Otome Game Review: Queen of Flowers

Let’s see how many people dismiss this post because I translated Reine des Fleurs from French to English :lol:. Honestly, I cannot take this game seriously. It was very difficult for me to write this review. As I am writing this post after finishing the game I wish I could jump back in time and cancel my preorder. I’m not even gonna bother summarizing the story here because the entire thing is a sham and coverup for the real truth behind the whole game. If you wish to see the truth behind what really happens, read after the jump at your own risk. Warning: Extreme rage and sarcasm ahead. Though honestly, you should just spoil yourself to give yourself a reason to never play this game and just buy the artbook for Kagerou’s pretty artworks….as that is basically this game’s only SAVING GRACE (PUN INTENDED) (;´Д`) Everyone else feel free to skip to my final rage thoughts. But remember folks, just because I didn’t like it, doesn’t mean that YOU shouldn’t like it. This is after all just my personal opinion and experience with the game!


I actually translated the title for a reason. The title “queen of flowers” is exactly what this game is about – the entire game is a god damn botanical garden. It’s like literally they gijinka’ed flowers and we are suddenly playing some tragic dramatic story about them somehow having the power to destroy the world. Unfortunately it’s less about dating Daisy-senpai and more about forced drama that’s supposed to appear tragic and sentimental. So first let’s go through some vocabulary:

  • Hanabito – basically every person in this game. These mystical flower people don’t need to eat, but they still enjoy spending time drinking tea with crumpets because we need to highlight all the exotic occidentalism in the game. Anyone who lives in Parterdeame is a hanabito and the 4 knights are turned into hanabitos the moment they become knights and abandon their human bodies on earth. My impression was that they “died” on earth but in fact, no, they are just taking a long nap while their hanabito selves prance around Parterdeame (I’m gonna misspell this stupid word like 50 times in this post.)
  • Chou – Butterflies! Butterflies that just flutter around these flowers like in real life! They are “guardians” of each flower person – though not every flower person needs one. Violette’s butterflies are the lolishota duo Ruri & Akane.  Each knight has their own butterfly who are the guardians of each country’s kamon, for a total of 4.
  • Kamon – щ(゚д゚щ)カモーンナイトたちよ❢ So the Kamons basically choose a knight and along with them they are teleported to Partyland to be hanabitos that all serve their flower queen Violette. Once a kamon is destroyed, the chou that represents it dies along with the hanabito version of the knight. The human body of the knight doesn’t seem to be affected by this at all but because you lose contact with Portmanteau you’re as good as dead to them anyway.
  • Reine – THE QUEEN (of flowers). She reins above all the flower people while helping move grace around each country to make sure all the little people below are not killing each other because of war/famine/otheroldworldproblems.
  • Tanebito – the little people below the heavens who rely on the grace of the goddess or their countries will perish.


And now here comes the amazing story that is so moving I wanted to toss my Vita aside multiple times! Basically all the ancient gods, like the greek gods, had some kamigami no asobi and spread their powers all over the place. The humans then started being reliant on those powers and when the gods god bored & dumped them, they’re like NOO MAH GODLY POWERS! And so the earth was to be doomed until Milene, the goddess of love felt really bad for what her fellow godbutts did. She decided to provide the little people with her goddess grace to help them get back on their feet. Unfortunately all of them got too reliant on her powers and constantly needed grace replenishing or the country would completely collapse. Milene also had her own little problem in that she was in love with the god of destruction, Zero, but well she creates things and he destroys things and well IT JUST WASN’T MEANT TO BE. So time passed and Milene got sick of dealing with the pesky humans so she took her PonPonPon island and moved it up to the heavens. She created some flower peeps there cause she was bored & lonely without her bae to keep her company. She also kinda got exhausted from all the gracing and decided to take a nap. While she was counting sheep in the magical sakura tree, she set some app for a REINE to be born to inherit her powers and do the dirty work for her. This goes on and on for a few thousand years until suddenly her auto-timer breaks and NO NEW REINE IS BEING BORN.


Milene doesn’t have an mechanic to fix her iphone problems so she decided to take matters into her own hands. Since she wasn’t gonna get with her bae anytime…EVER, she decided to take her love for him and turn it into Violette. Violette would be the next Reine – or rather, the next BODY for Milene to jump into cause grace is running low and only Milene can create more. Here’s the hilarious kicker though – Milene can just give her powers to Violette because apparently Violette is the last Reine anyway. Milene’s had enough of this shit and honestly figures it’s about time for the countries on earth to stand up on their own 2 feet. Unfortunately this small plot detail is only mentioned in SOME routes but not OTHERS making this game an inconsistent plot mess. Some routes make it seem that by not agreeing to have her body taken over, Violette is gonna destroy the world. Other routes make it seem like it’s no big deal if the world is destroyed ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Therefore, I cannot take this game seriously, I cannot take any character seriously and most of all, I cannot take any of this so called tragedy seriously.  So now it’s up to Violette to make a string of god awful decisions by simply having FIERY CONVERSATIONS (Ravir) with everyone (including herself.)

leon01Leon – Victim no. 1 is Leon! Leon comes from the country of Pivoine and is madly in love with Violette at first sight. Nobody has any idea why until the sudden revelation that inside of Leon is actually the soul of Milene’s boyfriend Zero! Yes that’s right when Leon was a wee shota, he stumbled upon some shrine and curiosity killed the cat as Zero went and took over his body. For a while Zero just took a nap inside as Leon grew up, but the moment Leon got near Violette BOOM time to wake up cause Zero can feel the spirit of his bae inside her! Now Leon is confused on whether his feelings for Violette is his own or are just the feelings of Zero projected on to him. We’ll unfortunately never know because the game is SURELY convinced that Leon’s feelings are totally his own. Okay fine, I’ll let the love-at-first-sight trope get away this time because Leon is the most adorable thing this game has to offer anyway. It takes the cooperation of the knight chou’s and the knights to finally get Leon and Violette to JFA and admit their feelings to each other (cause somewhere along the way she fell for the adorable dork.) But now shit gets real and we have to go back to the fact that Milene still wants Violette’s body and if Violette messes with grace, it makes it easier for Milene to take over. By not messing with grace though, the knights suffer and the first victim of the suffering is Ghislain. His country is like the shittiest one and up till now they basically had survival of the fittest (which is why it’s mostly men there) not relying on any outside source.

shotaleonGhislain tells Violette that he doesn’t need her country’s power and by having his country be destroyed it will “show a message” that the other countries need to pick up the slack and stop relying on godly powers to survive. Violette won’t be having this but not knowing what to do they decide to go see Hubert. The conversation shifts to the fact that if she’s with Leon, Zero will awaken and destroy the world. The only way for this to not happen is for her to move all the grace out of his country, let the country be destroyed along with his human body there – bam no  risk of the god reviving!!! 😆 He basically just wants Violette to do the ceremony, destroy Zero and to give her body to Milene. Unfortunately this game just wants everyone to be miserable so the reality of the lack of grace sets in and the grace of Ghislain’s country is destroyed. Ghislain destroys his kamon killing both his Parterdeame self as well as his chou Tsumabeni (though as seen in later routes it just means Ghislain’s back to his human body doing more hard livin’.) Violette reads a letter Ghislain wrote to her that says “there’s no resolution without a sacrifice.” Obviously since no new grace is being created, the knights have to sacrifice their grace and country one by one. Louis volunteers to be victim #2 cause he don’t give no shit about anything (to be revealed in his route) :lol:.  Love End: Leon and Violette decide to get to the bottom of things so they go to the sakura tree where and call out to Milene and Zero to find out the truth. Milene comes out and says because people were given powers of the gods, war broke out and the ancient gods didn’t wanna deal with that shit so they peaced out.

