B’s Log May 2014


Most of the stuff in this post I already posted on my twitter account but oh well why not lol.


Stuff that came with the magazine:

  • Code Black poster (full of heavage)
  • BF(kari) postcard
  • Reine de Fleur (I prolly spelled it wrong) poster (which I managed to nearly rip in half e_e)
  • Colorful step poster for Culture Club
  • Utapri Ziplock bag (seriously what is the point of this…)


If Akazukin has taught me anything is to stay away from games with this artist(s) and well…when there’s a cage involved in the title you know it ain’t gonna go down well! 😆


This issue is full of “hey guys here’s a cool upcoming game….that we’ll give you no info until next month’s issue!” ヽ(。_゜)ノ WHY BOTHER THEN 😆 Anyway if you saw news about the Buccaneers Vita game, I believe the same company is making this game. No offense to buccaneers but I’m not really interested in that…

Mentioned these 2 on my twitter already but these are Otomate’s upcoming Vita games. One is a collaboration with Tezuka and the casts is already revealed. The 2nd one is a project with the artist miko (toki no kizuna, beastmaster) and the writer for all the Hiiro no Kakera games and director of Natsuzora no Monologue. AKA DIS GON’ BE GUUD ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ). Both games have teaser sites up on Otomate’s main page.


In case you missed the memo, honeybee will be releasing a game with Satoi (diabolik lovers, ozmafia) as the artist. Unfortunately honeybeen’s track record lately has been less than favorable (especially for their poor PSP programming).

Found my bebe in one of the prizes this month ;_;
Found my bebe in one of the prizes this month ;_;

Uta no Prince Sama All Star…has an FD coming ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Yea this is old news but for those who aren’t ready for the Vita flip yet, this will be for the PSP. I don’t know, I think it’s time to put UtaPri to rest for me to be honest lol. But I guess the idea of a deredere Camus and Ranmaru is kinda tempting…….ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ


Speaking of things I’m putting to rest, I’m done with Diabolik Lovers. I thought the writing/story direction for More Blood was awful and I can tell by shoving more characters in they’re gonna warp it even further. I feel like Dialovers should have just stayed as 1 game like most of Rejet’s games. The fact that they keep milking it tells me Otomate’s driving this bus and well you know what happens when they milk anything. Also this has been confirmed for PS Vita.


For those wondering about this guy, according to the magazine they’re basically rewriting parts of the story and having him be basically grown up Orion. (Same voice actress and all.) So yea that should give you a good idea of what kind of game Amnesia (AU) World will be. If you just wanna see your favorite Amnesia characters in AU though, then well you might enjoy the game. Just like with Dialovers, I feel like they’ve gone too far with this franchise.

I CAN’T BE THE ONLY WHO SEES NOEL AND ALVARO IN THESE PICTURES ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ). Either way looking forward to this game because basically the Wand of Fortune team is handling it. It’s also been confirmed fo PS Vita.

Also in case you’ve been under a rock, Kamigami no Asobi anime airs in a couple days 😆

Quin Rose announced a remake of Crimson Empire. Crimson Empire has like 2000 CGs or something. I really doubt they’re going to remake all 2000 of them. Still, since the original game is so god damn annoying to deal with system wise, it might actually be worth a look? Additionally they did not announce a system so there’s a possibility Quin Rose is following Otomate and considering a Vita port. Maybe I can finally play the game I rage quit years ago!? 😆


Let’s talk about ONE WAY (cause god damn if I spell that german word right.) One Way is a hard core ass stat raiser. It actually system wise reminds me of Hanayaka Nari Waga ichizoku?! I always complain about how much I hate stat raising but I SECRETLY LIKE IT. I mean how could I hate stat raising when I made it through every Wand of Fortune, Last Escort and Koibana Days!? Or maybe I’m a stat raiser do-M…ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ The game itself looks so good though, and I always love the “representation of the west” games so I have oddly high hopes for this.

