Otome Game Review: Period Cube ~Torikago no Amadeus~

Hanamiya Kazuha got hit by a car when she was little which caused brain damage and memory lapses. She’s been able to live her daily life fairly normally despite having gaps in her memories. One day her childhood friend Hiroya tells her that her brother Shiki has been MIA for a few days. The two of them think he might be sucked into an MMO game called Arcadia – on server V – where if you login to the server, your body goes into a coma and your soul is “inside” the game. Hiroya then tells Kazuha to make an alt on her brother’s account and join the fun but…our heroine apparently barely knows how to use a computer let alone play an online MMORPG. On top of it, server V is a PK server full of high level players and somehow Kazuha has access to godly powers that allow her to basically wipe out everything in sight. So now while she’s trying to find her oniichan, every player is out to get her to join their party so they can clear the end game dungeon – the Hakobune – in order to log their soul out of Server V. Unfortunately their time is limited because something called the “Death Cloud” is running around basically wiping all the data off the server.

2016-06-13-215953Ok let’s cut to the chase with some of the spoilers here because otherwise nothing will make sense. The fact of the matter is, the server and game are created by Shiki and his deceased friend Natsu. Therefore, Shiki is basically a GM and can do whatever he wants – and by Kazuha making an alt on his account, that’s why she has access to the powers of “Amadeus”. It’s basically like having access to a debug account, but because Kazuha is a noob in every possible way, she has no idea how to use the powers and is a helpless princess that has to be carried everywhere. She picks to be a bard because all she can do is maybe slow down the enemies or buff the party damage but she has no common sense and for example will use an AOE sleep spell on ONE guy (that’s way too high level and is completely immune to it.) More on Shiki’s goals and stuff in the routes but I wanted to get this explanation out on why Kazuha has these amazing powers but has no clue how to use them. The server also has “sects” the Angels & Demons and Kazuha is on the demon side because that’s where Hiroya’s character is. Besides Kazuha’s Amadeus powers, there’s also 2 more high level weapons that only the majikichi no life players have access too, two of those players being Radius and Astrum who both have routes in the game. Ohhh and the official site spoiled me that the mascot character Poyopoyo running around the game is actually Shiki – Kazuha’s brother so he’s pretty much been following/stalking her in every route the whole game. (;^ω^)Oh also as a side note, they can return to the real world temporarily after completing “special quests”. And just like Sword Fart online, if you die in game, you die in real life.

2016-06-21-075308Tachibana Hiroya – Hiroya is the childhood friend and like 99% of all childhood friends he’s basically screwed over most of his life and in basically everyone else’s route. I mean we know that he love Kazuha long time, and she actually finally responds to his feelings in his route…only to proceed to basically make him weep while she goes after other guys in the other routes. 😂 He’s also constantly upset that Kazuha is always like oniichan oniichan (even though ironically oniichan thinks the same thing about Hiroya). Shiki also blames Hiroya on Kazuha’s car accident because when it happened, Hiroya waved to Kazuha accross the street being like “hey let’s go play” and had he not done that she wouldn’t have run and got hit by the car. (Yet somehow nobody blames a shit driver speeding in a neighborhood zone ??) Shiki then rages that he’s hated Hiroya for years because Kazuha was so attached to him. He then rips Hiroya’s soul out and throws into the Period Cube. Kazuha runs in there to get it and then she runs into the soul of the dead guy – Natsu. He helps Kazuha get Hiroya’s soul back and helps send them back to the real world. Suddenly she has a flashback where she, Hiroya and Shiki are playing and as Hiroya calls out to her to come play in the park – she runs and gets hit by a driver who obviously is way over the speed limit  in a residential zone.

2016-06-21-075320After she awakened Hiroya stopped talking much with her and they basically were kinda far apart until high school when they began talking again. After they return to the real world temporarily, Kazuha wakes up but Hiroya is still out cold in bed. She calls Natsu’s mother again and finds out that Shiki and Natsu were really good friends at college. Kazuha then agrees to meet with Natsu’s mom at the hospital to read his old diary but on her way she hears a car screech and has PTSD. Fortunately a good samaritan asks if she’s ok and helps her up and he turns out to be Radius, the guy who saved her inside the PC game lol. He’s a famous idol named Aijou Rei in real life. She also gets a call back from Astrum – who is a nerd named Tohru in real life 😂. So then she, Tohru and Rei go to Shiki’s house and not too shortly after Hiroya finally wakes up. They go through Natsu’s diary only to discover that it was a game that Shiki and Natsu created together before it was bought out by a bigger company. Finding out that he’s been playing a game for 2 years that Shiki created, Tohru rages lol. Everyone decides to then join forces, despite being on opposite sectors (Angels  & Demons) in order to get out of Arcadia and stop Shiki. Good end: After they gather some allies to go back to the Hakobune with them, that night Hiroya and Kazuha confess their feelings and make out in her inn room. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2016-06-21-075334The next day they all go back to Hakobune and are faced with a boss. After defeating it, Shiki takes all their souls into the period cube except Kazuha. Kazuha then decides to bring out her inner Amadeus or something and uses limit break on herself (lol how is this possible). She then gets into this mystical library limbo room (aka the Akashic Records library) where some deep voice dude in the shape of her brother when he was little gives her this tome of knowledge. The tome is the programming for Shiki’s game and she memorizes the whole thing and goes and disables Period Cube – sending everyone’s souls back to the real world. Back in the real world, Hiroya and Kazuha wake up and notice that Shiki’s computer is now out of service because they destroyed his server V. Meanwhile, Shiki is found passed out in some lab and immediately hospitalized. The other members of their party go back to the official servers and Hiroya asks Kazuha to go out with him officially. She agrees and he can’t wait so he ends up making out with her right outside the hospital 😂 Bad end: Oniichan takes you to a world where you can be siscon & brocon 4ever. 😂😂 Or so he thinks until Kazuha stabs him with her knife and then uses her limit break.  She gets sent to the library of knowledge and then wakes up I’m some flower field with Hiroya cause she’s now merged herself with period cube. She’s able to reunite with Hiroya in the “rebooted” new world where whatever she wants comes true. She then goes yandere like her oniichan and is all cray not caring that everyone but Hiroya is dead.  😱

2016-06-21-075506   Radius/Aijou Rei – Now that she’s not being carried by Hiroya,  Kazuha is split off and has to fend off enemies on her own 😂 Though it mostly involves binding or sleeping enemies so she can run away. She also does some research on the game and reads the help files lol. She ends up running too far north & running into Radius. As typical with all her white knights, he saves her ass from an angry durdle mob. She ends up waking up from the game only to find out Hiroya is out cold cause he got hurt badly in the game.  When visiting him in the hospital she runs into Radius real life persona who is an idol named Aijou Rei. I don’t know how/why they recognize each other in real life based on their video game characters though.  😅 Radius is known to never party with anyone and mostly play solo since he’s super high level so everyone is shocked how Kazuha managed to SNAG him 😂 Even though he’s an idol he’s been on break and he’s been basically playing non stop so he’s one of the owners of the legendary super duper weapons in the game. After they run away from the death cloud and recover at the inn, Radius tells her to GTFO and she ends up joining Ira’s party instead. They take an escort quest where they have to escort the NPC Zain successfully without him dying. After completing the quest Kazuha has some time to return to the real world where she finds out that Rei’s been hospitalized. She then runs into him at the hospital while visiting Hiroya and since the nurse thinks she’s just a fangirl, Rei ends up taking her to his room to avoid a commotion. Rei of course thought she came to visit him and blushes like an idiot when he realizes that’s not the case xD.  After returning to the game, the gm admin tells them that they’ve increased the amount of death clouds forcing everyone to basically be forced to clear the end game raid. Finally she runs into Hiroya as well who she was split up with but he wants to take her away from everyone to go to a “safe place”.

