Otome Game Review: Jewelic Nightmare

Tsukishiro Michiru dreams about the world of Calmina every night. There she meets a bunch of anthropomorphic jewels who treat her like their blow up doll while she spams her necklace powers in their faces. Once she wakes up, she actually runs into their “look a likes” in real life. Will Michiru ever figure out the deal with her dreams and be able to get some restful sleep? Good thing this game was from the bargain bin of bookoff cause it really wasn’t worth anything. 😂



Ok I wasn’t even trying in the intro there but the story is basically copy pasta of the following amazing plot: When Michiru is awake in real life, she is “sleeping” in Calmina and  vice versa. The guys in the dream are actually the “memories” of the guys she knows in real life that they have forgotten. So now it’s Michiru’s job to basically pick one, “merge” him with his real life self so his real life self can “regain” the thing he has forgotten about. Obviously once this happens, they all fall magically in love and live happily ever after. The difference being that because technically the jewel personality is the polar opposite of the regular one, it’s possible that the “jewel” personality can take over the body of the person in reality in one of the ending. And yea that’s it, that’s the story. Now on to our sparkling mans.

jewelmans037Togari Kou / Ruby – Kou starts working part time at the pastry store with Michiru. He’s shy around girls and attends an all boys school. Meanwhile Ruby, his opposite persona is the confident oresama who constantly hits on and licks (lol) Michiru in Calmina. Kou also likes to eat sweets which is a big reason why he applied for a job at the cafe. During the ceremony where Ruby & Kou were supposed to “merge as one” after ~unlocking their feelings to  Michiru~ (this happens in every route so I’ll just mention it once here) the fake jewels attack. They end up damaging Ruby and he has a “crack” which is related to his past trauma of injuring his legs. Due to this he’s basically bed ridden at Calmina and unable to move. One day after work,  a truck almost hits Michiru but Kou jumps in the way and saves her and they end up in Calmina somehow. They then run into Ruby and Kakki sits there arguing with himself until Michiru hugs both of them. 😂 He apparently forgot he had a leg injury which only happened maybe 2-3 years prior. I mean I know it’s part of the plot to “forget” things but how do you forget you have a PHYSICAL injury lmao.  

jewelmans039Honey end: After the truck passes, Michiru & Kou wake up in their world again. Because they’ve merged into one, Kou remembers all the lewd things Ruby did to Michiru (like climb into her bed, kiss her neck etc. ) 😂 He then confesses that he’s jealous of all that cause he’s been in love with her. After he gets over his track team regrets, Michiru confesses her love to him and he asks her to be his future waifu. Poison end: Ruby takes over Kou’s body in real life. His mom tells him to quit his job at the cafe so he doesn’t strain his legs. His old middle school friend rages at him for not getting surgery for his legs. While all this is going, suddenly Kou announces that he’s moving to America in a week!  😂 He then grabs Michiru & eats her face ( ok well I guess it was supposed to be a kiss. ) He also says he’s gonna get foot surgery in America. In the epilogue Kou returns to Japan a year later, and they live happily ever after. Well on the positive side I got to hear Kakki do his ~baaaka~ at least 40 times this route 😂.

jewelmans043Sumihara Aoshi / Sapphire – Aoshi is a calm shota in real life but his jewel persona is a tsundere boku. While I didn’t really like most jewel personalities, I probably liked Sapphire’s the most because tbh Aoshi was really DULL lol. He’s the grandson of the cafe owner and enjoys photography using the camera his father left him. Aoshi is just a sad panda because his parents work late and he’s often alone at home. His dad was a photographer but left them, so now the mom hates photography and disapproves of Aoshi’s hobby. Aoshi is upset to the point that he tries to throw out the camera his dad left him. Michiru tries to stop him and suddenly the two of them are brought to Calmina where they run into Sapphire. This incident finds and completes the missing pieces of Sapphire’s jewel.  And so they end up merging into one as usual thanks to the castle owner’s remaining powers.

jewelmans060Poison End: Sapphire takes over Aoshi’s body. He finds out that his dad is holding an art gallery of his works and he wants to go see it in hopes of meeting his dad there. He does see him but then chickens out saying it would be bad if he approached him.  He then starts crying again saying he wants to return to Calmina. As by magic, Michiru’s pendant sends them there! While at the abandoned castle,  Michiru confesses her love to him,  they kiss and he gets over himself.  😅 In the epilogue they return to their world, and begin to officially date. Aoshi says he sent letter to his father who replied with “I’m sorry” and sent a photo of him and Aoshi’s mom holding as a baby. Honey end: Aoshi regains control of his body after merging with Sapphire. Aoshi confesses his love to Michiru and she’s like oh yah me too! In the epilogue,  they begin dating,  and he kisses her on their first date. So yea even his human world ending was boring! Sadly this is really the only case as all the other jewel personas & ends were really blah to me.

