Mirror Alice & Shiratsuyu no Kai Limited Editions Unboxing


CD Japan’s Airmail shipping comes through again (only 6 days!) In order to save on shipping I bunched these 2 games together in one package.

Nothing new as far as Quin Rose’s template limited editions of all their games 😛 All the best stuff is obviously in the book but now I know to read them AFTER I’ve played the game as it’s a lot more fun that way. What I really like this time is the CD Japan tokuten! Typically it’s the 2L sized prints or something but this time it was a nice mini poster.

Shiratsuyu….oh you. This game has a 2 star rating on Amazon Japan and so far my friends in Japan are like ( ≖Д≖;) when playing it but you know what, challenge accepted. I challenge you Shiratsuyu, to see if you can possibly be worse than all the crap games I played this year. You have Isshoni Gohan, Ozmafia, Hiiro3 FD, Amnesia Crowd and Tasogaredoki to beat in terribad quality! 😆 You better not disappoint! With that said, I’ll probably start playing this game immediately so I can get the bad out of the way and play some (hopefully) moeworthy Quin Rose games afterwards.


It's growing again..
It’s growing again..

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  1. Thanks for the heads up 🙂 it’s easier for me to play games on the PSP right now so it works out perfect!

  2. yea make sure you get the PSP version cause I Played sorayume for PS2 and found out later the PSP had extra scenes stacked on at the end T_T

  3. Thank you! I love penguins ❤ eBay, here I come! …and then I'm starting Shiratsuyu (welp, I paid for it…guess I feel like you now…sigh. So far music's nice…).

    Thank you for the recommendation. I had no idea Sorayume was supposed to be scary/suspenseful. It looks more cutesy than anything (art style). I'll put it on my list for the next time I decide to get stuff from Yahoo Auctions 🙂

  4. Hey!
    This comment is about #12 on FAQ.
    I would love to talk to you about it.
    Please email me back as soon as possible.
    Thank you so much 🙂

  5. Sorry to be OT, but who/what is that penguin stuffed animal? Could you tell me the name and series so I can try to find one, too? Is it OOP? It’s SO cute!

    on topic – SO dissapointed to hear Shiratsuyu is so bad! I’ve been looking forward to it for months and it’s next on my playlist. There aren’t many mystery/suspense-ish otogames, so…and the art is so pretty…and it’s obon and kimodameshi season so it’s so perfect. Or so I thought. Argh 😦

  6. OOHHH yayyyy can’t wait >w<
    I haven't tried ozmafia but I have played 10mins? of norn9 and quietly moved it to my do not play list TwT
    Should have read the amazon reviews before buying it;;
    Good idea on the opinion card! Hmmm now have to write my raging thoughts on the game!!!

  7. I didn’t have high expectations but holy shit is it terribad! The story consistency is worse than Ozmafia and Norn9! 😆
    Fortunately since it’s shitty and short, I’ll hopefully have a review by the end of the week.
    You can complain to otomate by writing them an email or a letter. In my case I’m going to fill out the limited edition opinion card and mail it straight to Japan lol

    and yea Otomate’s fandisks suck. I’m trying to avoid them these days.

  8. Urgh….I was REALLY REALLY looking forward to shiratsuyu….
    During my firstplay I thought OWO am I not following this/not understanding jap or is this just crap?
    I just couldn’t follow the heroine’s emotions…first minute she hates this guy, next she can’t stop thinking about him???? *facepalm*
    Ughhhhh I wanna barge into otomate and complain about this game *sobsobsob*
    Otomate is getting better at making PVs than the actual game…PV making skill lv100000;;;
    Meh…seems like all otomate is doing now is making money off fandisks off the games that they actually properly made TwT

    I’ll be looking forward to ur review~~~~
    Always looking forward to your reviews <3<3<3 KYAAHHHH <—fangirling…;;

  9. well gotta make the best of it somehow! 😆 Most games are so bad these days or maybe I’ve played so many that it’s “not dis shitto agein~” xD

  10. yea I remember last year Dialovers took like 12 days and TxM took 16 so I guess it varies. In the fall though Oct~Dec I go back to using EMS/FedEx just to be safe because of the holiday rush. Hope you get your package soon though!