2016-06-21-075516And of course a safe place is locking her up in some decorated dungeon room so she can be ~safe~ sigh. Just then Poyopoyo oniichan shows up in her room telling her to ~rest~ too SIGH YOU BOTH. He then uses some magic and brings her back to the real world where she finds out she’s been taken to Rei’s house. After Kazuha tells him what happened at the Hakobune, he thinks that maybe Hiroya & her bro are in cahoots with each other.  They then go to some convenience store and eat snacks at her brother’s apartment cause it’s nearby. As they spend more time together, Kazuha starts to realize what a closet moecake he is (especially when he gets all sad that she ate his grape daifuku xD). He then takes her to a date at the planetarium since it’s dark and fangirls won’t bug him. They go to a cafe afterwards where Kazuha realizes they’ve been on a date the whole time. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) After this he takes her home and tells her to tell her mom that she ain’t coming home tonight (〃∇〃)!! Kazuha lies saying that she’s staying at her brother’s apartment. While there he ends up breaking down and crying on Kazuha’s shoulder about how he let his party members die and has survivor guilt. The death cloud basically came and wiped his entire party and only Radius managed to run away. Kazuha tells him she ain’t mad at him and is glad that he survived (cause she’s fallen in love with him.) Well its ok cause he’s in love with her too and completely opening up to her and they end up making out on his couch. As they get sucked back into Arcadia, they’re obviously split up and Kazuha is still in the uguu dungeon of love 😂 Good End: Hiroya says that the death cloud is all over the place outside and the period cube can’t be stopped so she must be in the uguu dungeon room forever.

2016-06-21-075526He refuses to explain anything to her and then confesses that he’s in love with her. He then reveals that Shiki was the one who created Period Cube and accidentally got trapped inside of it during some college experiments. Kazuha says she doesn’t wanna just sit back and have people risk their lives for her and just then Natsu breaks through the dungeon dimension and gets her out. After getting out of the room Kazuha tries to make contact with Radius but is unable to reach him. Poyopoyo shows up in front of Kazuha and she demands he admit that he’s her brother but he just denies it…so instead she does what she wants and ends up summoning the final boss. They end up having to 2 man the boss and somehow are able to defeat it…until it’s time for phase 2 and they almost get pwned until Radius and friends show up to help. They finally defeat the boss and as they continue on they run into the angels group who are doing the dungeon too – Astrum & his party member dude. They get to the period cube room and Oniichan takes over the NPC “Zain”’s body and says that he just wanted to collect strong players to do a full system upgrade and use them to “stress test” the server. This server is that magical world oniichan is trying to make for himself and Kazuha mentioned in Hiroya’s route. Everyone else is like umm no dude we’re getting outta here but suddenly everything is interrupted by Demento who takes Kazuha hostage. He also then stabs Zain over and over killing him but oniichan gets out of his body before it’s too late.

2016-06-21-075539Radius finally defeats Demento but Kazuha is now dying cause she’s horribly injured. Radius then sacrifices himself to save Kazuha and while Shiki is badly injured, Natsu shows up telling Kazuha to stop period cube while he’s forced logged out of the game. Natsu tells Kazuha of a backdoor hacking method to stop the period cube and fortunately she also has Radius’ data on hand so he isn’t dead. This brings Radius back and he inputs the password in latin that means that “Death and Utopia are one.” This puts the server out of order and Kazuha & Rei return back to his house. Rei then confesses his love for Kazuha who says she loves him back and they make out on the couch. In the epilogue, Shiki is hospitalized and has no memories of anything that happened after they found him passed out in the research lab. After she meets up with Rei for a date she’s worried about the fangirls who see him but he continues to deny that he’s the famous idol and instead grabs Kazuha and kisses her. She calls him by his first name which lights a fire under his ass so he cancels their plans to go to the planetarium and instead says he’s taking her home to do some things too randy for this game’s cero rating 。.:・*・:゚☆。..:・*・:゚☆。.(((*ノ∀ノ)キャァ♪ Bad End: Rei kills everyone and reboots Period Cube so Kazuha can live. In order to keep it running he has to constantly go out and kill players and take their souls. He keeps it a secret from Kazuha and she doesn’t realize that despite living in Rei’s real world apartment they’re still inside the game. Writing this reminded me how adorable Rei was and while I had trouble deciding a favorite between him and Tohru I think ultimately Rei is the best for me.

2016-06-21-075806Zain – This entire route is like swiss cheese – full of plotholes that never get resolved. Zain is an NPC that Shiki often uses to guide everyone to the Hakobune, including Kazuha. So really Zain has no personality except when Shiki takes over his body. So here I am at the beginning of his route and he’s giving me eroge talk like some ERP npc. Obviously that’s not him that’s Shiki. So when Shiki isn’t in him, he’s this emotionless log until he merges with the PK player during a freak accident. When they get to town and talk to the innkeeper Domina, she informs them that Zain is actually an NPC but he had no idea he was one as he seems to have amnesia. They tell him to stay at the Inn while Libera takes Kazuha to kill some durds outside to level up. They get attacked by Demento but then Zain shows up to try to help.  Suddenly a huge bull monster shows up and rams his horns through both of them.  Kazuha is so upset she uses her bard lb and kills the bull. By completing this quest Kazuha is temporarily returned to the real world. She thought Zain died but then she bumps into him outside her house and he’s confused on wtf is going on or where he is 😅. Eventually they get sucked back into the game after going to her brother’s place but they are separated. She’s back in town but Zain is in the forest where he was supposedly killed. Instead of getting killed though, the soul of Demento merges with him so now he’s even more confused than before. Meanwhile Kazuha reunites with Hiroya who is unhappy that she’s been frolicking off with another guy.

2016-06-21-075828Also nobody believes Kazuha met with Zain in real life because why would a game NPC exist in real life? She eventually runs into Zain and he’s in like full yan mode and then takes his hand and sticks it through her boobs saying he wants to “merge” with her. (;゚Д゚) After spitting some R-18 Hirakawa™ dialogue, he plans to take Kazuha away until Poyopoyoniichan shows up to stop him. Zain then pulls out a knife saying he’s not an NPC and won’t be under anyone’s control anymore. He stabs and kills Poyoniichan but Kazuha is too dazed to give any fucks about anything but Zain lol. Zain finishes him off and goes nuts threatening to go after Hiroya next lol. He claims he’s no longer an NPC and he’s the same as Kazuha now but he will no longer take orders from anyone. He said he used to be an NPC from the adventurer town and he would tell people quests and stuff but once Kazuha logged into World V, Zain’s data was erased and he was thrown into that forest where she found him. As they are walking through the forest, they run into Astrum and his group and Astrum asks Kazuha to join their party since she’s the godsword Amadeus power wielder. Astrum also notes that she has what is obviously some kind of confusion debuff on her after what Zain did to her. Astrum ends up fighting Zain but Kazuha is to confused and only listens to what Zain says ignoring Astrum’s warnings. They manage to clear the debuff off Kazuha so Zain can no longer mind control her and they demand Zain spill the beans on who he is.

