B’s Log July 2013


It’s been a while but because of some Alice & School Wars mini posters I decided to pick this up.

Because I’m lazy I’m doing the unboxing gallery format this time ;D.

This month’s extras. TokyoCamusmus prinote, the QR posters and the HanaAwase booklet. This booklet along with some from last year I STILL HAVE and I would like to sell them to someone who is actually a fan of this series since I am not. Maybe I’ll put it up on ebay or something later.

  • Honeybee has a new project but from the outfits it looks like they’re using chars from Starry Sky and something else??? I really wish they’d let starry sky go already…..(ಠ_ಠ)
  • Storm Lover 2 is so not appropriately Cero B but whatever ぬへへへへ(◉◞౪◟◉ )
  • Just some pics from the upcoming utapri character songs, Suzuken and Suwabe are cute ossans

Seishun Hajimemashita stuff. I’m still having trouble getting excited over the game because it reeks of everything I hated about Starry Sky After Winter but maybe they can make it as awesome as Starry Sky in Summer series. I don’t know lately moneybee’s writing is headed in a direction I’m not really liking but I guess we’ll see.

Diabolik Lovers with the new dudes in their casualwear as well as cover for one of their new CDs. Also lol Amnesia character songs, Otomate stahp. From this point on I consider anything Amnesia related on the same beating-dead-horse level as Hakuoki and Hiiro no Kakera.

  • Speaking of beating dead horse, this is old news but Hakuoki Sweet Sweet School Life is finally happening 3 years after Yone’s left Otomate. Hooray more traced weird faced Hakuoki dudes! To be honest though I am kinda curious about it and I may play it just because of some kind of weird nostalgia. Kinda like if someone came through my door with a Super Nintendo I would sure as hell play it in a heartbeat.
  • On the topic of tracing, side by side is the REAL Kazuki Yone and some screenshots from Kamigami no Asobi which finally has a release date in October.

Quin Rose has a new game that ONCE AGAIN PUSHES BACK ARABIANS DOUBT, called Taishou Kitan.  Besides delaying my freaking Arabians Doubt, this game sucks for 2 reason:

  • It rips off Hakuoki with the whole ONIS IN OLDEN TIMES theme and hell the damn game has the word Kitan in it (shinsengumi kitan anyone?)
  • It blatantly rips off Hanaoni. I read on 2ch comparisons to the way the onis pick their “owner” with a “seal” is basically the same way that they leave the seal on their brides in hanaoni. Just replace “master” with “bride” and bam fucking Hanaoni. Quin Roze plz. I was like all yay Quin rose last year but this year I’m facepalming every month I see a ? black box on their site because they are trying to keep up a monthly release schedule but THEY CANNOT HANDLE IT.

Apparently with their most recent Cinderella game, it’s so bugged that some characters endings are NOT saving in the gallery of the game. Wow really ? I guess because you’re so busy pushing games out every month you don’t have time for a QC so you end up releasing buggy shit like you did with the original PC games of Alice. ( ´_ゝ`) I also heard its really REALLY short and well I know their games are getting shorter lately but wow can you then please cut the price of your games too? I really don’t like paying 8500 yen for half the content of what I received 2+ years ago.

  • Koibana days heroine is so cuuuuteee. I am looking forward to that game so much because it gives me the feeling of Hatsukare rather than Kussoni Gohan. Hopefully the gardening system won’t be too difficult
  • Old news but that shitty Asaki Yumemishi sequel is getting a fandisk. That game did so badly why is it even getting a fandisk? I wish mio would make something else lol. Kinda like how I wish Daisy x Daisy would stop porting Sangoku Rensenki 5 times. ( ´_ゝ`)
  • Snowbound Land looks really cool but it’s apparently slated for September! What, it just got announced! This can only mean a) delays b) really really short game.
  • Yay VitaminR! I’ll definitely be getting this because the art looks 200 times better than all the previous Vitamin games xD I’ll just see it as the B6 reborn, but let’s see if they can live up to the humor of their predecessors (FuwaFuwa Chiwawa and Lonely Wife set a high standard :lol:)

Only thing I still have faith in are the 2 upcoming Alice games: Mirror Alice & Heart no Kuni remake. PETTTEEERRR. Also just for the fun of it I took Heart, Anniversary & the remake CGs and put them side by side for comparison:

