Otome Game Review: Kyoukai no Shirayuki

Akagami Mashiro climbed & fell off a pomegranate tree when she was younger but miraculously awakened. Now many years later, she’s attending university while she works part time job at an ice cream store. She goes to a mirror exhibit at a museum with her friend Ataru and the mirror on the wall talks to her bringing her to an “Insanity World” filled with various mirrors. The voice in the mirror then says that Mashiro is the “Snow White” who has to save one of her “dwarves” and based on the mirror she chooses, it will decide who the one being saved will be. Nonsensical intro because the truth is in the spoilers so skip those and jump to my final thoughts if you don’t want to see!

2016-06-13-084340Kumishima Kaine – Kaine is a famous stained glass artist that goes to Mashiro’s university. Basically whenever Mashiro triggers his “insanity” it brings her to his mirror world in which she usually accepts “punishment” by allowing him to bite her. (Supposedly it’s because she smells and tastes like pomegranates lol) All the characters have this but they all bite in a different area. Kaine must be some closet perv cause he always bites her boob 😂. She visits him at the church where she used to play as a loli cause he’s turned the abandoned church into his personal stained glass work shop. She also brings him ice cream treats from her store. Eventually she starts coming to wake him up in the mornings so he doesn’t sleep through his classes. So then Mashiro starts to fall for not just Kaine’s stained glass pieces but for himself. She starts grappling between her love for him in real life and his boob chomping violent self in the mirror world. For Halloween Mashiro, Ataru and Kaine’s friend Tsuzuri stay over for horror movie night. During all of this Kaine trips and falls on top of Mashiro nearly kissing her. So eventually he is unable to control and keep his insanity at bay and he starts destroying all his glass works. Mashiro finds him and he tells her to gtfo so she does and he’s like nooo see no one understands muh paaain. So the next day when she comes back to try to talk things out he refuses to let her in the church and keeps the door locked. Eventually after several days she’s able to come in and he babbles some crap about destroying her before they’re transported into his world. Mashiro apologizes for thinking that the two Kaines were different people when they were one and the same. Kaine then reveals that he became like this because his father was a violent child abuser. (SIGH I’m getting tired of this theme in otome games lately…😣).

2016-06-13-084415Eventually Kaine got sick of his shit and hit him back. His parents eventually divorced and Kaine went to live with his mom, but the destructive habits remained in his subconscious. The worst part is Kaine just wanted his dad to praise him and tried to impress him with his stained glass works. 😔 Mashiro says she isn’t gonna hate him because of this and they’re returned to the real world. Kaine confesses that he loves Mashiro and when she says she likes him back he’s like “I know 😏” lol. Seems like everything is ok but right before Kaine is about to take her home he drops dead and a guy named Osaki Maki shows up telling Mashiro to return to the mirror world. When she gets there she’s told in order to get out she must defeat the queen of the mirror world. Pure love end: If you choose to commit a crime you get the love end. Mashiro destroys her pink hand mirror which kills the queen cause I’m essence she is the mirror. They return to the real world but Kaine is out cold and Mashiro has 5 min to wake him up or he’ll be in eternal slumber. Snow white decides to kiss her prince and it breaks the curse so Kaine wakes up. 😂 In the epilogue they go on a date to make up for Mashiro’s birthday celebration. A few weeks later he makes her a stained glass ring, proposes to her and they kiss. Mirror world end: The queen swaps bodies with Mashiro and says she’s going back to the real world. Mashiro is confined to the queen’s room forever but the Kaine of the mirror world promises to stay with her eternally.

2016-06-13-084813Sumifu Shikimi – Shikimi is a tattoo artist who often passes out in the middle of the road.  😅 Mashiro often drags his lazy ass to the police station when she finds him lying on the ground. He doesn’t know what pain feels like so when people beat him up or punch him he just stands there like a log. In the mirror world he bites Mashiro’s wrist. He draws a hena tattoo on Mashiro’s leg but hopes someday to carve a real one on her. Despite not being able to feel pain, he enjoys seeing others be IN pain, so he’s truly a do-S and enjoy seeing his customers writing while he stabs them with his tattoo needle. Σ(|||ω|||;) Mashiro starts visiting his store and being his poster girl when he’s not around to watch his store. Shikimi also wears bandages on his left hand and refuses to let anyone touch it or it triggers his insanity. Rumor springs that a rival tattoo artist named Goda is buttmad that Shikimi tattooed the boob of some lady he likes. Another rumor has that he’s been getting into fights in the back alley which is why Mashiro’s been finding him lying around with random wounds here & there. He tells Mashiro that he was supposed to be a doctor and even has a medical license but then he realized he’d be a shitty doctor – how is he supposed to heal pain if he can’t feel pain? (;・∀・)