2016-06-21-075841Kazuha defends Zain saying that she wouldn’t be where she is now without him. Zain then apologizes for doing what he did to her saying it’s all the influence of the Demento inside of him. They end up joining Astrum’s party anyway since not like they have anywhere else to go…also I have no idea where the hell Hiroya went all this time 😅 Astrum also offers to help Kazuha find her brother once she tells him her background story. They get to the Hakobune together, defeat some monsters and they run into Poyopoyo who is magically alive despite getting stabbed multiple times by Zain. Poyoniichan then thanks Zain for bringing Kazuha & a group of strong players to the Hakobune – which was his initial job as an NPC anyway. Suddenly Kazuha is taken into the synthetic world created by Period Cube which just looks like her room. Natsu shows up and says that because Zain started the Period Cube, it destroyed world V and created this fake world she’s in now. He tells her that if she stays in the period cube forever, her real life body will die. Just then Zain shows up raging that Natsu is cockblocking his loveshack with Kazuha. Kazuha tries to talk sense in Zain saying she needs to go back to the real world when suddenly oniitan shows up. Natsu reveals that he and Shiki created period cube so they were able to hack their way into the world Zain created. Good End: They ask Zain to give it up but he refuses so Natsu asks Kazuha to stop Period Cube herself. Zain meanwhile starts controlling the world and everyone who was in world V is on his death list besides Kazuha. (;^ω^)

2016-06-21-075853She manages to teleport to an area that looks like the forest where they first met and hugs him saying she loves him and she wants to be with him. Zain is so happy he says he loves her too and is glad that he got to know feelings and emotions thanks to her. After he calms down, he says he’ll return everyone to the real world and join her because he’s not longer just an NPC. Shiki is unhappy with this outcome and says he’s gonna destroy everything. Just then Demento says he’ll give his powers to Kazuha and suddenly Kazuha and Zain are in the digital LCL sea. By their powers combined they then float over to the period cube and put it out of order. In the epilogue, Zain takes the name in the real world as Karasuba Minato and works part time at the conbini with Hiroya. He’s basically taken the “place” of Demento in the real world but rather than looking like Demento, he looks like Zain. As usual they find Shiki lying around some lab and hospitalize him with amnesia. After leaving the hospital for some reason in every route the guys just get the urge to make out with Kazuha in broad daylight 😂。 He must have been some ERP quest NPC, I refuse to believe otherwise xD. Bad End: Zain returns everyone to the real world except himself and Kazuha. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Shiki and Hiroya run to Shiki’s apartment to find Kazuha in a coma since her mind is stuck inside Period cube. She gets hospitalized and Hiroya continues to visit her hoping she’ll wake up someday. Shiki’s been trying to hack into Period Cube with no luck and he blames Hiroya for everything for not protecting her. So ultimately I have no idea why Zain was able to take on his game shape in real life instead of Minato’s, or how much of his route was HIM rather than Shiki controlling him. Also no idea why that one time Kazuha ran into Zain in the real world he had black hair instead of his usual white hair. So many questions left unanswered it’s really irritating.

2016-06-21-075706Astrum/Asou Tohru – Astrum is the leader of the angel side and has a powerful party however in real life he’s a beta loser nerd named Asou Tohru 😂  He thinks Kazuha is like his majitenshi because she has the powers of Amadeus and really wants her to join his team. He was in the same medical track as Shiki but he’s too busy being a loner nerd so Shiki never spoke with him. So I dunno maybe because he’s such a nerd he’s like ZOMG A GRIL IN AN MMO and instantly falls in love with her lol (and gives her lots of shiny gear lolol.) He’s also known as the annoying Role Player throughout Arcadia but he also holds one of the 3 powerful weapons along with Radius & Kazuha. So now that Hiroya and Kazuha are going along with Astrum, it’s a constant battle and name calling of “pervert” between the 2 guys 😂. But since this is Astrum’s route it just makes Hiroya look like a cockblocker…(눈_눈) In the meantime the other angels are unhappy that Astrum brought someone from the “demon” side to the angel HQ. Eventually they settle their differences and let it go. So they all accept a special kill durdles quest which as usual allows them to temporarily return to the real world. After she gets out she realizes Astrum’s guild is a world first team and he’s basically been carrying her the whole time. 😂 His guild buddies are buttmad that he keeps carrying himechan even though she sucks. They also get annoyed that he’s wasting time and not going to the Hakobune and a rumor spreads it’s because he just wants to play around with Kazuha. Kazuha says that she doesn’t want to be in the way and she’s aware that she can’t use her powers at will. She makes a promise to take a quest to try to practice using her powers in order to show that she’s not just a useless cheerleader in the party.

2016-06-21-075717And so they go to do the quest and she actually fights well and provides decent party buffs BUT she doesn’t use her Amadeus powers. So while she’s gotten better, it’s not at the level of going to the Hakobune but because she’s improving they say it’s ok. In fact they kick out the 2 angels who bitch about her skills and say that they’re ruining the party atmosphere and are worse for the raid than she is. m9(^Д^)プギャー After completing another quest they go back to the real world for a bit and Kazuha decides to visit her brother’s university campus. She runs into 2 of his classmates who tell her about how someone in the same research team as him died in a huge car accident. Just then she runs into Astrum’s real life self – Tohru who is the 2nd highest grade ranker in the track. The 2 guys make fun of him and he tells them to fuck off and study if they’re so buttmad that he’s #2. After this, Tohru and Kazuha go to talk at a cafe and she explains how her brother went to that university. When Tohru finds out who her brother is he shits bricks that neither she nor her family knew he was missing. She says that her family just lets him do what he wants and doesn’t probe too deep into his life. He then spirals into a negative tirade about how he’s a loser compared to Shiki and that Kazuha is internally mocking him. Kazuha is like u wot mate and then he walks out of the cafe saying he’s Asou Tohru not Astrum. When she returns to Arcadia, the buttmad angels bring her to do the end game raid Hakobune. They force her to join their party until suddenly Demento shows up and starts murdering them one by one.

2016-06-21-075731He tells Kazuha they were gonna drag her to the Hakobune behind Astrum’s back. After he kills a bunch of them he drags Kazuha to the Hakobune demanding she use her powers but all she can do is just buff him. He then explains that he’s a “fallen angel” race because he killed a bunch of angels so he can’t be on the angel or demon side. Because of this he’s not allowed to wear more than just starting armor/weapons and is perma stuck at level 1. Despite this he is somehow able to kill a lot of durds in the end game dungeon until of course there’s too many and that’s when Astrum shows up to save their asses. She asks him why he keeps coming to save her and he babbles that he can’t stop thinking about her and it’s all her fault! (〃ノдノ) xDDD His moe self is clearly a trigger for her to use her powers so she uses her LB and kills all the durd mobs with her sky swords. After Astrum and Kazuha leave Hakobune, they go to a field to rest where he tells her that he and Demento were in a party together doing Hakobune before. At one point Demento accidentally killed a player, but it was an accident so Astrum forgave it…however Demento went uh demented and basically started enjoying killing players. He then killed an angel sect player and that’s when he was thrown out and became a fallen angel going around PKing everyone. Kazuha says that it’s not Astrum’s fault that guy became like that and she babbles out that she’s in love with him. Astrum babbles like a bumbling idiot and then…falls asleep xD?!