From the looks of it they’re remaking the style from Anniversary rather than the original Heart and everyone looks so much hotter (◉◞౪◟◉ )!!! I will buy limited edition ( ≖‿≖)つ〔$〕

  • The rest of the QR batch…Romeo x Juliett looks horrifically bad. That tongue looks like an actual 😛 face lmao. Also WTF HER NECK. Seriously pretend the hair isn’t there and look at her neck jfc. (ಠ_ಠ) Starry Sky after Autumn flashbacks man lol.  Seeing how fast this game is coming out I expect the rest of it to be QUARITY like this, have barely any content and possibly have bugs thanks to the disaster with 0ji.
  • On the topic of 0ji, yeaaa  Reynald grab dat fuckin titty.
  • lol Hyakki FD. I lost the motivation to buy this…..the first game was so terrible sigh.
  • My poor Arabians Doubt getting pushed further back….now that the Cinderella series is over I hope the artist can finally finish that game but with the recent trend of QR quality my hopes are kinda plunging downward (´・ω・`;)
  • Ozmafia lookin’ good, hope it doesn’t get delayed like it did last year!
  • Rakuen Danshi just came out this week and I’m SO excited because friend in Japan told me that one of the chars voiced by Hoshi Souichiro acts JUST LIKE HOMARE SENPAI FROM STARRY SKY. HUSBANDOOOOO キタ━━━(゚∀゚)━(。A。)━(゚∀゚)━(。A。)━(゚∀゚)━━━!! Needless to say, this is the kind of Takuyo Game I want to play, not bully games like Getsuei (ﺧ益ﺨ).
  • Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino (boy this is a tongue twister) is apparently getting ported to PSP. It looks like a BL game to me and I know nothing about it but apparently the PC version was really popular? Well have fun whoever’s a fan of it I guess!

The rest of the news are just drama CDs and BL games so here’s the rankings:

Readers Top favorite characters

  1. Sho (utapri)
  2. Toma (Amnesia)
  3. Tokiya (UtaPri)
  4. Ukyo (Amnesia)
  5. Shin (Amnesia)

Excuse me why is Kent not #1 of this list. ( ಠ益ಠ ) I’m okay with everyone except Toma /kicks him away.

Drama CDs ranking:

  1. Diabolik Lovers, More Blood
  2. The onsen gijinka CDs
  3. humAndroid
  4. Tenbu something
  5. YanEro

Games readers are looking fwd to:

  1. Amnesia Crowd (LOL that’s a good one!)
  2. Norn9
  3. Hana Awase’s next game
  4. Storm Lover 2nd
  5. Diabolik Lovers More Blood

Anyway that’s it for this issue. I recently went through all my B’s Log issues and tore them apart scanning only the pages I liked. Turns out there was only a few pages per issue I actually cared enough to save…this is why I no longer buy B’s Log monthly. I also ended up buying the GHP, Brothers Conflict fanbooks and the Storm Lover CG collection book. Damn you Kinokuniya, why you tempt me (´;ω;`).

Goodbye $144

Please ignore the skanky magazine in the middle. I bought it thinking it was a cute Japanese fashion magazine: turns out it’s a magazine for hostess club prostitutes to learn how to get gross GGEs to buy them expensive alcohol and coach bags (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!!  What a waste of $30 lol. Coulda bought the starry sky artbook or something instead if I was gonna throw $30 in the trash orz.


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  1. As far as I know the only difference is the art and the chopping of the turn system to make it into a straight VN. Still I loved the game so much and the new art is so pretty I will buy limited edition XP

  2. Yeah Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino is a really good game. It’s.. Hacca style, I guess? Even though their previous game Hanakisou was nothing like that. But both games are quite unique. I personally love AkaAka, loved Hanakisou and can’t wait to play the PSP version. AkaAka has a great soundtrack, definitely recommended. It’s not BL at all, but it doesn’t have romance either, so I guess it’s all up to your imagination?
    Is there going to be any difference between the Alice remake and the original game in terms of the contents?

  3. lol your mind in the gutter 😆
    Yea I hope my Ozmafia order went through on Seagull. They haven’t really said anything whether or not my card works so I hope last minute they’re not like “oh oops your card didnt work order cancelled”

  4. So I’m not gonna lie
    I read the cover as “pr0n lovers” at first.
    anyways great post! I am soooo excited for so many of these! Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino I thought this was a BL game too, I remember seeing the PC website and thinking the artwork looks fabulous but sigh lol I think it’s BL. Oh well! xD

  5. *sees the camera analogy, remembers the last time it happened to her* Forget I even said anything.