2016-06-13-084823So instead he became a tattoo artist which makes him more legit than some back alley tattoo artists who have no rights using a needle. So one night Mashiro follows Shikimi and finds him in a scuffle with Goda. Shikimi just tells Goda to keep punching him like a do-M and Mashiro is so grossed out she runs away back to his tattoo parlor. When he gets there he reveals how in the past people thought he was gross and weird for having no feeling for pain. He would then pretend to have pain and then began to punch people so they’d hit him back and that’s what “pain” became to him. They get into a fight and he says he doesn’t want her pity so he tells her not to come to his place for a few days. She finds him a few nights later in a fight in the back alley again and runs in to stop him. He asks why she cares so much and she confesses it’s because she’s fallen in love with him. Just then one of the guys punches Mashiro and she gets a cut that bleeds on her face. This triggers him to finally feel pain in his heart seeing her hurt and he nearly kills all the guys on the spot until she stops him. When they get back to his place, and she takes care of his wounds, he starts to actually feel pain from them.

2016-06-13-084841He then confesses that he fell in love with her the moment he saw her punched looll. 😂 They hug and kiss but the next morning Mashiro wakes up feeling really ill. This is all because he continues fighting and whatever pain he inflicts on others,  Mashiro feels.  He finds this out when Goda captures her forcing Shikimi to come fight him. Love end: The police guy comes and stops Goda from killing Shikimi. They return to his place & rests his head in her lap until help arrives and has no memories of the mirror world.  He apologizes for hurting her and says he won’t get into fights anymore.  Mashiro tells him if he wants pain she’ll give it to him so she kisses him biting the inside of his mouth I guess? 😏🌟 In the epilogue, Shikimi decides to carve a tattoo on himself before reopening his store so he can understand what his customers feel. He also reveals on his left hand are bite marks that he used to constantly give himself to see if be could feel pain. When he starts tattooing himself he’s shocked at how much it hurts. After he’s done it’s a small pomegranate tattoo. He asks her to live with him & she says she’ll think about it. Mirror world end: Mashiro ends up in an eternal world of pain with Shikimi. But she’s there long enough that it turns into pleasure. ʅ( ´_ゝ`)ʃ

2016-06-13-084617Kondo Yura – Yura-chan is such a nerd and I really love him but his inner yandere is just…..such a disappointment lol. He’s a professor at Mashiro’s university and pretty popular with the ladies but mostly because he’s “nice” to everyone. In the mirror world he bites Mashiro’s thighs. When he gets jealous of Mashiro with other guys though,  it triggers his insanity world where he has his yandere tirade lol. So when he sees Nazuki, his childhood friend, hugging her for breaking her chocolate statue thing,  he shits bricks. When 2 random delinquents attack Mashiro and Ataru,  Yura comes to save them and he’s maaaad. He’s so mad he nearly strangles one guy and the other students that see this are shocked.  Yura is so ashamed of himself he runs and locks himself in his office. Mashiro runs after him and he cries that if he isn’t nice to everyone they will abandon him. She hugs him and is like it’s ok bby I’ll stay with you.  😘 The next day Yura reveals that he was raised in an orphanage. He was adopted by the Kondo family at the age of 7. So then his parents had a baby and he got scared that they’d abandon. So that’s why he decided to just be a super good child and act nice to everyone. He was scared of being hated and never got angry at anyone.  😢

2016-06-13-084622So after this Mashiro kinda blurts out that she likes him and he confesses that he feels the same way. This throws her into his psyche where his inner yandere says now that she’s accepted him,  he will merge with his real life self. After work he sees Nazuki removing some dirt from her eyes but it looks like kissing to him from far away.  😅 So he just has a yandere meltdown lol. It gets worse cause the queen of the mirror world eggs him on. And sooo he slips a sleeping drug into her drink and the next day he chains her leg to the bed so she can’t run away.  😒 Mashiro is like wtf I won’t run away without you having to do this and he just gives her the template yandere babble that he can’t stand sees her near other men etc. And so her uguu apartment of love life begins with Yura as she’s basically not allowed to ever leave. Even when she tries to reason with him to remove the leg chain he refuses. ╮( •́ω•̀ )╭ While bored in his house one day,  Mashiro finds his diary from when he was in the orphanage. In it he basically writes how much he wanted others to like him. She finds the part where he was upset about another child born to his adoptive parents – and immediately feels so sorry for him she forgives the fact that he’s literally holding her hostage. (=ω=;) Love End: Mashiro asks Yura to sleep with her in bed and this relieves him that he finally falls asleep.

