Music Game Review: Taiko no Tatsujin V Version

I love music games (that aren’t by Otomate) so needless to say I had to pick this one up. Since the postal service is playing volleyball with my next otome game, I decided to spend the weekend getting through this, and had a lot of fun doing so!

Based on the arcade game and ported from the PSP edition that I played 10 years ago, Taiko no Tatsujin is now available on the Vita. The thing is – a lot of the features of the Vita are pretty much lost in this game.


First of all the game doesn’t let you take screenshots. I found this image on google but otherwise most of my “memories” of the game are just cell phone pics (;^ω^)


The other thing is 0 utilization of the touch screen. Sometimes I’d want to touch a song to start playing it or touch various menu items but NOPE. Not even the “ok” button is touchable, everything must be clicked like it’s the PSP version. So really the only thing this has over any other version is just the bigger screen…but it’s not even PSV TV compatible! Honestly I’m not sure what Banco was thinking with the release but they need to get with the program. Technicalities aside, the one big thing this game has is an RPG quest where you battle with MUSIC!


You go on a quest with Don-chan, Ka-chan, Maple and Mr. Peanut (well his name is Rira da Ganba but who can even remember let alone pronounce that?? XD) You fight various bosses by successfully clearing the songs. It even has true RPG nature such as elemental properties. So for example if you fight a fire monster, he will be weak to water. Water is weak to plants and plants are weak to fire. Based on the hints from the characters or just looking at the color of the monster, you can easily figure out which armor to equip. Also unlike most games where if say you fight a fire monster, you’d THINK you should wear fire armor for defense…..but nope you need to wear water armor and fight with water lol. Some songs are easy but some were pretty tough and especially the missions, I had trouble clearing. When you reach the max exp for each level, you do a boss quest to move on to the next one. You start from level 10 and get down to level 1 to eventually rescue Maple’s sister and return home. I LEGIT CRIED WHEN THE QUEST ENDED, IT WAS MORE MOVING TO ME THAN REINE DE TRASH LOL. /(^o^)\。・゚・(ノ∀`)・゚・。


As you clear boss monsters you’ll get trophies, outfits and stamps. Some of the outfits are really cute and some have a familiar feel such as the Angemon outfit from above 😀 (bonus points because the OP theme of the original Digimon Adventures anime is on here.)


There’s also various hissatsu attacks that feature cutins & characters from other games, though unfortunately I was unfamiliar with pretty much all of them except Idol Master characters lol. I gotta say the blonde girl on the right is like the best hissatsu until you unlock the one from Maple’s sister after completing Donder Quest. This girl basically does a neutral attack of 75 so it will work on pretty much every monster that isn’t weak to anything and if you put it on both Maple and Don-chan you get DOUBLE THE POWAA. The dude on the left does a 75 darkness power attack but usually the bosses are darkness property so that only works on angel type monsters.

Some bosses have crazy stunts like the above video I took but they have a thing where if you fail twice, the fight automatically gets nerfed with the boss’ HP being down to 75% xD So even if you aren’t too great at music games, Donder Quest can be easily cleared by everyone.


Once you’re done with the quest only thing to do is go back to the music game and clear songs on the 4 modes, easy, normal, hard and DEMONIC. Yes the Oni mode is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I have only been able to clear 1 song in Oni mode and the rest my eyes just fly all over and my fingers can’t connect to the signals my brain is sending 😆 I have no idea how people get the platinum trophy but seeing that it’s listed as Ultra Rare on PSN, I’m guessing a lot of people just…don’t lol. I’ll probably stop this game to catch up on my otome game backlog, but I can see myself coming back to it to try and get more of the trophies later on. I think it has a learning mode you can see how a song SHOULD be played in oni mode so you can at least try to do it correctly for yourself. As usual there are DLCs available to buy on PSN but I didn’t particularly know any of the songs they offered except the Aquarion opening so I didn’t buy any.

Overall I think if you like music games you should give this a try. A trial is available on Japanese PSN and you can check the song list to see if you like any of the songs on there (any UtaPri fans will be happy about Maji Love 1000% at least XD). And while some may think Don-chan’s voice is annoying, I think it’s the cutest thing ever (ノ´∀`*)♡

22 thoughts on “Music Game Review: Taiko no Tatsujin V Version

  1. Okay I am NOT getting this (;´・ω・) Looks like too much of a pain to play and I’ve not even bought Project Diva F2 yet ORZ.

    And I’m only starting to beat up the 3rd guy on KLAP…… Backlog starting to grow much :/

    Happy playing Yunoha!(when it comes) Seems like reviews are at 4 star for now and the comedy seems to be great!

    1. I think the quest was fun and strangely addictive but now that I’m done trying to get through Oni mode…yea >_> pretty much something I’ll be doing on the side when I get through my otome game backlog. and wow I thought you were done KLAP by now XD

      1. Haha school will start for me after Silver Week so I’ve been *cough* watching 3D ikemen on the movie screen and meeting up with my senpais a lot. They’re envious of me being able to play games at the rate I do (lol) Then I always wonder how you manage to be a gamer with work life too ;_;

  2. I’m not a big fan of music games (I fail at these kinds of games so hard), but heck if this game isn’t cute xD I did find out that most of the musics there are from anime I know, so the temptation is hard for me lol
    The two characters you took a screenshot of are from Tekken, a fighting game.
    The guy on a black suit is Kazuya, and he is THE villain in most of Tekken games. I lol’ed at seeing him there.
    The blonde girl is Lili, and funnily enough she loves pop music :v

    1. haha I see since it seems like you recognize a lot of this, I think this game would probably be even more enjoyable for you than it was for me xD If you aren’t after trophy completions, the easy mode of all the songs is fairly simple even if you aren’t that great at music games. you can always try the demo and see how you make out!