jewelmans088Ayase Nanami / Allen – Allen is short for Alexandrite and he’s a whiny turd and a waste of Hatano Wataru’s voice. 😅 In real life, Nanami is a flirty famous barber who often does hair styling for celebrities/movie sets etc. Also because he’s the token yandere he has to get the strangle-heroine-scene during the part where he gets a crack in him post battle with the fake jewels. Nanami forgot that he had an ill sister Minami who died. He even finds girl clothes in his house but can’t remember why! Turns out, Nanami became a barber to make his sick sister happy. The sister didn’t wanna hold him back with her illness so she asked him to only communicate with her via phone or email.  She would always sound happy and well but it turns out her illness was fatal and one day Nanami got a call from the hospital that she passed away. A few days later Allen & Nanami swap worlds and Michiru is really confused. After calming Allen down,  the two swap places again and Nanami finds himself in front of Michiru. A couple days later after Nanami mentions he was in another world in a dream while he was sick – he and Michiru get teleported to Calmina.

jewelmans098After having to calm Allen’s tantrums, the castle gge shows up,  gives the usual powers speech and they merge into one.  Honey End:  Nanami returns back to Earth, and his uncle & aunt rage at him for ignoring his sister’s funeral and grave visits. Michiru tries to explain to them how it was so traumatizing for him that he just was unable to do it. A few days later, Nanami comes to a mourning for his sister, giving a speech about why he didn’t show up until now.  He also says he will fulfill a promise he made with Minami – he made a wedding dress based on designs she drew in her sketchbook. Michiru models the dress for everyone to see while Nanami says he wishes that Minami could have wore it. (How morbid 😫).After this, they go to the park & Nanami confesses his feelings to Michiru. He tells her to close her eyes if she accepts, and as she does he kisses her asking her to be his girlfriend.

jewelmans100After he goes to put the dress into the box of Minami’s old clothes,  he finds an old letter she wrote to him. In the letter she basically thanks him for being a good oniichan, and tells him to live a happy life without her. Nanami decides to take up studying fashion design while working as a barber. On the epilogue, they smooch happily ever after. Poison End: Since Allen takes over the body, he’s basically a giant manchild that Michiru has to babysit.  (Probably the only ending where she finally does something on her own!) He whines whenever Michiru leaves him and demands she sleep in bed with him like a stuffed animal. 😅 Eventually he accepts Nanami as part of himself and can become a functional member of society. Oh and they also confess their love to each other.  Unfortunately he’s still a manchild and rejects an offer to be a hair stylist in a Hollywood movie because oh noes I can’t bring Michiru with me! (눈_눈) In the epilogue he randomly grabs and kisses her in public.

jewelmans076Sensui Takuma / Emerald – Takuma likes to read books  and often randomly barges into conversations  Michiru is having with her friend Masaki. I think because of this Masaki really hates him, but deep inside Masaki x Takuma is my OTP 😂. His Emerald persona is a snobby rich company owner like his father which Takuma really hates.  He wears glasses that  he got from his  grandpa who passed away & his father was very upset about this. Takuma wanted to do research on various stones and become a gemologist as his career so his Calmina self took interest in figuring out the world as well. Once Emerald figures that Calmina is gonna perish he’s in despair but says he’ll try to figure out how to save it thanks to cheering from Michiru. Takuma used to have a friend, and Takuma’s dad ended up laying off the dad of the friend.Because of this the friend had to move away and Takuma tried to make the dad change his mind but to no avail. His dad said Takuma is like him so Takuma began to think everything he does is to “use” people or things.