2016-06-13-084631A few days later he lets Mashiro call her mom to tell her she’s “ok”  and the mom freaks out saying she nearly called the police. A couple nights later when Yura falls asleep, Mashiro sneaks into the closet and picks her foot chain lock freeing herself  (woot!) Yura wakes raging at her for running away but she yells at him saying that just cause she’s not locked up in his room,  she’s gonna abandon him.  ( Meanwhile I’d be like Lol peace out shitlord I’m turning you into the police 😎). He then falls to the floor crying for her not to leave him alone,  so Mashiro talks some sense into him.  She tells him that if he feels lonely he can call or text her, and she’ll try not to get close to other guys. She warns him that she’s still a student who has friends & family so she can’t be in his uguu love shack all the time.  😅 After they kiss he apologizes for chaining her and tells her to spend the night so he can apologize to her parents the next day. In the epilogue, Yura asks Mashiro to spend her 20th birthday at his place. When she gets there, he surprises her with his house filled with red roses & a garnet ring. It’s kinda sad that when Kishio finally gets to be in an otome game again he’s some uguu cage yandere. 😓 Mirror world end: Mashiro stays with Yura in his uguu cage world while the queen goes into the real world in her place. Also I guess he prefers chains over cages cause chains everywhere in that final cg!

2016-06-13-084907Kakeya Saji – Saji is the 18 year old shota host.  I didn’t even know you could be a host under 20 legally lol. He acts pretty childish and likes sweets. In the mirror world he bites Mashiro’s throat. Though it looks like the kind of  bite a lion does on some gazelle before he kills it. 😑 Mashiro goes to a host club with Ataru for the first time.  Again no idea why they let them in  there since they can’t drink anyway (Mashiro is 19 though I believe Ataru is 20).  So this one host pressures Mashiro into drinking but she refuses and gets annoyed.  Just then Saji shows up to get him away and apologizes for that guy’s behavior. He then shows Mashiro his flirty on the job persona lol. He’s the most popular host so even when he tells her to come see him,  he barely has a moment to chat with her. She ends up falling asleep while sitting alone and he…takes her home.  So of course she wakes up with him in bed & shits bricks. 😅 He tells her that he’s lonely until his brother comes home so he always asks different girls to sleep in bed with him.  (And I mean just sleep, not screw lolol.) So then he asks Mashiro to make him apple pie in the middle of the night and while she does, his brother gets home.  His name is Ume and he’s a turbo ikemen. Saji acts like a needy child and demands Mashiro spend time with him when Ume isn’t around. He decides to visit Mashiro’s university for a day and gets so bored he falls asleep a lot.  To keep himself entertained he holds Mashiro’s hand under the desk during lecture. His idea of love is kissing so holding hands or sleeping in bed to him is “friendship” and isn’t considered cheating or anything.

2016-06-13-084910So he constantly asks Mashiro to be his body pillow. He eventually starts to fall in love with her and Ume warns him that if he wants to get closer, he needs to cut down on the manwhoring. Saji then asks Mashiro to be his ~exclusive body pillow~ and promises to quit  the hosting part at the host club. He instead asks his manager to switch to working as cooking and cleanup duty to avoid serving the ladies. So now with both their evenings free they spend a lot of time hanging out, playing games so she’s not just his pillow but not officially a girlfriend and it feels weird to her. However one day when Mashiro runs into an elementary school classmate, Saji gets jealous and then announces that he’s her boyfriend after all. He then takes her back to his house and admits he was jealous. Mashiro also gives him a small cat charm to keep when he gets lonely. When Ume hears that Mashiro is his brother’s body pillow he’s like wtf? And so because one night Mashiro can’t make it to his house,  when she gets there late, some other girl is there sighhhh. (눈_눈) Mashiro goes home upset but feels like since she’s not his girlfriend she’s in no position to say anything. She runs home and cries realizing she can’t continue this bullshit relationship anymore.

2016-06-13-084933Saji’s mirror self goes yangire and freaks out whenever Mashiro shows up demanding to bite her. A couple days later Ume apologizes on Saji’s behalf and tells Mashiro about their past. He says that their mother got divorced soon as Saji was born. The mom was mentally unstable and blamed the divorce on Saji, ignoring his existence. She would literally act like Saji isn’t there so Ume had to do stuff like feed his brother. This went on until Saji turned 14 and their mom killed herself. (Oh boy child neglect…😑). Reminds me of Asuka’s mom issues from Evangelion. Ume asks Mashiro to give Saji one more chance and Mashiro hesitantly agrees. Ume also tells Saji to apologize to Mashiro and clear up the misunderstanding with the girl that came to his house (but then left. ) Ume oniichan is so sweet, I’d rather date him. 😋 Saji’s mirror self tells Mashiro that all he wanted was a mother’s love so the girls he “slept” with were like moms to him. Mashiro accepts his feelings and tells him he can bite her if it will make him feel better. Saji comes over to her place,  and apologizes for bringing other girls to his place. He explains it was the host “after care” he had to do but he sent the girl home immediately – just not early enough before the girl told Mashiro to gtfo. Saji then adds that he wants Mashiro only from now on and confesses he loves her. Mashiro accepts his confession saying she feels the same way.

