B’s Log October 2012

Only 1 more issue left after this but I think Kino finally started carrying more than 1 issue in the store. When I walked in today they had like 2 Girls Styles and 3 B’s Log issues just sitting there in the magazine section :shock:. Maybe I will consider buying an individual issue if it has tokutens I want but seeing how next issue has an UtaPri tote bag….I am not planning to renew. ( ´_ゝ`)

And now the Tokutens:

Aside from the Hyakki poster that I’ve added to my Quin Rose wall…….yea the rest is just getting stuffed back into the magazine. Also I sound like a broken record but Hana-Awase is so revolting:

The revolting artwork just adds on to the revolting scene that’s going on in this picture ==;

This is old news but all the Tokyo Yamanote Boys games are being ported to PSP. They will cost like 5k yen for regular and like 8k for limited which will come with some stuff like headphones or something. Seeing how TYB is SO SHORT it feels like a huge ripoff to me…especially since in my eyes the only real plot was in Dark Cherry anyway…

Also old news but Amnesia is getting a 2nd game that takes place AFTER Later as well as the upcoming anime in 2013.

Seishun hajimemashita cast has been announced. Here’s my beef with the fat kid besides the fact that poor Kishio has to voice him. I’m sure tumblr’s got their panties in a bunch saying I’m a fat hater or w/e but my problem is he doesn’t look like a fat kid. The way he’s drawn he looks like some kind of troll beast.  Kazuaki clearly has no idea how to draw fat or even “somewhat portly” characters so she drew a blob with some eyes and a kyuubey mouth. In addition to making this kid be fat, he’s a stereotypical fat otaku who likes manga and videogames so I’m sure you can probably guess what his entire route will be about. I miss it when the otaku kid was skinny with swirly glasses in STEP at least that was combating the overweight otaku stereotype. Anyway I like that the heroine is being voiced by Horie Yui. I think she would be a better Alice too, over Kugimiya Rie (what was QR thinking when they cast her for the movie.)

Butterfly Lip cast has been announced. Your boyfriend is Kishio and your cheating manwhore is Hirakawa. This will be interesting and extremely not worth the price.

Otomate delays Diabolik Lovers and other games, news at 11. In the scenario for this CG its actually Yui being idiotic and biting his lip when he kisses her. Wow so who’s the violent one now? Though afterwards he tells HER to drink his blood. The tables have turned! 😆

B’s Log is teaming up with Rejet to release some goods like a 27″ x 19″ poster/scrunchie/microfiber mini cloth set for 1500 yen. Not sure if this will be available overseas. First set will be Ayato & Shuu. I’d prefer to play the game first before jumping on these goods since the drama CDs…er yea.

Kamigami no Asobi cast announced a while back so this is also old news. Yay for Kamiya Hiroshi, I haven’t heard him since Drastic Killer 😆

Also here’s the Kamigami heroine. Her hair reminds me of the heroine from Genroh…lol…

D3P is pimping more of their upcoming mobile games. What struck me was this one titled “Sensei Ikenai koto tte Nandesuka?” おまわりさん、こいつらです。

Information about the Vitamin Z fandisk is finally announced along with a teaser movie. What bugs me is rather than it being a fandisk or after story it seems like they’re basically REDOING the “last month” of the game before the graduation. Hopefully it’s more than just that otherwise D3P……(ಠ_ಠ)

Custom Drive…why are you so precious..

Hiirogelion! Now I’m curious about the 2nd season, as it seems they’ve gotten a decent animation team but that means I’d have to force myself to watch like 9 episodes that look like a 10 year old drew them.

Also announced at Otomate party is Princess Arthur. You get to makeout with Lancelot and Tristan! For some reason I expceted Quin Rose to do something like this but I guess Otomate jumped on the bandwagon first.

Takuyo finally released their first mobile game but …FOR FUCKING GREE. Takuyo seriously I am so disappointed in you.  Oh well so much for that.

Arabians Doubt キタ(ノ゜∀゜)ノ━━━。;*:゜:+,.○*:゜.:+;*:゜:+,.○*:゜.:⌒━  I already shitspazzed about this on my FC2 blog but a sequel to Arabians Lost is coming next year (most likely Feb or March.) It brings back everyone but this time includes Aileen’s exboyfriend Theodore and the guy he serves, Jared. The story takes place as if Aileen reached her goal but then her parents run off like they usually do but instead of her taking over the throne with whoever’s route you’re on – you now have to get a dude to help you. The best news is: The battle system is bye bye. The game will be a straight VN! ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ!

|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  Diamond Alice is slated for release on December 20th as I had guessed. Best Christmas present ever! I’m getting over my sadness that Peter isn’t in the game but it can’t be helped since the game takes place in the past – it’s an IF scenario as in what if Alice was sent back to BEFORE heart no kuni and into the previous diamond no kuni.

In one of the 4komas they totally show a spade listed so I’m totally taking this as a hint that they will make a Spade game in 2013 😆 Crossing my fingers.

Just some sneak peeks of upcoming QR games scenarios. I’ve already pre-ordered Hyakki so looking fwd to that one a lot.