  3. I really am curious about this but I’m not so enthralled with music games-which is weird since I love music. And it doesn’t help that I am LITERALLY broke right now lol.

    I hope that post man gets that mistake cleared up and actually delivers it to you!

  4. Thanks for the review, as always, Hinano! I’m not very familiar with Taiko no Taitsujin, apart from coming across Don-Chan in Osu!’s Taiko modes occasionally* :3 so the RPG aspect of it is a complete surprise to me. Looks tons of fun, and right up my alley, so I’ll be bookmarking your post in case I ever become much richer! ^^

    *(also the short-lived Namco High, a comedy dating sim in which Donko (first screenshot, the drum in a blond wig) was a romanceable character:

    Good times~.)

    Hopefully your postman troubles won’t go on for much longer (‘Please Mr Postman look and see/if there’s an otome in your bag for me’, and all that jazz!)

    1. what is this OSU! thing I keep seeing? I saw someone playing a taiko version of NinKoi in a youtube video and got my hopes up thinking I could play it in the vita version ;_;

      Btw the drum in the blonde wig in the first screenshot is actually Vocaloid Lily but with Don-chan wearing a cosplay of her lol (so like left side is cosplay while right side is the actual vocaloids) XD

      1. Ah, good to know! I figured it was cosplay, but didn’t know of whom, so thanks! 🙂
        Osu! is a rhythm game, that was on PC at first but it’s been ported to Mac and Android and a bunch of other stuff. It’s community-based: the client is free, and then you can download a bunch of user-created beatmaps to play, and submit your own as well, assuming they’re okayed by others. Part of the community is really dedicated and thrives to stay on top of the rankings and create maps regularly; and you’ll indeed see very impressive videos on Youtube. But even if you don’t play it at pro level, like yours truly -I reached like 9,000th nationwise and decided I could be happy with myself and kick back now XD- it can be a pretty massive timesink, haha. The enjoyment you’re getting out of it depends on the player’s personality, I’m guessing, but one point for it is that due to being player-based it has a pretty huge library you can goof around in. (and it’s fun to play the songs you’re currently listening to) On the other hand, it’s kinda barebones; pressing (or clicking) buttons at the right time is all the gameplay there is, even if the modes and map customization throw in a liiittle variety… If you’re curious, try it, and you’ll know fast enough if that’s your thing or not. ^^

  5. thanks for the review! I can see this game much better without thinking it’s just a mashing button games xD

    the rpg quest seems crazy tho, but I really want to try it our someday. I laughed when I read it’s better reine des trash lol

    hope you get yunohana soon!

    1. I don’t know what came over me but I was like NOOO MY QUEST IS OVER 。・゚・(ノ∀`)・゚・。 lmao…

      My arm was really hurting so I’m glad Yunohana finally came in lol

  6. When I first saw your review on this game, it reminded me of a psp version I played when I was a kid though I think it had chinese songs instead lol?? I don’t really remember too much but this brings back memories.

    I feel like getting this game now that I got a PS vita a few months ago. >__>;

    1. I think there are China versions of Taiko no Tatsujin and they have china exclusive songs xD Yea you should get it if you’ve played it before, don-chan is so cute ❤

  7. (any UtaPri fans will be happy about Maji Love 1000% at least XD)
    — The biggest push for me to get this lol.
    And yess, Don-chan is so adorbs! My dad hates it though whenever he hears Don-chan’s voice. XD

    Ooh, the rpg part looks interesting. I thought it will be kind of tedious to do. Apparently not. xD

    1. Haha I absolutely love in the RPG part when don-chan goes “メイプルの家~”
      Something about the intonation of that is like (*´ェ`*)ポッ ❤

      Yea it's not tedious at all, some songs can be frustrating but I thought it was a cute story

  8. Thank you so much for your review ✩°。⋆!

    I really enjoy music games … … … When it’s EASY xD !!
    But this game looks so cute’n’fun (despite the hard times), I love dat vivid colors too. It seems entertaining, mosltly with the RPG part and add some famous characters from others games and anime songs is a very nice idea! As a result, it’s a shame that this game isn’t PSV friendly (・ω・;) …

    I could buy this game just for this pretty fluffy alpaca suit haha ꉂ (′̤ॢ∀ ू‵̤๑))ˉ̞̭♡!

    I appreciate games where, even it’s difficult sometimes, you can still enjoy them in other ways, or become stronger and come back again to win this time!

    1. Yea I would have liked more touch screen options but since for music games I prefer buttons anyway, it’s not that big of a deal for me. The lack of screenshots is really my biggest complaint because there are so many cute outfits I wanted clear screenshots of 😦

      1. Oh I’m sorry, I should more explain my thought 🙇!
        Like you, I prefer when it’s just a bit PSV friendly & I also prefer to play with buttons for music games 🎶.

        Maybe it’s too annoying and boring/hard to develop, but, it would be great if we had a menu who show all of the settings and where we can choose which how we prefer play: if it’s with touch screen or buttons ☺.

        I think that maybe, the touch screen is a primary thing for a lot of PSV players, so, perhaps some of them are disapointed when a game like this must be mainly played with buttons?

        To be honest, I even don’t understand how it’s possible to not make screeshoots, because I thouth it was just a console setting, so, you could makes ones 4 eba 😭.

        1. The hanasaku manimani demo I downloaded a while back wouldn’t let me take screenshots either. At first I thought it was cause it was a PSP port to PSN but looks like the game makers can limit your screenshot taking as well. I heard it’s because they’d have to put so many copyright watermarks on each image (cause you got like vocaloid in there and stuff) that it was easier to just not let people take screenshots!

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