2016-06-13-084942As Christmas approaches Saji says he’s thinking of quitting the host club for good and taking a different job. For Christmas he asks to spend the night at Mashiro’s place and sleep together. He also asks to kiss her since that’s the ultimate sign of love to him. Love end: Mashiro decides to sacrifice herself to free Saji from his insanity. She tells mirror Saji to bite her but he says it’s fine because he’s happy now and no longer needs to bite her. She tells him to do it anyway, and when he does the queen takes over her body, laughs at Saji for being stupid and runs off.  Saji is so depressed he sits alone in his room and never leaves. Eventually he finds a mysterious rare goods store and the workers there tell him that if he destroys the queen’s mirror he might be able to get Mashiro back. He then goes around looking for pieces of Mashiro’s mirror to put together as well. Unfortunately his deadline is the end of day on Mashiro’s birthday. He finds all the pieces, sees Mashiro in the mirror and tells her to return to him. He breaks the queen’s mirror,the queen comes running & raging and Mashiro returns to her body. In the epilogue, Saji quits his host club job but per Mashiro’s request he acts like her personal host for her 20th birthday celebration. Mirror world end: Mashiro continues her candy house life with Saji’s mirror self. The queen shows up laughing at Saji’s attempts to stop her.

2016-06-13-084459Shinjou Nazuki – Nazuki is childhood friends with Yura, and a famous actor. He bites Mashiro’s arm in the mirror world, and acts like an onee Chara but his mirror self is an emotionless log. He pretends to be a lookalike of himself in public so ppl don’t jump all over him lol. Somehow it always works. He’s emotionless and empty on the inside so everything is an act to him. He likes to eat ice cubes as cold as his heart. He’s basically like the tinman from wizard of Oz who doesn’t have a “heart”. He didn’t even cry as a baby and his mother had trouble raising him.  Because he was so emotionless his mother cried to his father that she can’t love her child who is like a doll. Nazuki felt nothing hearing this and he decided to just act like other kids so his mother would be happy. He was scouted to be an actor and when a popular actor was an onee Chara he began to copy him.  Once he started doing the onee act, people became friendlier to him. The only one who noticed beyond his mask was Mashiro. He finally learns the anger emotion when a bunch of drunk idiots harass them at a bar & Mashiro tells them off. Things get bad when Mashiro falls in love with Nazuki but he’s an emotionless log so he can’t comprehend that his actions affect her deeply and may hurt her. When she confesses her feelings he just friend zones her. (ㆆ_ㆆ) Mashiro figures this would have happened and didn’t expect him to understand what love is. As she lets mirror Nazuki bite her one last time, the queen takes over her body.  Nazuki sees queen in Mashiro’s body and she tells him it’s his fault for being an emotionless log.

2016-06-13-084525Well thanks to this Nazuki learns the feeling of sadness and pain of losing someone. After the queen leaves him,  Nazuki starts crying for the first time. Meanwhile Mashiro is stuck in Nazuki’s mirror world but at least he hugs her to keep her from being too cold in his ice castle. Meanwhile in the real world, now that Nazuki has some emotion his acting improves. Love end: Nazuki figures out that the queen is in Mashiro’s body but she’s running around god knows where so he has trouble tracking her down. When he finally finds her all she says is my lovin no you never gonna get it 🎵. Mashiro decides to teach mirror Nazuki to have emotions and says she’ll try to get out together with him. Just then Ousaki is bored enough to bring Mashiro & mirror Nazuki to the queen’s castle. He tells Mashiro to look into the queen’s mirror and then he disappears. Meanwhile in the real world Nazuki starts planning his suicide cause he’s so in love with Mashiro he can’t live without her. Mashiro finds the queen’s mirror and uses it to return back, and mirror Nazuki hugs her goodbye.  When Mashiro returns to her body she finds out it’s only temporary while the queen is sleeping at night. As before,  Mashiro’s got a time limit to get her body back before her 20th birthday. They end up meeting at the antique store and he’s so happy it’s the real Mashiro he apologizes to her and confesses his love. He then suggests they do a lovers suicide and she agrees but Nazuki can’t do it. Instead he stabs the queen’s mirror by coincidence which sends the queen back and allows Mashiro to get her body.  In the epilogue they celebrate her birthday at her place. Nazuki gives her a garnet necklace and then they kiss. Mirror world end: Mashiro is stuck in the mirror world forever with Nazuki. No I mean literally stuck in a block of ice. 😅