leon02Milene felt bad and stuck around figuring the only way to fix this problem is to wipe everything and start over. And what is the best way to destroy the world? To get the god of destruction – Zero – to come and do his magics! Violette is pissed that Milene and the gods just create & destroy things as they please without any consideration to their own creations. Milene’s like oh ok, well if you want to be with Leon, I’ll just give you guys our powers and you guys can do the dirty work for us :lol:. After the chit chat ends Leon’s like “uh well…we don’t have much time left I guess so…let’s go on a date!” ヽ(。_゜)ノ And so they go to that water area near his house and Violette asks to make out with him to which of course he cannot refuse because he’s all (〃∇〃)!! When they return to everyone the next day they accept the powers of the gods, and end up taking their form – even though inside it’s Violette and Leon. Violette then tells Louis and Orpheus to die and they’re like oh okay lol nice knowing you as you say my master ww. Their last request though is for Violette and Leon to turn into their original forms as they do their final WORD BATTLE. With this Violette destroys the grace in both of their countries and the countries begin to perish. After all the countries are destroyed, Milene and Zero are like welp time to go off into eternal slumber, enjoy the responsibility we’ve left on you m9(^Д^)プギャー and they poof. Leon and Violette baww  together and in the epilogue they get over their guilt and go back to being ichaicha alone together while the world quietly rebuilds itself. I love how world destruction is a happy romantic ending, it’s like End of Eva!

leon03But turns out they’re not alone because Violette’s twin guardians are alive & kicking. Turns out that they are newly reborn  but somehow their personalities (and hate for Leon) remains in tact so they throw rocks at his head :lol:. They ask Violette to name them so she names them Akane and Ruri as before. With this Violette hopes that all her other knights have been reborn on earth somewhere too. (And after playing Hubert’s ending this bit is complete and utter bullshit if you know how Ruri & Akane were originally created lol…) Loyalty End: Leon tells Violette that rather than loving her he wants to be “loyal” to her as her knight. He then suggests that to save Ghislain, they move a bit of each country’s grace into his rather than taking a bunch out of one person’s. What this does is end up sucking the grace out of Parterdeame instead and the weakened Violette brings out Zero inside of Leon. Leon then makes a deal with him that if he gives his body to Zero, he wants them to leave Violette alone until she’s finished her role as the “Reine” before taking over her body by Milene. Zero makes the deal but along with it, he wipes Violette’s memories of who her “knight” was. Zero now becomes the “knight” in place of Leon and everyone but Violette knows but they don’t say anything. He’s just hanging around waiting for her to finish her role as Reine so he can be reunited with Milene so he doesn’t give a crap ┐(´д`)┌ヤレヤレ And now I’m doing a bullet list of the bad ends because there’s just so many of them.

  • Bad End 1: Leon sacrifices himself so that it puts an end to Zero for good. Since Leon’s gone, Ageha has no reason to be there either and she says goodbye and disappears too.
  • Bad End 2: Violette is so bummed out about everything about being a vessel for Milene that she gives up and lets Milene take over her body.
  • Bad End 3: Ghislain kills Leon and then Tsumabeni kills him and Hubert’s like “LOL” the end. ಠ_ಠ
  • Bad End 4: Same as 3 except Ghislain kills Violette instead and then laughs like rabid hyena. 😆
  • Bad End 5: Ghislain goes apeshit…again and starts killing everyone…again… ( ´_ゝ`)
  • Bad End 6: After Ghislain’s sacrifice Violette mentally gives up and lets Milene take over.
  • Bad End 7: Violette and Leon lose their final battle of WORDS to Milene & Zero so they end up giving up their bodies to the gods.
  • Bad End 8: Violette and Leon choose to sacrifice themselves to save the world pretty much doing the exact opposite in the love end. This makes no sense since originally Milene was going to destroy the world regardless but what is consistency. Louis and Orpheus decide to support the 2 gods at Parterdeame.
  • Bad End 9: Violette refuses to take grace out of any other country for Ghislain and instead decides to take some from her own, Parterdeame.  Because of this the residents of Parterdeame end up dying like Count Grapehat. That’s when Violette realizes she dun goofed and as usual Hubert is like m9(^Д^)プギャー.
  • Bad End 10: Violette becomes a zombie blowup doll for Hubert asking him to do everything for her and being reliant on him 100%. Hubert is of course JUST AS KEIKAKU (◉◞౪◟◉`) and then Milene takes over her body (for the umpteenth time.)
  • Bad End 11:  Violette loses the battle of wits to Milene and oh fuck you know what happens ( ´_ゝ`). Unfortunately her man-harem doesn’t make it in time to stop the self-NTR.  Hubert tells all the knights that they have to serve Milene until they die and if they have a problem with it, they will be killed on the spot. Honestly I think all of Leon’s ends could be considered bad ends. ಠ_ಠ

g01Ghislain – Get in your Subaru and get into the JIZZ LANE cause it’s time for Kondo Takashi to yell into your ears ONCE MORE!  Ghislain is a tsundere army man from Crylantheme so he is extremely awkward around Violette. He has no idea how to be the right knight for her, but he wants to try really hard so the only thing he can think of is for her to “order him around” like they did in the military. He has a terrible sense of fashion and likes to use red eyeshadow and paint a butterfly near his eye that looks like it got jammed inside his eyeball. Additionally he wears this furry thing on his shoulder with a giant ugly scorpion on top of the fur like he’s some fashion show reject. I feel like my only memories of this route was just people getting stabbed and lots of bloody murder.  (;´Д`) His county is in the worst state compared to all others and due to this he suffers more than all of them….but he tries to hold it all in thinking all the knights “suffer equally”. Due to this he tends to lose his marbles and go out of control and kill flowers for their grace. So basically just pretend Ghislain is like some angry chipmunk who keeps coming into your garden and eating all your vegetables over & over. His craycray comes out and he ends up attacking Violette so after this he asks to be chained and thrown in a dungeon. SELF CAGING! Maybe Toma should have done that to himself tbh (;´Д`).  Oh wait he did 😉.

g02I guess Violette finds this hot cause she keeps trying to visit him in his uguu dungeon of love and at one point even gets Enge’s cooperation to knock out Ageha (who is on guard duty) and go inside the cell to make out with him /(^o^)\. One day Ghislain escapes because Enge decides that since he’s similar to her dead husband, she’ll set him free. Oh and the best part is, she gives him her late husband’s SWORD. Great idea, let’s give the crazy guy a sword and set him free, this will surely end well! Needless to say Ghislain runs around while having lost all sense and is cravin’ blood! ┐(´д`)┌ He runs around killing random hanabitos looking for Violette and eventually finds her. He nearly slices her neck open and Violette just cries saying she’s sorry. This manages to bring him back to his sense and just then Tsumabeni comes up and knocks him off her. Ghislain realizes he gave in to his urges and feels like a shit eventually taken back to the prison cell by Tsumabeni.  Loyalty End: Violette realizes the only way to save Ghislain is to give her body up to Milene. Milene gives Violette one last chance to ichaicha and have a BURNING PASSIONATE CONVERSATION with Ghislain before she goes poof. Time passes and Ghislain just numbingly continues to be Milene’s knight until one day he decides he’s gonna go against the gods because his loyalty is forever true to Violette. Umm yea sure Ghislain you go ahead and do that… ( ´_ゝ`)

g03Love End: It was probably a bad idea to do the love end after 4 crap ends but I think that’s how the guide had the saves laid out so oh well lol. I realized this and made sure to always play the love ends first in my future routes. Violette meets with Enge to find out why the fuck she gave Ghislain the sword and freed him. The response is “oh you see this sword collects grace, and so I wanted to save him by having him KILL people here to get some grace for himself!” Wow dude you sure are such a genius Enge! And then as the cherry on top of this bullshit cake, she decides she’ll kill herself with the sword  to give Ghislain even more grace yay~! And so they go to perform the ceremony and shove the sword into the grace water thing…but despite Ghislain’s flower shining more than everyone’s, it’s not enough! So while he still has his sanity they both decide to….kill Hubert for grace, then Ghislain has Violette stab him with the sword against the tree of life thing in Parterdeame. I don’t really understand wtf this does other than some kind of Parterdeame sacrifice that then forces the island to land down from the heavens and makes Ghislain’s country FLOURISH in grace. Also Ghislain returns all safe & shit cause his body in his country got lots of grace and the thing she stabbed was just his “heavenly” self so it’s all good! Both Ghislain and Violette get all guilty and shit but the knight friends are like U GUYS CLEARLY NEED TO GET LAID and so they ichaicha in the end yay! ( ´_ゝ`) We killed a shit ton of people but as long as we can make out in the end yay!! Bad ends:

