Unboxing: The Residents of Clover Library


It’s been while since I ordered limited edition so here’s a couple photos!

Made the purchase from Animate Online Shop. Game arrived to Baggage Forward on Thursday night, I paid within the hour of them sending me the email, game arrived to me today. Pretty speedy service and always the great quality I expect from BF! I think you can get the game cheaper on Amazon now though so you don’t have to pay the 400 yen shipping fee to Animate. Only Animate bonus is that drama CD and well I’m pretty meh on drama CDs as bonuses anyway.

Will attempt to revive my broadcast to stream this game since it’s on the PC!


13 thoughts on “Unboxing: The Residents of Clover Library”

  1. Oh yeah that’s what I meant whoops haha. Thanks a lot! I’ll definitely try them out (trying to buy KyoAni’s version of Free! Eternal Summer because apparently it comes with a looot of extras so yeah haha).

  2. I’ve used Baggage Forward for every single forwarding purchase for over a year now.
    In fact I just received a package this morning from them for clothes I bought at Axes Femme 🙂
    I don’t use them as a proxy though. You still have to order from a website yourself, and do all the payment and you only use BF as the “shipping address”.
    I haven’t used any proxies in ages, I never really had luck with them and they were really slow…so now I just find JP stores that accept my card and use BF to forward me the items instead.

  3. Sort of related sort of not, but seeing as how you’re happy with Baggage Forward, is it safe to invest in their services? Because I’m looking for a good proxy service and I’m a bit wary about the internet since I’ve been scammed before…

  4. ^0^ this game looks good but I’ll read your review first it seems you have finished it as expected you are fast xD Btw Hinano-san are you planning to buy Trigger Kiss? I always waiting for your review first before buying the game lol /o\

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