Android Otome App Review: My Pimp ~I picked up an Ikeman~


One day after work you run into a homeless ikebum on the street and decide to take him home like your pet. He ends up being a freeloader in your house but after all the kindness you give him, he falls in love with you. Feeling bad that he’s a freeloading loser, he decides to man up and get a job to be your ideal ikemen.


The system is very simple – he trashes the shit out of your living room and you have to clean up after him like a dirty hamster who poops all over his cage. As you clean up his mess, it gains “points” which allow you to proceed with the story. In order to get more points you need to throw the trash in when his affection mood is a red heart (81%+) and in order to raise that level you basically have brief conversations with him. If you pick positive choices his affection will go up to 100% and negative ones will drop it down. You can talk to him 3 times but once you talk to him 3 times you have to watch a stupid mobile game ad to replenish the conversations. You can also take a pic of him and share on twitter to reset the talk cooldown as well as automatically give you 100% and make him spew out a ton of trash for more points 😆

Once you finish 1 ending, the amount of points you get from trash increases significantly on your next run making getting the other personalities quicker. Based on your choices of clothing and whether you want him to be cute or cool, a different personality will appear! The personalities are as follows:

  • Sawayaka clothes + cool = Ikedoctor
  • Sawayaka clothes + cute = Idol shota
  • Cool clothes + short hair = Yankee kouhai
  • Cool clothes + long hair = Tsundere chef

Once you get all 4 personalities there’s actually a hidden personality you may or may not want to see. This is a spoiler for the app so proceed at your own risk.

If you choose to keep Yuuto as your in house pet instead of supporting his dreams to find a job again……


He turns into a yandere ,、('∀) ‘`,、 😆 He is extremely unhappy that you ever leave the house and wants to cut your legs off and needs reassurance that you love only him forever and ever and (other yandere things  :lol:) But anyway once you complete the game you have access to play/poke any personality at any time.


Since I spent a lot of time with the other personalities I picked yandere for shits & giggles and well I don’t really know what else I expected:


You can also change the room background at anytime if you wish. Anyway it was kind of a fun way to kill time over the weekend and it’s totally free so you can give it a shot. Available on both Google Play and iOS store.  And the best part? No gaijin block so you don’t need to jump over any weird proxies or vpns to download it! 😀


21 thoughts on “Android Otome App Review: My Pimp ~I picked up an Ikeman~”

  1. thank you for lurking \(^o^)/

    yes my luck with otome game this year has been less than desirable but it’s nothing new. there’s always ups & downs I guess lol.
    haha yea he’s pretty creepy when he’s a yandere, makes creepy hehe noises too rofl

  2. Hello~ I’ve been following *cough*lurking*cough* blog for quite a while.
    I just wanna say ありがとう and お疲れさま, specially since the last few otoge you’ve played seemed…horrid…*glanceatRDF*
    I downloaded this game and start goin デレデレきゅん even though my choices is always the bad ones and my tsuntsunhimo is a sad panda 24/7. Haven’t finished it once but idc, he is my eternal kawaii freeloader (*°∀°)=3

    But that yandere screencap you posted…scared the heck outta me so maybe I don’t want him to be an eternal himo after all.. (ll! ゚ Д゚)

  3. Thank you for your review✨!

    This game looks so cute’n’fresh’n’all (⸝⸝⍢⸝⸝) ෆ!
    The art is very pretty, I love how it’s glowy ✲*。.
    I’m not into phone games but I consider to give a try because I enjoy this kind of games.

  4. Now, this sounds like fun. I always wanted to pick up random guys and grow them into ikemen. xDDD I might try this one out. I like the art and seems like it’s quite funny. Thanks for the tip, Hinano!! 😀

  5. I haven’t heard them releasing anything new so I don’t think so? Also too bad you didn’t like CM, I actually thought it was a fun game but could be because I like any games that take place in NYC lol. I hope you get a chance to finish it though 🙂

  6. I’m sorry I hope you won’t ban me for commenting here even though this is not related to this post ^^; I just read your review of Confidential Money. I’m a huge fan of the team that created Death Connection and Musketeer (DC in particular <3). I started playing Confidetial Money long ago but abandoned it because I thought it started out as boring (compared to Death Connection which had action from the start) but your review made me want to resume playing it.

    I actually wanted to ask, do you know if this team is working on a new game?

    I kinda feel like the games always turn out to be awesome as long as this artist is involved. I love how they add on more and more scenes as you start playing from the beginning.

  7. yea it can be annoying when you’re underground in a subway and can’t play your phone game because as you said a lot of them do require wifi on at all times for some reason

  8. I’ve been playing it and really enjoying it! So many キュッンmoments. (*w * ) One of the few android games I can actually play on the way to work since I don’t need wifi – which is nice.

  9. I’m pretty sure it’s not that himo lol. It’s himono(干物女), which is supposed to describe women who are half-assed about many things and like to laze around. In regards to Umaru, she looks like the perfect girl outside but at home, she does nothing but annoy her brother and play games.

  10. “The system is very simple – he trashes the shit out of your living room and you have to clean up after him like a dirty hamster who poops all over his cage.”

    xD. That sounds hilarious. I might consider playing this game. I actually play too many phone games in (really off) English because they brought some of those over to the Google Play store and I wasn’t able to access the Japanese versions of them hahaha.

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