  • Bad End 12: Violette decides to give up her body to Milene (wow this is so original!) and asks Hubert to make sure Ghislain stays her knight
  • Bad End 13: Ghislain kills Violette before Tsumabeni arrives to save her and then Tsumabeni and Ghislain kill each other. Orepheus & Asagi arrive and are like well fuck everyone’s dead!
  • Bad End 14: Violette disappears in Ghislain’s arms after their final time together like in the loyalty end. Don’t really know what the point of this end was…all these bad ends are starting to feel like copy pasta from other ends and are there for the sake of having yet another time waster. ( ´_ゝ`)
  • Bad End 15: Enge stabs Violette taking her grace, cause she won’t agree with her cray cray plans to “save” Ghislain.
  • Bad End 16: Violette refuses to be taken over by Milene so to save Ghislain, she kills herself with the magic grace sucking sword so that her grace can be given to him….(but without Violette there’s like nobody to move Grace around and Milene has no body to jump into now…SO SMART LOL THIS IS GONNA BE REALLY EFFECTIVE LMAO)
  • Bad End 17: Milene and Viollete go grab a bite at Mos Burger and then hit the arcade to take some kawaii purikura. Oh fuck who am I kidding, Milene takes over Violette’s body etc. yaddi ya.
  • Bad End 18: Ghislain destroys his country’s kamon (the thing that collects grace energy) which basically sends his country towards destruction.
  • Bad End 19: When Ghislain and Violette try to pull that sacrificing shit in their love end, Mirine comes out and is like NOPE. She takes over Violette’s body and kills Ghislain saving Parterdeame from giving up its grace.

or01Orpheus – Victim no. 3 is Orpheus who comes from the small country of Villet. He has very little memories of his childhood and is a sad orphan…but that’s not all, as you may have guessed by his name he is indeed the GOD OF MUSIC. And since he’s a god, that means he has the power to create more grace if he can just figure out how to get in tune with his godly powers! The key seems to lie in his harp, the one he was banned from playing by his blind master because the music created is TOO POWERFUL! Or rather, his singing is pretty deadly so while he was allowed to play his harp, his master told him to never sing again. And Orpheus quickly realizes this the moment he tries to use his powers to create more grace – instead he ends up sucking grace OUT of Parterdeame causing its residents to drop dead & wilt left & right. Ooopsie daisy! てへぺろ(´ڡ`●) Also somewhere along the way he and Violette fell in puppy love but I just rolled with it because Kenn’s sexxxxy voice (ノωノ) イヤン.

or02After Enge kicks the bucket, Violette realizes shit ain’t right, runs to the grace fountain and stops Orpheus before he sucks Parterdeame dry. The reason is the grace fountain is made so that only Milene can add grace to it, and anyone else who tries to use it is no different than Violette and can only push grace around rather than create more. After apologizing for what he’s done, Orpheus decides to head back down to earth to the forest where the olive tree that contains his powers is. He decides to take Violette with him because after speaking with Milene, he concludes that the human world doesn’t need to rely on god powers. Instead Orpheus plans to use his earthly powers of “hope” to let the human world get back on its own 2 feet. Unfortunately on the day of their departure, a buttmad Hubert comes raging and stabs Violette saying this isn’t what the goddess he knows  & loves would ever want GRRRR!! Umm yea okay Hubert, go ahead and stab the body of the vessel you cared so long for!

or03Love End: Orpheus takes Violette down to his magical olive tree while the other knights hold back a rabid Hubert. When they get there, he gives his tree grace to her and she’s saved. In the epilogue, they’ve been living under his tree like forest hobos and Violette starts to gain human “feelings” such as hunger. (I guess up in the sky they ate tea & snacks for shits & giggles?) Orpheus says he plans to go around and contribute his grace to help any countries as well as try to replenish the grace in the kamons of the other knights so that they can all return to earth. Loyalty End: After Orpheus screws up with the grace transfer, Milene immediately takes over Violette’s body to fix things. She then makes a deal with Orpheus that based on his and Violette’s decisions, either Violette give her body up to Milene or Orpheus goes and merges with his olive tree and gives all of the grace to Milene. Violette ends up choosing Orpheus’s sacrifice because he told her that no matter he will always be her loyal knight. So now even though he’s gone in body, his spirit continues to live on within the grace of the sakura tree in Parterdeame. Some years later, a new knight is arriving to replace Orpheus’ position but to Violette, no one will ever replace that spot. Hubert reached such levels of hate for me in this route that seriously by the time I got to his route, he was just completely nonredeemable. See bad ends below:

  • Bad End 20: Before Orpheus can return to earth to merge with his tree, psycho-Hubert comes out and stabs him demanding that Violette give her body to Milene. Since Orpheus is dead, Violette is like bleh fuck it I’m done too and becomes Milene’s vessel.
  • Bad End 21: Violette decides to sacrifice her body to Milene to save Orpheus from becoming an olive tree.
  • Bad End 22: Orpheus’ disaster isn’t stopped in time and he sucks Parterdeame dry of all its grace killing Violette and all the other knights in the process.
  • Bad End 23: Orpheus’ horse doesn’t press the buttons fast enough and Violette falls off and dies.
  • Bad End 24: Violette drops her controller while on the horse and though she managed to press the buttons once, when they get to the tree she fails and dies before she can get some grace going into her.
  • Bad End 25: Hubert is buttmad that he can’t have his goddess so he goes & stabs Violette. The other knights get pissed and beat Hubert’s face into the ground while Orpheus cries over Violette’s dead body. ┐(´д`)┌ヤレヤレ

louis01Louis – Louis to me is the worst character of the game. Not just because he treats everyone, including Violette, like a bag of potatoes for his own entertainment – but because his ending contradicts ALL THE DRAMA IN THE GAME. It’s like a round peg in a square hole and after the first 3 guys you sit there going “why the fuck didn’t they just do this in all the other routes??” (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Louis comes from Campanule but none of this matters because he doesn’t give a damn about his country, or about his job as a knight. He’s just going with the flow to see if he can find things entertaining. His hobbies include arguing with his chou Uranami (who I love a million times more than Louis) and sweeping Violette off her feet like some trashy Fabio romance novel. I mean how could she resist the blonde blue eyed princely character when he just GRABS HER AND MAKES OUT WITH HER RIPPING HER BODICE OFF (well that comes later in the route.)  Seriously this route had so many makeout scenes and as nicely as they are drawn they felt so empty and vapid to me…but Violette just went along with it because “hey a hot guy is kissing me swoon!” So one day Violette reads a book about a guy who got cursed by a goddess he fell in love with….for him to constantly be reborn but have memories of his previous life over & over. He would constantly suicide to try to reset everything but it would never work.

louis02Years passed and he decided to write a book about it – the book Violette reads and as it turns out, that book is just an auto-biography of Louis’ life! Louis has been around since the ancient gods – well at least his soul & memory have. He’s died & reborn millions of times but has memories of all his past lives, creepy. Needless to say he’s been with tons of women and when he got tired of them, he’d just run away and/or kill himself ( ´_ゝ`).Hubert  tries to use Louis to his advantage by saying that goddess Milene can clear him of his curse. Louis tells Violette to trust him (in between makeout sessions) and then tells her that she should let Milene take over. FOR ONCE in the whole game, Violette is like oh okay, you’re right, by having Milene take my body she can produce more grace and that would just save everyone! It’s so funny because she’s really rebellious against Milene the whole game but sexy blonde bishie tells me to do a thing, so he must be right! But wait there’s more, when Milene comes out during the ceremony she reveals that Violette is the LAST REINE and honestly she could just give Violette her powers before poofing off like the rest of the gods. It only took some rico suave moves out of Louis to get her to admit this! 😆 Dis dude is such a pimp, gets all sorts of gods to just GIVE IN to his SEXYNESS. And so Milene gives up her powers and along with Hubert, disappears leaving Violette to handle the rest (how responsible of her!!)

louis03After this Louis explains that Milene is the goddess of love and as long as people “pray for help” she was around to save them with her grace. Louis needed time to get “alone” with her so he pretended to take upon Hubert’s offer to have her “break his curse” even though he knew Milene wouldn’t go stepping on the toes of her “sister god’s doing”.  And so now that Violette has godly powers, her body starts to become all godly and she cannot feel “human warmth” anymore. Anyone who touches her feels like they’re touching an icecube and to drive the point home, Louis grabs her ice boobies and kisses her going like “see, itz cold gurl.” /(^o^)\ Violette’s like nooo baby pls I want sexy times and Louis nopes the fuck out leaving her alone in his bed. Love End: To solve this problem, Violette decides to throw all her grace powers on earth all at once so she can return to being “non godly” for Louis. Louis catches her in the act and is like you fool, you gon’ die if you do that! Unfortunately it’s too late to stop so he helps her reach the “exact point” where it’s safe to stop before she dies. Uranami jets in and brings her to some magical floating kamon room (that never existed until this route) where Violette’s kamon transforms from cherry blossom (belonging to Milene) to a wait for it a VIOLET – aka VIOLETTE’S TRUE FLOWER!