jewelmans078He felt like maybe he only “used” his friend for connections and decided not to be proactive on things anymore. Just then some dude bursts in complaining that Takuma’s dad laid off his parents and now he may not be able to go to college. Unfortunately there’s nothing Takuma can do about his dad’s decisions and not too shortly after they run into Takuma’s dad at the school. This triggers both Takuma & Michiru to be teleported to Calmina. Emerald realizes that Takuma is his “real life” counterpart and then the usual copy   pasta of them merging together thanks to the castle owner’s remaining powers. Honey End: Takuma gets into an argument with daddy about taking over the family business vs going to study gemology. So because Takuma discovers some kind of rare metal, it makes the group look good. The dad gives up cause this saves the Sensui group from near bankruptcy. He also finds a job for the dad of the random guy who raged at him cause he contacted everybody that was going to get laid off the Sensui group. Takuma thanks Michiru for  motivating him though tbh she didn’t do anything. ಠ_ಠ He then confesses his love for her (as a wife not a friend! 😂😂

jewelmans080In the epilogue, Michiru is going to the same university as Takuma. He comes to the high school to pick her up on her graduation day & asks her when they will get married since they’re gonna live together anyway. Poison End: Emerald takes over and admits he was scared Takuma was going to “kill” him. He gets into a fight with dad but he’s not passive like Takuma was & talks back pointing out that their group is near bankruptcy. He also does this to force his dad to get medical treatment for his illness while Takuma takes over the business. And so a month passes with him being busy with that but at the end he calls Michiru to the student council office. He then decides he’s gonna go back to Calmina and asks Michiru to come with him. Michiru has no personality or anything holding her back so of course she agrees! (Though that means they’re basically in a permanent coma irl!) Emerald becomes the new castle ruler and gives all the stained jewels jobs like he’s running a company.  😅 And so they live in their dream world morbidly ever after. Also miraculously for the first time,  Calmina gets a ray of sunlight.

jewelmans008Sumeragi Seiichirou / Adamus – Seiichirou is the top patissirie chef at the cafe and often hounded by a magazine reporter for interviews. His famous patissirie chef father died from an illness so Seiichirou wanted to continue his dream. In the past his younger brother was jealous of him & quit being a patisserie cause of their inferiority complex. That younger brother is Matura in Calmina and also known as a “fake jewel” because he’s like the “fake” Seiichirou he could never become. So because he was thinking about his otoutokun, Seiichirou gets teleported to Calmina where he meets up with his other half Adamus. They are fighting against Machura and Seiichirou recognizes him as his younger bro. He tells him that his brother will never BE HIM, however this isn’t bad and he should just be himself instead.

jewelmans012Honey end: Seiichirou quits his job at the cafe and asks Michiru to go out with him. Suddenly Michiru has a moment of enlightenment and realizes she’s in love with him too! (¬_¬) So then Seiichirou goes mia for a few days & invites her for private tasting of his new menu. It’s a bunch of non pastry items based on his father’s recipe.  He once again confesses his love for Michiru saying the way she ate his food made him continue his job as a pastry chef. Suddenly she realizes what a moe oniisan he is,  confesses her love & kisses him. This scene was so cute it made me wish Michiru was like this the whole game not just 1 scene in 1 route…😒. Just then Kou & Masaki catch them and apologize for cockblocking. Just then the rest of the cast show up and he tells everyone he’s gonna return to this restaurant, but wants to make things other than just sweet pastries. In the epilogue Seiichirou’s brother visits the restaurant and before Seiichirou goes to serve him he asks Michiru to ~comfort~ him with a forehead kiss lol.

jewelmans019Poison End: Adamus takes over the body and thanks Michiru & Seiichirou for helping him move on and change his life. However cause the writer ran out of ideas they have him wangst about how he hasn’t changed at all and he needs to go back to Calmina etc. 😒 So then he gets over himself and makes a wedding cake that he cuts cute with her like it’s their wedding lol. In the epilogue, Adamus enters & wins the cake competition. He gets an offer to be an apprentice in France so he says he’ll wait 2 years until Michiru graduates high school – So she can go with him lol. Nice she scored a personal chef the rest of her life 😂. Honestly the only positive side was Kenn being all uguu in his human world ending with Michiru. I didn’t like deep voiced Adamus (reminded me of this stiff elf man from FFXIV lol). Also wtf is up with having literally no info on Seiichirou’s brother. We never even find out his brother’s REAL NAME. He’s just ??? in the epilogue there and we see nothing about him in real life. Why didn’t he even at least get a route? He also scored oddly high on the character poll so I was expecting something big about him…but….there was nothing. ಠ_ಠ