    Well at least is not like all the guys start from the bad end, and on the bright side Itsuki starts as lovers (but he is the main guy it wouldn’t make sense otherwise) and well at least Hisamitsu and Shiori don’t have a bad relationship unlike that other pair so it could turn ok.

    I really don’t know what to expect for the DL game since the CDs can have some wildly different characterizations (like with Shuu) so that’s why I’m like that over it.

  6. Oh nice. Will you be reviewing that one? Just out of curiosity.

  7. yep Mirror Alice is the fandisk or rather alternate version of Diamond that lets you get with all the chars who had side routes in the original (aka Boris, Nightmare, Julius, Gray)

  8. Whoa another Heart Nkn Alice remake? Wish that they made a Clover remake too 😦
    Also what’s “Mirror Alice?” I haven’t heard of that one. Is it a fandisk to diamond?

  9. Its ok to like a char because of their seiyuu XD WE all forgive really stupid chars just cause we like the voice behind it 😛
    I think I liked Hino Satoshi more in his anime roles than his otome game roles to be honest though.

    Fukuyama Jun doesn’t do too many otome games yeah since he’s busy with his anime roles I think.

    The R-18 game and BWS are both alright. I haven’t really raged yet but I’m not too far into BWS and only halfway through Sakuragatari XD

    Regarding Alice, I think QR is probably like ew whatever Himeringo ran away from us so we don’t care about replacing her crappy art or something.

  10. Thank you :)I was beginning to think that only weird shops sell them -.- So I guess most of the otome games are played on the psp… Time to save money^^

  11. I didnt know they were gonna remake Heart no Kuni no Alice for the THIRD time! Well I did the very first edition on the 2 CDs for PC, and I never got around doing Anniversary, so I actually think I might do the remake. Aaaand since they got rid of the damn Turn system, I can finally get all the sub events and ending! Obviously Fujimaru Sensei’s drawings are better, but I cant help but feel like they are totally stepping on the original artist’s drawing. I didnt mind the original, but I’ll admit the new drawings grew into me now so blaaah :-s

    Excited for Wonderfull Mirror World! Need to get my Gray, Nightmare, and Adult Ace routes! Romeo x Juliet, not so much , i dont like church theme-ish otome games lol. I havent dont the cinderella series, theres like 3 now, but Ill be looking forward to Arabian’s Doubt! Finally some progress! I like QR’s “Tairiku” series 🙂

    Suprised how Sho is #1. Ivent played the game, just been watching the series, but Im not so into shotas lol. I know you dont like Toma, but I liked him pretty much because I like the Seiyuu, and I get biased that way. Thou, Kent was my #2 😦

    Speaking of Seiyuu, I barely find Fukuyama Jun do otomegames (other than the bloody twins) so I thoroughly enjoyed Hana Awase and the card game system. Though I understand how you dont like Yura’s art style, its kinda hit or miss for people.

    Im looking forward to playing Norn9 aswell, excited with large amount of seiyuus, and the fact that theres 3 Heroines. I see that youre doing an R18 game again! Are you reviewing that here? I thought you gave up on thoses lol, curious to see your review. Its nice of you to take consideration your reader’s vote, and play BWS (looking at your comment above). So this alone makes me look forward to 3 upcoming otome game reviews from you!

    Thanks for all your work!

  12. The Aoiza remake is not TERRIBLE but the game itself is…..歴史物ファンとしてあれはがっかりすぎる。Aside from that, I’m the sort who gives a lot of shit about the quality of the writing, which is pretty atrocious even by otoge standards so that’s a huge minus for me. Also now that I think about it, I think it’s actually in the Meiji era instead of Taisho?? WHEN THAT HAPPENS TO MY BRAIN YOU KNOW IT’S KIND OF FORGETTABLE.

    But the art is pretty, the voice acting is great, the characters are okay and the story is better than some of the shit you’ve sat through, so if you have the time, why not?