2016-06-13-085041Zenno Yori – Yori is actually my favorite guy in the game, which is ironic because I usually don’t favor the ossan characters. Fortunately he’s a really cute ossan who likes cute bunny mascots and shares this hobby with Mashiro. (*´▽`*) Yori is a 30 year old policeman who works at a police box close to Mashiro’s apartment, so when she feels unsafe she runs over there. He bites her ear in the mirror world and has a pet cat named Sarome.  So then he becomes all paranoid thinking Mashiro is just leading him on & decides to distance himself from her. Mashiro doesn’t understand wtf is going on and of course he won’t tell her anything. …(¯―¯٥) Also it’s revealed that he’s working for the queen which is why he’s been nice to Mashiro…all so he could save himself from his insanity. Mashiro asks him to walk her home after late night shifts from work because she’s afraid there’s a stalker near her apartment. Yori’s problem is he has an issue with broken promises so that’s why he refuses to make plans with Mashiro but instead tells her to ask him right before the planned event. His mirror world tells her that his real world self has trust issues. The one night on her way home from work when she is alone, she’s attacked by the hair cutting hentai. ( He’s so wacko who’s been running around attacking women and cutting off chunks of their hair.)

2016-06-13-085017She manages to push him off and run away, telling what happened to Yori the next day. Yori thinks Osaki is doing this and tells him to knock it off. While walking the next day Mashiro runs into Osaki. While they’re talking the scissor hentai attacks them and hurts Osaki. Mashiro pushes him away running to Yori, who tells her to come to his house since the hentai is lurking near her apartment. When Yori talks to Osaki he says that he was fake stalking at first, but turns out there’s a real hair chopping hentai on the loose. Yori also says that he won’t abandon Mashiro after he’s saved from his insanity. A  few hours later Yori calls Mashiro saying he won’t be back till the following day and tells her to spend the night at his house. Mashiro calls Ataru asking to bring her clean underwear so Ataru brings a whole pack just “in case” 😂😂😂😂. She ends up spending a few days there and they share his bed cause she trusts him and it’s a dire situation. So here they are living like a married couple but neither has confessed their feelings yet. As December rolls around Yori finally confesses that he likes her and Mashiro says she feels the same. They both make plans to go on a Christmas date together.

2016-06-13-085019The next day he decides to confess to Mashiro that her stalker was Osaki and he knew this but did nothing to stop him.  He then also admits that he broke her promise for meeting up that one time cause he got scared of being betrayed. Because of his paranoia he’s lost a lot of friends. He didn’t care until now and feels he’s not worth being Mashiro’s boyfriend. He says he became like this because when he was in middle school he was this popular funny kid and thought everyone like him.  Turns out they all hated him & talked shit behind his back.  ( ´•̥ω•̥` ) None of them showed up to his graduation party & he thought they were his friends. Mashiro is willing to accept and save him so she willingly let’s his mirror self bite her. Slowly she begins making promises with him (like meeting up for lunch) so he can try to trust people more.  Their Christmas scene is so adorable (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* and reminded me of how cheeky Mashiro is 😂 ( don’t ask to kiss me just do it!) Turns out the true hentai is Yori’s police partner Ikari. Fortunately before he can cut Mashiro’s hair off, Yori runs in to stop him (thanks to a warning from Osaki. ) Yori takes her home that night but then Osaki shows up and reveals the truth about how Yori was working for the queen of the mirror world.

2016-06-13-085030They get teleported to the mirror world where Osaki tells her that Yori had a contract with the queen to turn Mashiro to her in order to cure his distrust of people. Yori says what he said is true but he refuses to give Mashiro to the queen. Realizing that she wants to help Yori regardless  Mashiro makes her decision. Love end: Yori decides to betray the queen and crushes the mirror without biting Mashiro.  He says that he’ll try to fix his distrust of people on his own.  He then leaves the mirror world with Mashiro merging with his real world self. In the epilogue they go to a bar so she can try drinking for her 20th birthday. The Ikari hair thing seems to be something that Osaki forced into him to push Yori & Mashiro closer together.  (Well it kinda worked? 😅) When Mashiro gets drunk she’s all like kiss me bebe and he’s so embarrassed he takes her home rofl. 😂 She then demands that he give her water mouth to mouth and after kissing her he’s like NEVER DRINK ALONE. 😂😂 Mirror world end: The queen leaves the mirror world as usual and Yori’s unwanted personality stays with Mashiro in there forever. But it’s not so bad she gets to eat sweets with her bae for all eternity 😘.