2016-06-21-075738The next morning the head out again and run into Poyopoyo and Hiroya. They come to demon city and the demons are raging at the “disgusting angels” that are there. Everyone begs them to join forces to help clear the dungeon so Radius & co. join them. Despite on other servers Angel & Demon players not being able to party together, for some reason Kazuha manages to invite them all into 1 party. After completing a quest Kazuha & Tohru return to the real world and run to the university to find clues on her brother. What they find instead is her brother passed out in a research lab with data regarding World V and Period Cube. Tohru finds documentation hidden in his jacket pocket which  reveals that Period Cube is a trap to get the best players by clearing Hakobune and in fact is not a way to return them back to the real world. They make plans to try to stop oniichan by having Kazuha stop period cube from within the game and have Tohru hack the server from the outside. So they defeat and clear the dungeon but Demento shows up and kill steals the final boss. Because of this he runs into the room with the cube and immediately gets sucked into it, despite Tohru’s warnings. He then instructs Kazuha to enter a hax code to stop the cube but of course oniichan shows up inside of Zain and he ain’t pleased.  Tohru rages that once again Shiki beat him again but Kazuha cheers him on.

2016-06-21-075745And so battle of hax begins and then Natsu shows up to help team Kazuha. This gives Kazuha & Tohru more time to enter the code to stop the cube.  Just then Shiki wakes up in real life cause they’ve successfully stopped him.  Shiki of course has no idea who Tohru is and threatens to kill him except he’s been in Arcadia for too long and he passes out. In the epilogue they’re both hospitalized and when Kazuha wakes up, he blurts out asking her to officially go out with him.  (*´﹃`*) In the epilogue the 2 guys who said crap about Tohru hit on Kazuha and Tohru tells them to stop hitting on his girlfriend 😂😂. He even kisses her in front of them telling them to gtfo lol. Bad end: Tohru’s inferiority complex gets the best of him and he goes bonkers and kills Shiki. Realizing what he did he has a meltdown and just then Natsu shows up. He says that because there’s not enough souls Period cube is gonna shut down without rebooting into a new world. Kazuha goes into yandere mode again,   sacrifices her party members to the cube in order to create a new world just for Tohru. This way he will be with her forever and not a murderer in real life. And so the world is reset and Astrum returns to being the leader of the angel sect protecting Kazuha who is in a doll like state cause her data got corrupt. Natsu keeps showing up in hopes Kazuha will wake up some day.

2016-06-21-080032Demento/Karasuba Minato – Most of the route follows Astrum but then diverges when Demento drags Kazuha to the Hakobune.  This is also the REAL Minato’s route rather than Zain magically hijacking his entire existence. After Astrum comes to save them,  Demento is badly hurt so he takes Kazuha & runs to the forest since he’s not allowed to enter any towns. Because she protected him Astrum didn’t finish him off so he thinks she’s weird for helping him.  He admits that he gets a high from killing other players. He then tells her about how he accidentally killed a player on the demon sect and it made him feel “alive”. Tldr this dudes fucking crazy. They are able to party together so they take on a special quest together and he tells her to git gud or they’re gonna get their asses owned. He tells her to use her powers to beat the quest boss but she just hurpdurps as usual and he of course has to save her. Seeing him get hurt Kazuha actually tries to use her bard skills but she never activates her limit break Amadeus powers like he wants her to. After completing the quest they temporarily return to the real world. When Kazuha goes to the convenience store to get food,  she finds that a guy who looks exactly like Demento is there…so she stalks him all the way to his apartment & rings his door bell.  😂 He lets her into his crappy tiny apartment and says his name is Karasuba Minato. He complains that real life is shitty and boring which is why he feels like he’s more alive inside the video game. He then gets annoyed that she keeps telling him not to kill people so he grabs and kisses her. 😐 Kazuha pushes him away and runs off and he just says she’s nothing more than a “rare item” to him.When Kazuha returns to Arcadia she finds out that the angel HQ has been destroyed by the death cloud.  She meets up with some of the angel sect people and decides to go with them to the adventurer town.

2016-06-21-080038Just then Demento shows up and starts throwing knives at them.  Kazuha tells him to fucking stop it and that she’ll go with him so the angel people don’t get killed. They once again go to the Hakobune and since their last quest gave them a super hide scroll and they’re able to bypass hard floors with it. Unfortunately as expected they get to a boss that can see through it. They try to run away and get badly hurt until Kazuha finally uses her power.  Just then oniichan shows up, joins their party & brings them to the period cube room. Oniichan ain’t happy that Demento abused his precious imouto. 😂 He then tells Kazuha about his new world nonsense and how he’s sacrificed the usual suspects souls for the reboot. Demento tries to kill Shiki but then Natsu shows up telling him to stop. Demento rages that he doesn’t want this world to be destroyed but Shiki says that period cube can’t be stopped once it’s activated. Kazuha is like let’s all return to the real world but Demento says that he and Shiki have to stay here cause they’ve murdered too many people. Good end: Kazuha is returned to the real world and Shiki is found in the lab and hospitalized as usual. Wasnt 100% sure but I think everyone else is in a permacoma while inside the new world. Kazuha finds Minato passed out in his apartment as well.  She cries trying to wake him up and when he finally wakes up he has no idea who she is. In the epilogue, Kazuha knows the reason that Minato was returned to her is her brother knew she cared about him so he didn’t throw him into the period cube. Minato meanwhile becomes shift leader at his job and Kazuha’s boyfriend. He regains some of his memories and decided that having a hot girlfriend to bang is better than killing people in a video game.  😅…. Bad end: Kazuha goes with everyone to the new rebooted Arcadia where everyone constantly fights against Demento to try to get her back from him.  It’s a constant battle to the death but somehow she starts to enjoy ppl fighting over her 😅…

2016-06-21-075606Libera/Yuuki Riku – Riku is a nekama (combining words Net & Okama) – dude who plays as a female character in an online game. He has a ton of friends who give him items cause they think he’s a girl.  😂😂 Because of that his man harem gives Kazuha a bunch of rare items too lmfao. Kazuha also has no idea that he’s a guy in real life. Libera also likes cute armor for his in game waifu and tries to dress up Kazuha too lol. His level isn’t really high even though he’s been playing since beta. He likes to just socialize with people and make friends rather than clear hard content. So while Hiroya goes off to do all the work, Kazuha just bums around Domina’s inn helping her do chores like cooking and cleaning. (So like what is the point of her even being in the game lol.) While there she runs into Miseria’s party who invites her to join them to do the special quests cause she enjoys helping newbs. Kazuha asks Libera to come along and he’s turbo tsundere the whole time so Kazuha tries to make sure he doesn’t feel left out. So then Kazuha and Libera get split up and they run into Natsu but only Kazuha can see him.  They get attacked by strong monsters and when Kazuha finally uses her limit break,  that’s when Libera can see Natsu – who is revealed to be his deceased brother.  Natsu tells Libera, he must clear the Hakobune to return to the real world but Libera refuses saying he hates real life. After clearing the quest Kazuha temporarily returns home and finds out Hiroya is hospitalized in his video game coma.