  13. omg YES those mini games (ノ=゚ロ゚)ノ ⌒┫:・’.::ヤッテラレルカニャアアアァァァァァ!!!!
    They almost copypasta/template their mini games in each new game and they ALL SUCK. Seriously I think I was only ever able to clear the one where you play black jack thanks to that great experience from Clover Alice under my belt 🙄

    See I’m kinda curious about Getsuei. I know it’s depressing as fuck but you know…MORBID CURIOSITY. It’s not a high priority so I’ll get to it when I get to it which may not be for a long time :lol:. I actually planned to play Aoiza remake is it really that terrible? XD I liked Sarachi Yomi’s art at least!

  14. Hopefully Dante really got his hair back. Liberta seems taller, Nova looks very different to me, compared to his AF 1 self, childhood trio, Jolly and Ash doesn’t appear to have much changes. Elmo looks older and I’d be happy to go through his route although he did an unforgivable act on my poor Debito in AF. At first glance, I prefer Serafino than Teo in Nordia. Official Site link: http://www.comfort-soft.jp/products/arcana2/index.html

  15. I don’t know, man. The BEST Taisho period otoge out there is Chou no Doku, which is NOT your kind of thing, and I don’t think you’d like Getsuei either it’s depressing as shit. Bunmei Aoiza something doesn’t really bring out the period and has a scriptwriter who thinks players are in middle school. So….that leaves Hanayakanari Waga Ichizoku, which might actually be your kind of thing if you can refrain from punching the guys in the early bits of it. Not much for a marathon, is there.

    If Ever17 and Legend of Heroes FC/SC went onto UMDs and single UMDs at that, QR sure can shove more things into their games. *snort* They can also save some space by removing the shitty minigames that everyone hates, what can I say.

  16. I’m not really a fan of the new hakuoki art either, it’s not BAD but I don’t know why they bothered to plaster the Hakuoki name on it. They could have just made a completely different named game. I think Brilliant Blue is actually slated for September according to Sylph but who knows if it’ll be pushed back for the 10th time.

    Dante had his hair back in the promo images (I posted them in 1 of my magazine scan posts a few months ago) so most likely yes? 😆

  17. I didn’t look through the story of Urakata but the heroine’s art made me shook my head. Like what you’ve said, they should’ve let Hakuouki R.I.P. BroCon Brilliant Blue is really sad to be pushed further and further away for other games… BTW, AF2’s official site is out, they’ve updated it with the characters’ profile but sadly they haven’t put Feli’s yet. I still don’t know whether Dante got his hair back or not… New characters are from other family or other island maybe?

    You have a Twitter Account? Can I follow you?? Where can I find you?? :3

  18. lol thanks for the correction. I don’t think I’ve played any Taisho games that I can think of oddly enough so I guess I’m not too familiar with it. Eventually I’ll have some taisho game marathon but QR’s new game won’t be part of it >_>

    and I agree that QR’s bullshitting with “we can’t fit things on a UMD” since they somehow managed to fit Anniversary no Kuni and that was ridiculously long and volume packed!

  19. You can stuff a LOT more things into a UMD than QR has been stuffing, though. Entire 30-40 hour RPGs with full voice acting have been put in there before. Much longer VNs than QR games are frequently on it. So I doubt that the length of QR games and the ‘wait for fandisk!’ incompleteness is due to the limitations of the medium, rather than QR’s half-assed policty. Either that or they have a shitty software engineer who can’t do compression to save their lives, which wouldn’t surprise me at this point.

    And Taisho IS Wafu, Hinano…..I mean, it’s not like wafu-ness stopped when foreigners started to gain influence in Japan or anything. Japanese folks still classify them as Wafu. It’s still very much about the Japanese heritage. To say it’s not Wafu is like saying a Scottish historical novel isn’t Scottish because it’s written in the Great Britain era and no one wears kilts…

  20. Yea Diamond succeed in both way : provoke old fans and attract new fans XD but I can forgive everything for shota Sidney, now give me shota Peter too QR XD
    Guess Tomoyo After ~It’s a Wonderful Life~ made you play BWS cause from the CG everything about that game is depressing ಥ⌣ಥ

  21. yea the School Wars poster is really cute ;D It’s hanging above my desk now XD

    Yea Brothers Conflict was really really buggy lol I remember at one point my game would just black out non stop until I restarted it 3 times (ಠ_ಠ)

