SmaKare Game Review: Stalking Love


SmaKare is D3P’s “mobage” app but it’s all of their games exclusively. You make an account with access to all the games and a daily login gets you 5 tickets to read. However its 5 tickets for EVERY game so I’ve found playing 1 game at a time will get you to progress faster. So anyway I started with Stalking Love 😆 The story is about some OL (that I named Yamada Hachiko lol) who decides to get plastic surgery so the idol she stalks can marry her or something. Unfortunately for her she finds out her precious Yamada Ichirou-sama~~ is actually a manwhore who she catches with a different girl every day. Our heroine Yamada Hachiko is down but not out as she happens to meets 5 other hot guys in his place.

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