  11. the heroine is different in a sense that she’s exactly like the Hyakki Yakou heroine: She fucking hates herself and constantly pushes everyone away from her even last minute when there’s supposed to be obvious developed romance. Needless to say that part is probably making me rage more than anything else so far (including the terrible choppy plotlines xD)

  12. so far it’s pretty bad, like the story is really choppy but I think for me the worst part is the horribly depressing self hating heroine

  13. oh fuck me shiratsuyu is shit? I was actually looking forward to playing it *cough50yrslatercough* but now I have a hilarious review from you raging about how bad it is to look forward to ❤

  14. That Alice mini poster is so cute (*´∀`*) and blushing Ace (*ノωノ)
    Shiratsuyu… I heard both Japanese and other people said it’s boring but of course more look forward to your review and ,like boizanberi said , the worst game award of the year goes to ( ゚∀゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

  15. I counted my lucky stars in not preordering Shiratsuyu. You might remember that I was really looking forward to it, since the heroine is different (they seemed to manage that one, at least, according to reviews) and I dig plots with folkloric bents, especially the more grisly side of folklore as the story snippets seem to imply. I actually like the idea of searching for clues and stories and stuff, too. But none of that matters if the actual storytelling is shit.

    So, if you are up to the suffering, do tell us about it! I’m all ears. XD

  16. you are lucky, I’m still waiting for mine since apparently the package for the poster made it heavier enough to charge more so they had to receive my authorization for the extra charge and then my post office has been screwing around in delivery… I mean it was with the messenger all day today… if I don’t receive it tomorrow I will be upset.

    I’m now waiting for cdjapan to add the mirror fanbook to order it with dialovers and the heart remake.

    Funny seeing how ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE says the exact opposite of everyone else when talking about Shiratsuyu XD good luck with it.

  17. lol it seems you’ve developed a new thing where you now play games to see how bad they could possibly be… hehehe I’m kinda looking forward to “And the worst game award of the year goes to dun dun dun!” post (^v^)

  18. Well obviously shipping goes up when you add more items but from my experience, CD Japan’s book shipping fees seem a little over the top?
    Also I chose Airmail for 2 games but the shipping is cheaper because of the “base” shipping fee that you have to pay per order hence why I saved some money xD;
    I try not to order artbooks from CD Japan and instead get them from Kinokuniya cause yea CD Japan’s book shipping is ridiculous

  19. Hahaha I accepted the “Shiratsuyu no Kai challange” too xD but I haven’t started it yet.
    But I was wondering…You said “In order to save on shipping I bunched these 2 games together in one package”. I tried to do the same thing some time ago, I was buying B’s Log n CDJapan and then I added an artbook (or something like this, I don’t remember) to the package but…The shipping fees doubled ò_o
    I usually pay about $20 for shipping fees for the registered SAL, it takes a lot of time but I don’t want to pay more than that for something that only costs $9 <_< anyway…Could it be because you choose a different shipping method? Or maybe the problem is the weight? I live in Europe so I guess I'll always have to pay a lot for the shipping, but if I can save some money ;_; …

  20. Ouch, that’s a bad system… Hinano, ganbare~ I’ll cheer you on from the viewers’ seat. ♪

  21. So basically it’s like Edel Blume 😆
    I’ll finish the game since well I paid money for it and I need to make my value’s worth.
    And like you as you can see I’ve played a lot of games as well and yea most of them suck 😆
    The good news is, the worse the game, the more fun I can have trolling in my review ( ఠ‿ఠ )

  22. Actually, after playing some of the routes from Shiratsuyu I got feed up and banished the game from my PSP ^^;
    At first, I really was happy about the game. But now, I think I have to agree with the opinions that the game feels somehow… unsatisfied. The routes… just end. No explaining, no further details – even in the middle of the route it’s all dizzy-dizzy and shallow. The writing itself is not that bad, however. Some of the scenes were beautiful written. It’s just not… how should I say? Connected allover? Haha.
    Maybe it’s because I’m really tired about Otomegames. In the past years I have played almost every game which came out, but nowadays I skip a lot of games. They are always the same, meh. They should have gave the game more time. It could have been such a nice game!
    But I wish you really fun with Alice. ^_^ I have now played over 6 hours, and I’m still at the beginning of the prolog!, haha.

  23. I ordered it cause I thought it would be like Takuyo’s game SoraYume but so far it’s more like the suspense route in Amnesia Crowd ガ━━(;゚Д゚)━━ン!!

  24. yea it was awful. it was like the same recycled plot over & over lol well you can read my review for that if you wish to see more of me raging about how bad it is xDDD

  25. Ah~ i’m super jealous :< your posters are so cute! and was Issho ni Gohan so terrible? :O I heard from someone that it was short but okay.. and that the art was really good ^.^

  26. Ah, I almost ordered Shiratsuyu ‘coz it seems interesting (kinda like Corpse Party). I almost never checked reviews so as not to be biased but this… Chanced upon your post in time. ❤ I'll patiently wait for your review before deciding. =3

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