louis04And so in the epilogue, Violette is all raburabu with Louis and she assigns the other knights to be her new prime ministers as she is now the “leader” of Parterdeame.Unfortunately she’s afraid that Louis will run away/suicide like he did with his past ladies in his manwhore diary….so while the 2 of them “know” they’re in love, the 2 of them refuse to say “I love you” to each other. Violette keeps bullying him in hopes that eventually he’ll say it but at least for now she gets him to propose to her and he says he will eventually make an engagement ring for her. SIGH THIS WHOLE ROUTE IS JUST 回りくどい(# ゚Д゚). Loyalty End: Well since Violette isn’t all raburabu with Louis in this route, once she gains the goddess’ powers the writer ran out of ideas on how to end this. It’s like things are well but they just CAN’T end it without misery! So instead Louis decides he wants to see what dying as a hanabito is like and maybe it’ll finally break his curse!! (Also for some reason the ice cold goddess plotline suddenly doesn’t exist in this route because what is consistency.) Violette than lies to everyone and ends up taking all the grace from Louis’ country destroying it, and killing him in the process. ( ´ゝ`)( ´ゝ`)( ´ゝ`)( ´ゝ`)  FORCED DRAMA IS SO GUD. In the epilogue, Leon tells Violette that Louis is a loser and unlke him, he’ll be loyal by actually being by Violette’s side m9(^Д^)プギャー. Violette continues to search for Louis in the hopes that he’s been reborn somewhere again.

  • Bad End 26:  Since Violette refuses to kill him, Louis tells Uranami “hey bruh die with me!” 😆 Uranami then shoots Louis and then shoots himself while saying he was in love with Asagi. Sigh. ಠ_ಠ
  • Bad End 27: Violette refuses to kill Louis until she’s had more “memorable time” with him.
  • Bad End 28: Louis babbles about how he doesn’t feel like getting it on with ice-queen Violette or some shit and she’s like “u sure about that dude” and he’s like yep.
  • Bad End 29: Violette agrees to kill Louis in a way that would break his rebirth curse and KO’s him with a lethal hand hold.
  • Bad End 30: Louis doesn’t get there in time before Violette sucks the life out of herself and dies.
  • Bad End 31: Violette lets Milene take over completely but before she goes she asks Milene to break Louis’ curse. Louis is mad that Violette didn’t trust him that he says he’ll just live on with the curse cause nothing new there.

hub01Hubert – After all the shit Hubert did in this game, by the time I got to his route he was as disgusting as a sack of moldy cheese for me.  Hubert is actually named Murasaki, as the official and original guardian for the goddess Milene and the prime minister of Parterdeame. The thing is, the chou, cannot live without their masters because they get lonely and die. When Milene had to take a long nap she decided to promote him to hanabito so that he could live on without her until there was a replacement. Needless to say, Murasaki has no interest in Violette because to him, he’s 4ever loyal to Milene. This of course makes Violette mad cause her whole life he acted like he was “on her side” since she was a loli flower girl but suddenly NTR!! On top of this, it was his idea to create a “vessel” hanabito for Milene to wake up and take over. They had waited a long time for a reine to be born but it just wasn’t happening…so as it turns out, Violette is in fact not the next Reine. She’s just a sacrificial vessel raised by Murasaki because he only cares about being reunited with his bae and Violette is just a sack of potatoes to him. He tells Violette to say goodbye to everyone and get ready to give herself up to Milene. Despite knowing the truth, Violette is still somehow settled on the fact that Hubert really cared for her even though he was just being careful to make sure his bae  gets the PERFECT VESSEL. I think any remaining respect I had left for Violette pretty much jumped out the window at this point. Desperate for “Hubert’s” affection Violette makes a deal with Milene to let him be “Hubert” for a bit so she can spend time with him like the old days. Once it’s time, he can return to being “Murasaki” as Milene takes over her body. This is hilarious because even though he goes back to his “Hubert” form, his feelings do not change. He refuses to ever call Violette as “his princess” ever again and treat her the way he used to. Not only that but when her knight harem asks her to choose between him and them, she’s like “Sorry I love him even if he betrays me!” The disgusted look they had on their face was so hilarious but sad at the same time lol.

hub02So after Hubert babbles that Violette should hate him, Milene intercepts to have some chat inside Violette. She says that she gave up her “feelings of love” to create Violette since her boyfriend Zero and her were never to be together. In the same way, Hubert created Ruri & Akane for Violette by giving up his love for Violette zomg!! Plot twist!!! 🙄 Turns out he loved Violette all along but gave it up to make her happy which is why he only has “loyalty” to the goddess! I should feel sorry for him and change my mind about him now right!? ( ´ゝ`) This is made extra hilarious by the fact that the 2 of them are magically reborn in Leon’s love ending without any involvement from Hubert since they had destroyed the world. What is consistency!? Why does she need to give up things to create Violette but she didn’t need to give up things to create Hubert, or any other hanabito so why is this suddenly a thing??  She didn’t seem to have go give up anything other than maybe some grace to create the 4 kamon guardians. Wut?  To make matters worse, Leon catches Violette running and crying into Hubert’s arms which sets off his emotional trigger and wakes up Zero /(^o^)\. Zero is like well dude, you can take her back by force let me LEND YOU A HAND! Love End: Meanwhile back at the ranch, Louis tells Violette that Milene is probably projecting herself through Violette because she lost her true love (Zero) and wants to see if Violette and Hubert’s love can pass the test! And uh I guess it does cause after a FIERY CONVERSATION Violette manages to convince Hubert that he’s actually in love with her! And then they make out and soon as he says I love you to her, he goes into a seizure babbling that he’s only loyal to Milene.

hub04Violette tells Milene to take her body so they can save Hubert but Milene is like nooo but my projectttinnggg….when suddenly Leon comes running telling everyone to hold the press. He has this brilliant idea of using Zero’s power to destroy “Murasaki” so that Hubert can remain Hubert and not have to fight between his love for Violette or his loyalty to Milene! And then Milene’s like “but what about grace and shit??” and Leon says that the knights have all mutually decided to destroy their country’s kamons so they never have to rely on grace again. YES THIS IS A BRILLIANT IDEA, LET’S KILL ALL THE 4 KAMON GUARDIANS, SEND THE KNIGHTS BACK ON EARTH WHILE THEIR COUNTRIES PERISH, ALL SO VIOLETTE CAN BE IN RABURABU WITH HUBERT. Oh and the cherry on this shitcake is that once “Murasaki” is destroyed, Hubert will be REBORN as a BABY HANABITO WITH NO MEMORIES OF LOVE FOR VIOLETTE ANYWAY LOL. ヽ(。_゜)ノ AND SOMEHOW EVERYBODY IS OK WITH THIS. ヽ(。_゜)ノ So now it’s like reverse where instead of Hubert raising Lolilette to be his waifu, it’s now Violette raising Shotabert to be her future husbando. GREAT WRITING LOL. In the epilogue a lot of times passes and Parterdeame is completely cut off from the human world but is somehow able to function despite having no incoming grace. Hubert is a now a cute shota who constantly fights with the twins for Violette’s affection :lol:. Shotabert’s been waiting years to become taller than Violette so now that he finally is he brings her to the cherry tree and tells her that he loves her! He cannot think of her as an anehime (literally sister princess LMAO) ever again! xDD STOP IT GAME YOU CANNOT DISTRACT ME FROM THE BAD PLOT WITH SHOTABERT (╯・∀・`)╯︵ ┻━┻  AND WHEN SHE CALLS HIS NAME HE TURNS BACK INTO OLDBERT LOOOLL WTF.  AND MAGICALLY HE REGAINS ALL HIS MEMORIES ROFLMAO クソワロタwwwwwwwwwwww  This is so hilariously terrible I don’t even know if there’s a point of raging anymore \(^o^)/