This game has also been confirmed for the Vita. Basically this is the competition for Quin Rose for Code Black. I bet the Otomate one is gonna sell more copies :mrgreen:. Reminds me a lot of the style of one of those Hiiro no Kakera games so I’m actually looking forward to it. (Also reminds me of Armen Noir but let’s not talk about that………………….)


I already learned my lesson with the Heart remake enough to know this won’t go well. Also if you watch OP carefully you will basically see the same lines in Heart that you see in this game. Making the same stuff over & over like a template? That’s what they’re good at!


I’ve been meaning to post a review for this app that just came out a few days ago. Basically if you like Yoshino Hiroyuki and the “wanko” type guys you should definitely download this. I’m not really a fan of the art but so far I guess Shibainu-kun is kinda endearing? I’m more of a cat person though and not really a fan of Yoshino Hiroyuki so I’m not sure how much longer I’ll play around with the app. (Too busy punching cards in BF lol)


Ah Prince Pia Carrot, why are you torturing me with your constant delays and teasing! Why can u not get released! щ(ºДºщ)


New project! Date dudes on meth! No actually I have no idea what this is about but they look like they could use some fresh air and a support group.


After a rough battle for a few months, Sho has finally regained his spot back at #1!!!!


Well based on this “games everyone’s looking forward to” it seems like Japanese fangirls have no issues making a move on to the Vita. Have you made the move yet? 😉

Well over all that’s it for B’s Log. I usually don’t buy the issues but I happened to stop by Kinokuniya today. I saw them selling a ton of otome game artbooks but they were all at least $15 more expensive than the original price. Like yea ok I understand some of it is to cover shipping costs but the price is as if you were to get 1 book with EMS shipping or something. I feel like if you got them on Amazon Japan with their newly reduced shipping rates you could probably get a much better deal (not to mention probably a discount on the book itself.) Still, it’s easier to say “no” to an artbook online than it is when it’s right in front of you. I was really looking for the NinKoi artbook to be honest but since they didn’t have that I figured I could pass on the Arcana Famiglia 2 and Snow Bound Land ones. (My bookshelf is low on space anyway.)

tl;dr: Get yourself a vita by the time September comes or you won’t be able to play any of the upcoming otome game releases. The PSP era is over!


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  1. Syo’s so cute~

    Looks like I should move to the Vita, but… money! D: I hear they’re coming out with a Vita that you attach to your TV–for like 99 bucks. I don’t know how that’s going to work since the Vita has a touch screen though.

  2. Need to find at least some good points for what I spent money on. LOL

    What I tell myself everytime I play some quin rose game……..e_e

  3. Well… HQ screencaps would be nice though… Because artwork needs more LOVE. Well, I’m just lurking in a corner with my PSP first, before I attack the Vita market. 8D

    You might be right about the PC games, they weren’t perfect, but I liked them for various reasons. xDD Need to find at least some good points for what I spent money on. LOL

  4. ”New project! Date dudes on meth!”

    I DIED LAUGHING. Thank you, that made my day XD

  5. yea I dunno what that is either and I think stylistic art is okay but like I don’t wanna be looking at that for hours on end wtf
    I’m enjoying project diva f 2nd right now. It’s my only PS Vita game irght now but I compared graphics to the PSP and I can definitely see why Sega made the switch. It’s like comparing minecraft to FF14 or something haha

    I think in Japan it’s like a “thing” to be obsessed with one thing for a long time. That’s why companies keep milking stuff like UtaPri and Hakuoki because they know that there will be that crazy majikichi group who just wants more and more of the same. Japan’s not really prone to change but when they do make the movement everyone follows…so I imagine regarding Vita, since Otomate is like the leader of the otome games, other companies will be following suit very soon.

  6. all those games you mentioned
    one is a doujin game so it doesnt count (but yes its amazing)
    2nd one has no content and full of NTR so no
    3rd one full of gore and rape and gorey rape
    4th one is a short drama CD mini game and not really a real game

    so unless you are satisfied with the PC offerings then no VIta really is a much better platform. Besides the screen and graphics on the VIta are gorgeous. PSP doesn’t do most of these games justice so I’m looking forward to having nice HQ screencaps when the time comes 🙂

  7. “New project! Date dudes on meth! No actually I have no idea what this is about but they look like they could use some fresh air and a support group.”