2016-06-21-075614Just then while at the hospital visiting him,  Kazuha bumps into Riku and his mother telling him to rest. Remembering that Riku is the name Natsu referred Libera as, she figures he’s the same guy. (Lol this whole video game vs real life char discovery still makes me laugh…even more that Riku plays a female character.) Kazuha decides to try and talk to him and he acts like he doesn’t know her at first but then gives in. He’s a huge tsundere in real life and then goes on how he fools ppl into thinking he’s a girl cause he gets free items. He doesn’t feel bad about it cause he’s weak and it’s the only way for him to survive. Kazuha asks if he just wants to get stuff from good players,  why did he bother saving her since she’s low level & terribad. He just gets angry so Kazuha decides it’s time to go home but he allows her to visit him at the hospital again. When they get back in game and reunite with the Forte party,  Libera goes on to say that he just wanted to use Kazuha to his advantage.  He also says she’s dumb for trusting him and that Hiroya’s party is mia somewhere. He also says Forte is just as bad as him for wanting to bring Kazuha to the Hakobune. He then says whatever and decides to just leave but Kazuha insists that he stay with her. He just says everything is her fault and runs off to rage in town somewhere. That night the death cloud makes its way to their town and Miseria runs into Kazuha’s room freaking out. Their party members tell them to jump out the window cause the cloud surrounds the entire first floor.

2016-06-21-075638Kazuha ends up falling out but Libera catches her and uses a barrier so she isn’t hurt. After the death cloud destroys Domina’s inn it starts destroying all the buildings in town so everyone runs outside to get away from it. They make their way to the adventurer town for safety. Natsu appears in front of the entrance to the Hakobune so Kazuha runs inside after him. Libera chases after her and while inside he tells her how he used to play games with his brother. He was always too sick to go to school & make friends so Natsu was like a bff to him. He also felt that his parents hated him cause Natsu was the perfect son while Riku was the sickly crap son who gave them hospital bills. Natsu wanted to do something for his brother so he made him the Arcadia video game which got picked up by a big publisher. However right before the beta test, Natsu died in a car accident. And of course crazy mom then yelled out that she thought Riku was gonna be the one to die first right in front of him. After telling Kazuha his past, he apologizes to her for being selfish. They end up running into Radius inside and he’s basically soloing the whole dungeon.  😂 Apparently Natsu gave them a short cut deep into the dungeon so they got to where Radius is without fighting anyone. Natsu then shows up asking them to help but Riku starts crying saying that even if he returns to reality nobody wants him there.

2016-06-21-075646Natsu says he made this game so he and Riku could enjoy playing it together. Just as Natsu asks Kazuha to help stop period cube,  oniichan shows up surprised that Natsu is there. Shiki introduces Natsu as his high school friend that he never introduced to Kazuha afraid that she might fall for him.  😂😂😂 Shiki threatens to kill Riku so Kazuha gets angry and whips out her Amadeus powers lol. Natsu then uses the last of his powers to temporarily send Riku,  Rei and Kazuha back home.  He tells Riku to get along with their parents and forgive them for their mistakes. Back in the real world Kazuha rushes to the hospital to see Riku. The two of them then bump into Riku’s mom who gives them Natsu’s diary. They go to Shiki’s apartment and start reading through the diary in hopes to find any hints on how to get out of world v. Somewhere during this Riku hints his feelings for Kazuha and suddenly I was reminded that Hiroya was missing the whole game but no one curr. 😂😂😂 He says after everything is over, he’ll confess to her. When they return to the game, they are teleported back at the Hakobune entrance and reunite with Radius and the Forte party. Hiroya also messages Kazuha saying he’s been with angel players because their town also got wiped by the death cloud.  Everyone decides to meet up at Hakobune so they can join forces. They manage to find a shortcut and Riku figures out the password – his birthday – the original release date for Arcadia.  They defeat the final boss with Kazuha’s powers and then Shiki comes out of the woodwork. He says if he can’t have his way to just kill him cause he doesn’t wanna live otherwise.

2016-06-21-075654Suddenly the boss they defeated is revived so they have to fight it again. Good end: Libera asks everyone on the server to gather at the entrance to Hakobune and basically lag and crash the server. 😂😂 Libera remembered this from the beta test and Shiki is not pleased lolol. By crashing the server it would force everyone to log out. Kazuha adds the finishing touch by doing her big flashy attack to add extra lag lol. The server crashes and Kazuha and Riku wake up in Shiki’s apartment. He then confesses his feelings for her and gives her a kiss.  In the epilogue 5 years pass, Riku is no longer hospitalized but Shiki is. He has amnesia and is generally unresponsive to Kazuha or anyone else. Riku’s grown up to be an ikeman like Natsu and is planning to go to medical school but promises he won’t go overseas without her. Bad end: Riku’s real life body has some kind of health issues and he starts to feel it in the game. Since he’s in Shiki’s place and not the hospital no one can save him.  Shiki says that if his body dies in real life he’ll die in the game too…unless they follow Shiki’s plan to reboot period cube and separate the body from the soul. Kazuha flips her shit seeing Riku in pain and ends up at the server database again. She gets the book of knowledge from Amadeus himself. Kazuha then creates a world where everything is accessible at her convenience and both Natsu and Riku are alive. All of this is of course because she sacrificed her party members.  She also got rid of Riku’s mother from this world because she figured it would only cause him pain. Amused how Riku’s only kiss cg was in this ending 😅.

2016-06-21-075912Regulus/Hanamiya Shiki/Poyopoyo – Ahh yes the infamous oniichan, but I will talk more about my beef with this route at the end of the summary. Shiki disguises himself as a “helpful monster” named Poyopoyo and befriends Kazuha running away from some monsters in the cave. Somehow Hiroya & Libera who were with her – vanish someplace so she has to fight off slimes on her own. Eventually she runs into the Forte party and joins them coming to town and staying at Domina’s inn. Now since Poyopoyo is with Kazuha the whole time, when she falls asleep its KIMOI ONIICHAN TIME. For example she falls asleep her first night at the inn but she falls asleep in her armor. So our CARING ONIICHAN decides to basicall strip everything off and change her into a nighty while she is sleeping….and of course while doing so he kisses her body all over…YET SHE NEVER WAKES UP. 😂😂😂😂 The next morning she’s like “when did I change into this nighty ??” LOOOOOL 😂😂😂 So he continues basically coming into her room every night kissing her all over while she sleeps and she sleeps like a log so she never wakes up and realizes anything. \(^o^)/ One night though she hears someone screaming and goes to look out the window only to find Shiki stabbing and killing someone for trying to take advantage of his precious imouto. For some reason though, KAZUHA HAS NO IDEA THAT SHE’S LOOKING AT HER BROTHER and she just…RUNS BACK AND HIDES IN BED.

2016-06-21-075917He of course comes back to her room, not realizing that she saw him murdering someone, and whispers sweet nothings in her ear before leaving. This time though, Kazuha is full awake, pretending to be asleep and is confused on dafuq she just saw. A few days later the death cloud comes to the town so everyone runs for it. Kazuha gets cornered and thinks it’s the end but Shiki finally comes out and saves her by teleporting with her away. They run into Ira and Jocus but Shiki stops pretending to be nice in front of Kazuha and attacks both of them. He says he don’t give no fucks about anyone except his precious imouto and that’s when Kazuha realizes the murder she saw was Shiki. Shiki ties up Jocus and Ira, grabs Kazuha and starts making out with her going on and on about how much he loves her in front of them.  😂 Kazuha has no idea what to do because she’s like half “this is wrong” but half “ohhh oniichan is so gentle 💓”. He then uses a spell to put her to sleep and while she’s in dreamland she ends up in that Akashic Records room. It’s an Astral plane of knowledge and in the past Shiki demanded to know how he can save someone from death,  spurred by Kazuha’s accident. He then found a book that told him you can split the body and soul to keep on “living eternally” but it’s really just putting the data of someone’s memories in an endless digital loop. Kazuha wakes up in the Hakobune to find out Shiki went ahead and sucked everyone’s souls into period cube.  He tells Kazuha that if she wants to see them she can see them in the “new”world and even make him vanish if she wishes. He also confesses to her that he programmed everything in world V including the death cloud. He also trapped everyone in the game and intentionally separated Kazuha from Libera and Hiroya. He then says that he’s never once thought of her as a sister ever since they first met & that he wants to bang her senseless. 😂😂😂