2016-06-13-085111Arima Utsuro – Utsuro is a boy but he just looks like a girl. It doesn’t help that his design and hair and outfit just makes him look like a girl so it’s hard for me to consider him this ikeman that Mashiro just falls for. The only time I got all ドキドキ was when Osaka Ryota used his oresama voice because as it turns out, Utsuro is a 3 for one deal – he has 3 personalities in him that interchange at random times! 😂 He works in an antique store with Maki and grows & sells his own pomegranites. Mashiro quickly becomes his loyal customer since it’s her favorite fruit. In the mirror world Utsuro bites Mashiro’s feet and unlike the other guys in the game, he remembers everything from the mirror world that happens and all of his personalities are aware of the difference between it and the real world. So let’s talk about his 3 personalities. The first one which he uses “boku” is like an emotionless doll which does everything the queen tells him to – so his goal is to capture and bring Mashiro to her. His 2nd one is the oresama which uses “ore” when speaking and the first personality to basically fall in love with Mashiro. (It’s also the personality he uses to fend off dudes who hit on him thinking he’s a girl 😂.) His 3rd personality uses “watashi” and it’s sort of a snotty kuudere who thinks Mashiro is a waste of space and annoying. He asks Mashiro to come with him to see the queen and she just…agrees. His oresama self even makes fun of her lol. She goes to climb his pomegranate tree and falls off but he catches her – which gives her a form of dejavu. Eventually, his oresama self falls in love with her and kisses her in the mirror world.

2016-06-13-085127This makes Mashiro realize she’s in love with Utsuro however his other 2 personalities aren’t quite ready to abandon ship with the queen and jump to her yet. Eventually the queen gets buttmad and puts the watashi  and ore personality to sleep leaving only the empty emotionless boku. Love End: Oresama Utsuro comes out on Mashiro’s 20th birthday and meets her at the church where they had met as children many years earlier. He got separated from his parents and found loli Mashiro sitting under a tree eating pomegranates and reading fairy tales. He admits that Mashiro was probably his first love. (ㆁωㆁ*) He also says the reason he became this  triple personality is because of her and the queen. He takes her to the queen who reveals that she and Mashiro are one, and they were both supposed to die the day she fell down from the tree. However Mashiro split the world in 2, the mirror and the normal, leaving her “dead” self in the mirror world, while Mashiro went to live on earth. Utsuro was around when this happened and in order for the queen to survive she ripped out his personality. Therefore unless the queen gets her body back, she will continue to possess Utsuro’s soul. Mashiro apologizes for forgetting about her and tells her to return to her soul so they can be as one again. She opens the door to the queen’s chamber and they merge into one. Utsuro then returns to his original self and although he’s confused at first, his 3 personalities match into the quiet personality but at least with emotions this time. In the epilogue they celebrate Mashiro’s belated 20th birthday and kiss in her room. Mirror World End: Mashiro gets bitten enough times to let the queen take over her body and ends up staying with Utsuro in the mirror world forever etc.

2016-06-13-085148Osaki Maki – When will they stop casting Morikawa for the “crazy bad guy role”…the world will never know. Maki runs the antique store but also works as a museum curator. He bites the back of the neck. Queen asks Maki to catch Mashiro so that she can have her body.  They decide to get 7 guys they coin as the “7 dwarves” to serve as bait – which are all the guys in the game. Maki says he’s the “prince charming” even though he’s kinda cray. Unfortunately for him, he’s not prince charming, he’s more like the poison apple to this package. In this route he gives Mashiro a tour of all the other guys worlds so she sees their “other” personalities. It’s also because he doesn’t have his own mirror when they go into the mirror world it’s into someone else’s or just the queen’s castle. He doesn’t have his mirror because his insanity is pretty much his true personality so there’s no need to create a separate world for it. He’s a sadist and loves seeing her be terrified so he pretends to stalk her so she gets scared and then runs to him for safety etc. Intentionally bites her in front of the other guys acting like he’s NTRing her. As I had predicted early in this route, when he mentioned briefly about “being a twin” turns out it was true. He was originally a twin but one of them died during birth. (Gee where have I seen this used before!?)

2016-06-13-085218His mother went cray and created a “glass coffin” and put a doll into it in the place of the dead twin. The mother thought the twin was a girl so she used a girl doll but the twin was actually supposed to be a boy. So that’s why the glass coffin Maki has in his house isn’t his “brother” but the “snow white he was to meet one day” aka Mashiro who also died young. Maki also tells Mashiro that his brother had the “normal” personality while Maki ended up getting the crazy one so he feels he’s the defective one. He feels that Mashiro is similar to him with her “split” personality between herself and the queen so he doesn’t want the queen to take her body. While she falls asleep at his house one night, he brings her and puts her into the glass coffin where his doll once was. She ironically fits so well and then the queen gets mad that despite him biting Mashiro, it’s having no effect on the queen’s progress to take her body. Queen suggests that the “dwarves” bite Mashiro instead but Maki refuses to let anyone but him bite her because he’s her “prince”. Mashiro meanwhile ends up in an endless loop at the mirror world entrance with Maki.For some reason after spending so much time with him in & out of the mirror world Mashiro falls in love with him. (;´Д`) After being bitten too many times though, she passes out because his biting actually poisons her. He takes her back to the real world where she’s out cold and he realizes that a he’s not the prince but more like the poison apple that poisons snow white.