    Hilarious! Great start to April! xD

    Got a PS Vita ages ago, partly to get Dragon Crown, Persona 4 and the Danganronpa twin pack. None of which I have yet. 「(°ヘ°) So yeah, I’m ready to make the move! 😀 Since it’s not possible to pirate PS Vita games yet, until the hackers will inevitably do what they do, hopefully this will impact the Vita move for the better.

    Anyway, damn, looking at those popularity polls, they sometimes make me embarrassed to be part-Japanese, LOL. 😛 *Best snobby, elitist voice* They have ZERO taste in characters, those Japanese people!

  8. Dawww. I was literally /(°A°)\ when I read that Reine de Fleur and Code: Realize are Vita games… Because my PSP is not even 2 years old yet!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??? ;w; I’ll probably wait until there are more games for the VITA… Need to resist, even though I always wanted to play Persona 4! orz

    Though… I’ve been hooked by PC otoge lately… There were a bunch of fairly nice ones out there, like “Watashi no Real ha Juujitsu shisugiteiru”, “Dousei Kareshi: Butterfly Lip”, “Jooubachi no Oubou” or Dot Kareshi? 😀 😀

  9. Oh wow so they are migrating to Vita? Glad I bought that console, so far I only interested with reine des fleur. I’ll def buy that one , the arts are as usual is good, I like WoF and hopefully this one turned out to be good too xD

  10. nah I’m not interested in hakuoki.
    I haven’t really been interested in Hakuoki in years and that game is basically 3 years too late for me.XD

  11. yea especially RdF!! You can hold off on a Vita until there’s concrete release dates. I mean I got mine just so I can play project diva.
    All Star was like…good routes for the senpais, meh routes for the senseis and a waste of space for the princes. I wish they wouldn’t go this way in the FD but I guess they can’t bear the thought of not giving routes to their favorite 6!

  12. well you got a few months so its ok 😛
    I thought about FFX HD but since I have FF14 that’s already enough of my rpg time!

  13. yea I wish it was a poster as well.
    I’m not a fan of the milking but I guess it was effective enough that Otomate decided to switch platforms!
    and yea I feel you on the colors, reason why I imported mine as well!

  14. Goodbye PSP hello Vita~ XD Since there are a lot of upcoming Vita releases, will Hakuouki SSL be on your list of games that you’ll play? I’ve seen the so-called ‘anime’, even though there’s NO seiyuu for that :P, but it is entertaining to watch…

  15. Reine des Fleurs and Code:Realize are the two games that I’m most looking forward to. Ironically, I don’t yet have a Vita, but those games are probably going to influence me to get one sooner than I planned. I was planning on trying to get it on the Japanese Amazon with Baggage Forward like you kindly showcased.

    I didn’t play All Star yet so I can’t say how I feel about a FD, but at least I have the console to play it if I decide to, haha. I hope some of the series will be put to rest soon despite how much I may like them, but I have my doubts. A lot of the series where I honestly felt like there was no where else to go with them somehow continue to get more games and I just don’t know how they do it. I know why they do it, but I wish they wouldn’t.

  16. NUUU–!! I’m not ready to make a Vita move yet… Q__Q All these teasers and fabulous pictures are condemning me to despair… oTL

    I’ll prolly wait to see their reviews before deciding. And here I thought i could save up more of my otoge budget since they don’t have that many releases this year… Tho, the main factor when i finally decide to get a Vita won’t be otoges but rather that shiny new HD release of FFX/X-2… XD

  17. Man that BF postcard is really cute. Wish it was poster instead though.
    Unless people stop buying those overmilked series, the companies are gonna continue to milk them. It’s easy money for them so I can see why they do it but they really should give it a rest.
    I thought I’d just get the US Vita at first but they’ll probably never release colors other than black lol so I just imported one instead. 😀

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