hub03Dominatrix End: This is probably the best end in the whole game lmao. This is also the only end where I feel Violette’s anger and stubbornness is completely justified. She’s completely mad that Milene and Hubert made a fool of her and lied to her all these years so now she wants to get to the bottom of things. Despite Hubert constantly pushing her away, Violette pins him down on the couch and takes his monocle off. Turns out that’s the key for him to stay “sane” but the moment she takes it off, he just sees Milene in front of him and breaks down saying he only does as his goddess says :lol:. At the following grace transfer ceremony, Violette’s outer form turns into Milene but inside it’s still Violette. She takes this to her advantage and DOMINATES HUBERT ( ´∀` )!! THIS IS THE KIND OF ENDING I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!!!!!! Despite Violette saying that Milene would never do this, Hubert cannot resist and Violette then yanks off his monocle. She then RRRRIPS his shirt open and makes out with him and they have sexy time by the sakura tree xDDDD Oh and she literally said “Call me master” HAHAHA ALL THE LOYALTY ENDS SHOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE THIS ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \/ \.  In the epilogue, the goddess gave all her powers to Violette and hit the road. Violette became the goddess that can produce more grace. Violette still looks like Milene but inside is still her bratty princess self as she orders Hubert around (who no longer wears his monocle.) The other knights get so sickened of it they ask to wilt (aka die) and end their job. Violette is left only with Hubert, but Hubert is coocoo for cocoa puffs and thinks that it’s Milene and has completely forgotten about Violette anyway. Violette doesn’t care though as long as he’s aaaalll hers lol. And now for the final bad ends /barf

  • Bad End 32: Hubert says he loves Milene so he cannot accept Violette’s feelings ever. He tells her goodbye and Violette gives her body up, while he returns to being Murasaki.
  • Bad End 33: Hubert gives Violette a goodbye kiss on the cheek and she tells him to GTFO so she can be alone and cry by the cherry tree.
  • Bad End 34: Violette dreams herself to death while drowning in Hubert’s lies.
  • Bad End 35: Leon tells Violette to pick him over Hubert cause Hubert only cares about Milene.  He also says even if she doesn’t love him he wants her to choose him in order to continue to live on and not be taken over. Violette refuses, so Leon lets Zero take over and call out to Milene. Milene’s like umm destroy the world for me hehe てへぺろ(*´ڡ`●).
  • Bad End 36: Violette doesn’t manage to talk her way into making Hubert her manslave so Milene takes over.
  • Bad End 37: Violette tells Hubert to call her “goddess” which brings him back to reality and he kills her. This is so ironic because when she told him to call her master in the dominatrix end, he STILL ends up calling her goddess anyway…wtf is even the difference 🙄
  • Bad End 38: Violette cannot handle becoming a dominatrix so she cries herself to death in Hubert’s arms as Milene takes over.
  • Bad End 39: Milene kicks Violette out and takes over: the metal years.
  • Bad End 40: Violette’s sex appeal on Hubert fails and he tells her to stop being a ho and walks off lol. /(^o^)\ She figures there’s no way she’ll ever beat Milene and well see end 39.



I really don’t know what I was thinking playing through every ending other than “damn well I just need to get that platinum trophy cause I already missed them in Clock Zero and NinKoi….ughh..” The problem is a lot of the bad ends  were also long and drawn out. Sometimes it took me redoing an entire route just to reach a certain ending which just felt like a waste of time. On top of this, a lot of the bad ends were IDENTICAL. Orpheus has 2 bad ends with literally the exact same name called like “○○○ 1” and “○○○ 2”. The outcome is the same and aside from 1 change in the ravir, everything is the same. A lot of bad ends felt this way and they didn’t need to duplicate them 5-6 times. Also some bad ends felt like they were JUSTIFIED because Violette is such a selfish and bratty heroine. It’s sad when some of the bad ends felt more right than some of the good (??) ends.

Le~how about no~
Le~how about no~

Let’s talk about the stupid Ravir system. I really just..don’t understand the point of it. In Wand of Fortune I knew I was training magic or collecting stupid rocks for power…but I just don’t understand the point of Ravir. All they do…is talk. You talk to people to “get information” and you use that information to…talk your way out of a bad end. Why can’t I just….pick choices like in a straight VN. It’s very similar to the turn system in Alice (where you talk to the guy to raise affection) but it feels much more forced here. In Alice, you’d talk to the guy about some silly things or quirks related to his personality. For the most part, in Ravir it’s like FORCED conversation for the sake of conversing. It’s like a feeling of  where you have to “mingle with the commoners” and by being a majestic goddess of course you just OUTSPEAK them and “win” your LE COMBAT. 🙄 In the beginning, it wasn’t as bad because you had to actually get to know the guys so whatever. As you get further into the game, you know all those romantic scenes with the guy alone where he confesses and shit…..all somehow ENCLOSED WITHIN LE COMBAT. WTF. It’s like…I am having a battle of wits with him while the both of us fumble with our feelings like 2 horny teenagers. ( ´_ゝ`) It almost felt like all the guys were your coworkers and the Ravir was  this “conference” room and anything that had to be said, had to be said in this “conference” room otherwise there would be no discussion. The timed Ravirs, the button input and the inability to save in between them was the dumbest thing ever. While I will say the WOFII system was a million times worse, this is still pretty shitty and I’m sure they got enough feedback on WOFII to never pull this kind of crap again. But no, same team, still pulling the same bullshit stunts.


As a heroine, Violette is terrible. I know people will disagree with me, but I found her to be selfish and easily swayed. In Louis route she is easily swayed by everything he does for no reason while she is stubborn and denies Leon completely in his route.  She is also very selfish when she finds out what her “true” reason for existence is, and she’d rather just destroy the whole world and sacrifice everyone than you know…do what she is dutifully supposed to. If they really wanted it to be tragic and dramatic, they should just have her man up and accept her responsibility. In most of the ends where she accepted it, they would be bad ends because it was a sign of her “giving up”. If we’re to put ourselves from her POV (which the game is) then yea we should be like “you go girl, you be independent” but when looking at the POV outside the entire game it’s like umm no, why should the rest of us die because you refuse to do your job? ಠ_ಠ On that note, it’s hilariously sad how easily they’d just be like “oh yea let’s just destroy my whole country” at the drop of a hat. Everyone basically acted like nothing outside Parterdeame mattered and frankly the thought of having the fate of the world in the hands of these idiots is pretty horrifying. The goddess was another piece of work with multiple endings where she would just dump everything on Violette and prance off or would slide in for the rebound the moment Violette would finally “give up”.  She would act like she pities Violette and wants to help her in some ends, but would treat her like a piece of trash in others. She acted like she cared about the human world, but she didn’t give no shit lol she was just doing it “because she had to”. So honestly, I really hate the both of them because they’re like twin sisters with the same immaturity and attitude. (“´_ゝ`).


Finally I think the entire game is just a running gag by the Wand of Fortune team based on them growing plants named after the WOF characters. It’s like they got together one day to water their plants and were like….what if we made a game about this plant drama that we jokingly post on our blog!!! So yea the whole game feels like a huge joke to me. I think the WOF team can be really fun and creative and I feel like their efforts could have been put to better use. I bet if they released an FD for this game, even an AU one, it would actually be fun. The side characters, the 4 chous and the twins were a lot more likeable to me. For example I was more interested in shipping Asagi and Uranami than I was in Violette and Louis. (・∀・)  The twins were annoying at first but they grew on me near the end, which is more than I can say for Dumbert. Out of the main guys I only liked Leon and Orpheus, because Ghislain was just insane and Louis was just a god damn troll. And Hubert is well….his “loyalty” end was probably one of the best endings in the game and I had wished a lot of the other ends were done in the same fashion. I also didn’t really understand what the deal was with the general game setting. It seemed like they wanted to go with the whole western european gothic setting giving everyone french names but then….the chou’s all had Japanese names and there was a mix of random Japanese furniture/clothing everywhere o_O This just further adds to the whole “we have no idea what we really wanted to do with this game”.

Kinda wish we got to see a grown up version of the twins.
Kinda wish we got to see a grown up version of the twins.