2016-06-13-085228Love End: Mashiro remembers that the queen is actually the figment of her imagination she created when she was a loli after reading the story of snow white. She actually felt sorry for the queen and wanted to save her instead of snow white herself. Because of this she created this “queen” as her imaginary friend and somehow upon her fall off the tree, the imaginary friend got roped into the mirror world and became its queen. Anyway similar to Utsuro, Mashiro opens the door, hugs the queen and tells her to join her together on earth as won. The queen rages at first but gives in as usual and the 2 Mashiros become one. Mashiro then wakes up to a crying Maki who after biting her so many times, has filled the “empty gap” inside himself so he’s a little less cray now. They smooch and live happily ever after, celebrating her 20th birthday and him constantly wanting to re-enact the prince kisses snow white to wake her up scene 😂 Mirror World End: The queen disappears into nothing while Maki takes Mashiro into his own world where all they have is a bed to make out (and screw) for the rest of their eternal death limbo. (I’m gonna assume maybe he committed suicide?) Honestly I don’t know why/when Maki fell in love with Mashiro. He seemed like he enjoyed scaring her more than anything but maybe her scared rabbit response made him all dokidoki enough that ズキューーーン(*´ェ`*)ポッ happened lol. 😂


Well that was certainly interesting. I wouldn’t go as far as saying this was the best game ever, but it wasn’t bad and it’s short enough that I think it’s still worth a play. I spent more time on it than I should have only because the FFXIV patch came out and derailed my gaming time elsewhere. There’s not really a common route. You spend maybe about 30 min just getting an introduction to the heroine and her daily life and then you basically immediately jump into each guy’s individual path. Unfortunately because of this, the first couple routes feel a bit odd as you don’t have a chance to get “into” the game. The artwork is super stylized too, so unless you are used to this artist’s style, it also takes a bit of time to get used to the visuals – which due to lack of a decent common route, you don’t have much time of. Therefore my first route, Kaine (who is also the poster boy for the game), felt like the most forgetful one. (;^ω^) The game caters to biting fetishes so if you’re into that, there’s sure to be a body part that all the guys bite that may tickle your fancy. 😂 My favorite interesting aspect of the game was all the symbolism. For example the symbolism associated with where Shikimi bites Mashiro (her wrist) or the symbolism of the visuals in Yura’s mirror world. The symbolism of the pomegranites, and the visual of Mashiro in this “glass coffin” like Snow White during the tsumi/batsu choices in each route. Or the fact that the first thing I noticed in Yori’s house was the giant cat tower and bowls and for a while wondered why they hadn’t mentioned that he had a pet cat – until they finally did. 😂 So when you play this, be sure to pay attention to all the little details and visuals around as it makes for a more interesting experience.

As far as the heroine, I actually thought Mashiro was a lot of fun! At first she didn’t seem like anything special, but then you look at the choices and sometimes shocking stuff she says I burst out laughing a few times. Her friend Ataru is totally a bro, and I wish I had a BFF in college like her. (´;ω;`)ブワッ If you leave Mashiro’s name default the guys call it out which is really nice as well (and it’s been a trend in a lot of recent Otomate games which makes me really happy.) The omake features all the guys talking about random silly stuff. The music in the game was really great too, ironically enough the “biting scene” music was my favorite lol.  I think the only suggestion I have for this game is if they cut down to 5 or 6 routes instead of 8 and given each guy a bit more “meat” to their route…but I guess they wanted to go with the whole 7 dwarves + prince theme. Anyway overall a short and sweet game with an interesting premise and decent plot twist so I’d recommend to play it when you just want something “different” on the side. For play order I’d recommend Kaine → Yura → Shikimi → Yori → Saji → Nazuki → Utsuro → Maki.

17 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Kyoukai no Shirayuki

  1. Thank you for the review!
    I really hope there’s going to be an artbook or a B’s Log collection for this game. It’s a nice break from the usual “glossy” (I’m not sure that’s the right word to describe it) art in many otome games.

    1. Otomate tends to usually release artbooks for most of their games so there’s a good chance this will get one as well. And I feel you, but I think it’s because Otomate has their own “school” of artists who learn off each other…but once in a while they hire someone external for a game project and it tends to stick out like a sore thumb (which often times is actually a nice refresher lol)

  2. I’m so glad you liked it! I was worried because of yandereness, but hey, at least the game was upfront with it. And it actually deals with the yandere.