While Otomate’s been on my shitlist this year, I’d still like to play Confidential Money. The games by this team have been pretty decent (Musketeer, Death Connection) and it takes place in NYC so it will be fun for me for other reasons :lol:.

GHP art looks really cute and colorful which makes sense since the person who directed Beastmaster is working on this. Hoping that despite the horrid Mary Sue premise, this game might end up being surprisingly fun.

TYB Black Vanilla is coming next month but I haven’t even started on Pure Raspberry yet since I’ve been in Alice land for a while lol. I’ll get it hopefully soon or marathon these 2 games back to back.

Enjoy this guy’s raep face when you play yandere heaven ladies! This may be like the first R-18 otome game ever that makes it blatant on what its contents is. Unlike fluffy colorful games full of candy that have NTR rape in their endings if you know what I mean (´^ω^`)

There was an interview with Fujimaru Mamenosuke (who’s doing the Diamond Alice art and did the art for all those Alice mangas I bought).  He (or she?) said that they didn’t draw animu characters until in their mid 20s and now draws on a daily basis because it’s the way of life to make a living. Started out just posting random pictures but eventually got contacted by Quin Rose to do anthologies which got them where they are today. It was a nice interview to read.

The Sangoku Rensenki artist drew a Ken Doll….if you know what I mean.

I didn’t bother with the rankings because it’s the same UtaPri/Hakuoki Characters every month jfc =___=. This is why I’m sick of B’s Log every month. A lot of Otomate stuff I skipped (Wand of Fortune, Hiiro 4) and any BL or Drama CDs cause lol whatever. I can’t seem to listen to drama CDs unless they’re part of a game so at least I  “know” the characters? Though so far the only time I’ve listened to fun drama CDs were from Quin Rose games. Though I will admit Amnesia Later’s preorder drama CD was pretty entertaining.

On the topic of drama CDs I sat down and played a bit of Shinobazu Seven demo:

To be honest I’m crying a river because of how NICE the system is and the huge resolution and the lovely crisp graphics….but I refuse to pay $35 per game for 6 games. The worst part is they’re not all self contained – they actually all have an ongoing story so if you say only buy certain ones, the ongoing story won’t fully resolve. It fully resolves in Taku’s disc (which I did want to buy because I liked his CD) but the fact that only like 4 stores even sell this pretty much forces anyone outside Japan to use a proxy or buy from ComiComi studio. I think I’ll pass or hope someone rips a copy >_>.


22 thoughts on “B’s Log October 2012”

  1. i don’t think alice is that tsundere to have rie voice her but alice also isnt a loli so when kugimiya doesn’t voice a loli it sounds weird to me

  2. Lawl, troll beast with a Kyuubey mouth! So true. Also Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica scared the living crap out of me mostly cuz of Kyuubey’s obviously evil stare.
    But as for Alice, I believe that Kugiyama Rie was still the better choice over Horie Yui. Kugiyama can pull off Tsunderes better than Horie can IMO, she voiced Taiga and Alphonse Elric too. Horie’s voice sounds too moe-ish at times. But that’s just me lol.

  3. lol i guess it depends on what you want with it? 😀 most of the furoku i’ve gotten ive not really used….especially all those stupid hana-awase pamphlets.

  4. Oh yeah the only reason I buy B’s Log from time to time is because if the furoku has something I want 😀 But hmm this time I can’t get it from my local kinokuniya cheaper than online sites anymore cz my friend isn’t coming back before I’m leaving overseas for studies. The kino is in another state! Yesasia sells it double the price but it’s free shipping. CDjapan is at almost original price but the shipping -_____- So I’m really wondering should I get it after my friend said something stupid about it -_______-

  5. i don’t know i haven’t gotten my issue yet. I don’t live in Japan so it usually takes a week from release date for me to receive it.
    the reason i decided not to renew my sub isn’t because of utapri items but because most of the content in every issue just repeats over & over.

  6. D: Is the Utapri tote bag not goooood? Yeah it’s been well over one month and the issue is already out. I am thinking of ordering it online but the other tokutens are -____- And really is the Shining All Star tote bag all that pretty lol. 迷う -___- Well yeah so what was the reason for saying you’re not planning to renew, after the utapri tote bag line lollll

  7. yeah, when qr first released heart, i think they already promised the fans that they’ll definitely make clover, diamond, and spade.
    so yeah.

    i’m just excited for arabian’s doubt. i think there would be some killing scenes where curtis kills theodor because that man is super scary.

  8. I think DGS has more of their dengeki game only features (like brothers conflict/koishiba) and they also have a dedicated section for manga. B’s Log focuses more on otome game content, usually has more bonus items with the magazine and also has a section on BL games. I prefer B’s Log because it has more stuff in it but getting every issue is pointless. I’ll probably go back to only buying issues if I like the stuff that comes with them because other than new game announcements most of the content seems to be the same issue to issue.