    Yea I think Alice series may be the only thing I can forgive QR for because I love the characters so much (though I will never forgive them for what they did to Dee Dum and Eliott in Diamond no kuni -_-)

    I’m still plowing through BWS and Sakuragatari and my Norn9 won’t arrive for another 2 weeks or so but hopefully I’ll have reviews of those 2 up by then

  22. Both those Alice and School wars poster look great (◠ω◠✿)

    Talk about 0ji’s bug, the most bugged game i’ve ever known is Brothers conflict passion pink and I’ve re-read your review too:
    “You can’t save during any choice so you really had to follow a guide or save CONSTANTLY since you wouldn’t know when a choice would come up.”
    Guess it’s bad like that ಥ⌣ಥ and finally BB has a release date

    QR didn’t release game on February and April so I still have hope at Romeo vs Juliet cause I like the coloring and character’s design (except Romeo XD) the outfit look great too.Though that neck and tongue ⊙0⊙ xDDDDD Don’t know what to say about taisho kitan though
    I’ve seen a lot of Dia mirror CG from Super comic city and everything totally looks great ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ In the “Games readers are looking fwd to” rank last month it ranked 8th and this month is 6th. No doubt QR keeps milking Alice but more Fujimaru’s art is good (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

    About those “just got announced and released early” game I though with a lot of up-coming game they can’t announce all at once to keep fangirl continue buying B’log so can’t really judge the quality with it. Nah… but with all the current trend the lesson is “Don’t expect too high”

    Thank you for all the info. Look forward to your Norn9 review and hope your otome gaming mood can get better(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚

  23. Actually I picked it up at my local Japanese bookstore, with CD Japan it’s only worth it if you buy a bunch of books and either use FedEx or SAL

  24. Did you bought from CDJapan, right?
    Do you think it worth?
    I never bought from there before. I heard the shipping is expensive .-.

    What I’m really looking forward to is OZMAFIA! it looks so promising I still play the demo version again and again because the seiyuus there are so great… even the art is amazing… the story too… it’s full of things that I look for in an otome game (plus the cute heroine)

    you have a typo in the rankings —> Tokiya (amnesia)

  26. Gotta wait for more information I suppose. For now I’m interested but have to hope the early release date doesn’t start rearing its head soon.

  27. No problem lmao all comments are welcome (well except the ones where some guy tells me how rape in otome games is good :lol:)
    What I noticed about the otome game market patterns is
    1. there’s more yanderes/abusive dudes
    2. heroines ARE getting a little better these days
    3. everything on the PSP
    4. Everything is getting shorter but the price remains the same
    5. Port/Remake everything from 3 years ago is the cool thing
    6. yay segmented games, lets release 2-3 chara games for $40 and make a shit ton of money!

    so I’m not really sure if it’s better or worse. maybe better because there’s more variety but at the same time worse because there’s more “fast produced out the door” shit (like Amnesia crowd and Kussoni GOhan)

  28. The BroCon fanbooks have some illustrations not in the game but also has the game character profiles and all that stuff. I think it’s nice to have if you’re a fan of the series =3

  29. Well it’s more taisho than wafu. I mean technically kaidan romance is supposed to be wafu too but then because of the school b/s I guess that breaks the wafuness of it lol. The 0ji thing is stupid because one shouldn’t have to have multiple saves for all the endings just in case they don’t record in the gallery. It’s like buying a new camera that you have to hold in a certain way or it won’t take a photo. like screw that i’d rather get a camera that works.

    School Wars seems ok but again they are starting from the bad end which in an a sense is just redoing the whole route. This was such a waste of time in the Ouma FD that I have very little hopes for the SW FD anymore :s.Why not just start ALL the characters as lovers? If you can’t do that then clearly you shouldn’t even be making the damn fandisks orz.

    I’m excited for the DL game but since they’ve been mostly doing coverage on the CDs I haven’t really been prioritizing my excitement there.

    IF Snow bound land is like GHP yea it will be good we’ll have to see. I’m actually really excited about the Pia Carrot game but since it’s a Dengeki exclusive, B’s Log has no coverage on it sadly. Jewelic NIghtmare looks interesting, reminds me of Under the Moon and the cast list is great so hopefully that will turn out good.

  30. Try either Animate or Stellaworth in Sunshine City Ikebukuro. Remember that otome games for PC aren’t as common so if you can’t find any chances are its because they are old and out of print or so obscure only weird ero shops sell them.