2016-06-21-075941Shiki locks her in the uguu bedroom of love at the Hakobune and goes off to finish preparation for the period cube reboot. Just then Natsu shows up explaining that world V is gonna be destroyed soon and Period Cube will transfer everyone to the new one.  He transfers all his knowledge and memories to Kazuha and asks her to stop period cube. As he disappears, Kazuha has 1a flashback where Shiki transferred Natsu’s soul into the period cube right after his accident. However he didn’t do it for Natsu,  he did it to use Natsu as “test” subject 😓 so he thought that him getting into a car accident was “convenient”. She also hears Shiki going that everything is for her but she can’t remember why. After Shiki comes back to her room,  she demands he tell her what the truth behind her relationship to period cube is, but he refuses. Kazuha then remembers that after her accident parts of her memory completely dropped – like how she didn’t remember giving Shiki a necklace or that her pet dog had died. So he got terrified something might happen to her again and decided to split her body and soul so she would be “safe” forever. He tells her that didn’t want her to forget anything anymore but then admits it’s ok if she forgets what a gross oniichan he is. This makes Kazuha all dokidoki and she realizes she’s a brocon after all and oniichan has just been ~protecting her all this time~,  confessing that she loves him too. He leaves her when the Hakobune begins to rumble but somehow an exit menu comes up allowing her to leave. Good end: After leaving her room she finds Radius and Astrum fighting the final boss while the period cube floats around.  Shiki tells her to go back to her room but instead she ends up getting stabbed protecting him from Astrum. Shiki falls into despair for not being able to save her once again.

2016-06-21-075948Suddenly Kazuha’s Amadeus powers send them both to the akashic record room.  The caretaker appears, in the shape of young Shiki – which apparently changes based on the person. The caretaker tells her he will give her any knowledge she wishes so Kazuha asks how she can turn back time. She wants to make it so that her car accident never happened. Shiki says that even if she turns back time he’ll still be in love with her cause he’s been in love ever since they first met, way before the accident. So then there’s a flashback and the day of the accident when Hiroya calls out to her, Kazuha held on to Shiki’s hand just as a car drove by instead of running from him.  She then has a flashback to when she was first born and Shiki gave her baby self a stuffed doll that looked like Poyopoyo…which was the first words Kazuha said when she saw it. Umm so yeah he’s very much blood related to her and flash forward some years later her classmate no longer says otherwise. Because the future is different there’s no Arcadia and Natsu is alive. However Kazuha gets all nostalgic with her feelings for Shiki, not knowing why and kisses him at his apartment.  Shiki is shocked cause he expected her to think he’s gross but she accepts his love confession and well uh….incest ending……??? Bad end: Kazuha goes yandere for her oniichan and wishes for the period cube reboot so she can save everyone. Everyone gathers at Shiki’s place to eat nabe including Natsu and Zain. After they go home oniichan is all jelly that there were so many guys around Kazuha he pins her to her bed and strips off her clothes….but since the entire world is Kazuha’s fantasy she comments how hot and sexy he is 😂😂😂😂.

2016-06-21-080001After they bang he goes home and she thinks she prolly forgot something before the game shuts off.  The hilarious part is if you pick the first choice of “i hope tomorrow is a nice day” the game puts you in an endless loop of the bad ending 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Sasuga Rejet…lmfaoooo. Ok so here’s why I think Shiki’s her actual blood related brother. In the beginning of the game, her school friend mentioned that Shiki was NOT blood related to her – however the same scene replayed after the accident is avoided and Kazuha’s memories are in tact – the mentioning of no blood relation is omitted. Secondly, there’s a brief flashback of Kazuha as a baby receiving a gift from Shiki which UNLESS she was ADOPTED AS A BABY would be Shiki “meeting her for the first time” aka seeing her be a newborn babby and giving her a “birthday” present Poyopoyo doll. The text also said “Shiki & Kazuha’s mother/father” which to me also hints that they are both related to each other. Thirdly, in one of the flashbacks, post Kazuha’s accident, she doesn’t recognize her own mother which could have been then used as an excuse to act like maybe she is “adopted” therefore “not” blood related to Shiki. Once the accident is avoided though – bam true bro & sis. I mean THEY EVEN LOOK LIKE EACH OTHER. And you know how Rejet loves dem incest (*looks at Nesso~) so my ultimate conclusion is incest end. They don’t deny it or confirm it but all evidence points to YES. \(^o^)/ Also ew, not only did oniichan love his blood related sister but he fell in love with an actual infant. WTF. On that note fuck this Akashic deus ex machina bullshit. What the fuck it just resolves everything magically. At least Clock Zero attempted to explain their body/soul transferring with physics meanwhile magical philosophical mumbo jumbo that resolves everything just to finish the game. Screw that! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Plot of this game in a nutshell
An accurate depiction of the plot of this game.

The only thing this game has going for it is the high level of moe. The guys in their own routes are generally adorable and heck I even found the sub characters charming and wished I could see more random side stories with them. Unfortunately everything else is just balls. Starting with Kazuha, who is terrible at computers, terrible at video games and is basically carried everywhere like a princess. What happened to gamer heroines like the one in Real Rode?? Oh right, oniichan would never let her interact with anyone online because god forbid she found a husbando that wasn’t him! The whole part of her having these great powers in the game, but never being able to use them and mostly being a useless log – except when she finally decides to take action in the BAD ENDS. Wow okay 😂. Despite her being a shitty gamer, all the guys just FALL HEAD OVER HEELS FOR HER. Okay let’s put Hiroya & oniichan aside since they love her long time but the other guys just fall for her SO FAST it’s sad. As someone who actively plays an MMORPG (which hinders my otome gaming time lol) people like that grate my nerves so much! They’re absolutely deadweights in any kind of hard content but the moment you try to help them git gud or ask that they be replaced all the white knights jump down your throat! And the worst part is not that Kazuha even gets better throughout the game. She starts off as level 1 and maybe gets to level 4 at the most! She’s just as bad at the start as she is at the end! It would have been a lot nicer to get a heroine who maybe sucks at first but gets better, or a heroine who’s really interested in video games. And even let’s say she really just sucks at all computer things, why does Hiroya even BRING HER into the game. You’d think he’d learn his lesson from the first time that he felt guilty for having her get into the accident in the first place?? Yes let’s bring this complete NOOB into a PK server where she could possibly lose her life. You’re such a genius Hiroya! Also instead of you know the common sensical thing of “let’s find Shiki in real life” clearly the best thing to do is look for him inside a video game LOL.

