Otome Game Review: Koibana Days -pure flower garden-

So when I first read reviews/heard about the system in this game I was horrified. People claimed it was worse than Wand of Fortune, oh the travesty! Well turns out, it’s not a bad system after all, and now I’m a pro gardener and I fully completed the game. :mrgreen:  But more on that in my final thoughts! Our story takes place at Suzunomori Gakuen, a gardening boarding school where our heroine Misaki Hana enrolls. Her grandfather once graduated from this school and he won the flower show with his “legendary flower.” Now Hana is following in his footsteps, to grow the best flower that there ever was! Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Koibana Days -pure flower garden-“

Koibana Days Limited Edition Unboxing


Actually I got other things in this package which is why I chose FedEx shipping rather than Airmail this time 😆

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