If it wasn’t obvious, I do not recommend this game. If you like Kagero’s artwork, just get the artbook. The soundtrack didn’t feel all that special to me except a couple bgms here & there but some of the bgms creeped me out. As I said earlier, no matter how much you like the voice actors, it’s just not worth the awful writing and the tedious system. I legit think that the eye twitch I’ve had for the last 2 weeks is because of the mental stress this game has caused me ▄█▀█●ガーン)


71 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Queen of Flowers”

  1. Eh I got over the eyecandy when I was trying to focus on the plot for this review….and Ravir was really annoying 😐

    I think most people bought it for the art/vas only to be disappointed by the poor writing ^^;

  2. PFFFFFFTTTTT I didn’t see you already reviewed this game until I searched for it. GOOD JOB HAHAHAHA. :DDD

    The game literally had so much eye candy it was hard to focus in the gameplay??? And all the characters look nice hurhurhurhur…and now I wanna know what you think about the Ravir minigames. xDD

    And this game…I only liked it because I saw the designs/VAs but the plot sort of lacked some stuff, had to be honest. And the gameplay…can’t comment about it either lawl and having 40 bad ends too…

  3. Nah totally not worth it lol.

    The trophies are just a sense of achievement/collector thing. I just like seeing my trophy box have platinums in it lol.

  4. NGL, that Dominatrix end made me tempted to play this. Not worth the $$$, though.

    Are trophies worth it? I only bought Vita recently and was never into logging/registering the game in system, so I haven’t looked into how PSN works yet. Not asking for you to explain the details, just asking if going through all endings gets you something more than just a sense of achievement. I try to be a completionist for VNs, but sometimes the game is just too much.

  5. *laughing at anything named “chou”*

    i get it, chou as in mon petit choux but like… really? you gon call them cabbages?

  6. lol the only other french I know is Cheese Omelette I learned from a cartoon 15 years ago XD;;;

    I know they were going for the TRAGEDY but it was so ridiculous the only thing tragic was making me sit through all those endings for the platinum trophy!
    ANd honestly with KamiAso the only thing it should be is “Love is Pain -except when it’s ホモォ┌(┌ ^o^)┐” LOL

  7. Haaan Hinanooo, in the name of the French language,
    I will punish you ੭•̀ω•́)੭̸*✩⁺˚。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:♪・゚’☆!! /Joke

    Thank you so much for your review, you’re a warrior!
    And I laughed so hard too!

    In fact, I just wonder if this game wasn’t a project for a « Tales of something » or other, and turns magically into an Otoge! It’s such a mess coupled with a veeery bad joke. After reading your whole review (I haven’t finished the game, but I don’t mind spoilers here hehe), I found this game so bitter that I can’t believe it’s an Otoge-type in the end… It looks like a « Shakespearian B-movie » without any beauty & depths; it’s so sad that it has turned like this (。•́︿•̀。).

    I’m pretty sure that Reine was just a warning preview for the next KamiAso game: « Love is pain –Yes, that’s a never ending story. » 😏.
    (I’m going out ->[_])

    I hope you will enjoy Oyayubi Hime, I have finished the game last week and I loved it so much, really (ノ´∀`)♥ !

  8. Yea Quin Rose is pretty infamous for these kinds of endings but I think the sheer amount here + the shitty Ravir system pretty much makes this a million times worse

  9. Whaaaat? 40 bad ends? What is even the point of that? Did the writers think people play otome games in order to die all the time? …although, that does seem to be a trend in most QuinRose games…random death!
    Anyways, that’s such a shame…the artwork is so pretty… 😦

  10. Honestly I tried to make it as simple as possible but with so many contradictions it’s probably hard to follow until you see the same bullshit thrown in your face as you continue to plow through the game |D;;

    You may as well think of them as “gods” but then you get the confusion of “well there ARE a few gods that magically resolve the entire plot that flower people couldn’t!!” lol. Yunohana is super cute once you get into the individual routes so I’m enjoying it now ❤

  11. Congrats on being able to fully complete this game wow! That’s a lot of determination ww

    I was mildly interested in it due to the ~sparkling~ factors like art. Luckily none of the cast is my bias so I decided to wait and see people’s reactions. I tried reading your review and…I know it isn’t your fault but gosh it was so hard to follow the plot. x__o I wonder if it would’ve been better if they just didn’t make them flower people (which confused me a lot as I can’t picture them influencing the destruction of the world etc) and just…gods. Not that we’d ever know.

    Anyway I hope Yunohana is lifting your mood! I got the stellaworth set and I don’t wanna regret my buy haha :3

  12. I need to rage
    Im so angry
    Who wrote this
    I want to throw a bomb into their house
    How dare they so this to the artist and the seiyuus
    Otsukare for sitting through all 40 bad ends
    I couldn’t continue reading everything as the bads ends were too much and it was already really hard to read half way through Leon’s route
    Thx for the review
    And now time to stalk the writer so i can throw a bomb

  13. TAT And here I was excited to buy this game this October
    damn…what a waste for good art (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Oh well……guess I’ll buy something else XD
    Thanks for the wonderful review as always 😀 dodge a bullet there (ーvー;)

  14. lmao I wish I never even bought the limited edition, what a waste of money and points :s

    Good luck trying to get through it see how far you can get before you ragequit xD

  15. I lost the motivation to play this game after seeing the review in amazon ( I spoiled myself lol) and then saw your review so I’m guessing this is a bad game after they decided to delay it like years, gosh if I can turn time Ill cancel buying this game and buy Klap instead TAT ah well Ill just play for the CG for now ;w;

  16. So sad that a game with Kagerou’s art as this turned out to be…meh T^T… Leon and Orpheus were probably the best characters.

    And whoa. That number of bad ends you have to sit through though… I mean, 40 bad endings? wtf….

    Great review as always~ ^^

  17. Haha well you played the best characters, so no reason to continue xD

    Haha I imagined Milene with a flannel shirt and a bagpack going I LOVE JAPAN PERIOD!

  18. It might as well been that cause you get the bad ends just by not pressing some buttons! XD
    I’m playing Taiko no Tatsujin now and its a lot of fun without having to deal with any bad ends or drama lol

  19. “Orpheus’ horse doesn’t press the buttons fast enough and Violette falls off and dies.”

    LOL I just pictured a horse getting angrier and angrier as it keeps trying to press dinky little buttons with its bigass hooves as his master screams at him to hurry or his bitch will die. Wt the dicks at the number of bad ends though, like 10 for everyone? I commend you for braving the waters and getting through them all. Hopefully your eyetwitch is gone and you can restore some health playing a half decent game next 😀

  20. I think Klap was a worthy investment and whilst there were some flaws that you pointed in your review I found the game overall very enjoyable.

    I also ended up buying Moujuutsukai to oujisama flower & snow for PS Vita then released it was a new cover and some new CGS but pretty much it was the 1st and 2nd game. I was pretty gutted thinking it was a new game but wasn’t sighs*

    I think that might be a new tactic for companies now to get some really nice looking art and a good seiyuu cast make people buy it then the game ends up being really bad- its pretty misleading in a way.

    Yunohana looks like a fun game from the visuals and the trailer shown but I guess we have to wait and see what the game will be like once we play it. It really does have a cutesy feel to it and wonder if they are mini games involved in the game.

    I can’t believe Klap got bad reviews on Amazon unless it’s down to preference I guess. I found the banter between the characters really funny and characters to be quite loveable I didn’t hate any characters too.

    But to have so many bad endings in this game is just ergh too much so well done for completing it.

    I think the next otome vita game I do decide to buy I will wait till someone plays it and see what they think of it besides buying as these games aren’t cheap.

    Good work anyway

  21. I actually wanted to try finishing the game after I’m done with Leon and Orpheus but…. Guess not ˘\_( õ ‹3 ó)_/˘ Also, thank you so much for getting through all those endings so the rest of us don’t have to know this hell. It’s been a long and hard journey that wasn’t worth it in the end… Hope Yunohara cheers things up for you.

    And the only reason I can think of for the Western/Japanese mash up is that Milene must have been some kind of secret Japan-holic/weab.