Blah there’s so much unanswered questions and lack of common sense decision making in the game it becomes so annoying when you think about it. I think the point is to just enjoy the moe and the oniichan tropes and not think to deep about the swiss cheese plot. It’s just a shame because all the MMO jargon actually made the game more fun for me as an mmo player. The only other thing that bugged me was umm the Cgs. Well generally they were ok except the kiss CGs. They were terrible, like quinrose level “move 2 faces near each other kiss” Cgs. I don’t get it since I know this artist can draw kiss scenes so I don’t know what happened in this game. Anyway overall I have mixed feelings about the game. The characters were enjoyable but the story holes were terrible and left me confused and unsatisfied at the end. Also the omake was kinda crappy, I thought we’d get special voices but it was just “affection level” voices meh. If you’re into MMORPGs I think you might find all the setting/mmo game stuff fun to relate to which was a huge part of the game enjoyment for me. If you’re looking for an interesting deep well written story though, you might want to look elsewhere. But hey if you’re here for the gross Rejet style oniichan, then definitely be sure to pick this one up 😂. Oh right for play order I’d say Radius→Zain→Astrum→Demento→Libera→Hiroya→Shiki.

July 5, 2016 Edit: Seems like Aksys has licensed this game to be released in English. Oniichan awaits you in 2017 (◉◞౪◟◉`)


34 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Period Cube ~Torikago no Amadeus~”

  1. honestly I think if they made the heroine less of a weak pathetic brocon who has actual interest in video games this might have turned out better

  2. But I don’t want Onii-chan….Seriously though, I was hyped for this game, and to have it fall flat on its ass hurts. I guess it’s impossible to do a good ‘dropped into a video game’ story. Though, the art is gorgeous, I’ll give it that.

  3. lol he wasn’t a gentle oniichan he was just a creeper but I guess he’s more gentle than certain other abusive brother tropes out there 💦
    And yea sadly real rode seems to be one of a kind – they just don’t make them like that anymore!

  4. Hello,

    First thank you for all your reviews, it’s always fun to read them ( and they are very handy when i am too lazy to finish the too many games i buy because don’t have many time because of work).
    Well i was disappointed too in this game because it could have been as good as real rode 😦
    My greatest complain about this game would be the awful lenghts for uninteresting moments and the romance very rushed ( Radius, sigh).
    But there is Shiki my very favorite type of guy ( ahah i know i am scary but my hubby is very normal gentle oni-chan type :p) so i guess i can’t complain too much…

  5. Eh honestly if you’re on a budget between decisions I wouldn’t bother with it. A lot of games have “moe” points in them but if you need to save money and can’t “get them all” then it’s ok to be picky and give this a pass. This will probably be forgotten until I remember I have to talk about it at the end of my blog anniversary lol


    Man, I really, really, really wanted this game to be great. I personally enjoy the whole getting sucked into an mmo storyline trope probably because I’m an mmorpg player myself. But while I was interested in the storyline for this one and the artwork I didn’t preorder it because my first thought about all otome games is always “god this is going to suck no matter how great (insert reasons here) seem to be”. I have become such a pessimist lol.

    And even after your review I’m still on the fence about this one. I’m all for the onii-chan type (I am trash I know (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)) and the moe and I love fun/great character interactions but….. Incredibly disappointed that the heroine is bad at all things computer/video games and doesn’t get any better at them throughout the story. Like what is even the point of having the heroine play a video game at all then, I just don’t understand??? Kinda pisses me off LOL I mean I’m not great at them either but I’m not a useless piece of trash that brings down a group in an 8-man trial because they die every other goddamn second, stand in the stuff, can’t pull high enough dps and have only finished a raid or dungeon because other groups are constantly carrying them through it not that I’m bitter or speaking from experience or anything

    Mmm maybe I’d be willing to grab it on sale or something but for now, I think I’ll save my money for now and put it towards something else.

  7. Ohhh sry I’m new to the blog so I haven’t had a chance to read through the older posts. Thanks for the link! 🙂 I’ve finished Shougo, Hisui and Shizuru so far so I could only read part of ur review for now XD (I’m randomly switching to Shinobi Koi Utsutsu ~Setsugekka Koi Emaki~ so I don’t finish Nil Admirari too fast ;p) Hisui is so cute/pretty i couldn’t help but kept taking a whole bunch of screenshots of him ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ)

    Oh man now I’m tempted to preorder it too >”< Do u have a fav guy just from the character intro? I like Takeru right now cuz he's like a cat XD and he calls the heroine "バカ猫" wwww Somehow that's so cute to me (ドM??!) haha

  8. I was debating wether to order this or Nil Admirari Tenbin but I’m glad I went w/ the latter after reading reviews. Even tho I’m totally into the whole yandere oniisan setup and the game looked beautiful, it’s hard for me to play through the game if I don’t like the heroine’s personality (´_ゝ`) Will you be playing Nil Admirai in the future? I also have my eyes set on CollarxMalice! The design is beautiful and I totally love its theme song, but I’m so worried it’ll be another one of Otomate’s beautiful yet contentless game so I’m scared to preorder it…(°ཀ°)

  9. Deep as in more characterisation for both love interests and more balls for the protag. Didn’t one of them lock up the protag O_O wouldn’t say that was sweet XD But it is nice to know the game isn’t awful.

  10. the trope pisses me off pretty hard too tbh (I have left a-many statics in FFXIV because of white mage/scholar princesses and added them to my blacklist) BUT I really found the guys so adorable especially Astrum and Radius. Probably the only truly うんこ routes where she’s a turbo princess would be obviously oniichan、childhood friend kun and the PK guy (who actually calls her out on her badness so for once I didn’t fell too bad for her being called a shitty player LOL). You might actually enjoy oniichan for what its worth, I generally am not a fan of gross oniichans from Rejet, but he felt like he was just the ~right amount~ hahaha😂

  11. I guess I was comparing Bard to FFXIV Bard which is a support class BUT can dish out some decent DPS if played right. I know im some routes (like Astrum) she gets a little better but I look at my feeling with her overall and it feels like she never changes. She doesn’t take interest in MMO gaming either so you know when you’re an mmo gamer and you’re seeing the world from someone who is bad/has no interest it becomes a cognitive dissonance for me.

    And in regards to the RP yea I think most of the Balmung role players stick to RPing on balmung rather than doing it in duty finder…but once in a while you have someone who does that in DF and it’s like dude can we just…clear this dungeon. Go RP with your FC/friends/server instead…(I think I read some story on JP matome FFXIV board about how a healer refused to heal non-cute characters or some shit lol)

    And yea Hiroya is a failboat in many ways. He was cute but suffers that whole “auto-lose childhood friend syndrome”. I wonder if actually GOOD childhood friend routes exist. I can only remember all of them getting screwed one way or another 😂

  12. That’s I was annoyed by Hiroya’s attitude towards Kazuha gaming at the start, that is. We get female players that are more capable, and the heroine gets her training montage in some of the routes and seems to take it seriously, so I got over it. As for her picking support class, wasn’t that Hiroya’s fault too?

  13. Ick, that log is just terrible. But idk, I’d separate regular RP-ing from, well, ERP-ing in general space. I don’t know, if the game doesn’t have a story, I just lose interest, which is why my brief venture into MMORPG didn’t last long lol. It’s a shame there isn’t a RP server or some other systems so people interested in it could stick together. Not that I don’t get being annoyed if you aren’t into it, particularly if it gets in the way of your game (though RPing that fucks things for other players is frowned upon even by RP enthusiasts). Just that everyone could be happy if something like that existed. But really, with Astrum I was mostly amused with myself because that means I’ve played way too much RPGs/read way too much fantasy novels so his talk doesn’t strike me as odd at all.

    I wasn’t that happy with Hiroya at the start either, but things aren7t that bad in each route so I mostly forgot about it.

