Android Otome App Review: Kuudere Kareshi


I stumbled upon this app this morning and since it wasn’t region locked I figured why not?


So basically Ryousuke here is a kuudere and if you poke him enough times he blushes like a moe babycake (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Like with other voice apps you can unlock various voices which will be stored in the Memory section. There’s also an alarm feature in the setting section and in the store it seems like you can buy him stuff like glasses or a shinsengumi outfit (lol wut??)


Some phrases will trigger a choice like in an otome game and depending on what you pick he will go all deredere for you. I’m guessing if you’re like a huge bitch he’ll go super kuu on you and maybe if you pick the medium one it’ll be a happy medium kuudere? I haven’t tried anything except the dere choices cause I can’t resist blushing mans (ノ´∀`*)ノ.


I guess if you go far enough, a CG will unlock!


Overall, for a free app this is pretty awesome. I mean normally apps make you pay money for extra voices but it seems like all the voices here are free and the only thing you pay for are just dressup accessories! :mrgreen: I have no idea who the voice actor dude is, maybe some net seiyuu but he sounds awwright so he’s cool with me. You can get this from the Google Play store as usual, and if by any chance Kuudere is not your thing, the company also has a YANDERE SHOTA who will blow your eardrums to pieces.


18 thoughts on “Android Otome App Review: Kuudere Kareshi”

  1. Once I read no region locked written, I immediately check the app store lol.
    And every time he blushes, I like: omg, I’d like to keep him by myself! 😀

    I wish I can make him megane-kun for free O_O
    Even I already tried for around 80% of his lines. I need a little bit patience to complete all

  2. I have a feeling despite your other games that you’ll still find the time to poke him more often than me, haha.

  3. Ah, good point. I only got the one you posted so far. I’ll be sure to let you know if I get to it before you do though 🙂

  4. haha i wonder if there’s a CG if he gets too kuu though? The app mentioned that there were multiple CGs or something.
    I haven’t poked mine too much lately, been busy finishing up my gardening mama

  5. Haha. I think I made a wise decision not to download him then. This guy’s so adorable. I almost don’t want to pick the other options besides the dere ones to complete all the audio clips. I picked the kuu option once and the heart in the upper right corner turned sad and blue so I haven’t done it again yet, haha.

  6. Not gonna lie, the kuudere was pretty cute. AND he has a sweet tooth! Viva la pudding and cheesecake.

  7. haha I installed the yandere one last year to see what it was and its some girl like SCREAAAMMMING in my ears omfg I uninstalled it immediately xDDD

  8. He’s installing~

    I will be staying far away from his ヤンデレ counterpart, though. Far, far away.

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