodness knows wat happens
    BTW good review as usual

  10. Aww man , and I was looking forward to little boy’s route \(O~O)/. He seemed the most interesting out of the bunch (and cutest).

  11. “Shu is able to LEAVE the library (even though I thought he couldn’t)”

    Only Itsuki and Shikimi have the ‘don’t remove from library’ restriction.

  12. yea this game and company can return to the void that they were in for the last 4 years to be honest lol. it’s not even that funny to be honest, the bad ends just “stick out” because there’s literally nothing else interesting going on lol

  13. I kinda knew in advance there’d only be 3 routes (it said somewhere on the site) but yea all the filler scenes with the other guys just felt like a waste of time lol

  14. Once I saw the notification of your new post about this title and the fact you posted about it like a few days ago I knew something was wrong (because nobody can finish these kind of games on so short time, unless it’s one of those Voltage ones) but I didn’t know it was THAT BAD, oh well after that I have nothing to say, I don’t even want to try it for lulz, not even to laught at it, it’s one of those things that will fall into the uncharted void of the forgotten games, nothing to worry I guess ^_^

  15. Wow I was surprised when I heard you had already finished the game but I didn’t know only 3 of the guys had routes. And yet they still had the need to make use of filler scenes? Wut I don’t even ヽ(。_゜)ノ

  16. lol yep…I actually kinda figured it would be 3 routes but I expected them to be more than just some half assed bullshit though lol

  17. what? only 3 playable routes?? and i thought u could go after all 6 books, wow what a ripoff.

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