  22. I think I’ll give Leon a try then:) I loved your screen shots of him but I usually dislike the poster boy and find another character to be better than the canon one, so I kind of dismissed him right away lol. Ouch, at least you got it though! And ooooo I’m really interested in that game, but I’ve never really got into rhythm games so idk haha

  23. I don’t think I ever want to do this again xDDD

    It’s hard to judge characters in my opinion even after playing…because they focus on deaths/grace garbage so much you barely feel like you get to know any of them…it’s a shame because they seemed fun in the drama CDs :/

    And yea I’d recommend Vita for NinKoi because you are getting basically 2 games in one so no point in wasting money on the PSp version! Also the graphics being in higher res is much better 🙂

  24. Aww too bad you never got to play Leon. I thought his route was the most romantic/sweetest one to be honest. The rest just went downhill (though Orpheus is still a maji tenshi) I almost missed the platinum had I not found another guide to follow honestly 😦

    Yunohana still hasn’t arrived so I’m playing Taikou now and it’s hella fun lol. It was kinda hard at first but now that I got the hang of it I’m having my drum quest RPG fun time xD

  25. Yea I was starting to get really jaded like welp, time for this shit again 🙄

    otomate always had its hits/misses but I think KOEI/D3P games aren’t really much better. a lot of KOEI games are overpriced with very tedious rpg systems and D3P has bad systems/stories as well. vamwolf cross had awful reviews lol.

    I wouldn’t even waste your money importing this to be honest, if anything I’d say get KLAP! XD

  26. Yea honestly I think the track record for delayed games is they never really come out too well….lol They said the game is about “tragic love” but its more forced tragedy than love in my opinion rofl

    and you are right about the Cordelia/Yui thing, its very much like that though Milene wasn’t as bitchy as Cordelia was xD

  27. Give it a shot sooner rather than later this way if you decide to sell it, it will still have somewhat of a value. If you wait too long you might not get much for it xD

    and right now I’m enjoying taiko no tatsujin a lot, a nice stress relief after this xD

  28. lol yea with 40 bad ends they better put a list of endings….but honestly thank god for walk through websites or I’d go mad lol.

    I actually went and listened to the drama CD per your recommendation and you’re right it’s much better than the game. I really wish that the spirit of the cd was at all reflected in the game but they were busy focusing on killing people left & right ~_~

    Asagi is so awesome I would have rather be the heroine too xDDD

    Speaking of deceptive pretty art you might want to avoid Otomate’s newly announced game with Satoi as the artist cause the writer wrote senjou no waltz >_>

  29. Kudos to you Hinano, for finishing such a kusoge & all its 40 bad ends!

    I really had a good laugh reading the entire thing since I decided to spoil myself in the end and wow….everything’s all over the place. Glad I dodged this one safely as well! I guess the base setting was all good until they realised they didn’t know what they were doing and decided to be like “lol whatevers let’s make it TRAGIC AND HAVE 40 BAD ENDS AND RANDOM ROUTE PLOTS!!” Character wise I won’t be able to judge based on the summaries alone but well, it looks kusoge enough that characters ain’t saving grace for the entire game. Except for the art.

    Btw, may I ask an unrelated question? Would you recommend a person who’s never played Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu before to just play the Vita version? Thanks for the review as always! 😀

  30. Let’s all take a moment to give Hinano applause for her enduring this game. I may not have understood a lot of this game, but what I did understand, was the stink of kusoge this game had!!! Something felt “off” and things I thought I understood suddenly didn’t make sense with what I had thought earlier, so maybe it’s due to the terrible writing.

    As always, thanks for such indepth reviews! 😀 I finally know just wth happened and I can honestly say this game disappointed me. I had some expectations too lol.

    I can’t even imagine the struggle to get the platinum on this. I literally put this down after clearing Orpheus and Ghislain. And Orpheus at the least, was one of the decent ones out of this cast. The opening title for this game should be “Le Fails.”

    Anyways, I sincerely hope your next game is better! I think you said you were planning on Yunohana? How is Taikon btw?

  31. Ah, yeeeeeah. That too. Hahaha. Obviously they didn’t update everything. Well, hopefully they do better next time! Glad you managed to get the platinum trophy at least? Small consolation I’m sure.

    I completely understand about that. I think particularly, even if it’s been a while, it’s not as worth it replaying a port because you technically still remember things about the game if not everything, so even if you enjoyed it, unless you forgot a lot of it, it feels like wasted time.

  32. Thank you so much for the review! That must have been exhausting to go through 40 endings!
    It seems like Otomate is really slipping this latter half of the year. Some of their releases are not getting good reception. (I’m not too sure about the competitiveness when it comes to companies that make otome games but I know that both Koei and D3Publisher are coming out with more otome games soon)
    I’m a bit disappointed with the game to say the least. I found out the game months ago and was hella excited. The game was promoted extensively, and so many people (including me) were like “This is going to be awesome!” but then it was released and the reviews came out….
    (I even planned for it to be my first import otome game, but now, nah, I’ll pass).
    I might still buy it, for the lols, but I’ll definitely wait for a price drop.

  33. Wow… Thanks for taking one for the team (AGAIN) I honestly was expecting this game to be promising since it was like 2 flippin years ago they promoted this game then stalled the released date for another 10 years!

    And really 40 copy pasta bad ends!? What’s the point in that jizz? It’s like they’re more interested in violence than love!

    *sigh* All I can do is just say “wow” Miliene is like some Cordelia living inside a Bratty Yui Violette *barfs* That’s how I’m seeing things.
    Why can’t characters just be themselves and not have “previous afterlife characters” interfere with their damm lives….

    Well that’s a game crossed off my shopping list. I look forward to hearing more of your posts on games (particularly the good ones) because man the bad ones are like picking up dog sheit yet you still love the dog
    ( ´_ゝ`) you know?

  34. Thank you for the review of this game you unfortunately had to suffer through! 😦
    I pre-ordered it myself, but I haven’t yet gotten to it because of my backlog. Knowing how much you’ve struggled with it (I saw all of your tweets about it), I applaud you for being able to stick with it and earn that plat. I’ll give it a try eventually, but I have to admit I’m a bit afraid after all of the negativity I’ve seen on it.
    I hope you’re able to enjoy the next one you play!

  35. Thank god they put a list of all the endings or else I might’ve dropped this game once I began. I liked Violette in the prologue, but during and after Leon’s love end, I lost all respect for her throughout the whole game. I would rather play scenes from the drama cd than the game itself. The booklet is pretty nice though, it makes me want to like the characters, but I just don’t feel it. In order to not care too much about the story, I would stare at Kagerou’s beautifully drawn sprites, but that doesn’t last long. I was mainly looking forward to Louis’ route, but it became one of the worst plot I’ve ever read. I think Ghislain’s route was slightly more otome than the rest, even if he was getting a bit crazy, or maybe I’m just a sucker for tsunderes. I also didn’t like the twin butterflies at first, but they grew on me, especially the ですの♡. So far my favorite characters are all of the butterflies, and this is the first game where I like most of the sub characters and hate most of the main ones. I was also hoping for more scenes between Uranami and Asagi especially during Louis or Hubert’s route, but of course, they failed to deliver. I’d rather play a game where Asagi is the heroine than Violette.

    I try not to buy games for the art, and after finishing this crap, I will think twice when purchasing something pretty, because it is deceptive.

  36. haha Otomate has always been hit or miss so I guess their initial releases were hits but now they’re back to their old selves. A lot of crap games I played on Vita now but that’s nothing new for me anymore I guess xD Otomate always prioritizes art and voice actors in their games, it’s to be expected because those are usually the selling points. I can stand for a certain degree of “bad” story but this crossed all sorts of lines lol

  37. Oohh gosh
    I remember when Reine was still just announced and everyone was like THE ART!!111 THE SEIYUU!!111 THE SOUNDTRACK!!!111
    and then when its finally released ohhh the disappointment.

    Thank you for the hard work and suffering once again. I hope Yunohana would be ten times better than this mess you’ve sat through!! (Otomate started out so strong with ReViced and Binary Star though uughh)

  38. I’m replacing the word “tragedy” with plot disaster xD

    I think a certain degree of tragedy is ok – like in Code Realize or something…but when they constantly just shove deaths on top of deaths just because, it starts to get stale and aggravating….multiply that x 40 and I’m kinda amazed they thought this would fly by anyone..

  39. Yea which is why I think the screenshots all say “2014” even though the game came out in the latter half of 2015. It’s like they just had no idea what to do with the story at all lol.

    I probably won’t get the WOF port just because I don’t have time anymore. A lot of old games were really time consuming and I really realized this when replaying Clock Zero which took me nearly a month lol. Also while I enjoyed WOF, I’ll be honest, the stat raising/rpg system was a bit too long for me to bother going back to again. I’m not sure if they’d make it any faster/easier in the Vita port but I don’t think I’m gonna be sticking around to find out.