    About oniichan, I’m sorry, I rewrote parts of the comments several times and I lost an important part. I know about literal oniichans, some from my own experience (and not only in otome games), some from reviews like yours. Which is why I doubt they’d be ambiguous about it. I mean, from what I’ve seen, they either milk the kink or go out of their way to assure the player it’s totally okay because it’s fauxcest. Being ambiguous isn’t really a thing. Unless someone up there said “no”, but writer wanted to sneak the crap past radar? But yeah, I agree that the game seems unfinished.

    Now, if only there would be full-length Dot Kareshi…

  14. I want to play it for the extreme moe everyone on my TL has been screaming about and for the creepy Rejet Oniichan (yes we all have our vices shush) but that whole Girl Sucks At Gaming trope is a thing I cannot abide. Like, this game will appeal the most to people who’s ‘in’ with gaming tropes, why can’t we have a heroine who’s actually one of us instead of one of those annoying MMO himes!? I don’t mind heroines who are BAD at gaming per se, there are some genres I suck at and we all have to start at Gaming Level 1 sometime, but a heroine who never really ‘gets’ into the game being stuck in a game……..feels like it’s missing the point.

    ……………….would you say the moe is moe enough to get over this stuff if the trope pisses you off really hard?

  15. I’ll just reply to both comments here.

    Regarding Astrum’s RP, basically look at this screenshot. It’s from FFXIV, Balmung server, a server that’s infamous for “RP” players. So when in an MMO people think of Role Players online they think of people like this, people who pick roleplay over actually say clearing a dungeon and just annoying everyone. The game even specifically refers to him as “itai role player” several times so that’s what they mean in regards to Astrum. He’s a role playing nerd, but that’s ok I love him none the less.

    And yea I played some stupid order too, played Hiroya first and spoiled like half the game for myself wtf. Thats why I put him right before Shiki in my recommended order :/

    And as I mentioned, being an MMORPG veteran, I’m a lot less forgiving for her terrible playstyle than probably others or maybe even most people playing this game. I just hated how at the start Hiroya babbles how “Mmos are boring and a girl wouldn’t be interested in them” like u wot mate!? (#・∀・) And speaking of side chars I wish we got a glimpse of their real life personas ;(

    Regarding the oniichan thing, blood related brothers are more common than you think in otome games lol. I mean if you look at my top10 oniichan list….at least half of them are! Lol. Let’s not even go into the blood related otoutokuns that weren’t on that list (like the one from sweet clown.) Just because they weren’t explicit with it doesn’t mean that it’s not incest – in fact the writer for this game wrote a lot of really creepy stuff before (like Moshikami for example) so I wouldn’t put it past them to “hint” at the incest rather than blatantly come out with it. The evidence I mention just seems to only point to yes but once again it’s up to the interpretation of the player – which kind of annoys me. Too many things left up to interpretation, that I wish they were more clear with. Almost feels like the game is unfinished, especially with the whole akashic records horse manure.

  16. And I forgot to mention how I had problems catching on that Astrum’s RP-ing is supposed to be mockable because my RPG experience is either single-player game where it’s all in-universe NPCs or tabletops where RPing is expected and kind of important. So I had a few moments of “why are you going off…oh” at first.

  17. I liked Rei and Tohru the best too! The order is similar to what I played – I went with rec from a player rather than official company line, which I think had Hiroya first, which is rather…dumb. The only big difference is that I played Zain after Demento and I think it might be the better idea, going with the real one before the possessed version (also makes you feel less bad about him getting body-snatched, but it could be just me).

    The game was so moe I forgave the plotholes over it and great side characters. I hoped there would be actual combat – not Real Rode levels, more like Urakata Hakuouki levels, which was still easy breezy if you ground an extra level or two (literally, that was enough) when first available, and XP wasn’t reset with new route. Though I understand why they didn’t have it for mass appeal, and I guess that’s why they made Kazuha a n00b too. I actually had fun watching her get adjusted but then again I only tried MMORPG once so I don’t have a grudge.

    As for the speed of plot progress…yeah. Both it and Shirayuki had short routes. Shirayuki seems better balanced as the story, but I think Cube used up the space for side character banter, which I loved. So I’m willing to forgive that too! (And if that doesn’t speak loads about my otome gaming situation until recently…)

    I think I must disagree about oniichan. Making not-blood-related siblings connected from early childhood is not that unusual in this type of fiction, and I think if they wanted to do go there they would make it explicit, because otherwise what’s the point.

  18. I mean I don’t know what you mean by deep but the love interests had their own stories and were really sweet so I basically enjoyed the game for them XD

  19. I don’t get wtf otome is trying to do? I caan see media having affecting females of all types having a bad influence or being negatively influenced by this sort of stuff. Maybe, the effect won’t be permanent but when I see eroge or other NSFW materials always having masochistic properties on females. Or, that they are pretty passive as in null and void.Are any of her love choices interesting as in really viscerally and poignantly deep?

  20. If Japan is like most Asian countries, I feel like even being step-siblings would be viewed as “family” so it would still be incest in the eyes of society. However, I do think it’s possible that they ARE blood-related if you don’t take what they’re saying at face value. Especially in light of Kazuha’s memory problem and how fuzzy her childhood is.

    I agree! I wish there had been more concrete explanations for this game. Sometimes leaving some things open to interpretation can be nice in a game, but sometimes it just feels lazy like “if we don’t mention it no will will know.” This game felt like more of the latter. Oh, we’ll bring this up but never really address it.

  21. See I thought at first maybe she was adopted as a baby as well but not mentioning the blood relation thing and not being open about their relationship…just raises all sorts of flags in my head lol.

    and with Zain again hard to tell which is what annoyed me about the game. so many things left up to interpretation….just come out with it! D:

  22. Well, I buy my games off PSN these days, unless they are FDs or ports of games I REALLY like. I can’t get the games sold anyway if they’re crap, so I might as well pay less for them and pretend they don’t exist.

  23. yea it really sucks that she never really gets into the game or gets any better. there’s maybe a bit of scene where she learns to use her bard skills but it’s nothing compared to facing off tough end game bosses.

  24. Good job completing Swiss Cheese!

    Damn. I had hoped for a good game because Kuroyuki+MMO. I guess not. I might get this game for the art though. Maybe. In 10 years. When I cleared my 2012-2015 otoge backlog, lmao. And maybe half of my retro game backlog.

  25. Wow. I am still reading the review but I am thinking WTF I mean this character cannot get any stronger? I mean a noob who has no aspirations to learn? The art looks nice and I think in one screencap she looks like she is dressed like Zelda xd But seriously, I like how you are writing this review and well wished that otome games could be more matured.

  26. Otsukare~ I never considered that Shiki and Kazuha could actually be blood-related when I was playing (although they do kind of look alike which I thought was interesting), but it’s not a bad theory. I thought I read in the beginning that she was really young (like 1-year-old) when her mom and his dad got married so I legit thought they weren’t related and they were using it as a means to say “okay, they’re not blood-related so you can like oniichan guilt-free” but it’s true that being actual blood-related siblings doesn’t stop game companies anyway so it’s possible lol

    Plus, the idea that it’s Shiki in Zain when he has his eroge moments was something I considered but wasn’t sure of because even though Zain was an NPC initially, when he merged with Demento and “got a soul” I thought that while Shiki’s presence that initially made him so into Kazuha, he develops his own obsession with her (naturally because everyone in the game falls for Kazuha somehow). It would make sense if it was just all Shiki though because his level of siscon love is high LOL.

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