Unboxing: Re:Birthday Song Stellaworth Set


Pardon the low quality as I took these with my phone.

Part of me picking the pricey Stella set was for the extra disk that didn’t seem to come with any other store tokuten, and also a test to see if I could successfully order from Stellaworth. Their system requires you to write your name in kana even if your credit card has your name in English. Fortunately writing your name in Katakana/Hiragana totally works  and while it’s kind of annoying that they don’t give you a shipping notification…it’s good that as usual Baggage Forward has excellent service in regards to that aspect. There’s a lot of goodies in here and the booklet that comes with the game is very lovely. It has a lot of stuff on the characters as well as the beautiful backgrounds in the game. There’s also a lot of CDs that come with it, and aside from the mini scenario append disk, I’m not sure of the contents of the drama ones. Also comes with a Yoru mousepad but I have like 4 mousepads on my desk now so I’m keeping it in its clear case until I actually think I’m gonna need to use it 😛

I’m a bit worried about this game because I read that there’s text bugs but that aside it sounds like the characters & story are really good so I’ll keep my hopes up. I’ll probably be broadcasting my play of it so feel free to stop by and watch.


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  1. I really love your unboxing posts, the stuff always dazzle me (✿´‿`).
    Likewise, I wanted to warmly thank you too for your Twitch video of Yoru yesterevening! I was too shy to say” Hello” on the chatbox, but I laughed so hard at everyone’s reactions! I really had a good time, and now, I consider to buy the game*✲゚*.

  2. I’m currently busy with work/FF14/my current otome game to write any original posts like this though but you sound like you’re really creative so I suggest doing something like this for your own blog 🙂

    Also as I don’t really listen to too many drama CDs I wouldn’t be able to really recommend much anyway. I think a few other bloggers are more big on than that I am. I mostly just stick to game plays. Sorry!

  3. Aww… well, okay. How about this then? Can you do an article where you tell us about some good otome cd’s where the guy just monologues at the female listener? I’d like it if he addressed me in a way that I can tell he’s specifically speaking to a female. I guess they only come in “romantic” but I wouldn’t mind a guy being possessive of me – I think it’s flattering as long as he isn’t psychotic. But that could work, it all depends on style. I’d also like to try some sexier stuff. I’m totally new to this but hearing a guy with a sexy voice being “noisy” might turn out to be something I like, as long as he’s calling me onee-san or onee-chan or daughter or something, lol, so I’ll know I’m not listening to anything weird. What do you think?

  4. Aww… okay… I was going to suggest you just don’t let those comments through moderation but that doesn’t save YOU from seeing them. Well… I have another request if that’s OK. I just learned about cd’s where the guy talks to you, the female listener. Can you recommend some great otome cd’s that have attractive voices that talk to us, and also a possessive guy who growls sexily about how important I am to him and he can’t live without me? Or somethin’. I’m totally new to this otome stuff and I’m not sure I won’t get scared away (*cough* gayness *cough* obviously seme or uke voices *cough cough vomit*) but if the stuff is 100% straight I might like it. Imagine listening to a single sexy voice talking to you, the female listener, in Japanese! That could be oh so sexy! I don’t like bishounen or weirdness btw. So can you recommend some “a guy talks to you” cd’s? I also don’t want a lot of two or more dudes talking scenes… none of those if possible if possible and no threesomes because if the chick isn’t talking but there’s noise happening I will die. A long monologue and loud sex noises from him with me presumably mute is best, lol.

  5. I haven’t downloaded the patch yet (busy banging my head in FF14 endgame raiding) but I don’t even know what these text errors are to be honest. I haven’t really noticed them except 1 time where someone said a line but no voice accompanied it….so yea I don’t really know what these text bugs are supposed to be lol. Thanks for delurking to comment and well I appreciate all comments even if you don’t feel it’s valuable 😛 Don’t be shy comment away!

  6. OMG! I have a request! Please please PLEASE do a funny article on the character types in otome games!!!!!! I was reading your review on Vampre Sweetie and you called one of the dudes the “resident emofag” and it literally made me laugh out loud! XD PLEASE write a hilarious article about the types of guys in these games based on set in stone personality types and set in stone appearances! Will you will you will you???

  7. Oooh, so many extra goodies! My game came a couple days ago, I just got the normal edition to save money …! I was curious what actually came with the Stellaworth set so thank you for all the pictures (which are much more informative than item descriptions haha). I saw that Honeybee released some kind of patch for the game today, but I’m almost done Shun’s route and I … haven’t noticed any text errors at all … or maybe the errors are too complex for my mediocre Japanese lol. But — it’s been really good so far, although I think my standards aren’t really that high lol.

    PS: First time commentor! I’ve lurked sometimes but I don’t have much time to play so I didn’t have anything valuable to contribute to the comments lol. Hope you’re enjoying the game!

  8. I’ve not yet even installed it haha been preoccupied with you know what. XD
    Also part of me wants to delay it in hopes Honeybee patches the text bugs lol

  9. Aaaaahhhhhh I should have ordered the Stellaworth set T_______T ugghhh what is wrong with meeeeeeeee ajfkdla;jkfld;ajkd; if I hadn’t already gotten my very boring regular version and I wasn’t so damn broke lmao I totally would have gone for the Stella set. Ahhhh oh well… I’ve got the game so I’m just happy with that at this point haha! I got my copy in as well but I’ve only played the prologue and a small part of the first day. I’m really sick so it was hard trying to sit there and focus on what was going on haha. I had to play the prologue twice just to figure out what was going on because I kept spacing out! It was like everything was coming in and going back out lmao….

  10. oh my god, so many goodies!
    im def buying the next game’s stellaworth version instead of just buying the normal version.
    i really look forward to your twitch livesteams, now that i have had time to get a decent portion of the intro done! 🙂

  11. I’m really excited for this! I played the demo and found they were able to put a fresh spin on the whole ”school setting with mythical beings and overused character types”. I’ll be sure to drop by and watch you play–can’t wait for your review to decide if I should buy it or not!^_^

  12. Ahh, thanks for the info! I’ll probably go with Stellaworth’s set anyway 😛
    Although I don’t really like this kinda exclusive in-game extras idea. It kinda feels like I’m jibbed if I buy it elsewhere.

  13. No I’ve not seen any since I imagine anyone buying it on Amazon is probably not going to talk about Stella’s set lol. I know 1 blogger who got the Stella set but they said they hadn’t touched it and enjoyed the game regardless. Unfortunately with my slow ass play pace I doubt I’ll be able to review the disk before the set is sold out at Stellaworth. I DID hear that the extra disk is just scenario and has no CGs if that helps any! (;^ω^)

  14. Have you read any reviews on whether Stellaworth’s extra disc was worth it?
    I’m still torn on which shop to get mine from haha.

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