    WOF’s charm was it’s characters for sure, but the tedious system isn’t worth going back to it for me

  40. Wut why so many bad endings oO Did they need to show off this story as a tragedy so much?

    Eh, I rarely like tragedy in otome games. While I like a solid plot with problems to be resolved, if it’s too unecessarily dramatic it just kills the mood for me. :~
    Hosnestly, maybe it’s just a personal grip of mine, since I already read enough tragedy when I need to research through inquisition documents.
    I really hate inconsistence between routes, too. Reminds me of the mess Hakuouki became, haha.
    That’s too bad, because the artwork is really pretty, but a bad book isn’t going to become good just because it has a fancy cover.

    I’m really sorry you had to go through that. .~.

  41. OMG so I decided to just read the whole “plot” and…well, I’m kind of glad I read it so I know what I will obviously not be missing. Lack of consistency and idiotic plot twist basically seems to be what this game was about. The world crafting could’ve been so interesting but it almost seems like they weren’t trying. Like they made it interesting in the summary to make people want the game and when they actually came down to writing it they were like…oh, what are we actually supposed to do with this? Let’s shove in 40 bad ends to make it a dramatic tragedy. Winning!

    I’m contemplating buying the WoF Vita port because I was considering buying the PSP version but never got around to it and who buys PSP games now anymore anyway. Are you planning on getting the port?

  42. LOL a joke trollgame made based on potted plants…

    LOL ideas can make for good plots if fleshed out properly, but wow. This sounds like nobody gives a darn and it’s written by the pants.

  43. haha alright, I plan to sell this soon as I listen to the drama CD and read through the booklet lol. kinda sad that for such a decent team (system crap aside) they come out with such a disappointing product.

    I kinda wonder if this will affect people’s decisions on buying the Wand of Fortune Vita port. I kinda hope not since that was actually an enjoyable game.

  44. lmfao X’D the best part about Hubert though was the dominatrix end (in the last paragraph) felt like some kind of justice reward after all the crap that he’s done rofl

  45. So I read Hubert’s part as you said…
    Two paragraphs later and I give up.
    I can’t even finish reading his part because of headaches starting up again. I can’t take inconsistencies and plot holes.

  46. Hahaha. Good point. I recall reading about that in your WoF reviews. I don’t get why they would want to do an annoying system again after that though. Like they do it once, okay, that sucks, but why make another shitty system?

    Makes sense. I skipped through the plot when reading your review this time, but I’ve basically given up all hope on this game now so I might as well just see what it’s about before I try and get rid of it…

  47. I want to ask them the same thing when they thought the horrible gem collecting system in WOF2 was a good idea lol

    That’s why I didn’t bother putting a summary at the beginning…when you read the true plot of the game all common sense flies out the window XD 😂

  48. haha well the art is gorgeous! I enjoyed all the CGs, shoulda gotten the artbook instead! XD

    if you think Leon is bad you should see the fuckup in Hubert’s lol….

  49. Lol waht.
    All this is so convoluted and messed up and confusing that my head started hurting when I was still at the intro part of this post. And then I couldn’t get past Leon because the confusion was real.
    Whelp, I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t buy it when it came out. I was tempted to, because of the art (and let’s all admit the art looks gorgeous), but if its full of plot holes and this rage-inducing, I guess nevermind.

  50. I’m so upset that this game seems to be so awful. I really wish there was an easy way for me to sell this off because I don’t think it’s worth playing through but I already have it T_T. I really don’t understand why they thought Ravir would be a good idea. Do they not have anyone actually PLAY through the game before they make it a finished product?

    Your review title actually made me laugh because I was thrown off for a few seconds but I figured it out right after that xD

  51. haha what I must have missed this Hubert pin up hahaha xD

    also I think Kamiaso was sadder I mean I cried in Hades’ route. but this game is just annoying and irritating lmao.

    also kamiaso’s half the ends are like BL endings anyway so it’s hard to compare xDDD

  52. Milene doesn’t have an mechanic to fix her iphone problems so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

    I laughed so hard OMG.

    Funny thing I still want to play the game. For comparison which one is the most depressing one; This or Kamiaso てへぺろ(*´ڡ`●)

    As for Louis, I am not surprised. I already got a feeling there is a chance this dude will be emo/haraguro.

    And Hubert, thank you so much B’s-Log pin-up illustration. The fact he was strangled, so yeah pretty sure something will happened >_>

  53. Yea it’s not worth buying the game for them lmao, maybe worth buying the artbook though :3

    Dominatrix end was totally my favorite too…its like the team has talent and skills but they all just…went to the wrong place lol
    Hoping Yunohana will be good but in the meantime relieving stress by beating drums in taiko no tatsujin xD

  54. honestly when I saw the system I was pretty horrified too…I was thinking maybe I should cancel my order haha…sigh lol

    I don’t think it’s a glitch. I think it’s because choro’s guide for the first prologue does one of the ravirs a certain way so you miss a stupid hand CG with Leon.
    Fortunately after Jyuuguchi did her review, I found another guide that had all the trophy complete and listed where each one was so I was able to go back & grab it.

    and regarding pretty art & shitty writing….not looking too well for Satoi’s next project either lol

  55. お疲れ様~ for sitting through that shit AND 40 BAD ENDS LOL GSAFDHHDH

    I was actually looking forward for your review because I was extremely curious about how bad an otoge can be jgsjdgsjs I was kinda interested in Leon and Orpheus but no I’m not buying that game for two 萌えぇ(*´▽`*)characters.

    (The dominatrix got me huehue though (^q^)ウヘウヘ)

    I hate the kind of games that make you stressed while playing like wtf man I’m playing you to get relaxed not to get irritated Σ(゚Д゚) I hope Yunohana is a better game that you can enjoy. Looking forward for the new reviews (*^^*)

  56. once again kudos to you for finishing, heck, plating this game!

    it must be a total pain to go through it. I do agree with ravir because when I saw the gameplay and they were doing ravir, the only think went through my mind is : what the fk are you guys doing. just talking like that seems pointless? e_e

    I also heard that there’s glitch that prevent people to get platinum trophy because of a CG? how did you get it?

    anyway it’s a shame kagerou’s pretty art got a shitty game like this. I hope her art gets a better game ; A ;

  57. Klap was great I’m glad you are enjoying it!!

    Honestly buying this game for art/seiyuu is what I think most people did and came out shocked/disappointed like I did lol
    I’m crossing my fingers for Yunohana since a couple mediocre reviews on amazon but I’m hoping it will still be a cute game (KLAP got bad reviews too but lol I didn’t agree with any of them)

  58. Well a huge round of applause for going through this game seems like it really literally drained you.
    I was actually quite interested in buying this game as the art was very nice and seiyuu cast is quite good too but I decided against it and pre ordered Yunohana Spring instead- hopefully that will be a good game.

    I am still in the midst of playing KLAP kind love and punish which I don’t regret buying as that game is really fun.

    Thanks for the reviews as always and keep up the good work 😀

  59. lmao ( ゚∀゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

    oh wow I completely forgot about the princess of Mario games LOLLL xD
    Yea this is truly the top ranking game for the most excessive amount of ends – especially bad ends. Actually Clock Zero had a total of 33 endings but at least 12 of them were good ends, 2 were joke ends.
    If you include the loyalty & love endings the game has a total of 50 endings ಠ_ಠ

    Hiyo’s bad ends were just like horrible rape endings completely out of nowhere so I think they’re a different animal lmao.
    These were just like “bad end for the sake of being bad” waste of time kinda thing!


    Thanks for the review!

    When you said “Daisy-senpai”, all I could think of was another princess: http://oi57.tinypic.com/2ng6d7d.jpg

    I can’t thank you and Jyuu-chan enough for helping me to dodge this flowery bullet. 40 BAD ENDS?! Even 40 ends as a whole is excessive in my eyes. Worse yet, they’re clones… and I thought Hiyo was bad with the pointless-bad-ends-just-to-fill-up-ending-list-slots thing. It’s such a shame because this game sounded interesting and of course, the art is breath-taking (even if the boys are too pretty rather than masculine-looking IMO).

    Hope you enjoy the next game you decide to play!

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