  31. ahh yes those Asuka comics lmao. I remember DNAngel was in that too but at least they had their pairings (until the mangaka dropped working on it for the umpteenth time).

    I have been boycotting QR games ever since Shinigami Kagyo and while School Wars FD and Alice Mirror is on my list, the taisho game is yea pathetic lmao. I think their art director needs to be fired. They hire great artists who are forced to draw like derp.

  32. I actually follow Satoi on her twitter and she tweets daily. She also often puts it on locked (though since I followed her a while back I can still see what she tweets.) I’m guessing there have been issues with her personal or work life that it’s become like this.

  33. yea Otomate continues to make their derpy Hakuokis without her 😆
    Yea I have no interest in Urakata though I think the appeal of it is the fighting aspect

  34. I was wondering if I should buy July’s magazine, and after I read this post I think I will =3
    I agree, why Kent isn’t on the list. I like him too!! He’s the best!! *^*
    Brothers Conflict fanbooks, is worth it? I’m thinking of buying too.
    Thanks for the post!! ;D
    Can’t wait for Norn9 *^*

  35. Wow, Peter [from the Heart no Kuni remake] looks great! 😀

    I like the way Sho is the only non-Amnesia character on the reader’s top favorite list. Amnesia must be pretty good; I should check it out sometime.

  36. Even if it’s an Amnesia/Glass Heart copycat artist I have to admit that Snowbound looks neat. Ivan looks adorable so that’s a bonus.

  37. Oh cool Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino finally being ported and will have voice acting. Also that top favorite character poll… WHOA WHOA WHOA WTH? How did all those Amnesia chars get to top 5 that fast? What happened to Saitou, Okita, and the guys from utapri and diabolik lovers? Did Amnesia CROWD influence it by that much? I guess fans just want more Amnesia.

  38. Thanks some of these scans I didn’t see elsewhere.

    wafu games QR? heck no! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

    QR quit you wafu ways it’s not your forte and it probably never will be (Ouma doesn’t count because it had pretty little in terms of folklore and what not unlike hiakky and Shinigami)

    I didn’t notice the neck thing until you pointed it out… though for some reason it doesn’t really bother me… I guess the hair does work, however I do see the artist has serious problems drawing Benvolio he sticks out like a sore thumb in every image and I don’t think that’s a coloring problem.

    I did read about the 0ji gallery bug but I guess it seems hard to call it buggy shit for one bug that you could bypass simply keeping a save from the right point (or probably repeating it enough times I have to wait to get mine to see) The Cinderella games aren’t long since the start, 12ji was short 24ji was short; but you can stuff so much in a UMD, QR should have stuck at PC releases to make their games the length they actually want and save us the gratuitous FD (Can you tell by now how bitter I am about the kaidan games, even if Shinigami doesn’t suck as I expected it to)

    Anyway when they announced mirror Alice I knew AD wasn’t coming until December(It’s not like they are pushing it back considering they never gave a release date, they just said it was coming out this year, announced it early to create hype?) so I just hoped they wouldn’t stuff a November release in there… hence why I’m not giving Taishou kitan a chance. Anyway the 2 releases to look out for QR seem to be summer ones and December ones probably aiming them at vacations or holidays on purpose.

    Amidst all the bad at least SW ss seems ok, still QR drop the “start the fd from the bad ending” thing it sucks and you never pick the right guy for it (bitter because Hisamitsu got it this time, you could have picked Shinya instead since his route was the most hard to get into but nooo); and of course the Alice series and the remakes with Mamenosuke art and straight visual novel format, Peter looks the best in Mamenosuke’s art style. Glad that the fans asked for it after watching the movie, hope the other games get the Mamenosuke remake too XD

    LOL at the HKK SSL side by side to Kamiaso XD there’s no place for competition w w w w.
    Really hyped about the new DL game since the new guys seems just so interesting (and yeah Sakurai as the go to for a vampire dude seiyuu this year XD, twilight’s fault probably)
    And snow bond land may be the GHP of this year? I mean GHP also got a fast announcement and release date and actually delivered so here’s to hope it happens again.

