April Fools Roundup 2012

Being banned from Poupee is not a funny joke Katherine.

Ah well while last year was rather empty, this year looks to be pretty good as far as April Fools stuff is concerned!

Vampire Sweetie blood drinks
HoneyPEE joins in on the fun

UtaPri's parody thing

Cafe Miyako
Otomate went all out this year with their April Fool's 24 hour Otomate TV

Crimson's Trap Royale
Amnesia Tennis

Hakuoki x Wand of Fortune

Matheus is a NEET
Clock Zero x Pandora ?_?
Rittan (*´д`*)ハァハァ
Chikage goes shopping with Hiiro & WOF

Lucia turns into a BBQ chicken
Miracle Train Ossans
Last year it was Gachimuchi this year its Wafu style Otoko no Musume
Idol Conflict
Naked Butler Riceballs
Koisentai Badguys
OzMafia Cafe (when is this game even coming out)
This is the jazziest song ever

And although not otome game related but related to this blog:

Tarsona: Tartaros x Persona 4. Click on the image to go to the original creator's site!

Anyway pretty good this year. There were a few more BL sites that did stuff but I didn’t bother putting everything because it was getting crazy. XD Seems like I managed to troll a few people over at Tumblr as well 😆 I’m also glad you guys liked my “Bread Master Lee” App 😉 Maybe next year we’ll have a PSP port? ( ≖‿≖)


7 thoughts on “April Fools Roundup 2012”

  1. yea im glad there was a lot more stuff this year than last year. and ozmafia yea i feel like thats in as much limbo as brothers conflict 🙄

  2. “OzMafia Cafe (when is this game even coming out)” IKR? LOL I’ve been waiting for this game to come out ever since….


    Ever since too long ago I guess since I can’t remember the year I heard about it. Lol it feels so long ago……

    @_@ lmao anyways I always love the April Fools otome game stuffs, it always brings a smile to my face xD

  3. lol, instead of reading manga all day while half-assing my assignments last april 1, I should’ve checked sites instead Q_Q

    Lucia was so funny xD *I just finished his route in the FD so he is still fresh in my mind.. アヒル姿めちゃかわいい~~

  4. Hakuoki and WOF? I mean, the characters in WOF are pretty generic: nerd, 俺様, 大人っぽい, 熱血, ツンデレ, and playboy. So, I’m not surprised to hear that they’re similar to Hakuoki’s.

    Yeah, I understand. I fell asleep quite a few times whilst playing both the first and second game. 作業ゲー isn’t my kind of game. Oh well, I’d do anything for Irino Miyu and Usuba Kagerou.

  5. I also heard some of the characters have similar personalities? No idea as WOF is kinda in the back of my backlog due to its demonic stat system lol

  6. Also, now that I think of it. Hakuoki x WOF sounds terrific. Maybe that’s because Usuba Kagerou is like the best artist ever and I would love to see how she would draw Hakuoki characters. I’m such a fangirl .___.

    God I love April Fool’s.

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