Megpoid the Music Review

I haven’t seen too many reviews but I managed to pretty much unlock most of the game over the Easter weekend so I figured I’d write my thoughts.

I’m not gonna lie, this game has a great concept but it’s not project Diva. In fact aside from some songs being easier than Diva, the game overall is terrible.  First let’s go through the system:


The system is like project Diva where you have your rhythm game, Gumi’s room, shop, tutorial and LAN play as well as your profile section with all your stats. There are custom loading screens as well:


The song levels go from Easy, Normal, Challenge and Expert. I’m not sure what the hell I did but once I unlocked every song and played a few on Expert and Challenge I ended up unlocking all the outfits. The songs I didn’t recognize a lot of but I really liked Rozetta (also my best song)  and Killer Lady. Now here’s where my mass of complaints comes from. If it wasn’t obvious, the graphics are very poor compared to Diva. During the costume change sequens I’m greeted with some jagged photoshop shape hearts:


Once the ugly heart sequence goes away Gumi shows off her outfit. My complaint is the background throughout the whole game is this fugly yellow & green. Like okay I get it, those are Gumi’s colors but couldn’t you at least put it on a black background or something where the outfit doesn’t blend with the background:


Secondly for the most part…THE OUTFITS ARE UGLY:



Even if the outfit looks okay, they then give her ugly hair and it ruins everything:


In the end the only 2 outfits I ended up really liking were these 2:


The other thing was some of the outfits had different names but looked IDENTICAL TO ME. WHAT IS THE POINT:

ヽ(。_゜)ノ oh ok she has shorts on here.

As far as song difficulty it started out as pretty easy and was somewhat challenging until I got to my favorite song:


This game is like UtaPri Music in a sense where you can’t interchange keys like you can in project diva. Nope the arrow pad and key pad are totally separate so you have to quickly move your thumb from triangle to x without time to think. Also since everything goes in a straight line (and not all over the screen like in diva so your eyes can move around)…IT MAKES YOU DIZZY. Seriously playing this song actually made my eyes spin after a while which pissed me off since this was the big reason I wanted to play this game. ( ̄□ ̄;)!!

After you finish the game there’s a cute pixelated Gumi on screen but unlike Miku you can’t actually do anything with her and they just repeat the same scenery over & over..


On the topic of repeat footage, in project Diva all the background videos had some thought put into them? Sure some of them were just Miku dancing on a stage but others at least told a story. Here, every video is Gumi dancing on a stage and there’s only like 6-7 stages(?) so you will see her dancing in the same place over and over….

One of the new bonuses I did not see in Diva is Gumi’s diary. I guess if you play and rank up you will unlock her diary entries. Sadly none of them are that interesting and they make her seem really dumb and airheaded….


Additionally every time I started to play a song her “are you ready” would cut off like a broken record. Loading times felt slower than Diva and to change costume you had to change it for “every song” rather than just putting on 1 outfit and wearing it for every song until you felt like changing. The songs themselves were short and cut off so it was great for songs I didn’t like but terrible for songs I really liked and wanted to hear more of. 😦 As far as personal rankings at least I managed to perfect my favorite song even if on easy mode.  I could never seem to perfect anything on Diva lol


Anyway you can find play through videos of this game probably on Nico or Youtube since I didn’t broadcast this game or record any of my gameplay. Unfortunately I will have to side with the Amazon reviewers that this game is just terrible and I feel bad for Gumi that her debut game was so poorly done. I honestly think the makers should really have thought through the fact that MOST people playing their games will be Project Diva veterans. We’re not asking for a DIVA clone but when you have so many worse qualities it just puts a bad image on the overall product. Also they get major minus points for not using a single Easypop song! 😆


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  1. ah no not at all!
    and lol yea I guess you’re right after a while we’d probably all have migranes had they not cut it XD;
    I never got to play project Mirai (I don’t have a DS of any kind) so I don’t know how well Gumi was done in that but I imagine anything from Sega was probably better quality. I’m still kinda bitter that project diva f was for the Vita and I wasn’t going to go out and buy a Vita just for 1 game…so I guess in a way I was excited for another vocaloid music game for the PSP and it just felt like such a let down.

  2. I agree on your points, and I’m sorry if I seemed a bit arsh, it wasn’t the intention at all.

    Hopefully if there is ever another Megpoid game, or at least another not Project Diva related project, they will learn from Megpoid the Music’s errors.

    And actually, I’m quite glad they cut out the songs with such a weird gameplay. I mean, my head would be numb already if they did the full thing.

  3. Of course it’s not as good as project diva but most of my complaints are about the game play/system itself.
    For example – the cutting off of the songs. That doesn’t involve much “work” so it was clearly a poorly made decision on behalf of the director.
    Same reason the gameplay is giving you a headache. They didn’t think it all the way through and some songs just make your eyes spin and it becomes nauseating to play them on hard mode.
    Harder modes on Diva were hard BUT they never made my head spin!

    Also the outfit designs could have easily been decided in a contest. Sure the quality of the graphics isn’t great BUT it’s the actual design that’s terrible and again, that’s not a budgetary thing, that’s just poor decisions of whoever made the design decisions.

    So no, I’m not saying this is a bad game because it’s bad compared to Diva, I’m saying it’s a bad game because many decisions made by the company could have had more thought put into them.

  4. Well, I think you made the point ” It has great concept but it’s not project diva “. It was made by a way smaller company, on it’s own too ( I think Project Diva was made by Sega and another one ). We shouldn’t EXPECT a project diva. It is a good game, on it’s own. It is sure if you compare it to Project Diva, it’s really bad. But people worked hard on this, and it’s sad to just stick it to ” It’s a terrible game ” because it’s not as great as Project Diva was.

    But damn, the gameplay gives me headache and I’m only playing normal ! XD

  5. お、これ実は気になってたんだwレビューありがとう!そんなにいいゲームじゃなかったんだね、残念だwIm glad i buy diva& Vita Than this w In divaf the diva rooms are definitely Improved since you can touch them and increase their 親密度 Like in otomegamesww

  6. for PSP yeah Diva 2nd already gave me some justice, I haven’t tried Extend yet. lol that jagged heart shape is bad XD I thought something was wrong, but it’s really blur/jagged orz but overall graphics are so bad, poor gumi to get games like that. how many songs are there in the game btw? o:

  7. lol yea it’s really not worth the money 😐 I like Miku so I didn’t mind a lot of songs being about her but since they are only focusing on 1 character here they coulda put more effort into it

  8. I was undecided whether I should get this game because I actually liked Project DIVA (my only complaint being too many Miku songs and outfits). After seeing this my answer is becoming obvious: no way. I won’t get this even though I actually like Gumi (Luka will still be my number one heh).

  9. Yea such a disappointment and I know there are “limits” to the PSP vs say the Vita, but to me Diva 2nd and Extend still looked great for PSP games and this one doesn’t even come close. (I mean come on jagged photo shop heart shapes? What is this 1999? XD)

  10. I was thinking to play this game because gumi is one my fav vocaloids but after reading your review, I’m not really into it anymore. and I really love some gumi songs too >_> the pixelated graphics are horrible and comparing it to Diva, Diva is definitely worth it.
    anyway thanks for the review!

  11. Being made by the same company you’d figure they would throw him in. Or maybe make a deal with the people who made Lily since she’s gained popularity too. :/

  12. yea I mean she’s not my fav but I think with a game dedicated just for her they could have put more effort into it, or at least have included gakupo or something.

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