    ∑(O_O;) and I think I wrote a lot already, sorry for the tl;dr.
    Any thoughts on Jewelic Nightmare or the prince pia carrot game? (XD)

  39. Hey, I’m currently in Japan and wondering where to buy Otome games. I’ve seen a shop with dvd’s and console games, but no pc games. Can you help me? Thank you^^

  40. AkaAka isn’t a BL game. It’s just…..have you ever read one of those comics series from Zero-Sum or Asuka or Wing Comics, where the main cast is a bunch of guys whose most important relationship is each other but everything about it clearly is platonic, if open to off-canon shipping? It’s like that. If that doesn’t ring a bell, think the less slashy CLAMP stuff minus the eye destruction. It’s a very small, niche but frequently high quality genre in jouseimuke gaming, with the offcial genre name being Boys Game. That sounds completely idiotic so some people’s taken to calling it ニアホモ, which probably……is against the intention of the creators, but let’s face it, that’s what they are to the fans.

    That said, I pretty much threw my hands up at QR the moment they announced the Heart no Kuni remake. I mean, REALLY QUINROSE? REALLY REALLY? Also, I’m a sucker for the Taisho period in general but their Taisho game doesn’t look appealing at all. Sure, they’ve got the requisite military dude and the nobility dude but it doesn’t even LOOK like it belongs to the era in anything but name. -____- Getsuei no Kusari may be DEPRESSING AS SHIT, but at least it got the feel of the era *right*, dammit. The looks of an era is the easiest thing you can do for historical periods. Geez.

    BTW, I don’t know what Honeybee wants to do anymore.

  41. I’m a terrible lurker (sorry that I’ve cannon-balled three comments in a row, too), but I always enjoy reading this blog, reviews and non-reviews alike! Would you say that the overall otome game market is getting worse quality-wise, or is it just the usual so far?

  42. P.S. Her blog is EXTREMELY sparse, with only 4 posts in the past five months. Not a good source of updates on her future work, in my opinion. She might be more free after Ozmafia, though. That’s a two-person project, so.

  43. Sorry I’m jumping in for this one: the artist goes by a pen name of Satoi. She drew for Diabolik Lovers, too, but before her recent commercial work, she was the artist for an otome game group called ERFOLG (http://erfolg.main.jp/). They’ve produced two freeware games: Moonlight Wedding and “Machi de Uwasa no Hakushaku-sama” (“Rumored Earl in Town,” roughly translated). (The latter’s actually gotten an update as shareware, but it only adds voices and some extras; the core story is the same, I believe.)

    Satoi’s blog here: http://satoisandesu.blog.fc2.com/

  44. Love love love your blog! Thanks for sharing with us! Do you know the artist of Ozmafia! and of any games he/she has done? Hopefully they might have a blog I could follow or something like Kazuki Yone! I know it’s old news but I didn’t know she left until recently since I just got into Hakuoki. I’m actually super stoked for Hakuoki SSL but I’m like I feel I shouldn’t since they recycling Yone’s art! 😦 LOL at the hostess mag!

  45. Hakuouki SSL!! Argh, they should’ve make it when Kazuki Yone is still working for Otomate(´‐ω‐)=з Great. We’ll have more derpy CGs after Yuugiroku 2… Urakata’s CG samples are not that appealing too…

    At least Alice has better artworks. Looking forward to it ♪( 〃 ⌒ ー ⌒ 〃 )♪ Bunny Peter ♥_♥

  46. don’t worry about it, I always like interacting with my readers 😀
    My obvious answer to the QR question is: trying to make money in every possible way they can since it’s their flagship series lol.
    They know they have a huge Alice fanbase and their fans will buy it because the art is much better. I’m pretty sure Diamond Alice did really well so that probably pushed them to do it.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they remade Clover and Joker and I will probably buy all of them, even copypasta joker if the art is done by Fujimaru XDDD
    So in a way if they targetted people like me, they’ve succeeded.
    Meanwhile most of their other games are fail lol

  47. Ooh. I just got the June one from a bookstore recently just because they get stuff in at a different time? I feel like such a stalker/really annoying commenter to your blog (at least for the last couple of weeks…) Sorry! Anyways.. I love your blog… Just ahh! It’s perf. Okay, for a legitimate-ish question: why do you think QR is remaking Alice for the second time..? I’m kinda confused (because my knowledge of Japanese is of a two year old)… I’m kinda excited for this just because of Alice ehehh…

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