  9. I was wondering what the difference between B’s LOG and Dengeki Girl’s Style is…like does it have more or less than the other or are they similar? I was thinking of buying one or the other. For now, I’m more likely getting B’s log, but was wondering which would be better for me. Buying both is meh since they’re not cheap haha

  10. yea well otomate delaying games is like their trademark now 😆
    i hope Diamond Alice is Cero D, I plan to buy like every quin rose game coming out |D

  11. カスタムドライブ買ってよかったルカ君カワユスwダイアの国はクリスマスプレゼントとしてママに買ってもらうw←(金溜めてよw)Dialovers エロイなあ・・・it was delayed though

  12. yeah lol I am totally okay with them milking Alice lmao they do it well at least hahaha it’s not like hiiro or something ‘-‘ lol
    yeah I’m not sure about Custom Drive’s system but the artwork looks so cute and I’m curious as to how the game plays out in terms of storyline and stuff like that with the different personality stuffs lol

  13. Not sure if want Tristan, though. I ship Tristan with Isolde, dammit, Isolde! I usually don’t mind these things in the name of VN romances, but that was the ENTIRE POINT of his character! Lancelot, Merlin, Yoshitsune, Saito Hajime who actually married twice to people NOT named Chizuru, whoever, sure. Tristan? His entire story is about his tragic love. Might as well be trying to pair Hades off someone not Persephone….(but Kamigami no Asobi is doing that rite).

    If they keep as much of Lancelot as they can, though, he might be really interesting. Although Otomate and their knightly stereotypes. And they’ve changed the setting away from True Arthurian (Excalibur was NOT a sword that ‘chooses many kings through the ages’) so I’m not sure if I should hold up any hopes on that front. Even if that may make the whole ‘but history! but the actual Arthurian lore! So many points of did not do the research!’ thing better.

  14. Yea I thought of Fate Stay night too but I think this seems a bit more…obvious while F/SN doesn’t? At least they use the original names lmao.

    Otomate’s continuations are just milking of the series + butchering and O/Cing the characters. (see Hanaoni FD)

    I’m also tired of Yone’s art lmao and after UtaPri debut Broccoli can suck it tbh.

    And I totally agree about the mobile phone market thing but yea 400 yen a guy sounds less of a ripoff than 2900 yen orz.

  15. yea I went back & re-read the Diamond interview and everything made sense to me (also made sense once I actually played through Clover Alice lol.)
    I don’t mind them milking Alice since I’m pretty deep into its fandom now xD

    I’m still on the fence about Custom Drive’s system but the CGs look adorable.

  16. I’m not sure about WoF because I never played it. From what I read on 4shiki the system seems demonic so I haven’t exactly been excited to jump on its bandwagon..that I’m stuck in Quin Rose land probably until the end of October lol.

  17. For what it’s worth, Otomate’s new announces seem fairly interesting concept-wise. Even if Princess Arthur has me thinking of THAT other, more well-known female King Arthur in VN gamedom…. (and F/SN kinda sorta started out as a semi-otoge anyway, before someone convinced Nasu that the main protag has to have a dick). But I’m digressing. Although. While I’m like “YAY CONTINUATIONS!” with QR games I’m like “……..not sure if want” when Otomate announces sequels to stuff I like. Otomate has NEVER been good at sequels, so sue me. I’d rather they do something new. They CAN be decent at that every once in a while.

    Also, Kamigami no Asobi seems like the least interesting thing in the world ever to me. Maybe it’s because I’m a mythology buff and am not too eager to see them raped for the sake of doormattery, maybe it’s because I’m allergic to the artist by now, IDK.

    Lastly, I’m sure the mobile phone market and the ‘pay to access guys’ system has pretty much trained the otome market to accept the whole ‘paying for a guy’ thing the PC market is starting to trend towards to. Considering it’s like 400 yen tops in a phone game and ten times that for the PC ones, though, it’s beyond ridiculous. That’s not what you buy PC/console games FOR, but dang leave it for people to pretend they don’t know that and find a way to monetize it.

  18. Ahhh Alice is making more sense to me now. Didn’t realize it was the what-if scenario from before Heart happened lol. Well now I’m even more intrigued…

    And I feel like QuinRose is really beating at their Alice series by just releasing so many games (and hinting at more) and stuff BUT IT’S PERFECTLY OK WITH ME LOL just take all my money QR and gimme more Alice 8DD Since they hinted at the Spade game, I wonder what it’ll be about…? lol I’m so curious..! I kind of want them to do a director’s cut of the Alice games and port them to the PC since all the new games are more on PSP… I love all dem huge CGs on my laptop xD

    I wasn’t too interested in Custom Drive at first, the concept was interesting but it didn’t catch my attention all that much lol. But as I see more of it I just get more and more intrigued *_*

  19. Pfft, next it’s going to be Amnesia Again! I hate when series just can’t stop.

    Glass Heart does look pretty but I do agree we need to see if it’s totally moronic first. Though I am a bit surprised. Is Wand of Fortune no good? I was interested in it since it seemed very Fantasy oriented; and I’m a Fantasy nut. But if it sucks then I have no reason to buy it.

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