    My fave is ossan too, least fave is sensei. The art is different, but I thought it fit the subject matter well. I’m rather picky about art -one of reasons I decided to skip DiaLovers even before the reviews – but this one works for me for some reason. I think the artist might be a part of Touken Ranbu so it wasn’t our first meeting. I kind of hope they stick around or that there’s more refreshing stuff as opposed to overly cutesy shojo or derpy BL style.

    (And lol “related” section shows Mirror Alice. Wouldn’t it have been nice if it was something similar to this?)

    Anyway, looking forward to Period Cube…when you can manage to get out of FF clutches. 😉 Unless you’ve decided to do Taisho Alice first?

    1. I’ve started on Period Cube so hoping to get that knocked out soon (in between fishing on XIV haha lol)

      I think the art style works well for the twisted feel of the game. I don’t think i’d want ~pretty or beautiful~ art work for this type of game so I think they made the right choice with Kinako.

      Regarding Alice, ironically when I first played Heart no Kuni, my prediction for what happened to Alice is actually the main plot of this game. Great minds think alike I guess 😉

  3. i would of gotten it but the art did make me go “oh yeah!” so in order to save money i didn’t get it, now reading your review makes me wanna get it ;w;

    1. Honestly I think once you get used to the art it can be pretty cute. The only visual char I couldn’t get into was Utsuro but otherwise I think I was ok with everyone else.

  4. So glad you reviewed this, the art style caught my eye and I’ve been waiting to see if I should buy it. The story seems pretty decent and I like having a large variety of characters to choose from, even if that means that their stories aren’t as fleshed out as they could be, so I think I’m gonna go for it! (I might wait for the price to go down from $65, as an otome noob I’ll feel guilty if I blow close to $100 on importing a game I can barely even read without painstaking use of jisho.org and google translate ._.)
    The only gripe I really have is the whole biting fetish catering, like… uh, sure, if that’s what you’re into I guess? My mind is drawing parallels to the blood-sucking shit in Dialovers and I’d rather not deal with that ever again lol.

    1. 65 seems pretty expensive. have you tried amazon japan? It should be a little cheaper there and they might be able to ship it overseas, gotta check.

      I know what you mean with dialovers and honestly it didn’t feel like that at all. the biting only happens briefly when she goes into the mirror world and then it doesn’t happen at all. it’s also actually relevant to the plotline – meanwhile the biting in dialovers was just “bitch give me your blood you’re just food to me” LOL

  5. I was really looking forward to your review as I LOVE Kinako’s art. I became a big fan of hers after watching the first Gatchaman CROWDS anime, and I love me some men in heels. xD So, I’m glad to hear that the game is at least interesting, so I don’t end up just buying the game for the art.

    I hope Kinako gets to do more art for otome games.

    1. yea if you already love her artwork, then I think you will really enjoy the game. as far as men in heels, yea there’s quite a lot of them here so I think you’ll be pleased XD

  6. 😥I wouldn’t say than I’m a faint heart, but that child abuse trope begin to get too much overused nowadays in otome games and that very boring seems lacking of tragic past trope in this industry. The art wasn’t very appealing to me first then it grew on me and i find it kinda refreshing, has I become slightly much more tolerant towards unusual art. I don’t know if you have note this but the plot is very similar to Mawaru Penguindrum, Saji is not a man who’re but mostly a prude man who’re has he don’t get his way with girls💁🏽. You picked more my interest for this game like i just learn than Morikawa is there.

    1. Yea I know they wanna create drama but some variety would be nice other than “kiddies who had shit parents” :/

      Yea the art wasn’t my usual style either but I was able to get used to it pretty quickly. And yea I’ve seen penguindrum, and I can see why you feel it’s similar haha.

  7. I really like how her art looks and the colors, it’s really pop-y and stands out *_*
    Biting fetish, eh? Ufufufufu
    I’m glad you’ve broken your streak of kusoges and now are getting a streak of good games, hopefully it continues like that 😀

    1. I’m wondering if these “short” type of games are a trend now because Period Cube feels the same way. It keeps the game from being boring and repetitive but it also makes me feel a bit like something is missing. Not sure how I feel about it ultimately (;^ω^)

      1. Short games mean there’s less development, and less time to shine, so I can see how you’d feel there’s something missing/unsatisfied from them (⌒_⌒;)
        Well, hopefully there’ll be one to knock your socks and knickers out soon-ish O(≧∇≦)O

  8. I love fairy tale inspired otome games, so I’m all on board for this game. I’m also glad Mashiro stood up to the yandere, that doesn’t happen often enough. I mean, I love that type of guy, but grow some backbone girls!

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