Castle Owner
– This route was so dumb and pointless and well let’s be honest, I really couldn’t care less for dating a wrinkly GGE – particularly because I’m shipping him with someone who looks like 1/5 his age. ಠ_ಠ


jewelmans112Michiru finds out that the cafe owner grandpa used to have a crush on her grandma. The grandma’s “feelings of her first love” were then encompassed in that pendant that Michiru wears. And well that pendant is basically the castle owner. Castle owner then reveals that the entire jewel ceremony was grandma’s wish for Michiru to find twu wuv! This was to make up for the fact that she couldn’t be with her love – cafe grandpa. So then owner goes into his tldr speech how all the jewels and Calmina were created by him because of this and it’s his fault that a false diamond Machura came to  be too. He then says he plans to get rid of Calmina and then tells her his real name  before vanishing. He used his last powers to merge all the jewels with their real life counterparts.

jewelmans113One day while Michiru is in the library she finds that the name of the necklace rock is a moon stone. It says that the stone represents passionate love & ability to see the future. After doing more reading she realizes the castle owners name is Serenity. As she calls his name out she’s somehow teleported to Calmina – which was supposed to be gone. Michiru tells him she knows he has the hots for granny but she wants him to loom at her! He’s the moonstone grandma had which represented her feelings for the cafe owner. Michiru then confesses her love to him (Lol ok) and he hugs her babbling nonsense about his feelings or how he’s not good enough for her etc. In the epilogue Michiru spends her nights living in dreamland with grandpa Serenity 😅.  His kiss cg was kinda disturbing to me I mean he looks like a 50 year old man getting it on with a 16 year old…😣 Why Michiru fell in love with him is beyond me lol. I mean why she does anything she did in the game is beyond me.



Well I didn’t really have high expectations and I just needed something to kill time this past week but….I probably should have just spent time grinding outfits & trophies in Projefct Diva X instead. The only thing this game has going for it is (some) of the seiyuus and the pretty artwork (which is diminished by the fact that it’s on a tiny shitty PSP screen.) As a heroine Michiru is transparent. All you ever see her is getting moved around like a jellyfish in waves and just “going along” with whatever the guys do. Her friend Masaki had so much of a fun personality, I had wished Masaki was the heroine instead. When you have a heroine that just smiles/nods/agrees with everything and barely does anything on her own, it makes the game be boring really fast (unless you’re the type to self insert/ignore the heroine anyway.) The guys jump on her for literally no reason. All she does is wake up in Calmina every night and they jump on her in bed like a bunch of horny dogs desperate for any female to mate with. This then leads into them magically falling for her in a short span of time in real life as well which was pretty eye rolling and uninteresting. I believe the game was supposed to be marketed as “gap moe” where the difference in personality was the key feature….but the difference was so jarring in some cases that it was just me seeing the heroine getting on with 2 different people lol. What else really sucked was the first 3-4 chapter common route. The first run through was so DULL because every night it’s just Michiru waking up in Calmina, having the guys fawn over her, fight with each other while they play cards. Fun fun! So creative! So that only left about 2-3 chapters with the guy on its own but they were short and didn’t give enough time for relationship to develop. Before you knew it, they were both magically in love and kissing and end credits rolling in your face.

Honestly if you want a game with the personality switch type theme, Kyoukai no Shirayuki did it much better. It’s actually quite similar as far as “another world” with “another personality of a guy the heroine knows in real life” but it cuts out the boring common route and focuses on each individual guy and his quirks. Also Mashiro actually you know…had a personality while Michiru was a transparent jellyfish. Needless to say, I don’t recommend even if you get it off the bargain bin because it’s an exquisite waste of time that probably nobody will ever remember Otomate releasing anyway.┐(´д`)┌

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  1. You have stronger willpower than me.
    I started this game ages ago with Allen’s route; never finished it and never picked up the game again…

  2. I have play this game and finish it about 2 or 3 years ago… and that time i don’t really care about character and what kind personality they have but after you make this review i know that i’m not just a person that think this game weird and kind of dumb.

    Every ending in this game just “WTF??!! THAT THE ENDING??!!! YOU GONNA BE KIDDING ME!!”

    And why that GGE have to be the sacret character i expecting the guy with scar on his face to be secret character. Why they chose that GGE to be secret character instant that ikemen… WHY?? WhY???!!!

    1. lmao XD yea this game was pretty bad but I mean that’s what all the reviews said so I wasn’t that surprised. I needed something to kill time before my collar malice arrived lol

      1. Yeah maybe you right.. beside i play it because Kakki and Kenn voice just there… I JUST LOOOOVVVEEE they voice… they just to hot and make melt…

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